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Bradford County (PA) Queries October 2004 - December 2004.
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(Updated 1/15/05)

Subj: Bradford County
Date: 12/31/2004 12:52:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (John F Mitchell)

I am searching for information on my father JOSEPH ALVIN MITCHELL, born Feb 3 1895 and died March 22 1956. He lived in Wilawana Pa. and is interned at Tioga Point cemetery. I want to have a VFW marker placed on his grave and need his SSN or military information.

Thank you in Advance
John Mitchell

Subj: morton and thompson genealogy
Date: 12/29/2004 9:38:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: TriCountie

I need some help - I recently found a 1860 census showing Samuel D. Morton and his wife Temperance living in Bradford County in 1860 with their two daughters and another elderly Thompson there also. I know that Samuel was a civil war vet from his cemetary records in David Curtis Cemetary in Columbus, Pa.. I am assuming that Samuel joined whatever unit he was in while they were living in Bradford County.- since they were living there in Smithfield in 1860. Can anyone help me with this at all or have any ideas. Samuel and Temperance were my Great, Great Grandparents. I would love to find out more about them.

Thank You.
Larry Poole - Terre Haute Indiana

Subj: Bradford county
Date: 12/28/2004 10:34:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Nancy Fice)

Leon Ray FICE and M. Josephine (FARRELL) Fice (married) last lived in Athens, PA. The family story said 2 brothers named VON FEUCHT came from Germany: one died leaving no children. All Fices are said to be decendants of the other brother. Do you have a marriage date for Leon Ray Fice and M. Josephine Farrell? I may be wrong about her first initial. She always called herself JO. Do you have any information on the Von Feucht brothers?

Thank you, Nancy Fice

Subj: Bradford County Fairbanks family
Date: 12/25/2004 2:40:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Judy Fairbanks)

I would like to know about Abigail FAIRBANKS and David Garrison of Tioga Co. and Anna(HOLBROOK) FAIRBANKS birth state, possibly all came from Appalachian N.Y. Most of my FAIRBANKS people are in the West Franklin Cemetery,Frankiln township, Bradford Co,Pa.

PS Any living FAIRBANKS members in this same area.
Thanks David Fairbanks

Subj: Bradford Co. PA
Date: 12/23/2004 10:08:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Cindy Bray)

I am looking for Josiah TIDAY born Bradford Co. according to his Civil War papers. He was born in 1828 and resided in Bedford Co. until his death. Married to Sarah Ann Handy I believe. I have found no information on him until 1860's in Bedford.

Any help would be appreciated. Cindy Bray

Subj: Jane Elliott Woodward
Date: 12/22/2004 11:58:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (

Dear Joyce:
I have some information about Jane Elliott Woodward that I am willing to share with Joan Bailey Sweet.

Kenneth S. Woodward


Subj: WOODWARD Jane (Elliott)
Date: 9/10/2001 4:13:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

Jane was a native american indian (Tuscarora). Her husband was Daniel S. Woodward he was born 1841 and died 1929. Jane was born 1845 and died 1900. they are both buried in Grover cemetery. Would like to find Jane's parents and more info. on Tuscarora Indians in the area. Thank you Joan Bailey Sweet.

Date:  11/22/2005

Hello Joyce,
I enjoyed your web site the best, lots of good information. I am looking for more information on the Browning from Rome Pennsylvania? Starting with Nathaniel Browning born 1618 died 1670 married Sarah Freeborn born 1632 died 1670. I have a cousin that wrote a book ( The Brownings of Rome Pennsylvania) back in 1991 some of the information is not correct and I would like to contact to find out some more information, if you can help in any way or give me a place to contact. I will read some more on your site you have such good information. good luck and thanks for any help.

E. Cobane
Afton NY

Date:  11/8/04

I am Looking for information on the FREEMAN family of Bradford County and the surrounding area.  My Grandmother was Florence Freeman. My Dad Francis McConnell was born in Alba Pa.. Any help would be great.
Don McConnell

Date:  11/4/2005 

Hello.  I grew uip in Bradford County.  I now live in Meadville, PA (Crawford County, PA) with my husband of 24 years.
I'd like to trace my father's family.  Below I have pasted what history I have of my father's family.  However, I cannot find Potter Smith in any of the records for Bradford County.  I know my grandfather (Fred Lafoy Smith listed below as born in 1882) owned and opeated a farm in what I believe is West burlington (South of Brown's Pond).  The house burnt to the ground on Thanksgiving day when my father (Robert Lafoy Smith) was just a boy.  Some records for my day list his name backards (Lafoy Robert Smith) because his family always called him Lafoy, and he thought that was his first name. 
It is rumored that Potter's last name was changed from Yanello to Smith due to discriminations against Italians at that time and due to a discrace of some kind within the family.  I have no information about what Potter's first name was prior to the last name change, nor when he was born. 
Can you help me?  And if you can -- what would you charge me to look up this stuff for me?  I'b be happy to pay for it -- if I could find someone who could do it and provide me the information. 
Thank you.
Robyn Chilson
Smith Family History from the family bible:
Grandpa Smith's full name was Fred Lafoy Smith.
Born July 28 1882/died June 22, 1975 - age 92
His father was Potter Smith.  There was no birthdate listed for him.  I believe it was his father who changed the family name from Yanello to Smith, but I am not sure.  There are no parents or siblings listed for potter.
Potter Smith's Mother was Francis Louise Jacoby.  Her father was Daniel Jacoby.  There were no parents listed for Daniel Jacoby.  Fancis Louise Jacoby's mother was Cecilie Merical.  Her father was Lyman Merical and her mother was Matilda Merical. 
Fred Lafoy Smith married Flora Bessie Mabel on June 30th, 1909.  Flora Bessie Smith was born Dec. 13, 1891/died Oct. 25, 1962 of complications of diabetes at age 71. 
Flora Bessie Mabel's father was Frank Orin Evans.  Frank Orin Evan's father was John Evans.  His mother was Mary Evans.
Flora Bessie Mabel's mother was Fanny Stock.  Fanny Stock's father was Phillip Stock.  Her mother was Mary Stock.
Following he marriage of Fred Lafoy Smith and Flora Bessie Mabel Smith's on June 30th, 1909.  They had the following children:
Robert Lafoy Smith born March 1st, 1913/Died Jan. 12, 1988 of a aneurysm in his chest at age 73.
Fanny May Smith born Jan. 7, 1914/Died Jan. 7, 1988 of Lung cancer at age of 72. 
Erle Ray Smith born June 30th, 1924/Died Feb. 20, 1998 of infection following a bowel surgery at age 76.
Merle Jay Smith born June 30th 1924/Died Sept. 30, 2005 of Heart Failure
Fred Laverne Smith born Oct. 2nd, 1930/Died Feb. 11, 1995 of Lung Cancer at age 65.
Robert Lafoy Smith Married Edith Peay, then Carrie Wilcox Owen, then May Rose Johnson.  According to the bible, he didn't have children with any of these women.  He then married Donna Jane Cooley born Dec. 6th, 1928 on Dec. 24, 1961.  They had the following children:
    Robyn Lynette Smith (Chilson) born May 4th, 1962
    Robert Lafoy Smith II born Nov. 28, 1963
Fanny May Smith married Sept. 23, 1925 Donald B. Lane born on Sept. 23, 1925, and and had Donald Leon Lane, born Jan. 4th, 1937. 
    Donald Leon Lane married June Annette Lane, born July     4th, 1937.  They had the following children:  
        Valerie June Lane born Mar. 1, 1957
        Martin Donald Lane born July 6, 1960
        Audrey Marie Lane born April 20, 1964.
        Daniel Earl Lane born Sept. 6, 1965.   
Fanny May Smith married on Sept. 9 1967 John Donald Travis born Oct. 15 1914/Died May 29, 1992 of Heart Disease at age 78 after divorcing Donald Lane in 1959. 
Erle Ray Smith married Oct. 15, 1944 Gladys Kring born on Oct. 15, 1944.  They had the following children:
    Donna Jean Smith born Oct. 15, 1948
    Dale Larue Smith born March 13, 1952
    Glenn Allen Smith born June 21, 1956
Merle Jay Smith married on Oct. 12, 1944 Marjorie Case born April 27, 1925/Died Aug. 5, 1972 from a blood clot that hit her heart.  They had the following children:
    Michael Lee Smith born June 11, 1947 married Judy             Kay Lauren Lamint born Feb. 4, 1953.  
    Mark Alan Smith born Sept. 3, 1950 married Cheryl             Lynne Canfield born Oct. 14, 1951.
Merle then married Judy Spencer Born Sept. 28, 1940 on April 12, 1975 following Marjorie's death.
Fred Laverne Smith married on May 5, 1951 Barbara Canfield born Oct. 22, 1932.  They had the following children:
    Ronald Bruce Smith born Oct. 26, 1953
    David LaVern Smith born Nov. 26, 1956
    James Brian Smith born May 7, 1961
    Susan Lynne Smith born Jan. 10, 1968
Subj: Bradford County query
Date: 10/09/2004 11:35:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lucy Hastings)

Kindly submit this query on your Bradford County,Pa. site. This is similar to an earlier one, but it corrects the old , incorrect e-mail address. Thanks - Lucy Hastings

WOODARD- I am interested in info on Daniel WOODARD, Jr. born about 1803. He lived in Bradford County until his death on Feb. 15, 1877 in Armenia Township. He married (1) Maria/Polly_____ (2) Huldah_______. His children were William Woodard born 1830 at Columbia Cross Roads, Bradford Co. and Washington Woodard, also Orelia, Lydia, Melissa, Daniel, Eli, Judson, Jason, and Antonette Woodard. His son, Washington Woodard, married Ellen Pickering in Warren Co.,Pa. and later moved to South Dakota. They had two daughters, Eva Woodard and Effie Woodard. His son, William Woodard, married (1) Fanny ____ and had a daughter named Elvira. He married (2) Wealthy Lockwood and their children were William L. Woodard and Fanny Woodard.

Contact Lucy Hastings at

Subj: Bradford county query
Date: 10/16/2004 5:58:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Kimberly and Harrison Fenton)

I am researching a name I found in a booklet I recieved while touring Barclay Mountain. The names were Skinner & Mary FENTON. They are listed in the booklet as being the first refuge keeper @ Sunfish Pond refuge #12.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Kimberly Fenton

Subj: Bradford County
Date: 10/14/2004 10:40:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dorothy Gouzoules)

Would like any information on the Jones brothers, Richard, Thomas and Joseph Lorenzo. They came from Wales to Canada to the USA during the time of the War of 1812. It is believed they settled in Bradford around that time. Amanda Cynthia Jones (my gg grandmother) married Harvey Doson Berry.

Thanks. Dotti Gouzoules

Subj: Bradford County
Date: 10/14/2004 10:21:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dorothy Gouzoules)

I would like to exchange information with anyone researching Harvey Doson BERRY and his family. They had two sons born in Bradford - Chester and Everett, and a daughter, Louisa, possible born after they moved to Michigan. Robert Berry left an inquiry in 1997, but the email address is no longer in use.

Thanks. Dotti Gouzoules

Subj: Bradford County
Date: 10/10/2004 1:58:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Pat Benfer)

MORSE, KERR I am looking for any information that I can find on Ida D. Morse. She married Samuel B. Kerr on March 4, 1857 and her home was listed as Franklin, Bradford Co. She died , as far as I can find, in1859 and is buried in Old Brooklyn Cemetery in Susquehanna County, PA. I am also looking for the burial place of Phebe Jane Kerr Brigham, wife of Addison Brigham who lived in LeRoy, Bradford Co.

Thanks for any help you may have.
Pat Benfer

Subj: Bradford County
Date: 10/01/2004 1:21:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Charles Corts)

Researching the following individual Solomon Leonard HARRINGTON. The Harrington Gazetteer and the Rock County, WI Gazetteer note him as born 17 December 1808 in Troy, PA. I cannot find any reference to parents except that one of the references makes note that his father died when he was a small boy and his mother married an Ayres. Is there anyplace that might have any information on his parents? Been stuck here for three years. Thanks for any assistance.

Chuck Corts