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Chemung County Queries & Surname Listings January 2005 - June 2005
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(updated 7/10/05)

Date: 6/29/2005

I am looking for any information on SAVILLA Saxton CLARK, b. 11/19/1827 d. 11/24/ 1854 married Howard Clark. The information I have is that she died of Typhoid fever in Elmira NY. I have been unable to find where she is buried.

Thankyou, Virginia Haight Brown

Date: 6/27/2005

I am seeking any information on Preserved Cooley and his family. He received a land grant in May 1784 in the Town of Veteran. I would be grateful for any information on his wife's name, date of marriage and children's names as well.

Thank you. Susan Gergely

Date: 6/25/2005

Dear, Joyce, Reading your history, I recall my Father, Asa Arnold Nichols, born in Lockwood. NY telling that he got in trouble fopr "lolly gaging about " when sent to fetch the mail. Applying the strap did not correct the behavior , so his father dressed up as a ghost to scare my young dad. But Daddy hurled rocks and chased the "ghost" away! Jacob Ezra Nichols was born in NY so I wonder if he is listed in your files? His father was William Avery Nichols, anso born in NY. Both Jacob and William were in the same Civil war unit . William suffered all his life from an accident with an ax chopping firewood for officers. at least one toe amputated. Jacob was wounded at the Battle of the Po River, gunshot upper thigh. He lay in the rain 3 days under the "hospital tree" befor taken to a hospital, and suffered upper respertory problems , dying of pneumonia at age 49. I have been unable to find the parents of William Avery Nichols, father of Jacob, and my great grandfather. William's wife was Martha M. (possibly Simenson). Both W.A. and Martha are buried in Williamsport , PA. Jacob is buried in Reniff. Fandptia was living inWellsburg, NY at her death, but I don't know the burial sight. If you can help me with any further information I will greatly apprciate it. Virginia Metheny, daughter of A.A, Nichols, gr daughter of Jacob E. Nichols, , gr gr daughter of William A. Nichols.

Virginia Metheny

Date: 6/21/2005

I am writing from Ancaster Ontario and Preserved Cooley is my Great, Great. Great Grandfather. He died and is buried in an unregistered cemetary on the old Cooley Property here in Ancaster. We are trying to get this protected under our Heritage Act and need to pusue his history in your area.

To this end I am wondering if you could suggest where I might find some information on Preserved, his wife (who I believed died in NY) and his children. I have spent considerable time on your site but find that the 1790 census for Chemung County is not available online.

If you might give me any information or suggest some leads I might pursue I would be most grateful.

Thank you in advance
Susan Mannen Gergely Ancaster Ontario

Subject:Chemung County
From:Cathy Houff
Date:Sat, 18 Jun 2005 07:02:26 -0500

Looking for Edward J. Burbage relatives. He was a tinsmith, with a daughter named Bessie Burbage born in 1889 in Elmira. His wife's name was Ada Buckbee I believe. His daughter Bessie, was my father's mother. She gave him up for adoption in Chicago in 1912.

Cathy Houff

Date: 6/18/2005

Does anyone have information on Julia Brinks, supposed to have married Edwin Samuel Williams sometime between 1898 and 1911 in Tioga,Bradford and Chemung Counties. Any information will be appreciated. Williams was descendant of the Cloos (Close) family of Westfield, PA.

Alice H. Williams


Is there anyone in VanEtten or in neighboring area related to Zimri and Orphelia McIntyre? I am looking for his family, found two children, Sovinia and Paulina. Who are the rest? Does anyone know Orphelia's maiden name? Could use some help pls.

Thank you
Diane Marshall

Subject:Chemung County
From:"Anderson, Barbara"
Date:Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:31:44 -0700

Researching Mary Ray Graham Phelps Crandall b c 1815 in Canada

In 1850 head of household is Nelson Graham also born Canada, he is a grocer in Veteran. Not sure if he is her husband (I suspect) or brother in law. Mary's children are Arthur, Cecelia, and Edward. On Cecelia's death certificate her parents are listed as Mary Ray and John Graham.

In 1880 the same Nelson Graham is in Iowa. So, if they were married, perhaps they divorced, or they were in-laws.

By 1860 Mary is married to Frederick Phelps, a Lawyer, and living in Veteran. After 1860 they have a child, Frederick Phelps, Jr.

By 1870 she is married to Erastus Crandall (age 80) and still living in Veteran. There is also a child Charles, age 15 living with them at that time, but it's not clear if he is a Crandall, Phelps, or Graham.

By 1880 she is a widow and living in Elmira with her son Frederick and dau-in-law, Isabelle Graham (wife of Edward). Edward is in Iowa with Nelson Graham (see above) He is listed as Nelson's brother, but the age difference is significant.

Mary appear in the 1882 and 1891 Elmira directory, but I don't find her after that, so I suppose her to have passed by then. In 1891 she is living with her son Edward, who is a confectioner.

In 1880, Mary's parents are listed as having been born in Ireland (father) and New York (mother).

It's possible her last name was Vay instead of Ray. Possibly even McVay.

Does anyone have any leads, however remote, on Mary or any of her husbands or children?

This is my big brick wall. Appreciate any help.

Barb Anderson

Date:Thu, 16 Jun 2005 01:21:15 GMT

Isaac BENNETT and wife Marie ___, were my husband's great-grandparents. Their son, Frank Howard BENNETT was born in Chemung CO NY on 16 Sep 1861. Later family record shows his name as William Frank BENNETT. He died in Milwaukie, WI on 17 Aug 1913.

If another researcher has information on this family, please contact me. Thank you.

Letha Brunell

Subject:Chemung County - HOWE PHOTO, 1921
From:"Theresa JENSEN"
Date:Sun, 5 Jun 2005 11:30:49 -0500

I have a photo of three adorable children that look to be about 2, 5 and 9 years old. On the back it says: Helen, Alberta, and Eudora HOWE, plus, Lassie, the dog. It is dated December 8, 1921. I suspect they were my ggma's nieces or cousins. She was originally from Canton, PA. If your family tree includes these names and you're willing to share information, please send me an email with HOWE PHOTO in the subject line, and I'll send you the picture.

Thanks for reading my query and good luck in your search! Theresa Jensen

From:Don & Sally Chirlin
Date:Sat, 4 Jun 2005 11:51:30 -0400

I am looking for ancestry of Dighton Miles Cass born to Dighton and Adeline French Cass ca 1858 in NY. Dighton Miles Cass is listed as Miles Cass in the death record of his son Archibald Elmer Cass who died in PA and was only son of Dighton and Ida Palmer Cass.

Dighton and Adeline French Cass married at some time after the 1850 census. In 1850 Adeline is with her parents Luther and Clarissa Shepard French in Illinois. By 1860 she has married Dighton Cass and they are in the town of Dix, Schuyler Co., NY, with several children. They are again listed in 1870 Corning census with Maria 18 and Dighton 11. By 1880 I only find Adeline Cass with the French family as well as Dighton and Maria.

Thanks for any tips or hints! Sally Chirlin

Date:Thu, 16 Jun 2005 01:21:15 GMT

Isaac BENNETT and wife Marie ___, were my husband's great-grandparents. Their son, Frank Howard BENNETT was born in Chemung CO NY on 16 Sep 1861. Later family record shows his name as William Frank BENNETT. He died in Milwaukie, WI on 17 Aug 1913.

If another researcher has information on this family, please contact me. Thank you.

Letha Brunell

Subject:Chemung county
From:"Max Dunn"
Date:Sat, 11 Jun 2005 21:03:32 -0700
Subj: Fredrick Fitzgerald MYERS

I am searching for the parents of Fred Myers born in Elmira , March 24, 1828. He married a Mary Catherine Riley and died in Hastings Ne August 19, 1911.

Thanks for any help, Max Dunn

From:Mary Lou Woolley
Date:Thu, 02 Jun 2005 21:15:16 -0500

I'm looking for my grandfather's mother-CATHERINE CRUISE m ALBERT POTTER. Also where ALPHONSO POTTER was put in GERMAN HOME In or around Pa. They also lived in Alba Pa. when they divorced and ALPHONSO was sent away. CATHERINE CRUISE'S mother and father was JAMES AND MARY CRUISE from Ireland. This was around mid to late 1880's. I would appreciate ANY information about either ALBERT


Date: 5/28/2005

Dear Friends,
Have always heard that my Great grandfather, John Hiro French was born at Elmira, Chemung, New York in July of 1859. I have not been able to verify his birth nor his family. Apparently he had four brothers, two of which were older than he, and one sister.

According to family lore his father was Almon Gilford French, possibly born in New York, who married Lydia Deliah Mageson, possibly of Pennsylvania.

Might you have any clues for me or places to search? At the moment I am trying to navigate Joyce's neat site but there is a lot to visit and study--it might take some time.

Many thanks!
Lew Marquardt Austin, Texas

Subject:Wands family
From:"Ann Edwards"
Date:Fri, 27 May 2005 23:29:00 -0500

Hi Joyce I have been trying to locate a starting place for the Wands family in Elmira but cannot locate any record of them. I was wondering if you could help me out here.

I believe my ggrandfather was Charles Wands. My grandmothers name was Edith Wands Austin born around 1880 to 1888. She was married to William Austin from Steuben Co. I've been told there is book on the Austins in Steuben but have not been able to locate that either. There was a Charles Wands in Elmira that died sometime in the 1980's. He must have been a nephew to my grandmother. I know he had at least one son but don't know his name. There was also a Philip Wands but not sure if he was a brother or nephew to Edith. If I remember correctly there was some connection to an icecream parlor and the Wands family. The business was located on Lake St. (I think. It's been a long time since I've been in Elmira). My grandparents lived in Avoca, Bath, and I think Bluff Point at the time of Ediths death around 1916.

Any help you could give me on how to go about sorting through this would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Edwards

Subject: Chemung
Date: 5/20/2005

Hi From VA ! Looking for an OBIT on JOSEPH UHL born 1814 died 1865 and his wife ELIZABETH born 1822 died 1890 Your site is awsome.

Thank You to anyone who may be able to help. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Clara (Bierwiler) Griffiths

Subject: Chemung
Date: 5/15/2005

Gerard & Hughes, Elmira, NY

I'm looking for a connection between Charles Gerard b; 1883 and Albert Hughes b; 1878 Any information will help.

Thank you.
Sharon Moffe D'Andrea

Subject: Chemung County
Date: 5/12/2005

Looking for information on the family of Jonas REED born about 1820 in New York State. His first wife was Lavina - born about 1822. His 2nd wife was Adeline SHAFER born about 1827 perhaps in Elmira, New York.

Thanks, Sandy Gesler

Subject: Thomas T. McAsey Family
Date: 5/9/2005

Hello everyone,
I am researching the Thomas T. McAsey family who moved around in the tri-county area. He was born 1n 1864.

His wife was Lizzie (Elizabeth) born in 1873. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Sweeney and her mother was Annie Sweeney.

I have found 3 children - Annie born 1895, Gertrude born 1896 and Thomas born Mar 28 1899 (in one place it said 1898). They show in the 1900 census as living in Ridgebury Township, Bradford.

The only other information I can find after this is in 1907 when Lizzie has become a widow and is working as a domestic with address 113 Harris, Athens Borough.

It is possible that their son Thomas is my grandfather, if I have the correct family. He does show up in the WWI draft record as living in Chemung County. I can't find any other information.

If anyone has further information on this family could you please share it with me.

Thank you very much. Good luck with all your family searches.
Rachel Thomas

Subject: George Scofield and Searles family
Sent: Monday, May 09

Hello, in my records ,1850 Stamford,CT I have

Geo Scofield age 29. Living with
Ira Searles born 3 May 1813 in NY died 12 Mar 1883
Long Ridge Cemetery,Stamford,CT Occup Shoemaker   Ira marriage 1 ABT 1838
Children   1.   Henry J Searles b. 1837 in NY
                 2. Harriet J Searles b.12 Jun 1841 in NY
                 3. George R Searles b.1843 in Stamford,CT
Marriage 2. Sallie H Johnson  b.10 May 1822 in NY
     Married: ABT 1842  Children
                  1. Eliza Ann Searles b.1849 in Stamford,CT
                  2. Ira F Searles b.1856 in Stamford,CT
                  3. Wilbur A Searles b. 1859 in Stamford
    In 1850, Ira age 37,living in Stamford,CT with Sally
Searles,age28, Henry age 13,Harriet age 9, George
Scofield age 29 born in NY.
Sources : Title : 1850 Census,Stamford,CT page 302A
2. Title :1860 Cencus,Stamford,CT
Repository: Call Number : Media: Book page 8
  I believe this is my family also.

Thank you, Stephen K Searles

Subject: Chemung County, NY
Date: 5/9/2005

I am looking for information about the William Carman family. The 1850 census has William and wife Harriet in Standing Stone township, Bradford Co. PA. Age 21 and 18. The census of 1880 has William-52 and Harriet-50 and children, Joseph-15, Louisa-13, John-10, George-6, Fred-5, Robert-1. The 1900 census of Horse Head has William, Harriet and son John living together. The 1910 census has William-80, Harriet-79 and son John-31 living together in Veteran township, Chemung Co. NY. I would like to talk with anyone who has any information about this family.

My name is John Thompson and my Email address is

Date: Sun, 08 May 2005

I'm looking for information on:
Beers Edwards
James VanOver
George VanOver

I believe all three lived in Elmira, NY

Leslie Hurt

Subject: Elmira, Chemung Co.
From: "Pamela S. Baase"
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005

I'm looking for any Information on my 4 great grandfather, John J. BAlDWIN, and his family. He was born abt. 1817 in New York State and died in 1899. His wife name was Sally (Abt. 1820-1909).

His children were Charlotte (1839-1919 and married Charles Jay), Edward (Abt. 1842-1892), Diadama? (b. Abt. 1848), Erwin J. (abt. 1849 and married to Alice with a least one child), Emory or Eswin J.(abt. 1853-1927), Francis E. (1856-1930 and wife was Anna C. (1853-1934)), and Kate B. (Abt. 1863, married Cassius Philippe?).

John BALDWIN, including his wife, Sally M., Edward, Emory/Eswin, Francis and his wife Anna, are married in the same lot as my 2 great granfather Fred Jay in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

The BALDWIN seemed orginally came from Otego, Otsego Co., NY, but around 1880s, they moved Elmira.

Any information would appreciated. Thank you Pamela Baase
Pamela S. Baase

Date: 5/3/2005

Chemung County.....Hynes...French....Weaver....searching for Mrs. Helen Carpenter and Mrs. Gus Herfort.. Jacqueline Hynes Adamson

From: "The Roberts"
Date:Tue, 3 May 2005

Requesting information on: PHINIAS S ROBERTS, born 1835. (father -GEORGE WASHINGTON ROBERTS, b.3 Nov 1809 - mother, SALLY ANN SQUIRES ROBERTS, b.1818)

PHINIAS S ROBERTS had a son ADDISON E ROBERTS in 1856, and he was located in the 1870 Chemung County NY Census. In 1880 ADDISON E ROBERTS was gone, then in 1886 he married EMMA Y VERNON in LeSeur County MN.

I believe I found ALICE ROBERTS (died in 1901) wife of PHINIAS S in the Woodlawn Cemetary in Elmira but unable to find PHINIAS S ROBERTS.

In the 1900 Chemung County census, it lists Alice Roberts and her daughter, FLORENCE and her husband FRED WILLARD.

Any assistance greatly appreciated. Isn't this site fabulous!!!
Sharon and Vernell Roberts The Roberts

Subject: Chemung Co, NY
From: Sally Laing
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 14:06:55 -0400

Surname: HOUSE, Richard Looking for marriages for Emma, Statira and Froederica HOUSE, daughters of Richard and Statira living in Catlin township from 1843 to l866. Girls born 1841, 1848 and 1853.

Thank you.
From Sally Laing

From: "Robert Rahmlow"
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005

Irene (Renee) Wood married George Broughton late 1800's Gave birth to Vernon C. Broughton September 8, 1897 in Academy Corners. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you,

Sincerely, Robert C. Rahmlow

Subject: Chemung co
From: "L Novotny"
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:53:27 -0600

Need information on a John Eddy born 1810 NY is on the 1850 census in Erin, Chemung Co. New York with wife Alma born 1860. Botlh were born in New York and moved to Michigan before 1860. Children were Ann, Irving, Daniel, Wallace, Lousia, Lewis, Matilda, Fannie and Emma.

Would appreciate any information on this family.

Thank you,
Claudette Novotny

Subject: Chemung County
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005


All lived in Elmira

Thank you, Sharon Moffe D'Andrea

Date: 03/27/2005
From: (dodrop-inn)

Searching for info on Anna Priscilla CARPENTER. b.9/28/1846 in Southport, Chemung County. Also her parents John Bradford CARPENTER and Sarah Jane O'DELL. Other children were Mary Elizabeth,Ellen Rebecca,Silas Harvey,Laurence,Matilda,Pheba Jane, Catherine Adelaid and Catherine Marie. Any information would be most appreciated.

Thank you! Elva Hough
I can be reached at

Subj: query parshall family
Date: 03/26/2005
From: (Dan Parshall)

Saw your web site and I was most impressed! I am a direct desendent of Israel Parshall who was my great great great great great grandfather. Could you please provide me or direct me to additional information concerning Israel Parshall ( property location, is brick house still standing, exploits, underground railroad, maps, ect.) I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Line of desent Israel > Jesse > Ottis > Samuel > Frank > Harold > Terence > Daniel Parshall

Daniel Parshall,

Subj: Query
Date: 03/22/2005
From: (Rick Smith)

SMITH, James I. Chemung County
Buried in Martin Hill Cemetery, Town of Catlin
B. 1779 d. 1860

Need information on the father of the above. Should be Revolutionary War Veteran. Possible name Isaac Smith.

Richard Smith Dallas, TX

Date: 03/22/2005
From: (kmcminn)
Reply-to: (kmcminn)

Looking for information on any LANE family in the Chemung Co. area, Looking for William Thompson Lane Born: 3-27-1825in Elmira,Chemung Co. NY. Thank You

Ken McMinn--

Subj: Chemung
Date: 03/21/2005
From: (Geoff Smith)
Reply-to: (Geoff Smith)

Seeking antecedents of Morgan JOHNSON, ba 1810, perhaps from Catlin, married Abigal HOXIE 1815- of RI.

Geoff Smith

Subj: Dias or Warden
Date: 03/21/2005
To: TriCountie

I am searching for an Aurelia Dias. Prior to 1880 she was living in Elmira with her father Robert Dias. I found her on the 1880 census living in Auburn NY with a Mary Warden. The entire Dias family is buried in Woodlawn but not Aurelia. Does anyone have any connection to Aurelia or Mary Warden.

Thank you Sharon Tobin

Date: 1/30/2005

I am looking for the Obit on Chauncey and Arthur DICKENS . I traced them to Elmira City in 1920 and then I couldn't find them again in the census in 1930. They were my grandfather's brothers.

Jane Dickens Nichols

Date: 1/28/2005

I'm trying to find out William MAPES' wife's name. He was born 28 Oct 1754 in Raritan River, NJ and died 01 Apr 1856 in Big Flats, NY. He had a son, Elisha. Thank you

Kelly Adams

Date: 1/26/2005

I am seeking information on Mahlon BROWN, eldest son of Daniel Warren Brown of Browntown, Bradford Co. I have seen information that suggested that he became a druggist in Utica, NY. Is he the same Mahlon Brownthat is listed in the Elmira, NY city directory for 1891 as "physician and surgeon" and as partner with Arthur G. Brown as "manufacturing chemists". Mahlon was brother to J. Watson Brown, MD who practiced in Ithaca, NY; to C. W. Brown, MD of Elmira and to D. Warren Brown, MD who practiced in Rochester, NY, Wyalusing, PA and Wheeling and Charleston ,WV. Another brother, Fremont Brown owned a drug store in Elmira during the 1880's and may also have been a physcian.

Herbert Brown
Norcross, Ga

Date: 1/23/2005

Zimri McIntyre d: 5 Sep 1877 in Van Etten, Chemung Co. He is buried in the Rumsey-Swartwood Cemetery. Do obituaries go back this far, and if so, is there someone that might do a lookup for me? His wifes name was Ophelia.

Thank you
Diane Marshall

Date: 1/22/2005

MATHEWS - I am looking for the father of Delos or de los MATHEWS or MATTHEWS and also info about his children (he is my great grandfather). I found the following info on him from the 1910 Census; Chemung Co. Van Etten, N Y - MATHEWS, Delos, head of house.... M. W. age 58, Rhoda A., wife, F. W. age 56, Emmett, son M. W. age 33 and Charles, son, M. W. age 25. I know Emmett and Charles had other brothers (Henry and William) and sisters but I don’t know how many there were in total (Henry was my grandfather).

I also found what I believe to be the same family (but I’m not entirely sure) in the 1880 Schuyler Co., Cayuta, NY U.S. Census: Head of Household: de Los Mathews, age 30, born NY, laborer, parents birthplace unknown. Rhoda A. Mathews, age 28, born NY, wife, married, living in Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY. Etta Mathews, age 7, born NY and Minnie Mathews, age 2, born NY and both living in Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.

I do not have access to the Census information from other years (i.e., 1870, 1890, 1900 or 1920, etc.).

Any information you can provide on this line would be appreciated. Thank you.
Roy Mathews

Date: 1/15/2005

Hi Joyce
Greetings from sunny Sydney. I am trying to ascertain parents of great grandfather George Henry CASE born September 1853 in Warren. He later lived in Owego, Tioga Co. New York where he married Ella CONKLIN at the Baptist Church in 1876.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Anne Case Sydney Australia

Subj: Chemung County - Elmira
Date: 01/09/2005
From: (Patrick Wild)

I am looking for information on : DANIEL TIERNEY who served in the 27th New York Infantry, Campany E. He apparently died during the Civil War and was buried in Elmira in April of 1863. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Wild
Bethel, Connecticut