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Chemung County Queries & Surname Listings January 2008 - June 2008
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(updated 5/30/2008)

Subject:  WYLIE
Date:  May 26, 2008

Dear Joyce,
First of all, I really appreciate all your hard work, along with others who have contributed, to the Tri-County Genealogy Site, it has a weath of info in there. I was wondering if possible you could, maybe find some more info, when time allows around The WYLIE Family in Chemung County, as far as when the first one enter into Chemung County and from originally what pplace if possible. I am a descendant of Thomas Wylie(Eleanor J. Mault) Wylie she died in Elmira, NY on Jan.20, 1965. I would like to know if you can help me with any other relation to this Family. I saw where there is Burials for them mostly in Woodlawn Cemetary and Maple Grove, Horseheads, NY. I probably won't find anything more then that on them, unless I contact the Courthouse in Elmira, for marriage records and other sources to trace there line back to suposssedly to Scotland.

THANKS SO VERY MUCH, and have a Great Memorial Day! P.S. by the way, I was born in Elmira, NY , on July 21, 1958 at Arnot Ogden Memorial Hospital, to maybe put into future records, my name is Ricky Martin Wylie.

Sincerely yours, Ricky M. Wylie

"Dolores Whitney" <>
Sat, 10 May 2008

Horton, Catherine
I am looking for information on Catherine Horton, born about 1932 in Elmira NY.   She may have died on Sept 14 1994 in Florida.  She was a 1956 graduate of St. James Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.  Her father had something to do with La France fire equipment.  Dolores Whitney

BLOOM, Shirley
"Erma" <>
Sat, 3 May 2008

I would like to inquire about a friend from WW11 days who worked with me at the ECLIPSE Machine Division in Elmira NY. I am currently retired, living in Naples, Fl.
BLOOM, Shirley (maiden name)
Bloss,                (married name)
Robert Bloom    (Shirley's husband)
3 children
Shirley had lived in Waverly, NY then married to Robert the family lived in Sayre Pa.
Thank you so much for any help you might give.
Erma Turner
1900 Countess Ct.
Naples, Fl 3411
239 598-2554

Date: 3/12/2008

Am looking to solve a mystery about: -

PARKS, James, b. 18 Feb 1803, d. 8 Mar 1864 in Veteran, Chemung Cty, buried in Millport Cemetery, town of Veteran, Chemung Cty, New York - BENNETT, Milly Amelia, b. 28 Feb 1801, d. 1879, also buried in Millport Cemetery Children: Benajah b. 1828, Charles b. 1836, Elizabeth b. 1839, Cynthia b. 1843

James PARKS is my husband’s ggggrandfather. James PARKS and family are listed in Veteran on the 1830, 1850 and 1860 federal censuses (though his surname is recorded or transcribed as “PARK” in each of those years). His occupation is “lock tender” in 1850 and “boatman” in 1860, so he worked on the Canal system. The family appeared to be pretty stable and settled in this area. Sons Benajah and Charles PARKS owned a blacksmith shop in Veteran; they are listed in Hamilton Childs Gazetteer & Business Directory, Chemung & Schuyler Counties NY for 1868 - 69. Their sister Cynthia is listed in the same Business Directory as a partner in a millenery business.

Despite these signs of permanent residency, I cannot find James or any of his family on the 1840 census for Veteran or any of the other townships in Chemung County. On the 1840 census I also went in search of some of his neighbors from the 1830 and 1850 censuses. Out of 11 neighbors, I found 3 “maybes,” who weren’t exact matches in name or location but might have been the people I was looking for.

Do you have, or can you point me to, any resources that might tell me where the family was in or around 1840? Tax records, perhaps? Of course I'd love to get another generation back and discover James PARKS' birth family, but that's another day!

Thanks so much for your dedicated work and all the resources you provide, especially for us long-distance family researchers. By the way, our older son and his family now live a scant few miles from Veteran, in Horseheads. Until this year they didn't know they were so close to their family's history. It all comes full circle once again...

Diane Wuesthoff,
Portland, Oregon

Subject: BIEBER
Date: 3/2/2008

BIEBER, LeRoy (Roy) William born Richland County, Mansfield , OH 8-20-1887. Listed in 1917-18 World War I Draft Registration as Roy William BIEBER age 29, working as machinist at Kennedy Valve Co. Elmira, NY Chemug Co. Cannot read address. Wife listed as Irene. Listed in 1961 obit as living in Elmira, NY. Not listed in 1989 obit. Presumed dead.

Thank you. Nancy Dupre

From: "john sauer"
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008

Hi Joyce, I am resubmitting a query of 2003, as my email address has changed. The above will work, it is my son's...for some reason his Outlook Express address takes over some of my email responses. Neither of us are bright enough to figure out why, or change it.

My personal email address is This is such a great site. I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into it! I enjoy the pictures a lot.

I'm sure there must be many VanAllens still in the TriCounty area...hopefully some of them are into genealogy too! Thanks, Jan Sauer


I am searching my gggrandparents Daniel and Mary (FILKENS) VANALLEN. They were born in Rensselear County, NY state. I find them listed on the 1850 Yates County census and then on the 1860 Chemung County census. They are buried in the second Street Cemetary in Elmira, NY, as are two of their sons, Leonard and Darwin VanAllen.

The children of Daniel and Mary Vanallen are:
Daniel D.
George W.
Cicero P.
William B.
John J.
Ann/PollyAnn (married VanLew)
Adeline (married Wells Henry (my greatgrandfather)
Julia (married Fox)

Born in Cayuga and Yates Counties, the children scattered through NJ, NY, WI, MI and KS.

Thank you, Janice Sauer

Subject: MARTIN
Date: 2/24/2008

I am interested in an early settler of Catlin NY, Capt. John MARTIN, a soldier of the War of 1812. He married Nancy Davenport in 1810 and lived in Catlin from 1816 to 1828. I am unable to locate the names of John's parents. I also want to know the names of Nancy's parents.

Thank you. Jane Rublein

Subject: BURKE
Date: 2/23/2008

Hello, I am looking for information regarding a Francis J. Burke, deceased on 10/10/1995 from Elmira, Chemung County, NY. He was in WWII with my dad. I was wondering if he had any descendants.

Paula Anderson

Date: 2/23/2008

I am looking or information on MOSES WARD and wife MARY(OUTHOUSE) WARD of South Creek, Bradford County,PA along with any information of children HARRIS< WILLIIAM, ELEANOR and JOHN WATSON,JAMES and MARY. Looking for place of possible burials on listed in cemeteries on site. Information is he died 1821 EXCEPT he was in census of 1840 and on tax rolls of 1836

John L Murphy
Outhouse Family Researcher
Lady Lake, Florida

Subject:  WAID
Date: 1/15/2008

I am looking for any information on the WAID family, specifically Homer Warner Waid and Luella Waid (brother & sister) and their decendents. They were born in the early 1900's in Elmira, NY.

Please send any info to
Debby McNaughton
Canandaigua, NY