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Chemung County Queries - 1998/99
These very old manually prepared surname listings of Chemung County Surnames are no longer maintained or altered. Please submit your new surname listings through the regular automated query system now used by the site at Tri-County Queries

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Surname Query Researcher
ADAMS I am searching for information on Albert ADAMS, my g-grandfather and his wife Ann. He is believed to have left England, possibly by way of Glasgow, in the mid 1870's. He and his family settled in Elmira NY sometime after that. Among his seven children were Mary (my grandmother), Annie, Ellen, Christopher and Joe. There were 4 boys and 3 girls in all. Information on this side of my family has only recently become available to me. My newly discovered cousins tell me that some searching has been done trying to trace Albert and Ann back to England but with no success. In addition, the family didn't keep in close contact on this side of the Atlantic, so not much is know about them after they arrived. I do have some information on my grandmother Mary but am hoping to find more on Albert, Ann and their other children. Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide. Dave Crane
05 Mar 1999 
ARNOLD see Meyer
AYERS see Thompson
BAKER Joyce, I don't exactly know if this qualifies for your posting page but I'm going to ask. I have three lost nephews that were adopted out as very young boys. I have their names, dates of birth, place, and all the legal info. However, I understand these nephews may have been adopted by people that located in Chemung County, NY. If appropriate, I would like to post the following: Looking for nephews who had birth names of David Paul BAKER, Karl Martin BAKER, and William Joseph BAKER. They were about 4,3,2, when adopted. I realize that they may not even keep their given names, but it's worth a try. Another nephew, in the Chemung Co. area thinks he saw one that looked like a family member in Elmira NY a couple of years ago. If anyone knows of these three brothers, supposedly adopted all together, could contact me or pass the word on to them that I am looking for them. If they are interested in knowing the family who very much wanted to help but due to circumstances beyond control, could not. Thanks for listening and if possible for posting this message. Bernice BAKER Snell
Orange TX 77630
25 Feb 1999
BAKER see Britenbaker
BALDWIN see Campbell
BALDWIN see McDonalds
BARNEY Looking for information on: Elizabeth Roe BARNEY (1820- ) Elmira, NY m. (1840) to Andrew J. DURLAND (1818-) in Chester, Orange, NY Bill Mackie
BARROW see Campbell
BARTHOLOMEW I'm searching BARTHOLOMEW, VAUGHN/VAUGHAN, VANCISE from Chemung CO. They lived in Seely Creek/Southport area. Christian BARTHOLOMEW b. 1810 d. 3-22-1851 Suicide. (It would be interesting to see a newspaper clip of this.) He was m. to Deborah A. VANCISE b. 1819. They had: Henry b.1946, Aurelia, Daniel, and maybe an Edna BARTHOLOMEW. Deborah remarried a William VAUGHN and had Amy E. VAUGHN b. 1854. Deborah VAUGHN d. 1910 and is buried with Christian, Daniel, Henry, Daniel (son of Peter & Mary KNAPP BARTHOLOMEW from Van Ettenville.) in the Webb Mills Cemetery in Southport. Wondered where Wm. VAUGHN died & is buried. Any additional info any one has, or if anyone comes across any newspaper articles b.m.d. or wills re: these names, do let me know. Many Thanks! :) (Joyce the sites you have been working on sure are great! Keep up the Good work. Peace & God Bless!) Jeannie Knutson
BARTHOLOMEW Was wondering if you have access to a newspaper that would contain an obituary/deaths for:
CHRISTIAN BARTHOLOMEW who committed suicide at 41 yrs. on 3-22-1851 Do you think there would be an article written up about this? Perhaps in the Elmira Republican? He and his 9mo/preg.wife Deborah and son Henry lived in the Southport/Webb Mills area. I have contacted Chemung Co. for his will.....which is an "Administrative" one. but, in order to obtain it they want $ copy costs....(unless I come in to get it. I live in Virginia) Do you think there is a kind soul up there in the area, who would go and retrieve this document for me? I will reimburse for the copy mailing fees. It is at the County of Chemung Surrogate Court (607) 737-2946 File #156. Thank you again for your web site......alot of new stuff! Keep up the good work! 
Jeannie Knutson
BIDLACK see Ransom
BOOTH see Churcher
BOSWORTH see Lowman
BOYER see Van Deren
BRACE see Edgar
BRITENBAKER Britenbaker/Lee: Erastus LEE b. approx 1807 possibly in Vermont.Married Sally M.Lee (Unknown maiden name) b.approx 1807 NYS; Died September 28, 1873 Deleware Co.NY. Had 3-4 Children; Charles M. LEE , Charlotte LEE Brown (married Jerome E. BROWN b.1835 d. 1897) , Helen A. LEE, Almeron GOODSELL (?unknown if a LEE). Erastus LEE married 2nd wife Abigal HAMOND Lee October 24,1874 by J.P. Charles M. LEE b.approx. Sept. 1836 Deleware Co.NY, d. April 8,1902 Elmira NY Chemung CO. married Mary A SMITH Lee b.approx. June 1836 Deleware CO. NY, d. April 13,1894 Elmira, NY Chemung CO. Had 3 known of children; Stella Susan LEE Britenbaker, Will LEE and Carrie LEE. Was in 141st Infantry NYSV Aug.1862-May 1865 mustered out with wounds. Was a merchant in Elmira,NY. Stella Susan LEE Britenbaker b. Jan.13,1862 Coopers Plains,NY Steuben CO.; d. Nov.14,1936 Elmira,NY Chemung CO.; Married Francis BRITENBAKER. Had 8 children ; Grace Alma BRITENBAKER Baker (married Mahlon G. BAKER my great grandparents), Bernice BRITENBAKER Woodford , Olive BRITENBAKER , Francis BRITENBAKER , Mary BRITENBAKER , Leroy BRITENBAKER, Kenneth BRITENBAKER , Lynn BRITENBAKER. Any info on any of the above mentioned and the 141st infantry will be greatly appreciated. Thank you  KIM ROWLEY
BROWN see Britenbaker
BRULE see Richter
CAMPBELL CAMPBELL: Seeking information on ancestors or siblings of sisters Catharine and Henrietta CAMPBELL. Catharine b. 1829, m. 1850 Ephraim BALDWIN. Henrietta married a BARROW. Both lived their adult lives in Chemung County. Birth place, parents names, and siblings a mystery. All clues and suggestions appreciated. Joyce Rubens
CAMPBELLS see Gardner
CARRIGAN see Newcomb
CHURCHER I am researching the surnames: CHURCHER and BOOTH. My maternal grandfather was Claude Henry BOOTH, born in Big Flats around 1876. His mother was Amy L. CHURCHER who died when he was about 10 years old and her father was one, George Nelson CHURCHER who was born approximately 1832 and I am assuming in Chemung Co. Would like any and all information concerning his parents, his death and any pertinent info anyone could provide. Perhaps there are his desendants who might be related to me and would love to get in touch with them. I also believe my great grandmother Amy L. CHURCHER had a twin brother as there is a boy her same age listed in the census. Gaylord Hamm
COLE From our family Bible I have gotten the following information and wondering if you find anything to add. Calvin COLE Nichols, born Nichols, NY 2/16/1852 Married Elizabeth HARTLEY In Waverly, NY 2/16/1875 I know the Hartley's are buried in Waverly because as a little girl my mother always took us to the cemetery there and said it was her Grandmother their son William A. COLE was born in Binghamton,NY 9/17/1887. On my ex-husbands side he had recorded in his baby book a William Allen COLE born Elmira,NY 1865 and I am trying to find out if he was in anyway related to the Calvin COLE side. I would like to find out Who Calvin COLE's father and mother were.  Joan Hatton-COLE-Demperio
COLLINS COLLINS -- Seeking information about Charles Benjamin COLLINS (b. abt 1850) who was married to Mary STODDARD (b. abt. 1848 NY- d. 1899 Elmira). Any help greatly appreciated. Willing to share information. Robin Collins
1 Nov 1998
COLLINS see Gordon
COLLINS see Howard
CONGDON Irving D/C CONGDON, listed in 1900 census for Elmira, born 1879, married before 1903 name unknown, presumably in Elmira. Is listed in Cortland in 1905 census with wife Jennie A., however, later records say that Jennie A. was a second wife. Trying to establish wife's name, marriage date and place for first marriage, and Jennie A's maiden name.  Claudia Bement
CONNERS see Newcomb
COOK see Green
CRAIG see Parker
CRANE see Dean
CROWELL see Green
DEAN Trying to fine info on my great grandfather Stephen DEAN, served with the New York engineers during civil war. He had a (sister)? Susan CRANE of Elmira. ken dean
28 Feb 1999
DECKER Benjamin DECKER migrated from Orange Co, NY to Chemung Co, NY in the early 1800's. He married: Adeline HILL. Children: Julia, Martha, May, Harriet, Sarah, William, Hiram, Adaline, Benjamin, and Albert. Benjamin DECKER was a farmer who lived in Southport, Chemung, NY. He's listed on the 1840, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70 census in Southport, Chemung, NY. I would try looking for your DECKERs on the Chemung Co. Census first. What were their names and when did they live in Chemung Co.? Judy Fudala Clauss
26 Feb 1999
DECKER I am looking for the Sarah DECKER who m. Hendricus COYKENDALL of Goshen, Orange Co., NY. Sarah was born abt 1745. Their ch. were Cornelia Ann, Moses, and Jonathan. Was this Sarah the dau. of the Benjamin DECKER (see Decker Query)? Susan Austin
28 Feb 1999
DECKER see Gardner
DIXON see Mack
DURLAND see Barney
EARL see Van Gorden
EATON EATON, GEOGE FREDRICK ,Vanettenville,NY ca 1897- Seek descendants to exchange genealogical information. Thank you. Eileen Arndt
EATON see Ostrander
EDGAR I am looking for information on surnames EDGAR, BRACE and VAN COTT from Chemung County (Elmira/Horseheads area). My mother was born Patricia VAN COTT on 4/17/27 in Horseheads to Deborah BRACE (Edgar) Van Cott and Harry Sherman Van Cott. Deborah Brace Edgar was born in 1900; Harry Sherman Van Cott was born in 1900 in Shortsville, NY. I am trying to trace my lineage back from there. I hope you can help me, and I look forward to hearing from you. Tom Hartl
ERWAY ERWAY: Am looking for information on parents and siblings of Ezra ERWAY who according to his death certificate was born October 29, 1823, in Elmira, NY. He married in 1845 to Charlotte GARDINER of Steuben Co., NY, he listed his place of residence at this time as Burdett in Schuyler Co., NY. He later moved to WI/MN and died in WI in 1904. Debbie Barrett
EVANS/WALKER see Gardner
FLAHIE Looking for information on Michael John FLAHIE (b. 1864) and his wife Susan MCKENNA Flahie. It has been reported that Michael John died in 1937 in either Elmira or Buffalo. He is buried in Buffalo. I have sent for a death certificate to confirm place of death but the State takes six months. Would appreciate any information I could get prior to that. He was probably involved in the oil industry. Thank you. Genie Flahie
FLOYD see Parker
FREDRICK see Eaton
FULLER FULLER, Daniel and sibling FULLER (married of POOLE), Orline, born late 1820's, possibly Franklin Township in Delaware County. However, they both were living in Elmira in 1916, at the time of their sister's death. Daniel and Orline's parents were FULLER, Samuel, possibly dead between 1849 and 1850, and UTTER, Sarah. I would like to find any information on Samuel, Sarah, Daniel, or Orline, or the the other siblings of Daniel and Orline, names Maria, Eunice (married of SMITH), and James.  Lady Mary R. Hendrickson
GARDINER see Erway
GARDINER see Knott
GARDNER Just found your site on the directions of cousin Bill Thompson.My name is Bob Kelley.My wife Gloria GARDNER is a native of Chemung county.I have been starting to research my line, TUBBS, CAMPBELLS of Elkland, Osceola etc.I am writing to you to see if you know where I might obtain a copy of the Gardner or DECKER family lines. These are the folks from the Town of Baldwin, ie Gardner Hill, Decker Road etc. Gloria's father was Decker Gardner. Her mother is Esther Gardner (Evans/Walker) she still lives in Erin. We will be visiting Elmira at the end of next monthand I was curious if you might be able to steer us in the right direction. Any tips or info you could offer would be deeply appreciated. Your site is one of the nicest and most complete I have come across so far, keep up the good work.I look forward to hearing from you.  Bill Thompson
26 Feb 1999 
GAY GAY - I would like to get information on the Gay family. I have traced my mothers side back to the Mayflower. My father's name was Lewis Spencer GAY (1912-1983) and Mother's name B. Victoria MOORE (1904-1949). My grandfather was Arthur Amon GAY (1890-1950) and Grandmother's Leda Elisabeth HEDGES (1890-1982). Arthur's father was Lewis Cass GAY (1859-1931) and mother's name was Lucille PALMER (1858-1930). Arthur, Leda were buried in Glenview Cemetery, Waverly, NY. From my baby book, I found that Lewis Cass GAY's parents were ???ira Gay and Elizabeth RILEY. The question marks show that I could not completely read the name. Would appreciate any help you could give me.  Martin A. Gay
GLINN see Liddy
GOODSELL see Britenbaker
GORDON GORDON, SULLIVAN -- I am seeking information about Edward SULLIVAN (b. abt 1885) and wife Almeda GORDON (b. abt 1885-d. aft. 1950) whose daughter Gladys SULLIVAN (b. 1907 Elmira - d. 1964 Elmira ) married Ernest L. COLLINS (b. 1904 Elmira - d. 1981 Elmira). Any help greatly appreciated. Willing to share information  Robin Collins
1 Nov 1998
GOSPER Looking for information on Peter Smith GOSPER and wife Frances Jane _____ of Southport. Peter was born in Delaware County about 1819 and Frances Jane was born in Delaware County about 1821. They lived in Broome County until the late 1860s and moved to Chemung before 1870. Their children include: Julia, Cornelia, George, Fred, Mary, Nellie, and Frances.  Stephen Eric Simon
GRADY I've said this before but it bears repeating, your web site on Chemung County is very nice. I had people in Millport for several decades in the late 19th century. They were named GRADY and I'm trying to track down their final resting place. I know the daughter, Jane, ended up marrying a Jerry SHAY in Millport (in late 1879 or early 1880) or nearby and they eventually ended up in Towanda, Bradford Co, PA. I was in Millport a couple years ago but had to leave before finding anything as a blizzard was just beginning. I barely made it back to Towanda where I was staying. My question is this: was there a separate cemetery for Catholics? I know many towns preferred the Irish Catholic laborers in their midst be buried in their own place. Was there a Catholic parish in the town or did they go to Elmira, Horseheads or Watkins Glen for services? I am trying to find Jane GRADY's parents and/or siblings.  Mark Daly
GRADY see Liddy
GREEN Seeking information on my grandfather, here's what I learned from my grandmother years ago: Harry Cornelius GREEN Christian showed his wife Blance METCALF an obituary of his father, which showed he was an attorney and his name was GREEN of Elmira, New York. He said that after school he used to stop by his father's office. Some money was taken and his brother (name unknown) accused him, so he ran away to Granite City, Illinois and changed his surname to CHRISTIAN. At the time they were married (April 2, 1910) he hadn't seen his mother for twelve years. One sister was named Margaret COOK (or Margaret LAWS) and the other, Cecelia Crowell wife of Frank CROWELL. Grandmother corresponded with them. His mother was born about 1845, name unknown to me. His father was already deceased by 1910.  Etta Christian McCoy
GRIFFIN see Pelham
HALPIN My name is Lyle W. (Hal) Halpin from Caldwell Texas. I am interested in obtaining information about my grandfather Patrick HALPIN (1865 - 1944)Particularly, I want to learn the names of Patrick Halpin's parents and his place of birth. Thanks for any help you can give me. I am a raw beginner. If I am asking for something which I should not, it's ignorance on my part, not rudeness or sloth.  Hal Halpin
23 Feb 1999
HAMOND see Britenbaker
HARTLEY see Cole
HASTINGS There was a Joseph HASTINGS family in Horseheads from at least 1820 to 1850. He apparently was not the father of my Oliver Hazard Perry HASTINGS but OHP did go to Horseheads to get married in 1836 to Polly INMAN. I have the names of Joseph's family from his will but does anyone know his siblings? I'm beginning to think the only way to place my OHP HASTINGS is to run down all the HASTINGS families in the area. Can anyone help? Thanks so much. Esther HASTINGS Miller
Santa Maria, Ca.
HEDGES see Gay
HILES see Van Deren
HILL see Decker
HORTON I am looking for information on James C. HORTON and his wife Susie VAN HORN Horton. They were married at Ralston Pa. in 1888 or 1898 I''m not sure which. They later lived in Elmira NY. Susie was the daughter of Ellis Van Horn from the Proctor/Ralston area. Roland R. Van Horn
HOWARD HOWARD, MCNALLY -- I am searching for information about John Joseph HOWARD (b. abt. 1850 Ireland) and wife Catharine MCNALLY (b. abt. 1850 Ireland) , daughter Martha HOWARD (b. 1870 Mass. -d. 1963 Elmira) who married Lester Emmett COLLINS (b. 1872 NY -d. 1955 Elmira). Any help greatly appreciated. Willing to share information. Robin Collins
1 Nov 1998
HUMPHREY see Van Gorden
HUNT see Taylor
INMAN see Hastings
JONES see Wagner
KNAPP see Bartholomew
KNOTT Knott, Stanley, Stoll. Harriet Florence b. Aug 3, 1875 at Millport. Her parents were Charles KNOTT and Mary B. STANLEY. Mary was also born at Millport. Harriet maried a STOLL and we think had a daughter, Pearl. Harriet later married Reuben GARDNER and had a son in 1908 at Factoryville, PA. Question: who was the Stoll she married, where did she live, and what happened to the Stoll marriage? What happened to the daughter? I could not find any Knott or Stanley in Chemung cemeteries listed, but did find some Stolls. Ralph Rolland
LAWS see Green
LEE I am researching the surnames LEE and BRITENBAKER from Elmira,Ny. Also the 141st NY Vol.Infantry Company D. Kim Rowley
LEE see Britenbaker
LIDDY Three LIDDY men from County Clare Ire settled in the tri county area during the potato famine: Martin, Patrick, Jeremiah and Edward M. Patrick was a farmer and settled in Lowman with his wife Mary READY. Jeremiah's wife Catherine GRADY Liddy died 1881 in Gilletts, PA. Jeremiah was in shoe manufacturing. Martin died in South Creek (PA?). His wife Catherine GLINN Liddy died in Elmira. Edward M. of 515 Perine St., Elmira died 1889 ae 82. Is anyone researching this family or has information? I would like to know if these men are related to each other. Thank you in advance. Sharron Vossoughi
LOWMAN I am interested in information about any members of this family. Name: Jacob LOWMAN Birth 11 Oct 1769
Death 5 Feb 1840 (age 70)
1. Huldah BOSWORTH Marriage 1792 in Chemung, Chemung, NY (age 23)
George LOWMAN (28 Oct 1795-6 Sep 1886)
Esther LOWMAN (-)
Cynthia LOWMAN (-)
Laurinda LOWMAN (-)
Jacob LOWMAN (-)
Mary Ann LOWMAN (-)
Charlotte Brennan
18 Feb 1999
MACK MACK - DIXON looking for information on anyone with the MACK or DIXON surname with relations in Schuylkill and Luzerne Counties in Pennsylvania. I may have had relations in the Elmira area. Frank Mack
Frackville, PA
MARTIN see Van Gorden
MCDONALDS MCDONALDS: Need additional information on Eliza or Elizabeth MCDONALDS (1850 Census includes the 's'), b. abt. July 1794, believed to have died Nov. 12, 1850. Mother's given name Deborah (Deborah born about 1775). Eliza/Elizabeth married Thomas BALDWIN, Jr., son of Thomas (Sergeant) Baldwin, Sr. -- one of the 7 Baldwin Brothers, who settled in Chemung County immediately following the Revolutionary War. Eliza/Elizabeth lived her adult life in Chemung County and is buried there. Any clues as to her origins greatly appreciated. Joyce Rubens
MCGUFFIE see Parker
MCKENNA see Flahie
MCNALLY see Howard
METCALF see Green
MEYER MEYER/SCHMIDT/MUELLER: Seek information on family of JACOB MEYER b. Germany, lived in Elmira. His sister MARGARET MEYER (1844-1914) was married to FREDERICK SCHMIDT and they had 2 children, Louis and Katherine Schmidt who married ROBERT O. MUELLER. Louis Schmidt married Jennet ? and their son, Frederick, died in 1918. Jennet died in 1922 and Louis married Anna ARNOLD in 1932. I am a lineal descendant of Margaret Meyer Schmidt and would like to know more about the Meyers or the Schmidts. Maxine Hobbs
MOORE see Gay
MUELLER see Meyer
NEWCOMB seek contact with any desc of Peter NEWCOMB [@ 1844, Ire -1918, Elmira,] son of Patrick & Ann CARRIGAN Newcomb who brought fam from Ire @ 1849 to Aurora/Union Spr, Cayuga Co. Peter m there to Margaret CONNERS and removed to Elmira @ 1860s.
O'BRIEN I'm looking for the parents/siblings of Cornelius O'BRIEN b. 10 JUN 1852 Elmyra, (was this the correct spelling back then) NY d. 21 AUG 1876 Grinnell, Poweshiek, IA. His mother's name was Bridget O'BRIEN and the only info I have is the year of her death 1889. He might have had a father or brother named Edmound also.Is Chemung the correct county for Elmira? Can you please copy in othompson? Kevin O'Brien
OSTRANDER OSTRANDER, Lucinda died at Catlin,Chemung Co.NY March 26,1876 and is buried in Beaver Dams Cem. Schuyler Co.NY beside her 2nd husb.Abraham Ostrander. I have searched for obit for her to no avail. I believe she is the maternal grandmother of my EATON by her 1st husband(surname unknown to me). Census records show she was born in New Jersey and that she had 7 children. Her maiden/first marriage name may have been Cooper,Pew/Pugh,Tichenor,Morris just to name a few of names that seem to have a connection to her.  Eileen Arndt,
PALMER see Gay
PARKER Hi Joyce. Its Fred Parker again. Have had no reaction to Phoebe PARKER. Tonight I am trying to locate the antecedents of Charles N. FLOYD. Born 19May1826, probably in Chemung NY. He may be one of the children of the subject couple both of whom are mentioned in Albertson. I realize that records for his birth year may have been destroyed in a fire, lost in a transfer, etc. Could you give me some idea who or where such a record might exist? Charles N. FLOYD was married to Isabella CRAIGMCGUFFIE on 1January 1B12860. Their first child Mary Isabella, was born in Penna on 11 November 1860. Where might I find a record of this event? Isn't it possible that their parents names might appear on this record? Charles N. FLOYD was my maternal great grandfather. Fred Parker
PAUL Hello. I am researching an Isabelle PAUL. She lived in Elmira, Chemung, NY until she died on 19 Apr 1943. She was married to Thomas Frederick WARD in 1875, possibly in Steuben Co. They had one daughter, Ellen Marie WARD, born in Paintedpost, Steuben, NY on 25 Dec 1876. Ellen Marie married Dennis H. SULLIVAN of Springwater, Livingston, NY. The Query: I need information of Isabelle PAUL's parents, a George PAUL and Mary PHENIS John L. Sullivan
PELHAM PELHAM GRIFFIN Searching for info re: Thena PELHAM who married a GRIFFIN sometime around 1780. They had twelve children any info would be appreciated Alice Pullman
18 Feb 1999
PHENIS see Paul
POOLE see Fuller
RANSOM Lois RANSOM b. 20 March 1775 ,Plymouth,Luzerne Co.,Pa married 28 March 28, 1793 at Chemung,NY to Stephen BIDLACK In the next several generations the following surnames are found in their descendants who remained in the Athens Pa or Tioga NY areas , and some who went to Michigan. Gen 2. Simon L. MCQUIGG; Samuel OVENSHIRE; Samuel M MCKINNEY ; John T. MORSE; Peter M. NORTH ; Moses BARTRON; .and Ransom BIDLACK Gen.3 William H. ELLIOTT, Geoge PEEK, John D. THOMAS Edward R. OVENSHIRE, Alexander A. SPAULDING; Zebulon B. SPAULDING ; Thomas BROOK ; Ralph TOZER. ;John F. BIDLACK; Samuel BIDLACK ; Otis W. BOURN ;Henry MCKINNEY; Steven MCKINNEY ; Hanford KINNEY; Edgar L. MORSE ; Lyman CARMER; Andrew F. NORTH ; William H. SELDEN; William H. BARTRON; Jack PEPPER ;Stephen J. BIDLACK ; 
GEN 4. George S. ELLIOTT; Franklin W. DAVIS ; John ELLIS; Clarence L. OVENSHIRE ; Perry STARKWEATHER; John G. WESTBROOK; Charles E. OVENSHIRE ; Edwin A. SPAULDING; Mahlon M. SPAULDING ; Charles H. SPAULDING ; James M. MCDONALD; Edward C. SPAULDING; Charles A. WARD; John g. OVENSHIRE; Albert R. TOZER; Sanderson BURNS ; Benjamin F. McKINNEY ; Willas H. HILL ;Alonzo MCKINNEY; Oscar A. CARMER; Charles GREEN; Charles KINNEY; Wallace A. MORSE ; Francis W. MORSE If you have any of the above persons in your family tree, greatly desire to hear from you. Have material to share.
Danville, PA
03 Mar 1999
READY see Liddy
RICHTER Seek information on the RICHTER family that immigrated from Russ Poland in 1877 and settled in Elmira, NY, where they worked building fire trucks. The family was Jewish and changed their name after reaching America. I do not know names of parents but children were: Yetta (b. 1862), Amelia "Mully" (b. 14 Oct 1864) Fred, Justine, Emma, William. Yetta worked at the Mayo Clinic. Amelia married Renee Alexander BRULE(1847-1910) who immigrated from Chateau Dur Leon, France. Amelia and Alex moved from NY to Waco, TX, then Palestine, TX. Betsy Tyson
RILEY see Gay
ROBBINS see Taylor
SCHMIDT see Meyer
SCHRADER SCHRADER: Seeking information on Edward SCHRADER married Elma ?. Resided in Franklindale, PA. Children : Raymond Edgar SCHRADER, Thomas SCHRADER, Lloyd SCHRADER, Carl SCHRADER, and Irene SCHRADER. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lori Wido
16 Feb 1999
SHAY see Grady
SMALL see Wright
SMITH see Britenbaker
SMITH see Fuller
SMITH SMITH, HENRY D. Am looking for any information on my father, Henry Smith, thought to have lived near Elmira at time of his death? about 1960. He died in a hunting accident at Big Moose NY. Henry was believed to be part native american. Thanks. Bill Smith
17 Feb 1999
SMITH see Van Gorden
STANLEY see Knott
STEDMAN see Taylor
STODDARD see Collins
STOLL  see Knott
SULLIVAN see Gordon
SWARTWOOD see Van Gorden
TAYLOR I am researching the names TAYLOR---ROBBINS----HUNT----STEDMAN in the tioga co. and chemung co. some names-------charles TAYLOR (westfield & elmira)
ida mae taylor (charles' wife)
hattie ROBBINS (wellsboro)
eugene robbins(hatties' husb)
harry robbins (hatties son)
lewis taylor (wellsboro)
mary taylor (his wife)
donald taylor (lewis' son)
Ruth Glastrock
TEAL TEAL, TILLMAN - My name is David TEAL. I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather, Edwin TEAL, born in 1851 (maybe 1850), in Chemung or Albany, county or city, I'm not sure which. Would like birth record, parents infor., siblings, marriage, children. Also looking for records for Margaret TILLMAN, born in Chemung (county, city), 06Aug, 1834, married Jacob Teal (from Albany) 14Jul, 1854 in Chemung. Birth, marriage records, parents, siblings, children. Need info also for George Teal, born 1856, Henry Teal, born circa 1810, Abraham Teal, born circa 1860. David Teal
THOMPSON see Wright
TILLMAN see Teal
TITSWORTH Hi Joyce, I hope I am doing this right. I am looking for descendants of Simeon TITSWORTH who was b. in Sussex Co NJ in 1828/1829?? was found in Chemoung co NY in 1850 census. He was a direct ancestor of my Husband and we have hit a stone wall. Do you know anyone who can help with this family.? Gena Theiss
Louisville Ky.
20 Feb 1999
TUBBS see Gardner
UPSON see Wright
UTTER see Fuller
VALLEAU I am trying to hunt down information concerning my relative "Theodore Valleau" From an early Chemung County Genealogy Publication it stated that Theodore VALLEAU an early settler to the area came with a group from Pennsylvania. I have much data about him and his subsequent families, what I dont know is where in Pennsylvania he came from. Is it possible that your group has the answer? I believe he relocated to Chemung between 1790 and 1820 as two of his children appear in the 1820 census. Your assistence would be greatly appreciated Charles S. Valleau
27124 Patriot Drive 
Salisbury, Md. 21801
VAN COTT see Edgar
VAN DEREN VAN DEREN, PREDMORE, HILES, BOYER, WORMLEY and related families. I am searching for information regarding David VAN DEREN and his wife Anna HILES. They moved to the Big Flats area c1815 from Sussex Co. NJ. David died 1825 and Anna died 1837. Both are buried in Big Flats Cem. I would like to identify their children. I think they had quite a few judging by the names that appear in the census indices for Chemung Co. I know they had one daughter Effy, who married Benjamin Predmore and a son George who appears in the Canal records and another son, Barnard who married Elizabeth WORMLEY. "Barney" died in Big Flats in 1860. There is also a Susan Van Deren mentioned in Elizabeth BOYER's will in 1834 in Chemung Co. Elizabeth calls her a Stepdaughter, whatever that may mean in 1834. If anyone has information regarding any of these connections, please contact me. Thank you,  Marcie Van Deren
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VAN GORDEN 1- Need parents of Isaac and Jeremiah VAN GORDEN, both born probably T. of Horseheads. Isaac b. 22 Sep 1809 - m. Deborah Ann HUMPHREY 25 Sep 1832 and AMANDA WILCOX 30 Oct 1858 - d. 31 Oct 1886, T. of Erin...Jeremiah b. 28 Dec 1811 - m. Eliza WEED and then Pamelia MARTIN Harding - d. probably 1880s, place unknown, probably Chemung County. 2- Need information re: Martha SWARTWOOD dau. of Jacobus and Martha EARL SWARTWOOD (SWARTWOUT) - b. 17 July 1789 Northampton Co., PA - grew up Cayuta-Van Etten area of Chemung Co. - m. Benjamin SMITH, date unk. - had sons Conrad and Israel SMITH - d. 21 April 1843 near Erin - bur. Scotchtown Cemetery near Erin. B131B124DID MARTHA HAVE A FIRST HUSBAND NAMED JACOB VAN GORDEN? Mary E. Van Gorden
Black River Falls, Wi
VAN HORN see Horton
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VAUGHN VAUGHN--I am looking for family members of Harrison S. VAUGHN who was born in 1842 in Elmira. He died in Arapahoe County, Denver, Colorado, and is buried in the Fairmount Cemetery there. He enlisted as a private in Company A, 8th of N.Y. during the Civil War. His nearest relative was listed as Eleanor VAUGHN, probably his wife or mother. I am looking for Harrison because he may be a brother to my great-grandfather, George Orlando VAUGHN, born close to the same year in NY. Roberta Nelson
26 Feb 1999
WAGNER Searching for descendants and any information on this family. Gertrude WAGNER Jones and spouse Frank S. JONES. Their address in 1924 was 454 Riverside Avenue, Elmira, N.Y. Gertrude is descended from my WILLIAMS line, of which I know very little. I would especially like to find living "cousins." John WAGNER, father of Gertrude, mentioned them in his 1924 will which was probated 1929 in McKean Co, PA. His obit.lists them as of "St. Petersburg, Fla.". I would suspect they lived most of their life in New York. Thanks for any assistance. Alice Owens
Fluvanna Co. Va
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WEED see Van Gorden
WELLS I am trying to narrow down the choices of fathers for my ggg grandfather Anson WELLS. He was born in Rochester, NY in 1814 and lived in Chemung Co. in 1840 and 1850 censuses. His father was born in Mass. and his mother in VT (per 1880 census where I found Anson in Tioga Co., PA). Do any of these fit the bill? Horace Wells (1796-1830), Obediah Wells (1778-1850), William Wells (1789-1853) or Isaac Wells (1793-1876). All were about the right age. Can anyone tell me about any of these fellows?  Margie Bridges
12 Feb 1999 
WHITE I am seeking the parents and siblings of Jesse Lee WHITE born 8 Sept 1824 in Chemung County. Married 7 Feb. 1856, Keene, WI, to Almeda WEBSTER Lee Thomas
16 Feb 1999
WILCOX see Van Gorden
WILLIAMS see Wagner
WILSON Looking for any information on WILSON families in Elmira area, in 1900 time frame. Need info on G-Grandfather Ernest H. married to Ethel, sons Gerald (abt. 1912) and Kenneth. GGG Grandather William married to Kate.  Sandy Cotter
WORMLEY see Van Deren
WRIGHT I came across the Chemung County site for placing names that are being searched for geneaology purposes. I would like to know if I can enter my names. They are: WRIGHT. James George Wright, born in town of catlin 1967, married to Grace E. THOMPSON, born in Horseheads 1871. Both are interred at Maple Grove cemetery. WRIGHT. Alexander D. Wright and Mary A. SMALL Wright are parents of James George Wright. THOMPSON. Alonzo Thompson and Harriet A. UPSON are parents of Grace E. Tompson Wright. Grace E. Thompson Wright was school teacher in Horseheads around 1913. I have the old school bell passed on from my family. james wright
23 Feb 99 
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