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Tioga County Queries & Surname Listings - January 2005 - June 2005
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(updated 6/28/05)

Subject:NOBLES of Brookfield township, Tioga County Pa.
Date:Wed, 22 Jun 2005 02:02:19 EDT

I am seeking information on where my 4th Great Grandfather AZEL NOBLES is buried. I have located every forefather going back to Connecticut in the early 1700's but for him. Azel was a patriot soldier of the revolution and a pioneer settler of Brookfield township in 1812 or 1815 (records vary). I have located him in the Deerfield 1820 census but then he is gone by the 1830 census and not found anywhere thereafter.

Any information anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all of you wonderful people, especially Joyce for a great site.

Gaylord Nobles

From:"Dale Butler"
Date:Mon, 20 Jun 2005 17:22:02 -0500 (Central Standard Time)

BUTLER, Almon --
Looking for any information on Almon H. Butler, his wife Elvera (Elvira?) and their children. According to his Civil War Military Record, Almon was born in Monson, Ma. in 1828, married Elvera in Ma. in 1847 and had two children, Josephine and Marcius, before leaving Ma. in 1854/55 for Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pa. Children Imogene, Oscar (my grandfather) and Mary were born there. Almon's Civil War Pension records seems to indicate that he died in 1887 and Elvera's death is listed in the newspaper as Dec. 1890 in Delmar, Tioga County, Pa. I don't know where they were buried.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Dale Butler

Subject:Tioga County, Elk Township, Marshlands
From:"Laura Cowan"
Date:Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:12:32 -0400

I am a descendant of John MAYNARD. I visited the Maynard Family Cemetery at Marshlands two weeks ago (June 2005). It is completely taken over by the forest and overgrowth. I would like it to be saved or restored. I have no knowledge of political and or legal aspects of township responsibility regarding this or mine. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Laura Cowan

Date: 6/19/2005
From: writes:

I am looking for any information you would happen to have about the acid factory in ward township. I was born and raised in ward township and still reside there. My father has mentioned that there was an acid factory in the township near bear run. I would greatly appreciate any info you may have about the factory as well the township in whole. I visited your site but I couldn't find anything about the factory.

Thank you for your time. Chuck Dunbar

Date: 6/18/2005

Does anyone have information on Julia Brinks, supposed to have married Edwin Samuel Williams sometime between 1898 and 1911 in Tioga,Bradford and Chemung Counties. Any information will be appreciated. Williams was descendant of the Cloos (Close) family of Westfield, PA.

Alice H. Williams

Subject:obit search
From:Hans Myhre
Date:Mon, 13 Jun 2005 14:50:48 +0200

GUNDA JOHNSON 29 Mar 1903 26 Nov 1989 16946 (Tioga, Tioga, PA) (none specified) 073-28-1946 New York

Can someone help me find her obit? I wonder if she was married to Sam Johnson? I would like to find out if they had children?

Sincerely Hans Myhre Norway

Date:Sat, 11 Jun 2005 15:01:03 EDT

Looking for baptism record for Sarah E. ROKENBRODT, born 1843


Church records copied by Hilda Chance for the Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church, Liberty Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania has the baptism of Rosina Elizabeth ROKENBRODT, born 5 December 1837, listing the parents as Michael ROCKENBROOT and Eva Wallner. Also listed is the baptism of Joseph Augustus Belch ROGGENBRODT , born 11 March 1840, christened 3 May 1840 with the parents listed as Michael ROGGENBROD and Eva ULMER.

Believe that Sarah E. ROKENBRODT, born 19 August 1843, is a child of Michael ROGGENBRODT but am seeking verification.

Does anybody have access to the baptism records for that time and that church and if so, willing to check for subsequent baptismal records for Sarah E. ROKENBRODT?

Richard E. Freis Neenah, Wisconsin

Subject:Tioga County
From:"Fred & Pam Bruce"
Date:Sun, 5 Jun 2005 18:06:53 -0400

Hello Joyce,
My greatgrandfather's name was Clarence HALSEY. He was born in 1857 in Liberty,PA. He married Lutitia Jane THOMAS Saline Co. Mo. in 26 Nov 1876. I have not been able to go any farther back. No one know who his father or who his mother was. I am knew at this and find it very interesting. Could you help me.

Thank you. Pam Bruce
my email address is

Date: 5/30/2005

Joyce...have been searching your site now for a month or so with no luck! Maybe you can help.Andey Thorpe was born May 5,1850 and died July 13,1914! Adney lived in Pennsylvania, probably the Potter Brook area or Elkland or Westfield! Adney was married to Mary Race Thorpe, born 1851 and died May 19,1910! Mary Race Thorpe was a full blooded Cherokee Indian! Adney & Mary Thorpe would be my Great Great Grandfather & Grandmother! Adney & Mary had two sons, Charles Thorpe, born Oct 7, 1874 and died in 1956 and Jason Thorpe who was born Sept 7, 1877 with date of death unknown! I am trying to determine where Adney & Mary are buried so I can get a death certificate from the town they died in! A death certificate will or should list Mary Race Thorpe's parents and possibly her tribe! When I was small (now 59) I use to visit the Potter Brook, Elkland area with my aunt & uncle to visit Carl & Hildra Thorpe! Carl passed away and Hildra lives in Elkland but I am unable to contact her as she may be in a nursing home or hospital. My uncle (79 now) was at the graves of Mary & Adney only once many years ago and he remembers them as being in the Potter Brook, Westfield or Elkland area up on a hill. Wish I were more help but that's all I have! Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks, Earl Lergner..Rochester N.Y.

From: "Robert Rahmlow"
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005

Irene (Renee) Wood married George Broughton late 1800's Gave birth to Vernon C. Broughton September 8, 1897 in Academy Corners. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you,

Sincerely, Robert C. Rahmlow

Subject: Grom Gladys Blyth
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005

Thank you for your reply.

My great grandmother was Lucy Ann Bastian. She was born in Tioga County, PA. May 26, 1842 and married John Wesley Fox October 15, 1858. He was born March 10, 1824. Their children were Andrew J, John Christopher, Mnor James, Mary Elizabeth, William Henry and Minnie Ellen.

My name is Gladys Blyth - from British Columbia.

Date: 4/24/2005
From: writes:

I am from Michigan and tracking down the Winstrom family that came from Tioga county and before that from Upsala, Sweden.

Keith VanHoff put some information on the web page and I would like to get in touch. B Huffman

Subject: Dr DAvid C Waters, Tioga around 1884
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 06:23:53 +0300

Is this medical doctor your ancestor? He delivered one of mine in 1884 and I would like to know more about the good doctor and his life in Arnot. I think he practised in "ShantyTown, Arnot"

Val Roper

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 4/23/2005

Dear Joyce,
My name is Cheryl Robertson. I live in Pepperell Mass. My father was born in Morris, Pa in 1930. His great grandfather was Alanson B Robertson. You have him listed in a town census for 1908-1909. His son was Frank Robertson and wife was Grace Blackwell. My grandfather, Lee n. Robertson was a carpenter and my grandmother ran a boarding house and drug store in Morris in the early to mid 1900's. I am trying to find out where Alanson came from and who preceded him. I am trying to trace my ancestors back to Scotland.

Do you have any information on him, or know how I could find out? I would appreciate any help you can give me as most of the older members of the family are deceased and I have no one to ask.

Thank-you. Cheryl Robertson

Date: 4/11/2005 9:31:30 From: writes:

I found your website when I was conducting a search of the Ingerick name. I am an 'Ingerick' but do not know much about my family. My father, Richard Ingerick was born in Canton, PA but his family moved to Florida when he was young and was raised there. My grandfather, Mac Ingerick was also born and raised in Canton, PA. His wife was Martha Williams from the same area. Other than that I do not know much more. If you could put me in touch with someone who might help me fill in my family history, I would appreciate it greatly.

Patricia Ingerick, email:

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 04/10/2005
From: (Jim Sager)

I would like to contact anyone researching the family of Thomas BARR, b. Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Emigrated to Arnot, Bloss Township, Tioga Co., August 1872. Married Agnes --?-- in 1872/73. Children: Catherine (b. 1875/76), Elizabeth (b. 1877/78), and Beatrice (b. Aug 1881). Thomas died 29 Aug 1903 in Arnot and was buried 1 Sept 1903 in Blossburg. Don’t know what happened to Agnes and kids after 1903.

Thank you.
Jim Sager

Subj: Query Tioga County- Shirley
Date: 04/09/2005
From: (Shirley Powell)

I am interested in any information on the following the following names in Tioga County/Wellsboro - William J BARTLETT from Sheffield England, Albert E BARTLETT & Helen MERRIL/MERRUL

Shirley Powell

Subj: Isaiah J. Cole
Date: 04/01/2005
From: (Maurice L.Clark)

My ggg grand father is Isaiah J. Cole. I have found that he is buried in Short Cemetery in Tioga County, PA. I would be interested in any further information. He married Betsy Short. I have been unable to find any information on his parents or family. I am willing to share information. Susan Keith

Subj: Tioga
Date: 04/01/2005
To: TriCountie

Alanson B. ROBERTSON married to Lydia CALVIN ( late 1800's) Lived in Morris, PA
Son is Francis (Frank) ROBERTSON married to Grace BLACKWELL.
Grandson is Lee N. ROBERTSON married to Lillian DULAC
Great Grandson is Donald E.ROBERTSON married to Marilyn E. BLACKWELL

I am trying to trace my ROBERTSON ancestors back to Scotland. Does anyone have any information on Alanson B.ROBERTSON and his predecessors and when they settled in Morris Township? I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank-you. Cheryl Robertson

Subj: Tioga
Date: 03/31/2005
From: (Robert F. Phillips)

Can anyone tell me where Albert and Sarah LANDIS are buried and when they died? Sarah died before 1900 and Albert after 1900, living around Marsh Creek in 1900. They lived in Delmar Township toward the end of their lives. Albert is a son of Benjamin and Mary (HAMMON) LANDIS. Albert had a brother Simon LANDIS who died in Michigan.

Many thanks for any help you can provide.
Bob Phillips in Chillicothe, Missouri

Subj: Tioga county
Date: 03/29/2005
From: (Jan Sattler)

I would like to add information to Charles O PALMER and Sionilli COVENTRY of Middlebury that I submitted 12/9/03 and is now posted on this website. At the time I submitted the information about PALMER / COVENTRY I had not found PALMER and his first wife CHURCHILL listed in the 1870 US Census. I have now found them in the 1870 Kansas Census. I would like to add the following paragraph. Thank you, Janice Sattler g-granddaughter of Charles & Sionilli PALMER.

In 1870 US Census, Charles (27) is listed under his wife M.C. PALMER (28). She is listed as the head of the household. They are living in Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kansas. She was a dressmaker, he was a carpenter. They had two children, Byron G.PALMER (15) and Harland PALMER (3)

Subj: Query- direction in search
Date: 03/27/2005
From: (norm west)

I am looking to find out about Jonathan WEST who is listed as the father of George Washington West on pg 762 of the History of Tioga County. Which states that G.W. West was a son of Jonathan West a Baptist Minister and was born ( G.W.W.) in Southport on Dec 12, 1818. It also states that G.W.W. moved to Troy, Bradford County before reaching manhood until he was 26 years of age (1845) When her then moved to Wellsboro, Tigoa County. Supposed G.W. spent his whole life in the Tri-County area but I can't locate him prior to 1845 in any of the records or his father ever.

I have looked at everything out there on you website that I thought was applicable. If I am not mistaken Southport in 1818 may have been part of Elmyra and I have not looked at 1820 Elmyra census for Jonathan West. Are there records out that would indicate Baptist ministers during that time ( I have looked in the Southport and other histories on your website to no aval). Also I have little sucess finding only a Simeon M. West in the 1840 Troy census but the household listings don't work out right for G.W. to have been part of his household.

Any direction or help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Norman West Palmer, Alaska
PS. Thanks for all the really great you folks do

Subj: Bradford and Tioga Counties
Date: 03/25/2005
From: (Lynda)

PRATT, Susan A. born 31 Oct 1871 New Minas, Nova Scotia d. 21 Nov 1957, Waverly, Tioga Co., New York
married 1) Roderick McIntosh 31 Dec 1889, Malden, Massachusettes
married 2) George Moore ( no information available )
married 3) William French ( no information available )

I have a copy of the will of Susia A. French that was filed in the Office of the Register of Wills of Bradford Co., Pennsylvania. She was apparently buried in Waverly New York and had died in a Nursing Home. She is my great grandmother and I would like to find an obituary, perhaps a marriage date for her and William French if possible.....

Thank you....Lynda Pollitt nee MacIntosh

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 03/24/2005

I am looking for any information on the HOARD family in Mansfield. Their given names were: J. S. HOARD (Joseph Seth), Laura Maria ROBINS Hoard, E. H. HOARD (Enos Henry) and Emma S. STUART Hoard.

Robin Barr Oswald

Subj: Chandler Surname
Date: 03/22/2005
From: (Rose C)

Seeking any information on John and Chloe Chandler they resided in Bradford County. John was born abt. 1773 in PA or NY. Chloe's maiden name is unknown, she was born about 1773. They had several children John Jr., Charles, Andrew, Nathaniel, Robert, Stephen, Polly, Elizabeth and Catherine.

I can be contacted at Thanks - Rose Chandler

Subj: Henry Snyder, 1830, Brookfield, Tioga County, PA
Date: 03/22/2005
From: (Norma Lundgren)

Does anyone know if the Henry SNYDER given as head of household on the 1830 census of Brookfield, Tioga County, PA, was the male aged 15 to 20 or the male aged 60 to 70?

Thank you, Norma Lundgren

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 03/20/2005
From: (Kristen Feltz)

Hi Everyone, My Name is Kristen Feltz, and I'm looking for Info regarding my Great-Grandfather PERRY CEVETTE AND PHILOMENA CEVETTE Aka Pasquale Giacondino and Filomena Totaro, they came to Elkland, PA on June 23 1905, and Perry worked for the Elkland Leather Co. for 51 Years. Any Info would be greatly appreciated.

I'm the Grand-Daughter of Nunzy(born in Elkland) and Ann Cevette, my Mother Is Antoinette, and I live in Romeo, Michigan.

My E-Mail Is

Thank-You, Kristen Feltz

Date: 1/30/2005

Does anyone have any information of HENRY KERN from Watrous, Marshlands area? Also any information on Fred Zimmerman in the same area? Please send to:
Roger Kern e-mail

Date: 1/26/2005

I would be interested in corresponding with anyone with knowledge of Erasmus Darwin Miller born in Howard, NY and marrying in Troupsburg, Steuben County, NY on February 13, 1836 to Amanda Rude, daughter of Henry Rude and Mary Hunt also of NY and then moving to Brookfield, Tioga County, PA with oldest daughter being born in 1848 in Brookfield, Tioga County, PA. It is our understanding that Erasmus was the local blacksmith but that is verbal history and unsubstantiated as yet.

Erasmus and Amanda had many children. He lost his oldest son, Erastus D. Miller in the Civil War in Blakely Alabama. His oldest daughter, Nancy Jane Miller married a William Oates while they resided later in Wisconsin and moved to England for several years. My line traces themselves from Nancy Jane Miller.

Please contact me at Thank you. Karen Enlow

Subj: Mahlon BROWN, Bradford and Chemung Cos

I am seeking information on Mahlon BROWN, eldest son of Daniel Warren Brown of Browntown, Bradford Co. I have seen information that suggested that he became a druggist in Utica, NY. Is he the same Mahlon Brownthat is listed in the Elmira, NY city directory for 1891 as "physician and surgeon" and as partner with Arthur G. Brown as "manufacturing chemists". Mahlon was brother to J. Watson Brown, MD who practiced in Ithaca, NY; to C. W. Brown, MD of Elmira and to D. Warren Brown, MD who practiced in Rochester, NY, Wyalusing, PA and Wheeling and Charleston ,WV. Another brother, Fremont Brown owned a drug store in Elmira during the 1880's and may also have been a physcian.

Herbert Brown Norcross, Ga

Date: 1/22/2005

I'm interested in hearing from anyone researching the AUSTIN family. My great grandparents, Francis H. AUSTIN and Weltha A. LARRABEE, resided in Union Township, Tioga County, PA, specifically the Roaring Branch area. They are buried in the Church of Christ Cemetery in Ogdensburg, PA. They settled in this area after coming from Arlington, Bennington County, VT between 1850 & 1860. At about the same time Francis' father, George W. AUSTIN, also relocated to Union Township. Look forward to hearing from you.

Dee Austin Bond, Avon Park, Florida

Date: 1/10/2005

First of all WHAT A GREAT WEB SITE YOU HAVE. Many kudos for an OUTSTANDING JOB. I wasn't sure what e-mail address I should use to contact you. If I should need to re-direct this query or submit in another format, please let me know.

My GGGGreatgrandfather, Jacob Schriner, b Oct. 26, 1783 - d May 11, 1842, came to Liberty, Tioga County Area in the early 1800's. He settled in Jackson Twp., Lycoming Cty. He attended the Friedens's Evangelical Church, Liberty. I have been researching Schriners for over ten years. I have been trying to locate his parents and have hit the proverbial brick wall.

Here's what I know/have found: According to Friedens" church records he was born; Oct. 26, 1783. in Earl Twp. Lancaster County. I am a member of the Lancaster Cty. Hist. Society and have visited there several times in researching for Jacob parents. Have not found any birth record for a "Jacob" that matches the above birth date. The closest birth date found in Lancaster records was: Feb. 3, 1784.

Louise P. Kehler, of Liberty, was helpful in supplying some information on Jacob Schriner, from Frieden's church records There is some reference to a Jacob Sr., Revolutionary War Veteran, Jackson Twp., Lycoming Cty., 12/19/1775 to 12/18/1776, from Philadelphia, PA. This would be "pre" my Jacob and have not found any evidence that there was a Senior and a Junior Jacob. Have not sorted this comment out. Also my Jacob is mentioned in your "History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania" -"Liberty Township" . He can be found after the sub-paragraph; "A Business Directory" after the paragraph labeled "Among those who came in the next 25 years were the following": you will find Jacob Schreiner" my ggggrandfather. He is also listed in the "Genealogical Helps for Blockhouse Area", Vol. 1, Jackson Twp, Lycoming County and Liberty Twp. Tioga County" by Francis H. Maneval. In particular he is listed under the following years labeled; "1776 to 1781 and the year 1823 and the year 1831 and the year 1834 and the paragraph following the year 1835, noting his death.

I apologize for being so "windy" Any information you can supply as to where or what sources I can follow, would be appreciated greatly. Should we ever meet I would like to buy you dinner. You have done an outstanding job.

Bye for now.
Larry White.

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 01/08/2005 5:34:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (cmeabon)

I have a new email address I am still searching for information about my great grandmother, Lucy Caroline LOCKWOOD. She married my great grandfather, Newbury Close, 3rd in April 1857. I would also like to know if she is a sister to Harriet LOCKWOOD that married Reuben Close, Jr. Can anyone out there help me with this?

Thank you, Sally Close Meabon

Subj: The Odell (Odle) families in Tioga County
Date: 01/07/2005 9:04:29 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Joan S. Barnes)

George J and Olive Odell are buried in the Nelson Township cemetary. George was a Civil War veteran, imprisoned in Andersonville camp in Georgia until the War was over. He is my Great Grandfather.

In my research I stumbled on the Tioga County lists of Civil War soldiers and found the following:

Conscripted in 1861

Henry O'Dell    Private    42nd Regiment "Bucktails"        Co H
Ira Odell        Private    45th Regiment    Killed in action    Co H
Richard Odell    Private    49th Regiment    2nd Cavalry        Co L
Horace Odell    Private    171st Regiment    drafted militia    Co A
Is anyone involved in Odell/Odle research who may know something about these men?

Thank you in advance,
Joan Barnes Nantucket, MA

Subj: Tioga County PA
Date: 01/05/2005 11:00:39 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Anderson, James J.)

Please add the following surnames:


POC: Jayme Anderson

Thank you, James J. Anderson

Subj: Tioga Co. queries
Date: 01/02/2005 8:46:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (kevin malikowski paula talbot)

I am looking for Wells A. BALDWIN born 1857 in Tioga Co. Father was Lawson BALDWIN.

Paula (Talbot)Malikowski