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Tioga County Queries & Surname Listings - April 2004 - June 2004
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(updated 07/25/04)

Subj: Ira Bates
Date: 06/29/2004 6:12:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
CC: TriCountie

Hi my name is Stephen Grimm, I would like some information about Ira BATES, He is my great great grandfather. He was born abt. 1821 place Chatham Tioga County P.A. His wife`s name was Betsy ROBERSON, she was born abt. 1823, Chatham Tioga county P.A. I found a Ira Bates in the union army but he was from NY. I don`t know if he moved to Chemung county NY. The only place I can find him is in the 1840 Chatham township census on page #3. They had a son Merrit BATES, who was born Aug. 18 1847 Chatham, Tioga county P.A. His wife`s name was Susan GUERIN, born abt. 1848 place NY. Her father`s name was William GUERIN born about 1822 place NY.Iwould like any information about these people and their familys, as far back as you can, and as far ahead as you can.

THANK YOU very much for you time.You can email me at

Subj: Tioga County, Nelson Town, LLOYD Surname
Date: 06/25/2004 2:21:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Tioga PA Friends,
I'm looking for ancestors and descendents of Enoch Lloyd, found in 1860, 1870 and 1880 census of Nelson, Tioga County, PA.

Enoch's wife was Elisabeth and they had a son, Shane(?), and daughters, Antoinette and Alice. There may have been other children. Antoinette may have been called Annete and may have married John Atkinson, or Annette may have been another daughter, or ?.

Bruce L. Lloyd. Dryden. NY

Subj: Freemans from Tioga Co
Date: 06/23/2004 2:41:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (gpsmith)

Seek info for Julia/Juliet Freeman b 1834 Tioga Co. Father-Elias Freeman; sister-Rosaltha Freeman b abt 1838.

Julia married Archibald A. Carey Nov 14, 1852 at her father's home in Sullivan.

1880 Census lists fathers of Julia & Arch b in CT; their mothers b NY.

That's all I know about their birth families. Paula Smith

Subj: Managan
Date: 06/07/2004 3:48:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (David fontana)

I am interested in obtaining information regarding William H. Managan Sr. born in Covington, PA, Tioga county 9-22-1864, to Thomas Jefferson Managan and Harriet Bixby. W.H. "Will" Managan, moved from PA. in late 1880's to S/E TX. then to S/W Louisiana and settled in a small town known today as Westlake, just west of Lake Charles, La. He became a prominent businessman and community leader and with partner R. Krause acquired vast land holdings. the firm of Krause & Managan Lumber Co. LTd. still in operation . We are in process of developing a new residential subdivision and would like to name streets in the subd, after local names from PA (Tioga county) area and some of his relatives home towns. I have noticed a town called Newberry station, a suburb of Williamsport, Sylvania, hometown of his mother, Williamsport , Covington, Tioga County, etc., I am aware that he went to school in Tioga County, a one room, then to the Pennsylvania State Normal School (?) and then to the business college in Williamsport, where he obtained a degree.

thanks for any assistance regarding this matter.

David J. Fontana Krause-Managan Lbr. Co., Ltd.

Subj: Genealogy
Date: 05/31/2004 9:21:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dwayne LeClair)

Hello, I'm glad to see that your site is active and current. I have taken a 2 year break from genealogy and am trying to start where I left off. I was in contact with Rhoda English Ladd a while back, and it sounds like her and I are from the same line somewhat. She breaks off at the Campbell's. My ancestor is Sarah and hers is George. She recommended I come back to this site to research further. I see that it says you have 58 Jenkins on your site. My wifes family is related to Samuel Jenkins b: 1818 in Wales and died abt. 1879 in Tioga Co., PA. He married Sarah Campbell born 1824 in Morris Twsp, Tioga Co., PA. died 1908. I have found Samuel's death anouncement on the internet (U.S. Mortality index 1880). I have followed Sarah and Samuel's growth in the 1850,thru 1870 census's. My question is do you have any information about this line that you are willing to share. My main interest is Samuel's past, but will enjoy anything you have to offer. I can update you on some of the decendants of Samuel and Sarah Jenkins for a trade if you want. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the SRGP database, but am willing to comply. I have been doing genealogy research for approx 5 yrs now. There has been countless hours on the internet, letters to volunteer genealogist's to look up things and a periodic trip to N.E. Genealogical Historical Society.

I have never heard of the SRGP database before, just tell me what to do and I'm there. Thank you for listening.

Dwayne & Beth LeClair

Subj: Tioga County
Date: 05/27/2004 4:55:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

Hi -
I am back again still seeking information concerning the Wheeler, Morley and Hecker families that about 1880 were possibly living in Tioga county at the time. I have a photo undated (but I believe it would be 1880-1890 time frame) with the Morley or Wheeler family posing with my grandfather John C. Hecker who married Roseanna Wheeler. John's sister Caroline married a John Morley. I need help. Thanks!

Jack Hecker

Subj: Wellsboro, Tioga Co. PA
Date: 05/27/2004 7:40:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (J. Q. Scott)

I visited your wonderful website again today and loved the impressive entrance to Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA Cemetery - it was so remiscent to the Mount Moriah Cemetery on West Philadelphia PA where I remember going as a child to grandparents cemetery.

It was like a deja vu --

Now my question is about the HARRISONS which I lifted off the page to verify with my Family Tree Maker

So now I would like to know if all those Harrisons were same family?

Our Nana Scott's sister, Mary Louise Jones married Jefferson Jones Harrison.

She was born in Wales Feb. 3, 1851 and was a tiny baby during their two months voyage in 1852 when Jane E. Jones was 4 years old, Gwennie was 3 and baby Mary an infant.

I always was fascinated by Daddy's cousin Mark Jefferson Jones Harrison you have as 1893-1951 yet SSDI shows 6-22-1889 d. May 1982

His father was Jefferson Jones Harrison which you show as 1838-1903 and usually people married someone within five years of their own age.

Who can tell me more of the connections with these Harrisons?

Were they all related and some siblings of Jefferson or his son?

Harrison Albert  1843 1875
     Harrison Catherine 1816 1905  wife of William
     Harrison Catherine 1847 1848  
     Harrison Catherine A. 1885 1971
     Harrison Emily  no dates   
     Harrison George A. 1888 1941  
   * Harrison Jefferson 1838 1903  Jefferson Jones Harrison feet frozen out west.
     Harrison Jennie 1870 1955
     Harrison Leonard  1850 1929
    * Harrison M. Louise 1851 1924  [3 Feb 1851 Wales to America in 1952]  JQScott
    * Harrison Mark. J. 1893 1951  Daddy's cousin Mark Jefferson Jones Harrison came to our 
house in Philadelphia Pa in 1939 or around the time WEJS died 11-7-1939 JQS
     Harrison Mary G.  1849 1938  
     Harrison William Harrison 1841 1842
     Harrison Williwam 1801 1885  
     Harrison Wm. N.  1871 1926

Jacqueline Q. Scott in Oregon would like to know if some of these are siblings and all related.

I love your photography! on Tri Counties -- Joyce M. Tice -- others can find on GOOGLE.

Note: Mark Jefferson Jones Harrison was also first cousin to Edith Bailey Scott Bressan and Alexander J. Scott

Jacqueline Q. Scott now in Oregon

Subj: Canton, Bradford and Union, Tioga
Date: 05/25/2004 9:19:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

Can anybody help me with information on my great grandmother, wife of Truman C. ANDRUS? They are on the 1860 census of Bradford County and the 1880 census of Tioga County. My grandfather said when his mother died (in 1881) he went to live on the indian reservation and so he had to assume her maiden name. He carried the name of Boardwell the rest of his life. Most sources list her as ??? or Bardwell but I saw on FTM where she was listed as Charlotte Chapman and her mother was Sabrina Boardwell. Who was her father and why was her name Chapman?

Thank you for any help you can give me. Judith Francis

Subj: my search for roots
Date: 05/22/2004 8:37:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ed-Jan becker)

Hi Joyce,
I am new at root research and am so excited every time I find a link. I was born in 1951 and adopted at birth. I reunited with my birth mom in 1990 and with my dad just last year. My mom has very little info on her geneology but my Grandma on my father's side is 95 and has given me quite a bit of info. I am researching the McCullough family from Addison, N.Y. and Tioga Cointy, the Hauber and Haxton family names from Tioga County and Loper from Tioga County. Towns my ancesters were in in the 1800's were Sabinsville, Davis Station, addison, Hecters Corners. I am particularly interested in anREv S.J. McCullough who was a reverend for the Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville around 1860 and performed marriages in Wellsboro in 1862 and 1863. I have Simon McCullough and James McCullough in my line. James was my G-G Grandfather and Simon was my Great Grandfather. I can not figure who the reverend is. Can you help me with any of this?

I would so appreciate any help. Having spent most of my life knowing nothing of my ancestery it is very important to me.

Thank you, Lillian Becker

Date: 05/22/2004 8:27:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ed-Jan becker)

I am just beginning to research my ancestry as I was adopted at birth in 1951 and have recently met my birth parents. I am researching the following family surnames from Tioga County: MCCULOUGH, LOPER, HAUBER, and HAXTON

If anyone has info on these lines please share with me.

Thank you, LIillian Becker

Date: 05/22/2004 8:22:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ed-Jan becker)

I am researching the surname McCullough. SIMON JAMES MCCULLOUGH I find a SJ MCCULLOUGH who was a Presbyterian Reverend around 1860. can anyone help me? I am new at this. I find reference to him in Tioga County.

Thank you, Lillian Becker

Subj: Samuel Seeley
Date: 05/21/2004 11:42:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Shawn DeCourcy)

Dear Joyce
One of my ancestors is a Samuel Seely, he showed up in Crawford County Pa. around 1800 - 1810 time frame. His wife's name was Sarah. He had children named Zadock, Amos, Alva, Samuel and Lydia. I was wondering if he might be one of the seeley's of the tri county area. If you know of any Seely's moving to Crawford or Venango Counties, would you please let me know.

Thank you. Donald Seely,

Date: 05/19/2004 11:27:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (sharon rauworth)

Seeking information on William MILLER who was living with Albannus TRAUGH and his wife Mary MILLER in Lawrenceville Township, Tioga County in the 1850 census. Their father was Asa MILLER who married Mary Ann COON in Bradford County and moved to Illinois. Does anyone know the mother of Mary and William. There were also 2 other children, Elizabeth and Daniel Oscar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sharon Rauworth, Mesa Arizona. Please contact me at

Subj: Chemung
Date: 05/16/2004 4:03:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

I am currently working on a family tree. I am searching for Willet SMITH born in Chemung County, probably somewhere around 1800. Wife: Althea Barnes. Son: Jonathan Barns Smith, born October 2, 1832 in New London, Iowa. Any information you can find would sure be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Barbara Butzen

Subj: Tioga, Lawrence & Jackson - Benjamin & Polly Baker
Date: 05/15/2004 7:19:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ruth McMahon)

I'm looking for the deaths and parents of Benjamin Baker b. c 1810 and his wife Polly Haskins b c 1813

In 1867 they are selling land in Jackson and in 1875 there is a B F Baker in Lawrenceville. In the tax lists of 1868 and 1869 Benjamin Baker has 48 acres in Lawrence Twp. In 1873-1879 he has a house lot in Lawrence Twp. Polly sold 1 acre in Lawrence Twp in 1879.

There children were 1 Delana b c 1837
2 Henry G. b c 1841 & married to Euphemia
3 Lydia Amelia b c14 Feb 1845 & married to Tim McMann, John Burget, Justice Metcalf died 1918
4 Levi b c 1847 & married to Amy
5 Daniel b c 1847
6 Harriet b Aug 1855 & married to Allen B Preston died 1910

Ruth McMahon Northville MI

Date: 05/14/2004 12:19:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Kristine Smith)

RESUE: Searching for descendants of John Resue & Polly Colder. Their youngest son, Nelson resided in Elkland Borough. m Helen____ had

i William b Jan 1878 m Ella A ______ William & Ella had Clarence and Clifford.
ii James Resue b c Feb 1877
iii Melvin Resue b April 1889.

thanks. Kristine Smith

Subj: Douglas Query
Date: 05/08/2004 1:35:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: JoyceTice

Ms Tice;
I have a question about Douglass's in Tioga County, Clymer Township, in the city of Sabinsville. I am curious G. W. Douglass buried at Sabinsville Cemetery. His record according to you shows he was a member of Company D, 57 Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers. Would this mean that He could have fought in the Civil War and if so how would I go about finding this out?

I do know that his Great Grandparents fought in the Revolutionary war. Captain John Douglas was a Captain in the Connecticut Melitia and Captain John's son John Douglass was a soldier of the Revolutionary war. I know this because my Uncle applied for the Sons of the Revolutionary War and was a member. But he does not list that George Washington Douglass was a soldier in the Civil War.

I look forward to your input. As well as talking to you more soon.

Ronald Grosinsky

Subj: Tioga Co. Query
Date: 05/06/2004 5:30:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Kay Brownell Reed)

Looking for any info on Albert MOORE b c 1842 b Maine? Maine, Broome Co., NY?; wife Martha Jane (Jennie) SWEET b c 1843 PA; child Dora b c 1866, Mary b c 1879, and Caroline. Frederick SWEET b c 1808 and wife Mary b c 1811 and daughter Martha b 1850 appear in the 1850 Federal Census in Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., PA. In the 1870 Federal Census for Southport, Chemung Co., NY appear: Frederick SWEET age 63 b NY; wife Mary age 58 b NY; s-i-l Albert MOORE age 24 b NY; his wife Martha (SWEET) MOORE age 20 b NY; their children Dora Isabel age 3 b NY; and Mary age 1 b NY. They are in McNett Twp., Lycoming Co., PA in the 1880 federal census. They were married c 1866 in Southport (Chemung) NY.

Kay Brownell Reed, VP & Genealogist Potter Co. Historical Society

Subj: CLOOS CLOSE Family - Tioga Co., PA
Date: 05/01/2004 2:24:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sally Meabon)

I am trying to update the files for the 104th Cloos Close Reunion to be held on August 22 at Cowanesque Lake near Lawrenceville, PA. If you have any information about any of the descendants of NEWBURY & ESTHER SHORT CLOOS please get in touch with me. Newbury was born in 1772 and married an Esther Short born in 1776 and they raised 11 children on a farm in Tioga Co. Some of those 11 children changed their name to CLOSE.


I would like to hear from anyone that may have a connection with the above names. REUBEN CLOOS was born 1743 and died 1826 according to the information I have. His wife is only known as "D" born in 1742 and died in 1826. They are buried in the Old Carpenter Cemetery at Academy Corners near Knoxville, PA. I have an extensive file on the family but am missing a lot as well. Please contact me at Or you can call me at 910-675-1232. Thank you very much. Sally CLOSE Meabon

Subj: Edith Maud Bailey Masius
Date: 04/24/2004 10:48:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Faith Ferguson)

I see from Mike Frederick's post that he is looking for Edith Bailey Masius information. Her son Morton was my grandfather. She was married to Alfred (or Albert, or Edmund, unclear! ) Masius near Wellsboro some time @ 1880, against the wishes of her family. They had two sons, Roderick and Morton, both born in Egg Harbor City, N.J. When the boys were young, Edith and Alfred (?) divorced (shocking for the time) and Edith moved to Leipzig Germany to study the new field of experimental psychology with Willem Wundt (at the time she was his only American woman student.) The boys went to the school attached the famous church where J.S. Bach was organist and choir director. Edith remarried, to Bernard Liebisch, who was a widower. They had a daughter Mildred (called in the family 'little Mildred', to distinguish her from Big Mildred, Denver Mildred etc.). Edith never returned to the U.S. Edith became ill and on her deathbed extracted a promise from her younger sister Mildred to care for her boys. Mildred Bailey gave up her own engagement (to a man in the Wellsboro area) to remain in Germany caring for the boys. She married her sister's husband Bernard Liebisch. They had a son, Arnold Llewellyn.

Roderick married a woman called Lillian, they are in the 1920 U.S. census enumeration, shown as living in St.Louis. As far as I know they had no children. Family lore has it that he killed himself after being caught robbing the mails. Certainly he asked his brother Morton for money frequently.

Morton stayed in Germany, married a German woman, Paula Marie Wagner (my grandmother), from a wealthy family in Leipzig-Gohlis. He studied chemistry at the University of Leipzig, earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry in @ 1907. Paula also was a Ph.D. student in Chemistry, the first woman in that department at the university. After a two year Fellowship in the U.S. at Harvard, Morton went back to Germany. He and Paula married in 1910, and came to the U.S. where Morton took a position as Professor of Physics at Worcester Polytechnic in Worcester MA. My mother Vera Mildred Masius was born in Worcester in 1919; her older sister Marguerite was born in Worcester in 1917. They are both alive, Marguerite lives in Paris with her husband Robert Hammond and my dad, Alan D. Ferguson, died a number of years ago. My mother lives nearby here in Lexington, MA. There is a slew of kids and grandkids.

My grandparents never went back to Germany to live, since WWI broke out soon after and it became impossible. My mother believes that she has Liebisch cousins in Germany, but because Leipzig was in East Germany, and due to the chaos of WWII, she has never been able to find out.

My mother also has wondered what happened to the mysterious Masius. I located a story in the Washington Post from 1907 when a Rosa E. Masius committed suicide and the police suspected her husband Alfred G. Masius. They appear to have lived in D.C. from at least 1890. (He was released by the police and never charged!) So, any more information on him would be welcome. An Alfred G.Masius shows up as a newly naturalized citizen age 24, emmigrated from France around 1879, but the dates don't match up with the husband of the dead Rosa. An Edith A. Bailey shows up in the Wellsboro Agitator as marrying an Edmund A. Masius in 1880. Those dates match, but I believe she was the Edith Maud Bailey who was Roderick and Morton's mother. Any more information would be welcome.

thanks in advance, Faith Ferguson

Subj: Lost in Tioga county
Date: 04/20/2004 10:24:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (The Barretts)

I am Alan Barrett of O'Donnell, TX. Have followed your research and records trancribed on your website very outstanding.

My question is my great-grandparents Lyman ROBBINS and the spelling of my great-grandmother's surname could be BRILL or BRAILE her given name was Anna and she was from Germany born about 1859-62. But I understand there is no marriage records for Tioga county before 1885. So what I might do to find her maiden name correct spelling?

Also if it would help Lyman Robbins had 3 brothers. John H. Robbins who served entire civil war and surivied and married a Russell Noah & Deighton were killed in the war and two sisters who married a Copp & Dartt.

Please forgive me for the lengthy query but seems I have gotten lost in my search. I didn't include that Lyman & Anna moved cross-country to WA state and homesteaded on Columbia river 1890.

Thank you again.- Alan Barrett P.O.Box 459 O'Donnell, TX 79351

Date: 04/19/2004 9:45:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

I am searching for information for my paternal grandmother's family (Margaret Marian SMITH Llewellyn). My grandmother was not very forthcoming on her family lineage. We do know that she and her sister Lillian were born in Elk County Pennsylvania. Her mother was Lyle Daisy WASHBURN (parents Richard WASHBURN born in Clearfield County and Lyian TAYLOR or MOSHER) and her father William SMITH. Lyle and William had the following children: William, Russell, Doris Waldbrdge Costello, Lillian, Harry, Ruth Kiel, Marie Welty and Margaret (Marian) Llewellyn. Our family has been stuck on tracing information prior to Lyle and William. If anyone has pertinent information, I would certainly be interested!

Gloria Llewellyn

Date: 04/18/2004 8:12:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tom Fox)

I’m Looking for the parents of Charles N. WILCOX. He was born 29 March 1815. His place of birth is not known. He died 11 July 1854 in Waterville, Wisconsin. He married Ruby KEENEY 21 July 1839 in Middlebury, Tioga, PA. A newspaper clipping sent back to his wife in Tioga County described his death while on his way to visit a relative in Wisconsin. On the Internet (Tri-Counties Site) I found Tioga County Docket Book, Docket B, Part 1 Abstracts and Wills Administration, Charles N. WILCOX August 22 1854, Middlebury, Adm. Ruby WILCOX and Richard KEENEY.

If this document has additional information about Charles N. WILCOX and the probate of his property I would be very grateful if someone could help.

Tom Fox Catawba, NC

Date: 04/17/2004 2:10:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sally Meabon)

I am searching for my great grandmother's parents and siblings. Her name was CAROLINE LOCKWOOD. She married Newbury Close, 3rd about 1856. They had 6 children, my grandfather, Burton Lockwood Close was the youngest and Caroline died when he was 2 years old from what I have been told. Her first name may have been Lucy. Newbury was the son of Reuben & Harriet Seeley Close. He was the grandson of Newbury & Esther Short Cloos that settled in Tioga Co. in 1807. Can anyone out there help me with any further information on the Lockwood or Cloos/Close family? Thanks.

Sally Close Meabon

Subj: I am looking for information on my father as a cryptologist
Date: 04/15/2004 9:30:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (JoEtta Parks)

I am looking for an article about my great Grandfather James Gordon Parks in the Wellsboro Agitator Wednesday,October 21 1925. Also looking for information on James Gordon Parks Jr. his son my father who was a cryptologist for the Pentagon, I think the dates would be around 1945-1956.

Thank you Joetta Parks

Subj: Willsey's
Date: 04/11/2004 11:16:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Butch Willsey)

Dear Joyce,
I have been trying to find out if my grandfather was adopted by Andrew Willsey who was born in1855 who married Mary E. Trumble born in !837. My Grandfather was Edward Willsey born in 1878 and is buried in Wellsboro cemetery with his Wife Nina Phobe Bellinger born in 1879 died in 1939. Their children were Wiber Willsey Born 1899 -1977, Basil Willsey !901 - 1997, Leo born in1905 - 1990 , Luva A. Willsey Born in !909 - 1994 ,Arlene B. Willsey Born in !913 - ? , Harold C.Willsey born in !916 - 1997 my father, and Madelyn Willsey in 1922 and still living. They were from Wellsboro and most moved to N.Y. Any help would be greatly appreciated Arnol E Willsey

Subj: Delmar Twp., Tioga
Date: 04/11/2004 9:45:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

I am researching the families CLARK, MCCONNELL, KRINER(Griner) and BROUGHTON who lived in the Delmar and Morris area since the early 1800's. I am especially looking for the date of death of Emma KRINER Clark Morris. She was living with her son Amos Clark(my grandfather) on the 1920 census.

Thank you, Lois Lang

Subj: Tioga county
Date: 04/05/2004 2:02:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (David Schmidt)

MASON-James,George,Burdett,Mace,(aka,More,Mose, Mason)
Searching for information George ,James,Mace,Burdett Mason.They shared plot of land in Tioga county 1860;therfore they must be related.Burdett was married to Clara N ? abt 1861 in or near Tioga county.George b-1809,NY;James b- 1805,PA; Mace b- 1795 RI>married Betsy?;daug.Orissa Ophelia Mason>married ? Grinnell from Livingston county,NY.Any information would be appreciated.Thank you,Dotty Schmidt

my email address is

Subj: Help, Please
Date: 04/05/2004 8:25:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
I am looking for help in tracking down family from the Arnot area. I will be passing through the Williamsport, PA area on April 7th and, if you can help point me in a proper direction, would be interested in spending time looking for cemetery records, etc.

One of my cousins, who is the one doing the work on this research from his home in Dallas, has been told, during his research, that in all probability our relatives would be found in Arnot's "old cemetery" whatever that means. I don't know who in Arnot told him this.

He was told also that if we could be there in person, with some manner of proof of heritage, we could retrieve any found files from the cemetery. I have the convent record of one of the children (my father's aunt) and would hope that would be enough, since it shows her parent's (my great-grandparents) names. I have tried to use your site to locate such a cemetery name, but am so unfamiliar with the area that the list is quite daunting.

Here is what I have:

Michael Casey (born in England) and wife Anne Flanagan (born in Ireland) came over from Ireland, we believe, in 1879. Michael and Anne are my paternal great-grandparents. We have no death records on either, but do have a photo of Anne with son Patrick. In the photo, Patrick would appear to be age 30 or older, so it would seem to be a circa 1910 or thereabouts. Anne appears to be in her 50's or older in the photo. Michael and Anne had the following 3 children:

1.) Patrick Casey (birth/death dates unknown, but my cousin has a record showing "a child" was born to Michael and Anne on the boat, in 1879, while coming to America). Patrick, we are fairly sure, eventually became a Police Officer in Elmira, NY. We have an undated picture with him and 4 other officers in their uniforms. SPOUSE: unknown CHILDREN: 2 daughters who became Catholic nuns (Sister Mary Constance and Sister Mary Helen) in the Sisters Of Mercy, Rochester, NY (they were there with their aunt, see Anne Casey, below) - we also believe that Patrick had a son, but we have no info on that.

2.) John Joseph Casey (my paternal grandfather) born: 1881, we believe, in Arnot died: at age 76 in 1957 in Columbus, OH - the problem here is that his age would, apparently, verify he was born in 1881, which conflicts with the following info on his sister Anne. There is no "hand-me-down" verbal record of John and Anne being twins, so the birth year becomes confusing. SPOUSE: Katherine McAfee of Johnstown, PA. born: exact year unknown, but she was an infant who survived the Johnstown Flood died: April 1943 CHILDREN: Sons Frank, Alfred, John Jr., Jay Russell, James Michael and daughters Mary, Katherine and one other. All the children were born/lived in the Columbus, OH area (where I am located) and thus you'd have no records of them in the Arnot area.

3.) Anne Casey (Social Security # 058-42-8116) entered convent Sept. 29, 1902 born: either April 3rd, 1884 or June 4, 1981 in Arnot, PA. (latter date handwritten over typed 1884 date on convent records) died: May 30, 1968 at "Our Lady Of Mercy Motherhouse Infirmary, Blossom Rd., Rochester, NY

Well, that is what I have at this point. What I am hoping for is any help you can offer in pointing me to where I need to go, to find the appropriate cemetery for any/all of them. We are also looking for:

a.) death records (or anything else, taxes, etc.) on Michael and/or Anne (Flanagan) Casey
b.) birth records (or anything else) for Anne Casey (daughter of Michael and Anne)
c.) birth records (or anything else) on John Joseph Casey (son of Michael & Anne)
d.) birth/death/marriage records (or anything else) on Patrick (son of Michael & Anne)
e.) birth records (or anything else) for Patrick's children (the 2 nuns, or any evidence of a son who we believe existed)

I hope I have not overwhelmed you. Obviously, I am not looking for you to do research for me, but am hopeful that with this info you might be able to point me in the right direction. We are all puzzled by the "Old Arnot Cemetery" reference that my cousin in Dallas was given. If, at least, you can help with what that means, it would give us a start. Anything that we are able to come up with, including pictures we already have, we will gladly share with you for use as you see fit.

Thank you for the work you have obviously put into this effort. Tonight was my first experience with accessing it and, while a bit overwhelmed by it all, it was very nice to find that someone has put so much time and energy into this.

Sincerely, Jay R. Casey

Subj: tioga county ward township
Date: 04/04/2004 5:13:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time
To: TriCountie

i am looking for any info on SUMNER ELLIOT, born in 1820, his wife is ELIZA ELLIOT born 1823, they had 2 children JANE ELLIOT woodward. born 1845-died 1900. EDMUND ELLIOTT born 1848. they were listed in 1860 census .

thank you so very much my name is JOAN BAILEY sweet.

Subj: Tioga, Middlebury, THOMPSON & CARPENTER
Date: 04/01/2004 7:44:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Juanita Prahl)

Hi: What a wonderful site.
I am just getting started on my family's history and already have a great amount of information. Civil War records and Ancestors of Samuel Carpenter and Descendants of Robert Carpenter of Marden. Also birth and death certificates from Wisconsin. I will send you what ever you may need, but I would not want to over load you and I would like to get better organized first.

What I am now looking for is: Father of Stephen A. Thompson. (b abt 1804 NY and d 1901 WI) 1850 Census of Middlebury Township, Tioga, Pa. Page 172. Also father of Stephen's wife Elizabeth Carpenter Thompson. (b. Apr 16, 1806 PA. d Nov. 24, 1853 WI.) The dates listed are for Stephen and Elizabeth not their fathers.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Juanita Thompson Prahl