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Tioga County Queries & Surname Listings - July 2006-December 2006
New Queries may be submitted to with Chemung County in the SUBJECT Line - Please You must also sign your first and last name. Queries submitted with no county or other location clues can not be included. You must also include your OWN FIRST and LAST name to show courtesy to the reader and as indication of your seriousness as a researcher. 

(updated 1/21/07)

Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006
From: J T
Subject: Campbell Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006

I am searching for any information on James and Kessiah (Patrick) Campbell from Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Birth dates would be around 1790. There daughter Sarah Campbell b. 9/3/1815, d. 6/27/1885, married Levi Taylor, his third wife, on 10/30/1842. Levi and Sarah lived in Granville Twp., Bradford Co., PA and are buried in the Granville Center Cemetery, Granville Twp., Bradford Co., PA. Levi was my Greatgreatgrandfather.

Thank you for your efforts. James H. Taylor

Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006
Subject: Nettie FINCH

I am inquiring about a Nettie Finch from Wellsboro, PA. She was married to Henry Webb of New York. Marriage date March 22, 1871 possibly. His diary stated this.

Thank you. Wendy Miller

From: ""
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006
Subject: David Marinus BROWN family / Pamela BROWN McCall

Re: BROWNs of Elkland, Tioga County, PA I would like to contact Pamela BROWN McCall about the query below but the e-mail address given is no longer valid. Any help locating her currect address is appreciated. David Marinus Brown's wife Lucia Ann Albert is my paternal grand aunt. If possible I would like to locate any of her living descendants and share pictures and family information. Bob Albert, Sun City, Arizona

Subj: Query: David BROWN Date: 4/4/2003 7:23:56 PM Eastern Standard Time From: Michener3335
To: JoyceTice

Joyce, I feel related to you, I have found so much history on my ancestors and, some possibly yours !!!! (BROWN, HAVENS, HARROWER, STULL, TUBBS) to name a few. Thank you. Yet, I need help. Query: Tioga Twp. gggfather, David BROWN wife, Polly (unknown). Possible ??, David BROWN DOB 1799, DOD 1842. Buried Highland Cemetery, next to Sarah BROWN and Levi B. BROWN . Sadly, as to date, no verification found. Looking for help. David BROWN, wife, Polly (NLN) son of, Levi Boardman BROWN b. 12 DEC 1838 Maryland, Otsego Co., NY. d. 4 DEC 1926 Elkland, Tioga Co., PA., m. Sarah M. STULL (daughter of Marinus W. STULL and Matilda HAMMOND) Sarah M. STULL b. 24 JUL 1838 Elkland, Tioga Co., PA. d. 12 Jan 1906 Elkland, Tioga, PA. Children of Levi and Sarah, LeRoy W. BROWN (my grandfather), b. 20 FEB 1873 Nelson, PA. d. Sept. ? 1959 Horseheads, Chemung Co., NY. , David M. BROWN b. 4 Aug. 1870 d. 5 FEB.1951., Frank B. BROWN b. 12 FEB 1972 d. 25 OCT 1928. Have found census records of son of David BROWN. (Levi B. BROWN) I Have, original Family Bible pages on Levi B. BROWN family, wife's & children. Have found census records to verify. I am curious of found Probate record. Tioga County Docket Book Abstracts of Wills and Administration (1804-1880)

Docket A Part 2, p. 141 No. 83 BROWN, David Probate date June 14, 1842, Twp. Deerfield, Son-Leroy BROWN, Daughter - Rosetta BROWN, Exec. - Wife-Polly BROWN. Wit.- Burdick Hill, Eddy Howland, John Howland. If this is my, gggfather, David BROWN, Because, It is a fact, Levi B. BROWN is son. Not LeRoy. And, do not know of daughter Rosetta.

A special thanks to Joyce and all her staff w/ Tri-County Genealogy site. I have spent glorious hours researching my Ancestors. (BROWN, HAVENS, HARROWER, STULL, TUBBS,) to name a few. The above mentioned BROWN, David and Polly have me sadly bewildered. I cannot afford to request information from state or any sites. I am poor in money yet rich in my history and family.

Pamela BROWN McCall. (

Date: December 2006

Hello Joyce,

I LOVE your site. What a great resource. Its because of dedicated and curious and committed people like you that we can all learn about our ancestry. I understand you are looking for descendants of folks from your neck of the woods for your project.

I think I may have some information for you, but I have a missing link that I'm hoping you can help me iron out.

My geneaology takes me to a woman named Hannah Birch, who married Holland Jewett in October 1834 in eastern Ohio. She was born in 1818 in Tioga County and is the daughter of George Birch and Hannah (Austin) Birch.

I have no information about her or her parents. Can you help me verify her birth and her parents births and deaths, where they are buried, any siblings she would have and if her father was involved at all in the Revolutionary War? I would appreciate anything you could do to help me. If there are costs involved, please let me know how much they are and I would be happy to pay for it. I would like to know everything I can about George Birch and Hannah (Austin) Birch.

Thank you Amy C. Krebs

Date: 10/21/06

Hello, I'm seeking any information on my great-great grandfather, Civil War veteran WALLACE JAMES COLE.

Sincerely, Rhonda E. Visingard

Date: 10/06/06
Subject: Obit needed - MCDANIELS or MACDANIELS

I'm looking for an obituary for JOSEPH MCDANIELS or MACDANIELS. He was born in 1838 - NJ, grew up in Luzerne County, PA. Married MARIETTA (possibly Mary Ellen) CARLE. JOSEPH died in 1915 and is buried with his wife in Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens. Would, also, like to connect with anyone researching this family.

Any help appreciated!
Janice Quandt MacDaniels

Date: 9/25/06
Subject: Leach, Wayland

Dear Joyce, Thanks so much for all your work and preserving of this information.

Looking for WAYLAND LEACH relatives and information (marraiges/burials, etc.): he was my great-grandfather and he was raised in Chatham Twshp. His father was SHEPHERD LEACH who m. AUGUSTA SHORT Leach. I know of LARK and OWEN LEACH buried in Ackley cemetery--location not checked yet. LOWELL LEACH was his younger brother. My grandfather, FERNLEY P. LEACH, was Wayland's son. Thanks for any assistance.

Steven M. Leach--formerly of Tioga County

Date: 9/212/06
Subject: Churchill, Sands

I am looking for information about William CHURCHILL and Elizabeth (Betsey) SANDS. They were married and one of their children, Vinnie May, is my great great grandmother. She was born in Tioga, PA, around 1867. The Churchills moved to Wisconsin and are buried in Marion, Wisconsin, along with William’s brothers David and James B. A third brother, Daniel, died in the Civil War. Any information on the Churchills or Sands would be appreciated.

Suzanne Clement

Date: 9/21/06

I am searching for information on the family of David TAYLOR and Elizabeth POTTER Taylor. David TAYLOR was born around 1795 in New York (possibly in the Pipe Creek area) and died in 1861 in Osceola, Tioga, PA (buried in the Old Osceola Cemetery).

Census and land records suggest that early Elkland-settler Philip TAYLOR was David's father, but I cannot confirm this for sure. If anyone has information on any part of this line, it would be extremely helpful.

Thanks! Nicholas Hoffman

Date: 9/19/06
Subject: Tioga County- Mansfield, Delmar, Charleston; MOORE and BACON

Looking for information on MOORE, Deborah born 1821, died 1908 married to George BACON b. 1819 died 1906. Interested in her siblings and parents info. Parents might be MOORE, William and KENNETT, Mary. George and Deborah Bacon resided in Tioga 1850-late 1870's. Had 6 children. Family moved to Spicer, Richardson, Nebraska by the 1880 census. 1880 census showed father born England, mother born Penn; 1900 census showed father born Ireland, mother born England. Deborahs obit states "Her father served with the English during Revolutionary War"

Thanks for any help!
Jacqueline Baker

Date: 9/13/06

I am looking for information on the REIGER family of Tioga ,Pa. In particular info on Anna Reiger Slingerland. She was the daughter of Nicolas and Anna REIGER. Anna was born in Baden,Germany in 1863. She had 2 sisters, Delia Decker of Tioga and Mary Farr of Middlebury, also 2 brothers, Lewis and David.Anna died around 1891 or 92 right after the birth of her daughter Bertha, my paternal grandmother. Nicholas died in 1903 and Delia died in 1926. Anna was married to Walter SLINGERLAND and lived in Mansfield. Walter later remarried and moved to Elmira where he was a painter and paperhanger. Any relatives still living in Tioga County or does any one know where they are buried?

Than you Gail Bollinger
Westfield,PA 16950

Date: 9/13/06

I hope someone can help me find some info on my sister-in-law's birth mother. Her birth name was Elouise Arvilla Berry . She was born in Pennsylvania abt 1915 in Tioga County. She married Desmond Delaney McCann at one time, but they divorced. I found her in the 1920 census in Elmira New York. And the 1930 census in Tioga County living with her aunt?(Arvilla White) .

Thank You very much Mary Ann OBrien.

Date: 9/12/06

I am seeking information about Vinnie Mae Churchill, daughter of William and Betsy Churchill, and who, according to her obit, was born around 1867 in Tioga, PA. She moved to Wisconsin at some point in time, but I don’t know when. She married my great grandfather, Bert Strong, and one of their sons is my grandfather, Grover. She died in 1945 and is buried in the Greenleaf cemetery in Marion, Wisconsin. In addition, William is buried in the same cemetery and has GAR for serving in the Civil War. If anyone has information on his as well, I would appreciate it.

Suzanne Clement

Date: 9/10/06
Subject: Tanner

Looking for information on Aaron TANNER born 1787 in New York, died 10/1850 in Westfield, Tioga County. Also on his sons, Joshua TANNER born 1820, Hiram E TANNER and Ebenezer TANNER. Any info would be appreciated,

Thanks, Jeannette Akers

Date: 8/25/2006
Subject: TIOGA

MCCULLOGH, I am searching for information on a John and Dan McCulloguh, (sp?). They resided in or around Crooked Creek, PA. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.
Barbara Thompson

Date: 8/20/2006
Subject: Tioga County

I am looking for my great great grandfather that was born in 1852 names Charles W. Bryant. He married Celia 'King. He was born in Cowanesque, Penn. Can you help?

Thank you,
Linda Lindquist
email address:

Date: 8/18/2006

I need help finding Andrew Cook and Mary Reading. They may have lived in Tioga County, Shanty Town, PA. I am also searching for info on John G. Wilson family. They lived in Shanty Town, PA in the early 1900's. My Grandfather, Charles Andrew Cook lived with them as an adopted son.

If anyone can help me with this family I would appreciate it. You can email me at

Thank you,
Barbara Thompson

Date: 08/17/06

I am looking for information on the family of Ebenezer MOORE and Elizabeth FOSTER Moore. I first find them in the 1850 census of Union Twp of Tioga Co. He was born in 1816 in Pa, she 1820 in Pa. also. On their daughters marriage certificate it has her born in "Elimsport, Bradford Co.". Could this be possible?

By 1860 the family had moved to Washington Twp Lycoming Co. In the 1860 census it had both Ebenezer and Elizabeth's parents born in N.Y. Would anyone have any ideas on this family?

Thank you for your time, Helen Popp

Date: 8/17/2006
Subject: Tioga County

I am looking for information on the family of Ebenezer MOORE and Elizabeth FOSTER Moore. I first find them in the 1850 census of Union Twp of Tioga Co. He was born in 1816 in Pa, she 1820 in Pa. also.

On their daughters marriage certificate it has her born in "Elimsport, Bradford Co.". Could this be possible?

By 1860 the family had moved to Washington Twp Lycoming Co. In the 1860 census it had both Ebenezer and Elizabeth's parents born in N.Y.

Would anyone have any ideas on this family?

Thank you for your time,
Helen Popp

Date: 8/15/2006
Subject: Tioga County

Dear Joyce,
Please post this on the Query board:

I am trying to find info on John August Sandstrom’s brother. His initials may have been A. J., but I’m not sure. John August SANDSTROM and family lived in Arnot, PA about 1886-1910. John married Amamda in the Lutheran Church in Blossburg, Tioga County on Feb. 17, 1891. Most of their children were born in Arnot, PA.

Any information you have on any of the SANDSTROM families would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Date: 8/13/2006
Subject: Terwilliger – Tioga County

I am searching for information on Isaac TERWILLIGER or his wife Helen (WOOD) TERWILLIGER. I believe they are the parents, perhaps adoptive, of my great-grandfather, William TERWILLIGER. I know that in the 1900 census, they are listed as living in Shippen Township in Tioga County. William’s World War II draft registration lists his birth-place as Wellesboro (sic), but my mother’s query into Tioga County’s records were fruitless. All the information I have on this branch of my family is based on family lore, and it’s been extremely difficult to find research to substantiate anything.

William was born on 6 January 1897. According to the 1900 census, Isaac would have been born in February 1872 in New York, and Helen in January 1881 in Pennsylvania.

I also have found an obituary from 1910. for a Nancy Louisa (BAGLEY), wife of James WOOD of Wellsboro that lists a Mrs. Helen TERWILLIGER of Marshcreek as her daughter.

Any and all information here would be most appreciated!

Richard Summers
Naples, FL

Date: 8/13/2006
Subject: COPP from Tioga County

I am searching for any and all information on the COPP family from Tioga County. I have been able to find materials that go back to John COPP, who moved to Tioga County. My line goes from John through Reuben, Francis, Charles and Clara, who married William Terwilliger. Clara was my great-grandmother. I’ve seen a source that took the Copp family past John, but have not seen the research evidence that supports that claim.

I desire any connections that can be made, and also any more information and details on the connections I already have made. I believe that Francis was a Civil War veteran.

Richard Summers
Naples, FL

Date: 8/05/2006
From: Jacook@TheOdeaGroup.Net
Subject: Tioga County

I am searching for information on my gg grandfather William H. O'DEA and his parents who lived in the Tri-county area. This is what I know: William (Will) O'DEA, b. 1868 Ireland or Cohocton, d. 1933 Nichols, Nichols Cemetary; m. Harriet FINCH, b.1869 Windham, d. 1961 Nichols, Nichols Cemetary. Will worked on the RR, his father is either John or Patrick ( I have documents that conflict ), mother is Catherine or Katherine. Family stories also speak of an Aunt Mollie who would probably be Will's sister. There is a great deal of information pertaining to the FINCH family, but the O'DEA trail has run cold.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Jackie O'Dea Cook

Date: 8/05/2006
Subject: Tioga Point Cemetery

In May I was on the Tri-County Genealogy Site and located an Alice Melhuish buried in 1953 at Tioga Point Cemetery. I would like to learn the exact date so I can look for an Obituary in the newspaper. She was a Farnsworth, married a Green then a Melhuish. My main objective is to locate information on her son Charles Green.He was a bridge builder and someone located him I believe on a 1900 Directory as Curtis Green.

Thank you for any assistance.
D. Gendron

Date: 8/01/2006
Subject: Bartlett family of Morris, Pa.

I'm looking for information on Thomas, Edward and William Bartlett who farmed and owned a tannery near Morris in the early and mid 1900's.

Thank You,
Keith Bartlett