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Tioga County Queries & Surname Listings - July 2005 - December 2005
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(updated 10/26/05)

Date: 10/7/2005

My great great grandfather, Peter UTTER, was born in Nelson Township, Tioga County in 1856. He is listed as a four year old in the 1860 census, a son of Ephraim and Sarah UTTER. He is listed as head of household, age 24, in Lawrence Township in the 1880 Federal census, along with his wife, Sarah, and three children including my great grandmother Myrtle. I have not been able to find out the maiden name of either Sarah, wife or mother. I do have a lot if information about his descendants, however, including his death record from McKean County PA and the burial sites of Peter and five generations of his descendants. I will be happy to share what I have and will be forever grateful for any information you can provide. The 1860 Census reports that Ephraim's father was from Delaware, so that may be a helpful clue.

Our main e-mail address will be changing at year's end, so please respond to my Hotmail account, which never changes: Thank you! Diane METZ Bolin

Subject: Lucinda Lent
Date: 9/19/2005

I am looking for info on John W.LENT`s daughter,Lucinda. In the 1860 census for Tioga Co ,she is 8 yrs old . Does anyone have further info on where she went or who she married?

Thank you,
Doreen Kleeman

Subject: Moore
Date: 9/19/2005

I was wondering if anyone did look-ups at the court house on land sales for a fee. I am interested in Ebenezer MOORE and Elizabeth FOSTER MOORE. In the 1850 census it has them in Union Twp., Tioga Co.listed as farmers. I can't find them listed in the 1840 census and I assume that is about the year they got married. I am looking for the year they moved to Tioga Co. and where they are listed as coming from. His parents are listed in the census as being born in N.Y. In the 1860 census they are listed in Lycoming Co. so I'm trying to back-track.

Thank you for your time,
Helen Popp

Subject: White,Granger, Bockus
Date: 9/14/2005

WHITE, Elvira (Elvara) Married John Granger. TIOGA COUNTY. They had atleast one daughter named Emily (Emley) who married Geroge Bockus (Son of E. Bockus possibly Elijah or Elizar). Emely and George had several children as well.

My name is Nell Persing. Any help connecting Emily to her parents would be greatly apprciated.

Subject: Eliza Broughton
Date: 9/11/2005

I am researching Eliza BROUGHTON (1824-1900), daughter or Nathan BROUGHTON and Sarah WALKER. Eliza married Andrew KRINER (1820-1907). They lived in Delmar Twp. I would like to share information with anyone else researching these families.

Thank you,
Lois Lang

Subject: Urell
Date: 9/3/2005

Dear Joyce and friends in Tioga,
Greetings from England! I am a complete stranger to Tioga, but a friend told me of you today. I am a minister in the United Reformed Church in the U.K.(ex Congregational and Presbyterian) and I am hard at work tracing my family tree. My family is URELL, and as far as I know the first URELL in Tioga was William T.Urell, who arrived about 1848. I would be grateful for any information of William T.Urell(I come from his brother's side of the URELL family who about the same time left Ireland for England where the family live to this day.) I am equally keen to hear of any current URELLS in or around Tioga who maty be descended from William T.URELL. Thanking you for your help. I can share with any Urell who contacts me, details of their family here in England and also a branch in Australia. The love of the English people goes out to all our American brothers and sisters at this sad and tragic time in your history.

Once again, my greetings to you all,
Rev.David Wiseman 4, The Ginnel, Skipton, Noprth Yorkshire, U.K. BD 23 2HW

Date: 8/23/2005 9:09:54 PM Eastern Standard Time,

I am interested in COSTLEY namely Charles and James Costley and James Costley,Jr.1700's. Anyone having information they can share as I am doing geneology.

Thanks., Vera Varhola

Date: 8/19/2005 11:24:44 AM Eastern Standard Time,

I am looking for information on one WILLIAM R. FREEMAN, my Great Grandfather. He lived in Knoxville, I believe in Chatham Township. He died in 1934 and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery. I would appreciate any information you could provide on him, his family and if at all possible the location of the farm where he lived.

Thank you,
Basil A. Freeman

Date: 8/14/2005 3:13:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,

Searching family history my father Frank LUDWIN was born in English Center, tioga county, may 28, 1904. Fathers name Kasper Ludwin or Ludwig. Looking for any possible information I can get.

Janice Gibbs

Date: 8/13/2005 12:46:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,

COLLINS. Martin P. pfc Army No. 13091961 (KIA ), Morris, Toiga County. I am Graeme Trim Living in England, trying to contact relatives of Martin, who was a paratrooper in the 506 parachute regiment (101st ). He was killed On June 6th 1944 and originally interred at St Mere Eglise France. His body was returned to the USA in 1948 and re-interred at West Branch Cemetery, Wellsboro Road, Delmar Township, Tioga County, PA. He was probably living in Sussex County New Jersey before becoming a soldier. His parents lived at Morris, but later moved to Branchport New York. His mothers name was Lulu May, and his fathers was Joseph P Collins. My sister Monica was engaged to be married to Martin when the war was over. My family gave friendship and a homely refuge to Martin and many of his fellow soldiers at that time. My sister and I are desperately trying to contact any of Martins relatives.

Please reply to this E-Mail address. Home addresses and Tel: nos. can be supplied. Graeme Trim ( Dorset England )

Date: 8/5/2005 5:49:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,

I'm still searching for parents & siblings of an ANDREW FORBES (aka FORBUS, FORBIS) who may have been in Pennsylvania when he married to Nancy Ann ALEXANDER AGER (don't know which is her birth surname) on 17 March 1831. They had two sons Thomas Andrew William Wallace born 1832 in PA, Thomas Andrew born 1834. They were in Monroe County MO in 1835 when he acquired land there via land patent, and he died there September 1835. Need to find where their marriage occurred and want to know more about Nancy.

Nancy remarried in Monroe County, MO to Robert K. Crawford of nearby Ralls County & family ended up in Linn County, MO. Research in all Missouri counties has not revealed my needed information.

I see quite a few FORBES families in the Tri-Counties area. Does anyone have a stray Andrew Forbes? Have no idea of his birth year - probably early 1800's.

Thanks for any leads. Joanne Joanne A. Smith Mello

Date: 7/16/2005

WILCOX, Gates b. Sept. 21, 1790; married to Prudence LEWIS. She was buried in Academy Hill Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA. Is there a family history available?

Michael Catrambone

Date: 7/14/2005

I see that my email address is outdated on here the updated address is: .

I have been searching for any descendants of Newbury & Esther SHORT CLOOS. They had eleven children, some of them changed their name to CLOSE. At one time there was a Close District, a Close School in the area of The Old Cloos Burying Grounds. We have an annual reunion at Cowanesque Lake and this year it is August 21st.

1. Matilda CLOOS married 1. William Falkner 2. Barney Daniels

2. Reuben ClOSE married Harriet Seeley

3. Abel CLOOS married Margaret Taylor

4. Armon CLOOS married Julia Gleason

5. Polly CLOOS married George Parker

6. Sophia CLOOS married Charles Avery

7. David CLOSE married Maria Sweet

8. Hannah CLOOS married Daniel Church

9. Newbury CLOOS, Jr. married Cynthia Church

10. Esther CLOOS married Henry F. Daniels

11. Ambrose CLOSE married Phoebe McCray

If anyone can supply me with information on these ancestors or their descendants, I would appreciate hearing from you. I have found a lot of information on this Tri-Counties site and am very grateful to Joyce and her helpers.

Thank you. Sally CLOSE Meabon

Date: 7/14/2005

John Lafferty was born 1 Jan 1755, possibly in New Jersey. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His pension file indicates that he enlisted as a private for a period of one year, under Col. Thomas Polk in Captain Smith’s Regiment of the line of North Carolina. Before that year had expired, he re - enlisted for two more years. He states that he fought in the battle at Monmouth, New Jersey. He was discharged 15 Jun 1799. ( place of enlistment, or discharge not given) His application for pension was filed through the courthouse at Wellsborough, Tioga county, Pennsylvania. He was granted pension on his application 13 May 1818 at the rate of $8 per month. ( certificate # 8880) With regard to his circumstances, John makes the following statement: “ I by trade a Cooper, but by age and infirmity am not able to pursue that occupation. I have living with me one grandchild viz Lucy Bruce ( last name could be Brace, Breen or Braun - not clearly written) and my Phebe age fifty seven and infirm like myself.” ( date: 20 Sept 1820) signed by Uriah Spencer - proxy. John’s pension was transferred from Pennsylvania to New York “ 28 Dec 1821 from 21 Sept 1821” In April 1780 John married Phoebe Bartoo ( or Barton). Phoebe was born 22 Mar 1762. Where she was born is uncertain, but family history says she was born of Quaker Parents. John and Phoebe had 10 children:

James b. 22 Sept 1781 m. Polly Phillips
Daniel b. 6 Feb 1784 m. Catherine Snyder
Betsy b. 15 Mar 1786 m.
Hannah b. 10 Jun 1788 m.
Amy b. 8 Jul 1790 m.
Eliphas b. 13 Oct 1793 m. Polly Gallea ( or Galley)
Sally b. 12 Mar 1798 m.
*Polley b. 10 Apr 1799 m. Daniel Phillips Sr.
William b. 22 May 1802 m.
* information from Doris Frost calls this child “Ellen”

The 1820 census of Jackson Twp, Tioga County, Pennsylvania shows John “Lafety” with 1 male 16- 20 yrs, 1 male over 45 yrs, 1 female under 10 yrs, 1 female 16 - 18 yrs, and 1 female over 45 years. ( this census also shows living near to John, James “Lafety” a Daniel Phillips and Hannah Phillips.)

Letter from James Barton 10 Apr 1999 RE: Land Records “

Hi Carol, First; in 1947 the Olean Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Olean, New York, published a booklet titled “ Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Cattaraugus County, New York” on page 29 “ John Lafferty Moved to Freedom in 1821 and died there. Pension granted * 17 Mar 1819 from Tioga county, Pennsylvania for service in North Carolina. Age 79. Served three years.” ** ( date differs from pension file) And so it goes throughout the book. It does not say where in Cattaraugus County they were buried. Also, the age 79 is puzzling. 79 what? You’ve probably already seen this, but if not, it again proves that this John Lafferty is the Revolutionary Soldier and there is a Pennsylvania connection. I’ll put the pages of interest in the mail to you. Second; I went back through the index to the Holland Land Company Records and actually read what they said. ( HLC) 26 Oct 1821 John Lafferty purchased the original deed to at least a part of Lot 34, Township 6, Range 4. This is record 500 - 0002. I think they really mean 1822, because record 500 is their code for 1822. Or they may have ment record 501-002. ( index says 500-0002) In 1832 ( index says 26 Oct 1822) John Lafferty allowed that land to revert back to the Holland Land Company. This is record 510-0021. On 30 Jan 1832, Daniel Phillips negotiated a deed for at least a part of Lot 34, Township 6, Range 4. It is probably the same piece of property, or perhaps a different piece of the same Lot 34. This is record 510 - 0005. Ok, we somehow have John Lafferty and Daniel Phillips dealing with the same piece of property, or adjoining pieces of the same lot. Township 6, Range 4 is Freedom, with the exception of the southwest corner which is Machias. All of this is consistent with John Lafferty moving to Freedom in 1821 as stated other places. Now we know, by legal description, Lot 34, Township 6, Range 4. In other words, Lot 34 of Freedom, Township……….. I know the census shows Daniel Phillips place as being in Farmersville, but the boundries may have changed, or the census eneumerator didn’t know exactly where the township lines were and thought the property was in Farmersville, New York. Jim

The 1822 Jackson Twp Tax Roll Name List of Tioga County Pennsylvania, shows:
James Lafferty
John Lafferty - removed
John Lafferty Jr
Hannah Phillips - removed

The 1830 census of Sardenia, Erie, New York shows John “Lattenday” with 1 male 70 - 80 yrs and 1 female 60 - 70 yrs Nearby is James “Lattenday” with 2 males 5 - 10 years, 1 male 10 - 15 years, 1 male 15 - 20 years, and 1 male 40 - 50 yrs; 1 female 5 - 10 yrs, 2 females 10 - 15 yrs, and 1 female 30 - 40 yrs. Also: Daniel “Lattenday” with 1 male under 5 years, 3 males 5 - 10 yrs, 1 male 40 - 50 yrs, 1 female under 5 yrs, 2 females 10 - 15 yrs, 1 female 20 - 30 yrs and 1 female 30 - 40 yrs. ( my grgrgrandfather Eber Lafferty’s death certificate shows that he was born in Sardenia, Erie county New York, as do records from his civil war service – Daniel Lafferty was his father.)

In the “History of Cattaraugus County” by L. H. Everts published in 1879 on p. 393- 393 is an alphabetical listing of “resident landowners in the town of Freedom in 1835.” shows John Lafferty - owned 77 acres - improved 5 acres.

The “Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Service” 1 Jun 1840, with their names, ages, and places of residence - pub 1841, reprint 1954 on p. 74 New York - Northern District - Cattaraugus County shows: John Lafferty - 85 yrs - living in the household of Daniel Phillips, town of Farmersville.

The 1840 census of Farmersville, Cattaraugus county, New York, shows Daniel Phillips with 1 male under 5 yrs, 1 male 5 - 10 yrs, 1 male 16 - 20 yrs, 1 male 40 - 50 yrs, 1 male 80 - 90 yrs; 2 females 5 - 10 yrs, 2 females 10 - 15 yrs, 1 female 16 - 20 yrs and 1 female 30 - 40 yrs.

Phoebe died between 1830 and 1840, most likely in Sardenia, NY. John died after 1 Jun 1840 probably at Farmersville, NY. Burial locations, nor actual death records have not been located.

Please send any or all replys to

Thank you for your time! Sincerely, Carol Barber

Date: 7/12/2005

Hello Joyce,

I don't know if you are the person to ask, but I am looking for some hints as to tracing what may have happened to my 3rd great grandfather Thomas Williams.

I know Thomas was born in Wales in the early 1800's. He married Ann Lloyd in Wales in 1835. While living in Wales, they had three children, William, Llewellyn, and Harriet. Harriet was born 1841, so I know the family was still in Wales at that time.

Their next child, Benjamin (the one who operated the Williams House in Troy at the end of the 19th century) was born in Pennsylvania in 1845. Therefore I know that the family moved to Pennsylvania between 1841 and 1845. I have found the family listed in the 1850 federal census as living in Bloss Township, Tioga County Pa. Thomas' occupation is listed as a miner, and he supposedly owned $350 of real estate. The next records I have of the family they are listed in the 1860 federal census in Danville, Montour County, PA... without Thomas.

This leads me to believe that Thomas died sometime between 1850 and 1860. I also think he may have died in Bloss Township. My question to you would be:

If he died in Bloss, being from Wales, what would be the most likely cemetery that he might be buried in? I have searched the cemetery listings that have already been transcribed on the Tri-County site to no avail. I am coming up to Tioga and Bradford Counties for a couple of days later this summer (probably mid August) and would like to be able to narrow down my searching as much as possible.

Any thoughts or suggestions you may have would be most appreciated. Sincerely, David E. Williams

Date: 7/12/2005

I am compiling a booklet about former early and rural school teachers once of Elk and several nearby counties. The name, P.J. MAHONEY, is mentioned in a brief write-up in the Johnsonburg Press on December 21,1911 as follows: Professor P.J. MAHONEY, of Bloomsburg, Pa has accepted the Principalship of Arroyo High School in Elk County, PA That is all I have about him but I am making an effort to trace his teaching career. His name does not appear in Elk County as a teacher after 1911 but the old school records for rural schools are very difficult to find so it's possible he taught at least a few years in Arroyo. Arroyo was once a bustling, growing rural town with lots of employment but when the tannery closed in the mid 1900's the town went back to it's original status of weeds and rocks and has been known as a "ghost town" for many years. I'm wondering if Professor P.J. MAHONEY graduated from the normal school system, if so, what was the name of the school and what was the year. I would like to learn if he continued to teach after leaving Elk County and if so then where did he teach next. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Ruth A. Larson --- Ruth Larson ---

Date: 7/7/2005

Any information on my great grandfather would be appreciated, born approx. 1833, married Lovina Bates, children were Laffette, Earnest, Frank, Ira (my Grandfather) David, James, Charles, Hattie, Anna, and Cora, lived in Elkland PA, Tioga County, early 1800s, some settled in Stueben county NY later.

email, Thanks Jim Van Zile

Date: 7/3/2005

MAHONSKI family FROM 1880-1910 I am looking for any info on the John and (1)Anna and/or (2)Mary MAHONSKI of Duncan (1880), Mansfield (1888) or Covington 1900-1910. I have search Census records as well as the Tri-Countries site. From a obit, I know (1)wife, Anna, and infant daughter died in Blossburg in Apr 1888, but can't find burial info. The whole family disappeared after 1910...any ideas where to search? I am trying to connect Charles MAHONSKI, who fathered a daughter in 1929 in Dunkirk, NY, to Charles MAHONSKI, son of John.


Date: 7/2/2005

I am looking for information on Martha King.She was born about November 1814 or 1815. Her maiden name was SCHOONOVER. I believe she was married to Elisha Bentley, then Samuel Warner and then William Harrison King. I believe Rockwell 's father was from Elisha Bentley. I believe Orange, Ellen and Harriet's father was Samuel Warner.She died in 1922.

LeRoy Nassif