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Tioga County (PA) Queries  Sept - Oct 1998
These very old manually prepared query listings of Tioga County Surnames are no longer maintained or altered. Please submit your new surname listings through the regular automated query system now used by the site at Tri-County Queries

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Surname Query Researcher
ALLEN see Knapp
AMES Is there someone who goes to the Tioga County Historical Society and can check for me the indexed surname card files and also the family surname files to see if there is anything at all on the surname of AMES/EAMES that has been submitted ? I certainly can use some new leads to break down the brick wall I have been facing for years. Olive Hoffman
AMES see Knowlton
AMES Lydia AMES of Sullivan Twp (born 15 Nov 1820) md. Benjamin KNOWLTON, s/o Timothy, born 6 Dec 1822, Sullivan Twp; they were md. 15 Sept 1845 (He had a Brother Andrew). Does anyone know who the parents of Lydia and Benjamin were and/or where Lydia and Benjamin are buried? In 1845 they move to Illinois, returned to Sullivan Twp about 1862, purchased land in the southern part of Shippen Twp., Tioga County, died there. (This from History of Tioga County 1897) I have searched the most likely cemeteries in/near where they were born and/or lived and they are not there. AMES & KNOWLTON are both ancestral families of mine and I would like to to be able to make a connection. Olive Hoffman
AMES see Pitts
BABCOCK see Smith
BACHE see Pollard
BARNES see Sherman
BATES see Short
30 October 1998
BAXTER My name is Linda Brown and I'm looking for information on my great grandparents John BAXTER and Elizabeth MCPHERSON. My grandfather was born December 18, 1870 (Luzerne County is what is stated on a marriage license). His father died and his mother put him in an orphanage along with two brothers. No other information is known. If anyone has access to the 1880 census for orphanages in your area, I am looking for a John Halscomb or Holcomb BAXTER and any other BAXTERs who would have been children at that time. He is not listed on any of the census for the orphan homes presently on line. Both of my great grandparents were from Scotland. There is an Elizabeth MCPHERSON who is listed on a census from Susquehanna age 24 and another in Bradford age 48. Unfortunately I don't know the year of the census - it was sent to me by another user. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Linda Brown
BLAIR see Pryde
BLAKELEE Is anyone aware of reason why people in the early 1800's would have migrated from Tioga County in New York, to Tioga County in PA? I seem to have a line of BLAKELEE'S and DICKINSON'S, also JACKSON'S, SEELEY'S, SATTERLEE'S, SAYRE'S and DUNNE'S who all ended up there. i'm trying to see if there are reasons they would have gone, besides family which is obvious but I cant find the family connections to get them together there, family, state all seem the most obvious but I cant find those either. Cynthia DICKINSON
16 Feb 1999
BLAKESLEE see Dickinson
BLAKESLEE see Dickinson
BLISS see Van Zile
BLISS Looking for: Any information on Charles H. VAN ZILE and Carrie BLISS - I know that Carrie BLISS was born in 1869 and died November 4, 1952. She may be buried in Lawrenceville, PA. I need to know her actual birthdate. Also, her mother and father's names were Alonzo H. BLISS and Rose MCCASLIN. I need as much information on both of those that I can get. Charles H. VAN ZILE was born in 1860 and died in Lawrenceville, PA on November 27, 1936. I also need his actual birthdate and parents names as well. If I can obtain his birth certificate with an actual birthdate I'd probably be able to find out his parents names. Any information of either of these two people would be extremely helpful! Penny M. (Van Zile) Degre
167 Heritage Drive
Whitinsville, MA 01588
BODINE see Pollard
BOTHWELL see Blackwell
BOTTOM My Name is Don BOTTOM and I am doing a family tree search of my forefathers who lived in the Tioga County area. Starting with Walter BOTTOM who moved from Connecticut to Nelsen in 1827. I am planning to visit the area sometime in the week of 10/12/1998 and would like directions to the Nelsen Township Cemetery and also the location of where their records are kept, and their hours of operation, I hope you can help me. My info on the family is very limited and I don't have much to start with but, I believe there is a family plot located there. Thank you so much for your help. Don Bottom
BOTTOM I am looking for information on the following relatives from Tioga County ,Pa. - BOTTOM, Jerome son of Charles and Mary [REDFIELD ] BOTTOM, who adopted Fred MILLIS son of Frederick and Mary [OAKLEY] MILLIS. Fred [Milli] Bottom m Mary dau of Galusha and Julia [FULEWOOD] BOWEN . Also , I would like information on the construction of and history of THE FALL BROOK RAILROAD.  Don Bottom
17 Feb 1999
BOWEN see Bottom
BOYER see Sherman
BROOKFIELD TOWNSHIP I have run across a reference to two booklets compiled by a Lawrence PLANK. One is entitled "Brookfield Township 1807-1957" and the other is "Highlights of the History of Brookfield Township", 1967. Does the Tioga County Historical Society have these booklets? Otherwise, do you know where there are copies? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
BRYANT see Gibson
BUTLER see Smith
CAMPBELL see Tubbs
CARD see Schoonover
CARPENTER see Thomas
CAVANAUGH Looking for E-mail address - Dear Joyce: I am looking for some help with finding information on our family in Tioga county and thought I would use Marani CAVANAUGH. I used the e-mail address found on the website and it said not valid. If you could give the correct address I would really appreciate it. The family names I am looking for are HECK and HOLT and KRIEGER and MCCANN. Thank you for your help. Arlene Updyke
CLARK I am looking for ancestors of Millard Fillmore CLARK, his wife Mary E. YALE. CLARK & YALE were born approx. 1850's and settled in Tioga Co. Was told possibly - Millard was from Franklin, PA (Venango Co.) but was a travelling salesman and met Mary Yale then settled in valley... any help would be appreciated. Many thanks :-) Alana Nichols
25 Feb 1999
CLARK see Vandergrift
CLOOS Hello to everyone - I have just signed on to learn whatever you all have for news. I am a direct descendant of Reuben CLOOS (1743) via Newbury (1772), Reuben (1798), Newbury (1830), Burton (1876), Harlow (1912) to me, Sally CLOSE Meabon (1937). I have been doing research for this family for less than a year and have 3,685 names in my Family Tree Maker file. I have a lot of missing data and would like any and all information anyone out there may have for this family. Thanks. Sally Sally Close Meabon
18 Feb 1999 
CLOOS Hi - I am a descendant of Reuben CLOOS. I am looking for any and all information on the CLOOS/CLOSE family from the Tioga County area.  Sally Close Meabon
CLOSE see Cloos
COLE My g grandfather Isaiah J. COLE b 9 Feb 1843 Chatham Twp., Tioga Co. I would like any information on family. Shirley McClain
COOK see Thomas
CUDWORTH see Pitts
CUMMINGS see Schoonover
CUSTER see Gaylord
DAVIS see Keeney
DEATS see Tubbs
DECKER I have a Joseph DECKER born 1820 in NY Died Jan 25, 1892 Westfield PA and is buried in Westfield PA Joseph married twice - second to Minerva WOOD, in 1857 she daughter of Stephen and Polly WOOD of Sullivan Twp., PA. Joseph Father was Henry - I am looking for Henry - John Barr 
Mansfield PA
08 Feb 1999
DECKER see Webb
DECKER see Webb
DEWEY Hi Everyone. Some local history and genealogy I have on loan to me the "Autobiography of Philip H. DEWEY" (1933). Born Nov. 12 1868,of Richmond Township,and Elk Run Gaines Township, Son of Addison b. 10-23-1832 and Amy (Ripley)DEWEY, Grandson of James B. b. 01-19-1805 of Sullivan Township Mainsburg. I haven't read it yet, but if anyone has any questions on it,or any thing you want me to look for, please email me. I not sure how popular this book is. I have Deweys that married in to the SPENCERs-RUMSEYs that I need to put together. Thanks Craig Craig M. Spencer
The Feed Store
2063 Lake Road
Elmira NY 14903
16 Feb 1999
DICKINSON see Blakelee
DICKINSON Still trying to find information on the John DICKINSON and Samuel DICKINSON families of Wellsboro. (Samuel lived and I think built the old Sam DICKINSON plave place mentioned on the Tri County site, history of Wellsboro) Caroline BLAKESLEE was his wife. Anyone have any ideas where to start? All I can find is census info. Please feel free to email me directly if you want. Also looking for info on James and William DUNN's in Elmira. William was the first installed Mason in the first lodge there....I come from a longgggg line of Masons. My dad was Grand Master in Minnesota some years back.
DICKINSON insert Cynthia Dickinson
23 Feb 1999
DIXON DIXON (DIXSON)George b-Pa1861 wife Mary MASON -children b-Tioga cty 1878-1891Helen,Cora,Charles,Frank.Family lived in Potter cty 1905 or prior. Any information would be appreciated  Dotty Schmidt
DIXSON see Dixon
DONOLON see Norman
DOWNING insert Janet Taylor
DRAKE I am seeking information on EDMUND DRAKE b. ca 1787 in PA. He migrated to the MS Territory and married Brambly COCKERHAM in Amite Co, MS in 1815. They later moved to Catahoula Parish, LA. Marie Coleman Cochran
DUNN  see Dickinson
DUNNE see Blakelee
DUNNE see Dickinson
EAMES see Ames
EAMES see Fisher-Ames
EARL see Satterlee
ELLIS see Taylor
FAIRMAN see Sweet
FIELD Hi Joyce. I'm still searching for info on my mysterious gggranfather ______FIELD. I have learned that his wife (my gggrandmother) was Martha Jane MCEWEN, b. April 17, 1821. They had a son (my ggrandfather) George Washington Field, b. Nov or Dec (conflicting dates) in 1840. Both Martha and George were born in Tioga Co. PA. We have learned that Martha was a widow at the time she moved to Illinois with George and is found in the 1850 Madison Co., IL census married to John KEOWN. She (Martha McEwen apparently was married in Tioga Co. to her first husband ______FIELD. We can estimate the marriage date to be abt. 1839. A marriage certificate for ______Field, Martha Jane McEwen or a birth cert. for George Washington Field would be fantastic. How can these be obtained? Thank you very much for your help now and also the help given me in the past.  Jack D. Davis
FISHER-AMES I have information on Levi Fisher AMES, born 1841in Sullivan, Tioga, PA, son of Walter Whipple Ames and first wife Lucinda PITTS - Levi is of the same EAMES/AMES family I have been chasing for several years. Would like to share this information with others who are also researching these AMES from MA>VT>PA>ILL. In April of this year, Keith VAN DENZEN was asking about FISHER-AMES, but it seems the e-mail address given at that time is no longer valid, my messages have been returned. Hope this information reaches him or anyone else who is interested in AMES from Tioga County.  Olive Hoffman
FITCH see Kress
FLOYD Hi Joyce. Its Fred Parker again. My exchanges concerning this family have led to a discovery which may be of interest to anyone following them. One of the children was a son Lyman. I have two deeds executed between Lyman and Charles FLOYD (my great uncle). The first executed in 1905 shows Lyman and his wife Kate living in the borough of Nanticoke, County of Luzerne, state of PA. The second executed in 1908 shows the same couple living in the town of Waverly, county of Lackawanna, state of PA. The property was 50 acres along the Chemung river. I have passed this info the Ernie Miles. Hope you find someone that needs it. Fred Parker
FOLEY see Rogers
FORD see Pitts
FRASIER I went through the list of lookups and did not see what I am looking for. So will put this out on the list and maybe someone has the book and can look it up for me. My GG Grandfather, Andrew FRASIER died in 1900 and his obituary stated that he was buried in Sabinsville. I have gone over all the cemeteries listed for Clymer township and surrounding townships and can not find a listing of his burial. His wife is burried in the Sabinsville cemetery as Mrs Betsey M. WHITE Frasier but there is no mention of Andrew. Could some kind soul look in the cemetery listings and see if we can round this guy up? I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you in advance.  Harold Hooper
14 Feb 1999
FULEWOOD see Bottom
FULLER see Downing
FULLER In the 1850 census for Richmond Twp., Tioga, PA is a FULLER family listed as part of Dwelling/Family No. 1- both males are listed as "Innkeeper" and this census was taken at the hotel. The first family shown is Samuel HUNT and wife and child; then is Gurdon FULLER (40; born NY); Sally (33; born NY); Royal A. ((7); born PA); Eldon A. (5; born PA)- can anyone identify this Gurdon FULLER- it is not the son of Abel FULLER and Elizabeth (Betsey) GROVER - that Gurdon had a wife named Phoebe at the time and was living in Bradford County. I am taking all of the information I can find on Fullers of PA and trying to piece it together, hoping to find a clue that will lead me back further, to the Fullers of NY and Mass.  Olive Hoffman
Salem, OR
FULLER see Thomas
FULMER I am looking for information on the FULMER family. I know my Grand Father Elias FULMER lived in this area around the turn of the century and may have moved away and then returned at a later date. He had two brothers that I know of, Harry and George. I am especially interested in the family prior to this time and ancestors of my Grand Father. Dale A. Fulmer
315 Douglas Drive
West Chester, Pa. 
11 Feb 1999
GAYLORD I am looking for GAYLORD, CUSTER, TALLADA for a start. Richmond Twp, TIOGA Co. PA is rich with Gaylord's but none seem to connect with my grandfather, John William GAYLORD. John married Grace A. CUSTER of Osceola Mills, Clearfield Co., PA in Mehoopany, Wyoming Co., PA. My mother's mother, Loretta TALLADA is a complete mystery without any family records. Any little leads concerning these names would be greatly appreciated.  Robert W. Gaylord
New London, NH 03257
GIBSON I am stymied re my great great grandmother, Laura Howland GIBSON. Believe she was descended from Wm HOWLAND and she is buried in the Howland Hill cemetery in Broome County, NY. However, also believe she is closely related to the Richmond Howland family (she named one of her sons Richmond E. GIBSON. When she died, she left several younger children, and I am assuming they went to live with relatives. Could you advise me which HOWLANDS you have? I do not note any GIBSONS in your list of surnames.  Ruby Gibson White
GILMORE see Pryde
GOWER I would like to hear from anyone who is researching Daniel GOWER and his wife Susan. He was listed in the tax list for Clymer in the 1851/2 listing. Don't think they are related to me but have a letter from an ancestor stating that my gg grandfather married Susan GOWERS, so would like to correspond with anyone working with this family. Thank you in advance. Harold Hooper
13 Feb 1999
GRAVES see Satterlee
GRAY Looking for the family of Eli GRAY , Elenor (?) GRAY, Amanda GRAY (marr. David PEUGH), and Justice J. King born c.1841, do not know how Justice is related, he lived with Eli and Elenor in 1850. In 1820 Eli is listed in Sullivan twsp., Tioga co, and in 1830 census lists as one boy less than 5yr, one boy 10 <15yr, and one male 40 < 50yr, that would be Eli for he was born c.1787 Conn. One female less than 5yr that would be Amanda, she was born 10 Dec. 1829 in PA, two girls 5 < 10yr, one girl 10 < 15yr, and one female 40 < 50yr, that MAYBE Elenor, born c.1889 Conn. They moved to Ohio before 1850. In 1850 Eli is a Plaster. Any help is much appreciated, Thank you. Katharine DeVries
GRINNER see Tubbs
GROVER see Fuller
HACKETT HACKETT family - I am looking for the ancestors of Lot and Nancy RUSSELL Hackett. They moved to this area and settled in Tioga Co., PA. Was told they were from NY area, but can't find their families. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Have their descendants, but not ancestors.) Alana Nichols
25 Feb 1999
HALE see Wade
HARRIS see Knapp
HECK see Cavanaugh
HILTS see Hulce
HOFFMAN Looking for Hoffmans - Beginning to search my grandparents geneology. Josephine HOFFMAN married Clarence A.PENNAY October 30, 1899 in LeRaysville. Her father's name was Jacob HOFFMAN - mother's name was Hannah Marie (Pennay) Thingelstad
HOFFMAN I am looking for the location of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sebring Twp., Tioga Co. According to the LDS Library, my great great grandmother, Susanna HOFFMAN, was baptised there on March 24, 1839. I am researching from Montgomery County, so I don't know much about where hese places are in Tioga County. Any help will be appreciated. Lisa Kirkhoff
HOLMES see Thomas
HOLT see Cavanaugh
HONCHELL see Keeney
HOOPER see Thomas
HOWLAND see Gibson
HULCE Peter HULCE born around 1793 in NY. He married _____________? They had several children although I don't have any names:
HULCE born circa 1815
HULCE born circa 1816
HULCE born circa 1817
Those 3 were probably born in NY
HULCE born circa 1920, Tioga County, PA
HULCE born circa 1821, Tioga County,PA
HULCE born circa 1824, Tioga County, PA
HULCE born circa 1825, Tioga County, PA
HULCE born circa 1826, Tioga County, PA
HULCE born circa 1828, Tioga County, PA
Later descendants probably changed the could be Hultz, Hulcee, Hulse, Hilts, or Hultz. Any info on this line would be greatly appreciated!!
Michele R. Lockwood
17 Feb 1999
HULCEE see Hulce
HULSE see Hulce
HULTZ see Hulce
HULTZ see Hulce
HUNT see Fuller
HUNT see Taylor
HUNTER see Turney
HUYLER see Smith
JACKSON see Blakelee
JACKSON see Dickinson
JESSUP see Monro
JOHNSON see Tubbs
JONES Looking for Robert Wilson JONES living in Lawrenceville, Tioga Co. in 1854. He became member of Oddfellows Lodge, July 5, 1854, married Dec.14, 1854, spouse Eliza Jane KING. He died Nov 22. 1858. Had two daughters - Sarah Annie JONES and Margaret Florence JONES. Maralyn Maxfield
JONES Hi Joyce, I'm trying to learn more about an area called Welsh Hill. It is mentioned in some information about my JONES ancestors that settled in Blossburg after arriving in the U. S. from Wales in the 1830's. There is mention of a large church and a cemetery, would you know of anyone with info about this area?  Mickey JONES
KEENEY KEENEY - I am looking for all the information that I can gather on the KEENEY family and their related families. I know my ggg grandfather Alexander KEENEY was born in Keenyville, PA. I am looking for further specific dates as I have a lot of names. I am descendent from Thomas KEENEY (B 5/21/1751 D 1/10/1840) to Thomas KEENEY Jr (B 9/28/1776 D 9/1/1853) to Elijah KEENEY (B 1/30/1806 D 11/21/1875) to Alexander KEENEY (B7/27/1833 D 10/19/1921) to Lucy Almira KEENEY (B 8/19/1866 D 4/4/1895) to Millie Almira DAVIS (B 7/6/1891 D 9/28/1989) to Charlotte HONCHELL (B 8/11/1913 D 11/1/1997) to Barbara Ann HILDEBRAND (B 12/31/38) to myself. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Chris Hildebrand Dec. 19, 1997 See KEENEY/LAMB descendants from Joyce M. TICE of SRGP for information on this family. All responses should go to Joyce as well.  Chris Hildebrand
Dec. 19, 1997
AND Joyce M. Tice
KEENEY/LAMB see Keeney
KELLEY see Tubbs
KEOWN see Field
KING see Jones
KING KING - I am looking for info on Harrison and wife Martha. Harrison born in NY State in 1816. He was living in Gaines, PA Tioga Co. in 1850. In 1860 he was living in Clymer Township, Tioga Co. PA with wife and 9 children. Where did Harrison and Martha go after 1860? Where did they die? Where are they buried? Seek all info on this family. Jane King
KIZER see Tubbs
KNAPP I am looking for the following, James Knapp b.March 31, 1831 d.Sept.13,1909 married Sarah Elizabeth Allen. James parents were Frederick Knapp b. PA Mary Harris b.PA . James was burried in Marion OH . Thank you for any help
KNAPP see Kress
KNIFFEN see Taylor
KNIGHT see Thomas
KNOWLTON Seeking more information on the parents/ancestors of Benjamin KNOWLTON, born 6 Dec 1822, Sullivan Twp., Tioga Co to Timothy KNOWLTON. (Benjamin had a brother Andrew) Benjamin married Lydia AMES on 15 Sep 1845; they moved to Lake County, Illinois for a few years but then returned to Tioga County, to Shippen Twp. where they died. I have four generations of Timothy KNOWLTONs in my ancestry and am wondering how the Father of Benjamin fits in. Olive Hoffman
KNOWLTON see Pitts
KRESS George C. KRESS married Eliza KNAPP Kress May 1842. I'm looking for records church or marriage records that would give parents information. George C was born in 1816 in Smithboro and was married there. Eliza KNAPP was the daughter of Sylvester KNAPP and Lucy FITCH Knapp.  Sandy Castle
104 W. 124th
K.C., MO. 64145-1180
KRIEGER see Cavanaugh
LANG Tioga Co./ Frederic LANG - I am at loss and don't know where to go next. I found my gggrandfathers naturalization in Tioga Co. on April 14, 1866. There has to be some other info about him. Where should I look. I live too far away to travel to Tioga Co. myself. Lance Hummer
LATTIN Enjoyed seeing your web page. I have read alot about your area in my search for LATTIN Family history. The LATTIN Family Reunions were in the area in the 1920's....hosted by "Cousin Frank LATTIN". Our LATTIN came from Conn., settled in your area, then returned to Conn., then made the big jump to the Midwest....Missouri & Wisconsin. Our LATTIN Family member is Horace (Birdsell or Birdeye) LATTIN. I was in touch with a Charles LATTIN's sister years ago. Their family had the old Inn where a French Royal made a stop in the 1700's. Keep up the good work. If you run across a LATTIN who wants to correspond with another LATTIN.....give them my E-mail address. Thanks. William Lattin
LAWRENCE Hello all, in our search for the ancestors of Benjamin and Jonathan LAWRENCE, a recently located tax listing shows these two names in 1814 in Tioga county at ages 28 and 24 listed with Henry LAWRENCE, age 46. This fits our Benjamin and Jonathan as Henry's sons, which is a big help, and we found a Henry LAWRENCE in the 1810 census at age group 26 to 45, along with a listing for Jonathan (head of his own household) age 16-18. My question is this: Was Lawrence Corners founded by Henry (whose burial is not found there) or Benjamin, who is buried there? What was the area called before it was Lawrence Corners, and what cemetery would be likely for Henry in that area? Well, another question: I want to order newspaper microfilm in hope of finding an obit for Henry. I haven't narrowed the year down enough, yet, though he's not on the 1820 census, but what would be the likely newspaper for the Tioga county area in 1815 to 1850? We found the Welby Lawrence obit in the 1906 Mansfield Advertiser, but at that time he lived in Roseville. Thanks again for all your help. Linda Lawrence
Laguna, NM
08 Feb 1999
LEACH Seeking info on RevWar vet Timothy ROBINSON who d 1864 at Gibsons Corner, Tioga. Where was his daughter Clarissa born? She married Benjamin LEACH in Tioga,Co. He was b. Ireland, where? Ed Milligan
LONGSDORF see Marquart
LUDDINGTON see Ludington
LUDINGTON Writing a history of the Ludington/Luddington family, one of America's oldest continuous families. They came to PA from NY, CT VT and MA at various times. One Samuel LUDINGTON and son Wm., left offspring in Sullivan, and later, Delmar Townships of Tioga Co. Some lived near Mainsburg PA and are buried in State Rd Cemetery there. Any and all info on this family appreciated. Will reciprocate information. Ron Ludington
MARQUART insert Dan Marquart
MASON see Dixon
MCARTHUR see Sherman
MCCANN see Cavanaugh
MCEWEN see Field
MCLARNEN see Thomas
MCPHERSON see Baxter
MECUM see Wilson
MEIGS see Monro
MEWS Looking for any information whatsoever about George MEWS, coalminer, his wife, Elizabeth Jane and their daughter also Elizabeth Jane but called Cissie. All born, married and died in UK, except Cissie who was born in Arnot, Tioga in 1884. They knew Dr WATERS at that time, he delivered Cissie. He was probably not naturalised so would be classified alien?  Val Roper
Berkshire, UK
MILLIS see Bottom
MONRO Interested in the following that are listed in your database: MONRO (etc.) Mary and Cornelia were living in Milan, Ulster Twsp. Bradford Co. in the 1870's; don't know if they were mother and daughter or sisters. Marvin MONRO(E) married a Ms. PATTERSON and had at least three children; of these was a son Marvin who went to Michigan; a daughter Lydia Ann Monroe born ca. 1810 in Delaware Co., NY, married in 1830 in NY, possibly in Broome Co., to Henry J. MEIGS and went to Wisconsin in 1854. Mary and Cornelia may be other children of Marvin (Sr.) and (Ms. Patterson) MONROE, or, as I said, Mary or Cornelia may be the widow of Marvin Sr. Sorry, I have not yet checked the 1880 census of Bradford Co. to see if I could find them for more data on ages etc. Also interested in the PATTERSON and JESSUP lines that both came out of Delaware Co., NY and settled in Tioga Co. These are collateral lines, and I am in email contact with a descendant of this bunch who lives in Canisteo, NY. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance Gary E. Myer
6272 Light Point Place
Columbia, MD 
(voice) 410-381-1699
MONROE see Monro
MOSHER Harry D MOSHER - Harry was born in Tioga in April 1890. Father was Valentine and mother believed to be Mary. I have been unable to locate a record of the birth. Can you help? Thank you Terry Mosher
MUDGE see Pitts
NEWCOMB Esther A.NEWCOMB md William RICE ca.1876 and lived at Elkland,PA. Anyone have info on their family? Thank you.  Eileen Arndt
NORMAN Looking for information on family of John NORMAN, originally from Sweden, and Margaret DONOLON (sp) who settled in or near Blossburg circa 1885. They had several children, one Mary Monica married a Connally. If this family sounds familiar, please let me know. Other sons were William, John, Frank and Leo. Frank and Leo remained in the area all their lives. I have info on Descendants of Wm but no others.Thanks for the help John Norman
NORRIS see Dickinson
OAKLEY see Bottom
PENNAY see Hoffman
PERRY see Thomas
PEUGH see Gray
PITTS see Fisher-Ames
PITTS insert Edie in Atlanta
9 Feb 1999
POLLARD insert Debbie
12 Feb 1999
PRATT see Thomas
PRYDE I am hoping that someone may have information on my ggggrandparents. Is an obit taken from a newspaper in the Tioga Co area with the city of Arnot listed in an add in the back of it. It is for the death of my ggggrandmother Isabella PRYDE. I know she was 73 when she died and that her children were all born in the areas of Fall Brook, Arnot, and Blossburg. She was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, but I haven't seen it listed, does anyone know if there is a cemetery in the area by that name. David and Isabella had the following children: William PRYDE, Isabel (possibly Elizabeth Belle),Robert H. PRYDE,John PRYDE, James PRYDE, Lowman PRYDE died at age 29 buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Mrs. James GILMORE (need 1st name) of Blossburg, and Mrs. John J. BLAIR (need 1st name) of Arnot. Any information on the following people would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Heather Meyers
18 Feb 1999
REDFIELD see Bottom
REVEREND MORRIS see Reverend Morse
REVEREND MORSE I received a copy of my great grandmothers obituary recently - and the copy was in such bad condition that I was unable to make out a few words. She died in 1900 - the funeral occurred on 6/28/1900 and was officiated by the Reverand xxxnnemxx of Liberty. She was buried in the cemetery at Hart's church. Does anyone know how I can find out the name of the minister? I can't make out the first 3-4 letters and the last 2 letters of his name. Also - one of my great uncles was named after a friend that lived in the community (I believe) - his name was Eliston Perot MORSE or MORRIS. Is anyone familier with this person? Thanks in advance for the help Jan
Lake Forest, California
24 Feb 1999
RICE see Newcomb
ROBBINS see Taylor
ROBINSON see Leach
ROBINSON see Thomas
ROGERS Zepheniah ROGERS and Elizabeth ROOD - I am a descendant of the above couple. Zepheniah ROGERS was born in Mendon, MA and died in Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio in 1823. His wife was born in Woodbury, CT and died in Ohio in 1838. Zepheniah received a pension for his service with the CT line during the Revolutionary War. It was discontinued later because he had too much property. The couple had nine children. The second of these, Zephaniah R. ROGERS, is my direct ancestor. He married twice, and I am of his second marriage to Matilda (FOLEY) Phillips, a widow. He and Matilda moved to Iowa in 1846 where she died in 1866 and he died "six days short of his 99th birthday" on September 6, 1872. I have all the names, dates, and family info, if you would like it. Just let me know.  Nancy A. Coleman
ROLLES I am looking for any information on the surname of ROLLES in either Tioga or Bradford counties. Sue Eisman
ROOD see Rogers
ROOT see Wilson
RUMSEY see Dewey
RUSSELL see Hackett
SANDO Does anyone have rosters of Civil War regiments or Civil War veterans from Tioga County? If so how can I get in touch with them. We are looking for SANDO families in this area. There was a William SANDO who died in Middlebury as a result of war disease. Louis Preston
SATTERLEE see Blakelee
SATTERLEE see Dickinson
SATTERLEE Hi Joyce. I was following the Elisha SATTERLEE clan into Athens Twp of Bradford Co, from Luzerne Co PA, and also noted a James SWARTWOOD living in Athens Twp. My main point of research is the Earl family, found first in 1762 in Middle Smithfield Twp of what now is Monroe Co PA. One daughter (Martha) of Ebenezer EARL married a James SWARTWOOD. Most of the Swartwoods then moved up to the region around Tioga Co NY, some with a stop off in the Wyoming Valley. Helen GRAVES is a descendant of this marriage, and is someone in our Earl research group who is also actively looking at the Swartwoods. Any insight you had for me or Helen would be greatly appreciated. Jim Hannum
12 Feb 1999
SAVAGE see Thomas
SAYRE see Blakelee
SAYRE see Dickinson
SCHOONOVER SCHOONOVER, Seek information on the following Schoonover's: SCHOONOVER, MALINDA b. 1812 NY d. Austingburg, Tioga Co. PA m. ORRIN WAKLEY s/o Elizabeth g/s of STEPHEN CUMMINGS, SR. SCHOONOVER, SALLY JANE b. 3 Mar 1825 in Steuben Co. NY d. 28 Nov. 1889 in Austingburg, Tioga Co., PA m. GEORGE CUMMINGS s/o Thomas g/s of Stephen Cummings Sr. SCHOONOVER, MARY ANN b. 1823 PA m. CHARLES E. CARD s/o Charles g/s of Hannah gg/s of Stephen Cummings, Sr.Willing to share information.  Barry C.K. Moravek
President Isaac Cummings 
Family Association
2387 Carriage Ave.
Richland, Wa. 99352
SCOTT see Webb
SCOTT see Webb
SEELEY see Blakelee
SEMPSEY see Semsey
SEMSEY Joyce, would you happen to have any further information on a Alfred SEMSEY (SEMPSEY) who appears in the cemetery listing for Union Church cemetery in Liberty Township of Tioga County, PA? Where could I get additional information about him ? It appears that he married Nelli SHEFFER but is it known whether they had children? Any help would be appreciated. James M Semsey
SHAW see Turney
SHEFFER see Semsey
SHERMAN Seeking information on ADELIA SHERMAN, b. circa Aug 1829 Roseville area, PA and d. 03 MAY 1898 Loveland, Larimer CO., CO. believe that she is the daugther of JEFFERSON SHERMAN of Roseville, PA and ELVIRA McARTHUR. Jefferson and Elvira were born in RI. Adelia married 31 Dec 1849 in PA with JONATHAN BOYER BARNES, b. 20 Aug 1828, Benton, Yates Co., NY and d. 14 Dec 1903, Loveland, Larimer Co., CO. he was s/o John BARNES, JR and Polly BOYER. In 1860 Census, Jon and Adelia are living in Cherry Flats aream Rutland Twnshp, Tioga Co., PA. They had the following children: William Wallace, Clarina Adelia, Charles Jefferson, John Boyer, Elisa Jane, Albert Marion and Alice May. Am seeking any information on these people.  Lynne Perez
SHORT I sent a Query request for the SHORT and BATES family and forgot to give you my E-Mail address. I also needed more information on Lorentus SHORT. We haven't been able to locate his family.  Linda Short
19 Elmwood Dr. 
Apalachin, NY
SHULENBURG SHULENBURG - hi joyce i have been doing some fooling around on the web to find information on my father and family we had a farm in lawrence township outside of lawrenceville. i lived there from 1954 dob until 1972.. i have not gone to wellsboro to look anything up. it is just curious that the family name isnt any where up there. i was suppose to be the third generation of the family on the farm. both parents have been dead for years and no contact with my two brothers. if you have any information i would be very inerested in it thank you . sue myers
SMITH Need marriage records and parents of John Allen SMITH and Hannah HUYLER(?) who were married about 1840. John SMITH's parents are probably Peter and Rebecca SMITH and Hannah HUYLER's parents are probably George and Sarah HUYLER. Also need information about Enos and Abby Jane HUYLER BABCOCK. All are listed in the 1850 Elkland, Gaines Twp., Tioga County, PA, Census. Also wanted any information about, Flavia, the daughter of John Allen SMITH who married a BUTLER. Flavia had a son Wilbur BUTLER, but she died before 1883. Thank You Kenneth D. Priddy
SMITH see Wilson
SPENCER see Dewey
STEDMAN see Taylor
STEPHENS Researching the name STEPHENS, David, Welsh Settlement, Charleston Township. David was born in Wales, immigrated to PA in 1868, lived in PA until 1878, first child born in PA in 1877. Family moved to a Welsh community in Kansas where they remained for the rest of their lives - genealogy complete after family left PA. Wife's mother & father both born in Wales. Barbara Stevens
STOWELL see Pollard
SUTTON Hello Ms. Tice my name is Douglas Sutton and I am searching for the grave site or death record of Jason C SUTTON he was living in Farmington in 1860 and 1870 census and according to the 1880 mortality disk from the Family Tree Maker he died in the 1880 in Tioga county, I have yet to find a listing for him in your records. Is there any way that you can help me in my search? Doug and Candy
SWARTWOOD see Satterlee
SWEET Noticed that you have a SWEET connection, and wondered if you have seen anything on my Pentecost SWEET, b May 23, 1785? He married Elizabeth FAIRMAN, the daughter of Roswell FAIRMAN, and sister of my Cyrel FAIRMAN on Jan 5 1811. I believe that Pentecost came from RI to Bradford Co PA. He was a musician in the War of 1812, and also a minister. Thank you for any help you can give. Patricia Reynolds
Decatur, GA
TALLADA see Gaylord
TAYLOR insert Herb Taylor
Mill Hall, PA
17 Feb 1999
TAYLOR I am researching the names TAYLOR---ROBBINS----HUNT----STEDMAN in the tioga co. and chemung co. some names-------charles TAYLOR (westfield & elmira) ida mae ELLIS TAYLOR (charles' wife) hattie ROBBINS (wellsboro) eugene ROBBINS(hatties' husb) harry ROBBINS (hatties son) lewis TAYLOR (wellsboro) mary TAYLOR (his wife) donald TAYLOR (lewis' son) thanks......ruth Ruth Glastrock
THOMAS THOMAS, Zenas b. 17 May 1800, Cooperstown, Ostego Co. NY d. 28 June 1880 Nashua, Chickasaw Co, IA M. #1 Eleanor SAVAGE (1805-1835) these are from a Bible record from Harold HOOPER
Children Edward G.
Elizabeth Ann
Levi Stewart (1821-1877)
M. #2 Maria CARPENTER b. 26 Aprile 1826 M. 17 may 1842(4) Bradford Co.
Children born in Bradford Co.
Anna b. 1843 M. Levi FULLER
Zenas b. 1844 Sept d. 17 May 1862 Civil War
Samuel Z. b. 29 Jan 1849 M. Armida PRATT D. 1921
Newton W. B. 17 Nov. 1849 M. Lucy Dudley PERRY D. 19 Apr 1933
Emma B. 14 April 1851(2) M. Wesley KNIGHT
Ansel B. 16 June 1854 M. Anna MCLARNAN D. 24 March 1922
Clarence A. B.2 Mar 1857/8 M. (1) Abbie TRACY (2) Ellen TUPPER D. 12 July 1933
Martha B. 2 Sept 1859 M. William ROBINSON D. 3 Jan 1937
These children were born in Nashua IA
Belle (Mary Isabelle) B. 16 Oct 1861 M. E.E.TRACY D. 7 May 1936
Florence M. B. 1868 M. Lester M. HOLMES No date of death
Rebecca Thomas Seehusen
Hoover, AL
THOMAS Joyce I just became aware of your volunteer work and web page. I am Paul Marold, formerly of Elkland, PA. I am working on the THOMAS family tree, my ggrandfather was Frederick THOMAS, who died in 1913 in the Wellsboro area, we believe he might be buried in the Niles Valley Cementary. He was married to Amy Simmons COOK, they had 4 daughters, who lived out there lives in the Wellsboro area. Trying to find his birthdate, the circumstances of his death the names of any of his grandchildren or greatchildren. We think Frederick THOMAS was a teamster in the forest around the aarea of Wellsboro and Galeton. Any help would be appreciated. Paul Marold
TICE see Keeney
TRACY see Thomas
TUBBS insert
TUPPER see Thomas
TURNEY Joyce looking for my wife TURNEY, found some at your Cemrtery list, i know my Turneys were born in McDonald Pa. Jacob S. TURNEY b 1855 married a Ida SHAW - Son Clifford T. TURNEY b Oct/7/1885 Pa married a Miss Adah HUNTER Pa. Known Children:
Ethel Mae b 1910 Pa.
Adah b Pa.
Dorthy b Pa.
Martha b Pa.
Charlotte b Pa.
George b Pa.
Joesph b Pa. died young
Margaret b Muskoge Okla
Clifford Jr. b Muskogge Okla Can you have some do a look up on thisfamiley? Thanks 
Ross A McClain
7713 South Country Club Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
VAN ORDER Since you have posted the name VAN ORDER for us, we have moved. Would appreicate it if you could change address from 65 Jane Dr, Atoka, Tn to 6884 Green Crest Dr. Bartlett, Tn 38133. Would appreciate it and thank you. Everything else will stay the same but am coming up with new information shortly so will let you know. Thank you again.  Mike and
Dottie Van Order
6884 Green Crest Dr. 
Bartlett, Tn 38133
VAN VALIN see Wilson
VAN ZILE VAN ZILE - I'm looking for any information on this family prior to the 1900's. I have limited information on Charles H. VAN ZILE whom married Carrie BLISS. Charles was born in 1860, but that's all I know. I'd like to find out their parents names, their marriage dates, etc.  Penny M. Degre
VAN ZILE see Bliss
VANDERGRIFT would like to know anything that is available regarding the VANDERGRIFT family. I'm from John Vandergrift family. My grandmother name is Emiline and mother name is Nellie WETHERBEE - CLARK Robert A. Perri
I will be returing
to Florida Sept. 8th.
My e-mail is
WADE Hi, my name is Mary Jensen and I am looking for a Henry WADE family in Richmond Township, Tioga Co., PA consisting of wife Mary age 27, son Harry George age 4, son Charles Elliot age 2, and daug. Almira 4 months. Brother to Henry (Harry) was named George and they all came to Tioga in 1837 on ship Toronto from England. Have never located George and possible wife and four daug. Next door neighbor was George M. HALE. Henry ran an inn and George had a water mill. Anybody with any clues? They are shown in 1840 Tioga Co. Census. Henry WADE family moved to Illinois in 1844 and George moved North? Mary Jensen
WAKLEY see Schoonover
WATERS see Mews
WEBB I am trying to gather some information on my G-Grandfather,Samuel WEBB,who lived in Wellsboro around 1883/1895. Would the town be listed in a City Directory for those years? Samuel would have worked in the Coal Mines,I think,since thats what he did when he lived in Moosic,Pa. He was Married to my G-Grandmother,Olive V. DECKER and had two Sons. Charles was born in 1858 in Elmira,N.Y. George was born in Moosic,Pa. About 1882 Samuel left my G-Grandmother and took up with another Woman named Olive SCOTT. They had several sons,one of which was a Harry Webb who was born in Wellsboro around 1882/83. They also had a son named Alonzo and one named Samuel after my G-Grandfather. He may have died in that area. Any help or direction you could provide would be appreciated.  Lyell R. Webb
WEBB WEBB,My G-Grandfather,Samuel WEBB, married one Olive DECKER in Elmira, N.Y.about 1857. Their first child, Charles, was born about 1858. Any help to verify this would be appreciated.  Lyell R. Webb
WEBB I am trying to locate records for the Town of Wellsboro,Pa.Tioga Co. Records that would support my speculation that Samuel WEBB and Olive SCOTT Webb lived in this town from 1883 till 1899. They had several children,one of which was Harry Webb who later moved to Greenwood,Pa. One of Harry;s sons, William moved to Moosic, Pa. Any help would be appreciated.  Lyell R. Webb
WELSH HILL see Jones
WETHERBEE see Vandergrift
WHITE see Frasier
WILLSON see Wilson
WILSON You have done a wonderful job. Lots of good info and leads for amateurs like myself. I have gr-grandparents who lived in the LimeHill area. WILSON . He was deeply involved with the church at Lime Hilla and is supposed to be buried there. Also where can I get the maiden name of his wife?  George Norris
WILSON insert Gwen Mecum Hunt
09 Feb 1999
WILSON WILSON, SMITH, MECUM - WILSON, Politus R. (P.R.), son (?): Burdit WILSON, b. abt. 1793, d. 4 Jan 1871, buried Hart's Cemetery, Liberty, Tioga Co., PA, m. (1) Charlotte P. (?), d. 1848, age 22, (2) Rachel SMITH, d. 1873, daughter: Margaret "Maggie" WILSON, b. 20 July 1846, d. 19 May 1910/11, Morris, Tioga Co. PA, m. 25 July, 1866, Morris, Tioga Co. PA to Charles William MECUM, b. 1843, Muncy, Lycoming Co., d. 1926, Elmira, Chemung Co. NY. GWEN MECUM HUNT
Templeton, CA
WOLFE Dear Joyce: Have been searching for WOLFE information for approx 10 years. My grandfather (Walter Ira WOLFE) b. Luzerne Co. to Stephen Ira WOLFE and Sarah (Rood) WOLFE. Walter lived in Bedford his adult life but have been searching since for area of Luzerne Co. Stephen lived, all my family is dead so of no help with this. Don't even know if Walter had siblings. Not recorded on his death certificate. Would appreciate information you may have on this.  Carole (Wolfe) Kizzire
WOOD see Decker
YALE see Yale

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