Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Memorabilia of the Tri-Counties
Sylvania Graded School, Sylvania, PA - Attendance
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Records Submitted and Typed by Don Stanton
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice March 2005
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Sylvania School

Advanced Grade

W. I. Burrell, Teacher

W. L. Scouten, Secretary

September 19, 1896 - May 14, 1897

Month Name Age Visitors
S-May Willie Bixbee - Miss Bailey
S-A Chas. Campbell - Miss Dann
S-May Leon Card - Mr. Harry Straus
S-May Henry Monro - Miss Jennie Wheeler
S-F Roy Reese - Fred Waldo
S-A Willie Waldo - Carl Slingerland
S-N Fred Waldo - Floyd Bradford
N-N Edward Hagar   Carrie Packard
D-A Ira Monro - Alice Waldo
M-M Ross Sixbee - Prof. Putnam, Co. Supt.
M-May Maxie Monro - Mr. Samuel Canedy
A-May Freddie Campbell - Miss May Bixbee
A-A Jessie Ripley - Mrs. Slade
A-May Willie Slade - Miss Ada Morgan
A-May Walter Mosher - Mr. Glenn Sixbee
A-A Lloyd Bristol - Miss Blanch Steven
A-May Leon Bixby -  
A-May Lon Mosher -  

Month Name Age Visitors
S-May Genie Pierce - Mrs. Stella Monro
S-J Essie Pierce - Mr. Leroy Scouten
S-A Ella Kilgore - Mrs. M. S. Scouten
S-A Anna Decker - Miss Fannie Scouten
S-D Helen Ripley - Miss Lucy Rosa
O-D Carrie Mosher - Mr. Wm. Sherman
N-D Maggie Bailey - Miss Maggie Dann
D-M Elsie Preston -  
J-May Jennie Morgan -  
M-May Alice Evans -  
A-A Bessie Evans -  
M-May Eva Wood    
A-May Flossie Ripley -  
A-May Effie Alexander -  
A-May Edith Slade -  
A-A Hazel Williams -  
A-May Chrissie Waldo -  
A- Neva Bixbee -  

Sylvania School

Mae Bixby, Teacher

W. L. Scouten, Secretary

September 14, 1896 - March 16, 1897
Month Name Age Sex Books Used Visitors
S-M Maxie Monro 6 M Franklin 5th Reader Rev. A. G. Cameron
S-M Lonnie Mosher 13 M Franklin 4th Reader Fred Bixby
S-M Jesse Ripley 11 M Franklin 3rd Reader Carrie Mosher
S-M Walter Mosher 9 M Franklin 2nd Reader Miss Julia Robbins
S-M Fred Campbell 10 M Franklin 1st Reader Mrs. W. O. Bixby
S-M Louis Bixby 6 M Robinson’s Comple Arith Mrs. P. Slade
S-M Willie Slade 6 M Swinton’s Geography Edna Smith
S-M Loy Bristol 6 M Maxwell’s Grammar Leal Palmer
S-M George Bailey 14 M Modern Speller Mrs. John Evans
S-M Leon Bixby 12 M   Mrs. Frank Evans
D-M Sidney Utter 15 M Visitors Con’t Miss Jennie Morgan
D-M Eddie Utter 13   Miss Grace Howell Miss Jennie Wheeler
S-M Alice Evans 11 F Miss Essie Pierce Mrs. P. Slade
S-M Lena Bailey 7 F Rev. W. I. Burrell Miss Grace Worden
S-M Bessie Evans 6 F M/M W. L. Scouten Miss Carrie Mosher
S-M Edith Slade 8 F Mr. Clinton Soper Miss Anna Decker
S-M Eva Wood 8 F Miss Fannie Scouten Miss Helen Ripley
S-M Florence Ripley 8 F Miss Esther Burritt 

Miss Alice Strait

Ella Kilgore

William Waldo

S-M Christie Waldo 7 F Miss Julia Robbins Mrs. C. Hill
S-M Hazel Williams 11 F Miss Carrie Packard

Miss Lucy Rosa

William Bixby

Mr. Willis Howell

S-M Effie Alexander 7 F Miss Claudia Hakes

Miss Annie Decker

Charles Campbell

Miss Ada Morgan

S-J Gertie Palmer 11 F Miss Mina Bailey Roy Reese
O-M Neva Bixby 9 F Miss Maggie Bailey Miss Delia Dann
F-M Lillian Stuart 10 F Miss Jennie Morgan

Miss Helen Ripley

M/M Christopher Mosher
        Miss Charlotte Bixby Miss Mina Bailey
        Mrs. James Bailey M/M. Campbell
        Mr. Carl Slingerland Mr. Louis Mosher
        Mrs. Stella Monro Miss Elsie Preston
        Mr. Ernest Bixby Mr. Will Sherman
        Mr. Charles Howland Miss Eugenie Pierce
        Miss Pearl Howland Lewis Mosher
        Ruby Howland Mrs. Phil Slade
        Mr. Marion Mosher