Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
School Memorabilia of the Tri-Counties
Sylvania Graded School, Sylvania, PA - Attendance
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Records Submitted and Typed by Don Stanton
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice March 2005
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Sylvania School

Advanced Grade

Florence B. Card, Teacher

Salary: $25/mo

Alex G. Cameron, Secretary

September 4, 1899 - May 19, 1900

Month Name Age Visitors Visitors
S-May Bowen Card 14 Rev. A. G. Cameron Harry Strange
S-May Fred Campbell 13 Miss Heron  


Charlie Campbell 15 Mrs. Nile See  
S-M George Mosher 18 Miss Elizabeth Taylor  
S-M Fred Mosher 16 Willis Howell  
S-May Walter Mosher 12 Jennie Wheeler  
S-May Harold Stevens 11 Mrs. D. Alexander  
S-S Fred Waldo 19 Mrs. Cameron  
S-M Will Waldo 17 Mrs. C. M. Mosher  
S-N Herbert Wood 12 Mrs. C. D. Mosher  
S-May Leon Bixby 15 Mrs. Slade  
S-A Leon Card 19 Mrs. John Worden  
S-F Henry Monro 14 Mrs. Campbell  
N-J Lonnie Mosher - Rev. W. I. Burrell  
N-May Hugh Cameron - Louis Alexander  
N-M Ross Sixbee 17 Glenn Sixbee  
D-F Will Bixby 17 Durward Shaddick  
D-F Ira Monro - Mrs. R. D. Gray  

Month Name Age Visitors
S-May Neva Bixby 13 Mr. S. M. Canedy
S-May Ethel Card 13 Miss Lulu Pierce
S-May Alice Evans 14 Mr. O. C. Strait
S-A Edith Frost 12 Carrie Packard
S-May Eugenie Pierce 17 Lou Alexander
S-D Carrie Packard 17 Carrie Mosher
S-May Florence Ripley 11 Eva Stanton
S-May Anna Stevens 13 Van Ness Alexander
S-May Eva Wood 11 Willis Howell
S-May Gertrude Wilson 15 Miss Marie Rockwell
S-May Hannah Luckey 9 Miss Mary Knapp
S-M Edith Slingerland 19 Edith Slingerland
S-M Hazel Williams 14 Gertrude Palmer
J-May Rubie Rockwell 12 Mr. Rexford Soper

Sylvania School

S. Alice Strait, Teacher

Salary: $24/mo

Alex G. Cameron, Secretary

September 4, 1899 - May 10, 1900

Month Name Age Books Used Visitors
S-A Louis Bixby 9 Franklin’s 3rd Reader Rev. A. G. Cameron
S-N Hugh Cameron 9 Franklin’s 2nd Reader Alice J. Waldo
S-A Neil Cameron 6 Baldwin’s 1st Reader Mrs. Gustin
S-A Leland Card 6 Milne’s Prim Arith Mrs. Campbell
S-A Elias Frost 6 Smith’s Prim Physiology Mrs. Stevens
S-A Hardin Gustin 6   Mrs. Card
S-A Harold Gustin 5   Mrs. Kanaan
S-A Maxie Munroe (Monro) -   Mrs. Slade
S-A Jesse Ripley 13   Mrs. Mosher
S-N Freddy Smith 6   Mrs. Cameron
S-A George Stevens 9   Mrs. Worden
S-A William Slade 9   Mrs. Strait
S-A Frank Slade 6   Walter Mosher
S-N Willie Wood 10   Harry Strange
N-A Dean Rockwell -   Rev. W. I. Burrell
N-F Reuben Craps -   O. C. Strait

Month Name Age Visitors
S-May Cecil Alexander 7 S. M. Canedy
S-May Effa Alexander 10 Annie Decker
S-May Lena Bailey 10 Jennie Scouten
S-May Pearl Campbell 7 Supt. Putnam
S-May Lulu Card 10 Mary Knapp
S-May Bessie Evans 8 Marie Rockwell
S-May Katie Hill 8 Mrs. Case


Tracy Hardy 6 Mrs. John Evans
S-May Vernie King 9 Mrs. Frank Evans


Elsa Munroe (Monro) 7 Earl Williams
S-N Laura Smith 7  
S-May Edith Slade 11  
S-May Mildred Wood 5  
S-May Mildred Williams 6  
S-May Chrissie Waldo 10  
M-May Hazel Rockwell 6