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Mansfield High School Graduates 2005
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1960 view of Mansfield High School. Front section , formerly the gym - converted to auditorium, was built about 1927 attached to the old Brick School. In 1939, the Brick School was torn down and the new school built surrounding the central gym. The 1939 section  on left became the Junior High School in the fall of 1959, and the High School is the new part on the right.
1968 Yearbook Photo
From the 2005 School Records of Mansfield High School.
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Surname First Name Year
Aumick Daron 2005
Aumick Samantha M 2005
Baity Ashley 2005
Beck Eric L 2005
Berg Dana M 2005
Breon Adam 2005
Burleigh Elizabeth 2005
Butler Jessica R 2005
Cannon Justin J 2005
Carlson Daniel T 2005
Chen Zuqiu 2005
Clarke Austin 2005
Coates Nicholas 2005
Cole Misty D 2005
Correll Carissa 2005
Dietz Sara E 2005
Donner Tyler 2005
Empson Nathan K 2005
Evans Kaitlyn 2005
Feo Ashley 2005
Folcarelli Michael J 2005
Fuller Jonathan E 2005
Gilroy Justin L 2005
Grala Morgan E 2005
Greene Jason 2005
Hagar Alesia G 2005
Hall Emily A 2005
Hall Erin L 2005
Harding Joshua L 2005
Henry Andrea R 2005
Howe Kaylah D 2005
Jack Mary 2005
Johnson Kikki Dee 2005
Kent Jessica L 2005
Kingsley Kristin R 2005
Kling Jacob A 2005
Marbaker Debra Jo 2005
McConomy Lisa M 2005
McKay Casey David 2005
Miller Nathaniel J 2005
Morgan Danielle N 2005
Morgan  Michael T 2005
Murphy Whitney E 2005
Nelson Talia M 2005
O'Hara Amanda L 2005
Otruba Ariel A 2005
Owen Jeremy 2005
Queal Jonathan W 2005
Queal Kyle B 2005
Reyes David 2005
Rodgers Ashley 2005
Rogers James 2005
Sattler Kylan A 2005
Schmist Christine F 2005
Schreck Angela S 2005
Seeley Christopher F 2005
Serine Vincent E 2005
Deymour Lukas A 2005
Sherman Sarah R 2005
Shrouds Garrett M 2005
Shughart Kristie 2005
Slater Austin 2005
Spencer Gregory G 2005
Stager Zachary E 2005
Swody Jennifer A 2005
Tanner Andy W 2005
Thompson Tyler 2005
Tice Kurtis 2005
Weatherby Benjamin L 2005
Wood Tiffany A 2005
Wunderlich Stephen 2005
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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice.
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