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Mansfield High School Graduates 1977
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1960 view of Mansfield High School. Front section , formerly the gym - converted to auditorium, was built about 1927 attached to the old Brick School. In 1939, the Brick School was torn down and the new school built surrounding the central gym. The 1939 section  on left became the Junior High School in the fall of 1959, and the High School is the new part on the right.
1968 Yearbook Photo
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From the 1977 Manscript - Yearbook of Mansfield High School.
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Surname First Name Year  Spouse
Anderson Denise 1977  
Antes Susan 1977  
Aumick Nancy 1977  
Bach Rich 1977  
Bailey Jim 1977  
Baker Dave 1977  
Barrett Wendy 1977  
Bartlett Ed 1977  
Beck Tammy 1977  
Boicesco Jeanie 1977 Robert Seeley Jr
Bonson Mary 1977  
Brace Darwin 1977  
Brennan Pat 1977  
Brimmer James 1977  
Brown Regina 1977  
Burt Richard 1977  
Button Susan 1977  
Calkins Guy 1977  
Campbell Jeff 1977  
Clark Bob 1977  
Clark Don 1977  
Clickner Dan 1977  
Cook Nancy 1977  
Crittenden Marianne 1977  
Crum Jim 1977  
Cummings Tom 1977  
Downing Colleen 1977  
Edwards Fred 1977  
Estep Mike 1977  
Everett Jeff 1977  
Frank Cindy 1977  
Fritz Cheryl 1977  
Frost Leonard 1977  
Fugh Dave 1977  
Fugh Doug 1977  
Gitchell Chris 1977  
Greene Bill 1977  
Greene Tim 1977  
Hakes Megan 1977  
Hall Marvin 1977  
Hamilton Mark 1977  
Harvey Susan 1977  
Harzinski Leonard 1977  
Hauber Debbie 1977  
Heaps Curt 1977  
Hicks Ken 1977  
Hufnagel Mike 1977  
Husted John 1977  
Jenkins Tom 1977  
Johnson Stuart 1977  
Jones Nancy 1977  
Kemper Barb 1977  
Kennedy Jeff 1977  
Kennedy Marsha 1977  
Kenyon Dave 1977  
Kephart Tracy 1977  
Krausw Wayne 1977  
Marble Steven 1977  
Mason Darcy 1977  
Mason Shari 1977  
McCarty Penny 1977  
Mizdail Fran 1977  
Morgan Diana 1977  
Nance Patty 1977  
Novak Jill 1977  
Payne Tim 1977  
Peake Alison 1977  
Powers Misty 1977  
Powlison Cindy 1977  
Putnam Melinda 1977  
Richardson George 1977  
Rizzo Mike 1977  
Rumsey Rick 1977  
Sanford Bill 1977  
Sargent Don 1977  
Sargent Frank 1977 Barb Slater
Seeley Bob 1977 Jeannie Boicesco
Seymour Marie 1977  
Shaw Ben 1977  
Sherman Mark 1977  
Sidler Jack 1977  
Slater Barb 1977 Frank Sargent
Slater Kris 1977  
Smichowski Paula 1977  
Smith Lane 1977  
Sokoly Julie 1977  
Strange Matt 1977  
Swingle Nancy 1977  
Swinsick Scott 1977  
Tice Carol 1977 Rick Correll
Tice Tim 1977  
Tomlinson Wayne 1977  
Verdier Betsy 1977  
Vernon John 1977  
Walsh Debbie 1977  
Weed Steve 1977  
Wilkins Dave 1977  
Wilson Mark 1977  
Wilson Terry 1977  
Wood Anita 1977  
York Ann 1977  
Zagozewski Greg 1977  
Zdzinski Alex 1977  
Bloss Stephanie 1977  
Loparco Velma 1977  
Salas Alesandro 1977  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice.
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The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933