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School Memorabilia of the Tri-Counties
Graduate Photos Mansfield State Normal School 
The following class photos were in the belongings of Ernest Inscho. His niece, 
Jane Webb, has scanned them for us and sent them to me on CD ROM. 
I have edited them for size and added names. All were taken by Bailey of Mansfield
who did many of the Normal School photos. 

South Hall 1900
From1928 Carontowan
Compare to South Hall 1870. This shows how it was built on in  front and top area
School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Photos of Graduates
Year: Not Identified
Submitted by: Jane WOHLSCHLEGEL Webb
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More 1899 & Undated MSNS Graduate Photos
Mansfield Normal School History
S. Alice Strout, Sylvania Sylvene Nye, Roseville
Born 1880, Daughter of Caroline (Surname Unknown)
and Dr. Orin Nye of Roseville.
Taught in Roseville 1902
She served as a nurse in WW1. Died 1923.
Buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville
Thomas B. Hubbard, Rutland Wells A. Shaw, Mansfield
Born Mansfield 1873, Son of Emma Wells and
William Shaw. Died 1959
Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield