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School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1875-1877 
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
Charles H. Vererill was Principal
1869-1873 and 1875-1877
Verrill Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Last Name Own Name First Name
Allen   Fred
Baldwin   Kate
Beach   R
Brewster Smith Flora
Dayton   Susie
Elliott Hillis John
Elliott Hartley Julia
Furman   Dewitt
Garver Rowe Ella
Guernsey   Ella
Hand   A
Horton   Mary
Hulslander   Winifield
Kennedy   George
Little   Jesse
Marcy   Milton
McCulloch   Samuel
McFarland Hall Laura
McKean Elliott Addie
Osthaus   Arthur
Park Demorist Anna
Pitts   David
Preston Wilcox Naomi
Rifenburg Vought Emma
Tewksbury   Anson
Watrous Shove Fannie
Whitman   Myron
Williammee   Orson
Williams Pattison Emily
Last Name Own Name First Name
Avery Farrer Jennie
Barney   Delwin
Beach   Charles
Beach   Joseph
Burton Parks Emma
Clark   Sarah
Congdon   Charles
Doanne   Allen
Havens Crawford Lou
Howe Case Carrie
Ingham   Fred
Kennedy   Stephen
Kimble   Frank
Mills   John
Reynolds Goodrich Mary
Ross   Charles
Scouten   John
Stephens   William
Whitman Simmons Laura
Wilcox   Daniel
Wilcox   Henry
Last Name Own Name First Name
Ashcraft Jones Annie
Bailey   Ranson
Baker   Albert
Baldwin   Dan
Bird   Albert
Blanchard Rockwell Nellie
Brown   F
Buckbee   Anna
Coveney   Lelia
Doane   J
Edwards   Franc
Hollenback   Amos
Howe   Albert
Hulslander Coyle Mamie
Humphrey   Wilmont
Hulslander   W
James   Benton
Keeney   Agnes
Kingsland   Mary
Levisse   Dora
Little   Jessie
Morse   Lucy
Perry Pratt Carrie
Robyler   Herbert
Rumsey   Albert
Sabin   Charles
Shattuck   Alfred
Index of Antique Postcards & Photos Illustrating the Class Photo Pages
Mansfield Classical Seminary North Hall North Hall Alumni Hall President's House Dining Room Clionon 1899
Gymnasium Arcade & Dorm Arcade with Students South Hall South Hall 1870 South Hall 1881 South Hall 1900
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