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Dennison C. Thomas was Principal
1880 to 1892
Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook) 
School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1884-1886
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber

Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Last Name Own Name First Name
Adams   James
Borden Sperry Eva
Brundage   Ena
Burdick   Harvey
Corey   Harry
Dunsmore   Andrew
Emerson White Cora
Espy   Harl
Evans   Andrew
Evans Jagger Carrie
Evans   Thomas
Hayes Valentine Jennie
Hitchcock   Andrew
Hitchcock Lung Grace
James   Cora
James   Harry
Jennings Hodgson Mary
Johnson Dana Emma
Jordon   E
Kilbourne Gilmore Anna
Kimball Bullock Minnie
Lain   Rachel
Lee   Jennie
Lejenne Byrne Julia
Lugg   Charles
McCawley   John
McClay   Edwin
Mitchell   Kate
Moore   Edward
Owen   William
Raker   Nora
Shaw McDade Maggie
Smith Rew Eleanor
Smyth Ewing Ella
Starnee   Herbert
Stevens Hayden Emma
Stevenson Barden Kate
Stewart   John
Thorne   May
Tucker Stone Lottie
Valentine   William
Wallace   Grace
Wilson Kent Lou
Wood   Harvey
Wood Callender Jennie
Woodbury   Edgar
Woodruff   Arthur
Last Name Own Name First Name
Bartlett   Samuel
Boland Oneill Anna
Campbell Melville J
Carlton   Florence
Clark Voorhees Amanda
Clark   Jay
Clark Wylie Lizzie
Cole Backer Nellie
Could   Agnes
Dunsmore Ball Sara
Emberger   Joseph
Ferguson Trowbridge Georgianna
French   Elmer
Gallup   48473
Green   Katherine
Hanlan   M
Hanson   Jennie
Lewis   Nellie
Logan   Lizzie
Lung   Henry
Miller   Albert
Miller   John
Moran Richards Mary
Porter Levan Abbie
Purcell   Kate
Rexford Baynes Ada
Ritter   Ella
Rosengrant   E
Spencer   L
Stewart   J
Treible   Caroline
Treible   Robert
Van Dusen Hall Della
Van Dyne Lee Mame
Walter Waller Nellie
Weeks   Sherman
Westbrook   Alta
Whipple Durand Cora
Some 1886 Graduate Photos
Last Name Own Name First Name
Barber Coyle Bessie
Bartlett Wood Libbie
Beach Bailey Eula
Black Homet Lida
Boyd   Margaret
Brooks Carrick Maggie
Bunnell   I
Callendar   Mary
Carroll Faulkner Carrie
Carter   Kern
Clark Cogswell Minnie
Colwell Doolittle Mary
Daniell   Emily
Dickerson   Virginia
English   Mary
Foote Spencer Ina
Foote   Lewis
Gerham Newton Elsie
Handwerk   Marcus
Hanyen   Fred
Harris   Sadie
Hatch Carter Anna
Higgins   Eliza
Houghwout   Adwel
Howard Tingley R
Huston Moody Lizzie
Jones Christian Bertha
Leonard Close Carrie
Lockhart Wiggins Carrie
Lugg Starkey Emma
Main   J
McWhorter   Minnie
Meine   Phillip
Mercerau Cyphers Effa
Meylert   J
Miller   W
Osbourne   Charles
Overfield   E
Reese   M
Reynolds Stevens Carrie
Riley Ely Eva
Rosenkrans   D
Rude Curtis Laura
Sands Furman Edna
Sanford   Walton
Smith Bunell Lucy
Steigmaer   Mame
Taylor   T
Thomas Billings Carrie
Thomas Huckins Jennie
Walker   H
Whipple Lacey Marion
Williams Knowlton Lillie
Wilson Ritter Margaret
Index of Antique Postcards & Photos Illustrating the Class Photo Pages
Mansfield Classical Seminary North Hall North Hall Alumni Hall President's House Dining Room Clionon 1899
Gymnasium Arcade & Dorm Arcade with Students South Hall South Hall 1870 South Hall 1881 South Hall 1900
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