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School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1887-1889
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
Dennison C. Thomas was Principal
1880 to 1892
Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Last Name Own Name First Name
Alexander Adams Jennie
Ammerman   Charles
Argetsinger   George
Arrowsmith   Anna
Baldwin   Bessie
Baldwin   Charles
Bartholomew Grinnell Mary
Beamish   Nellie
Beardsley Simrell Carrie
Benson Vanness Susie
Blanchard Brown Jennie
Brown   Candace
Bunyan Warren Jennie
Bushog Watts Grace
Carroll   Bridget
Chapman   Nellie
Clark   Howard
Coyle   Mary
Cruttenden Phillips Helen
Dana   Mary
Dartt   M
Davies Evans Mary
Davis Baynes Cora
Dilsworth   George
Dunsmore   John
Eckerson Stevens Alice
Emerson   Ella
Erway Brigden Myrtle
Evans   Reese
Finnegan McCormick Katherine
Flynn   Mary
Frisbie Russell Flora
Fuller   Ella
Gamble Dodge Bertha
Gorham   Fordyce
Ham Gordon Nettie
Harkness   Harry
Harley   Frank
Hartley   Emma
Hearn   Mary
Huston   S
Johnson Jones Winnie
Johnston   Carrie
Jones Broadbent Anna
Jordan   Ella
Jordan Leonard Mazie
Kelley   Clyde
Kenny   Maude
Kester Morley Fanny
Knapp   Samuel
Knight   Susie
Langdon   Winnie
Leonard   S
Little Gunn Ada
Litzinger Oconnell Catherine
Lloyd   Marion
Lott Carlin Martha
Ludiam Bush Florence
Mahon   Alfred
Maxey   W
Mc Kinney Barrett Anna
Mc Manama   Elizabeth
McCarty   Marguerite
McGulgan   Julia
Miller Jones Rachel
Milliken   Beatrice
Molahan   Anna
Murray   Nellie
Oboyle   Ella
Potter   Electa
Ramsdell   F
Roberts Thomas Elizabeth
Rose   J
Schmidt Coddington Mary
Shaw   A
Shea   Mary
Smiley Haight Cora
Smith   Belle
Smith   Carrie
Smith Brooks Ella
Strauss   Carrie
Taylor Leonard Anna
Thomas   Edith
Tiffany   Nellie
Tinkham   F
Tinkham Silvius Louise
Tracy   Cora
Tracy   Helena
Twitmyer   George
Van Aman Alden Lizzie
Voorhees   Grant
Watson   Fannie
Wilson   E
Wood   John
Last Name Own Name First Name
Ashley   W
Ashton Phillips Cora
Ayres Shepard Nana
Bailey Cruttenden Grace
Baynes   M
Beach Carley Carrie
Beach   Newton
Benton   Sarah
Biddle Jennings Jennie
Blair Morley Grace
Boak Bennett Louise
Bonds   Nora
Breidinger   Jacob
Brennan   Joseph
Brock   Mame
Brown   Eleanor
Buchanan   Robert
Bull   James
Butler Treat Alice
Card Burritt Florence
Catterson   Alden
Chase Williams Bessie
Chase   Mary
Cloos Colegrove Sarah
Cornell   F
Cornell James Luna
Cox Smith Cora
Cray   D
Dallman   Walter
Davis   David
Decker Cummings Ida
Devany   James
Diehl Watts Rena
Dougherty   Sarah
Dunsmore   William
Eliott Kent Edith
Elliott   Jessie
Elliott   Willis
Epps Roberts Ellen
Ferry   Leon
French   Charles
Gallagher   Mary
Gillen   Mattie
Gillespie   Josephine
Gilpin Hest Emily
Gilpin   Sherman
Green   Fred
Greer Stone Murtle
Gregory   Alice
Handrick Barnard Nettie
Heibeck Williams Anna
Homet   Frank
Hope   Bernard
Horton   Flora
Hotchkiss   John
Hunt   Fred
Hyatt Strong Phoebe
Kelley   N
Kelley   Nellie
Kelly Walker Bertha
Kemp   Herman
Klinger Welch Bertha
Kohler   Ada
Lane Shaw Anna
Leahy   James
Lee   Anna
Lent Gisin Annie
Lounsberry   Edith
Ludlam Webster Stella
Lyons Potter Faye
Major   Alice
Marvin   Harry
McCormack   Frank
McGrath   John
Miles   Sarah
Morse   Willard
Nailen   May
Pitts   Wayne
Quinn   John
Rafter   Laura
Ramsdale   Ida
Reilly Malia Lizzie
Reynolds   Harry
Reynolds   Walter
Ritter   Chas
Rogers   W
Rose   Julia
Rounds   Herman
Scouten   Jennie
Sharterian Payne Kate
Shaw   Llewellyn
Sheeley Sampson Anne
Smith   Melvin
Tewksbury Johnson Leona
Van Gorder   Frank
Walrath   Minnie
Wentz Smith Grace
Werline   Mainard
Wheeler Flower Edith
Wilson Heft Luella
Winans   Clara
Wood   D
Worden   Alma
1892 Commencement Brochure
Last Name Own Name First Name
Abernathy Fulkerson Arta
Angie   Harry
Barber Rice Jennie
Barentrzen Keeler Margaret
Barrett   Homer
Beamish   Mary
Beavers Williams Gertrude
Bernauer   Morris
Bodler   Anna
Broderick   Ray
Browning Thomas Grace
Burley   George
Caldwell Blakesley Evelyn
Carlin   Mary
Champney   Loren
Clark   Hartwell
Clark   Budd
Clark Huntingdon Ellen
Collins   Merton
Dunsmore   James
Dyott Oakley Martha
Elliott   Edward
Ely McConnell Stella
Estabrook Robinson Mame
Fairclough   Elizabeth
Friends Barrett Etta
Fuchs   Anna
Fuller   Cora
Gardner   Truman
Geddes Garrahan Frances
Gile   Norman
Gilpin   S
Goodpreed   Lyman
Hartlet   Frank
Haskins Rockwell Teresa
Hoffman   Edith
Hogarth Vail Grace
Howell   William
Hurlbut Lee Harriett
Jarvis   Frank
Kelley   Mark
King   Edna
Kinsey   Katherine
Lee   Mary
Lombard Warner Eva
Longbothum Ely Bessie
Lyon   George
McEwan Preston Elizabeth
Miller   Emma
Mongan   Kate
Morgan   Edward
Nye Voorhees Pearl
O'Donnell Bailey Sarah
Owen   May
Parks Myer Rita
Peck   Welland
Quinn Smith Margaret
Ramsey Kearney Rose
Ross Waldo Mary
Shaffer Metcalf Flora
Sharpe   Arthur
Shaw   B
Sherwood   Hugh
Smith Ripley May
Soper Gates Maude
Spencer   Fred
Stock Stevens Mollie
Thomas   George
Walker Clark Rosmand
Warner   Grace
Webster   Sylvester
Weldy   Burton
White   Olin
Wood Youmans Ella
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