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School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1896-1898
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
Samuel Albro was Principal
1892 to 1899
Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Last Name Own Name First Name
Adams   James
Allen   Nell
Amerman   Edwin
Argetsinger Lewis Lena
Barbour Stalford Florence
Beach   B
Bennett Shaw Mabel
Bodler   Sophia
Bowen   Albert
Bradway   William
Brion   Charles
Burgess   Ettie
Burnham Sherman Effie
Burritt   Eugenia
Carpenter Geier Ida
Carris Storer Nellie
Chapin   Clementine
Clark   Fannie
Cochran Powers Josephine
Coeyman Pierce Ida Mae
Copestick   John
Crippen Jerold Margaret
Crowell Oakley Pearl
Dalton   James
Dobbins   William
Dorsett   Edward
Dorsett   Ernest
Doubleday Newell Eleanor
Dunsmore   Archibald
Eck Murphy Margaret
Edwards   Paul
Ferry Kinyon Ada
Fordyce Barton Ina
Fuller Hakes Claudia
Gallagher Potter Velma
Gallup Neefe Katherine
Gamble Darby Mettie
Gibson   Anna
Gillespie   Frances
Goodall   Edith
Grahm Palmer Lily
Gray   Mary
Grover Kibbe Emma
Halcomb   George
Harper Day Edna
Harper   A
Harvey   Louise
Hastings   J
Heermans   Mattie
Heist   Mary
Hickok   Carrie
Holcomb   George
Howe   Van
Jackson   Frank
James   Mark
Jenkins Bowen Bessie
Jones   Albert
King   Margaret
Krise Doud Dornah
Krug   Edgar
Lacey   Raymond
Laurson   Myrtyl
Lawson Potter Myrtyl
Leonard Sherman Rosemond
Little Trowbridge Emma
Loveless Wetmore Isabel
Machlin Davidson Sarah
Mann   Arthur
Marvin   Isabelle
Maxey   George
Maycock Fowler Edna
McConnell Cunningham Jennie
McCormick Wells Ruth
McKinney   Louis
Merrick   George
Merritt Cronk Martha
Mitchell   Ray
Morrison Field Cora
Morse   John
Mullen   John
Nelson   John
Noble   Estella
Norman   William
O'Hara   John
O'Hara Hayes Mary
Orr   William
Overfield   P
Packard   A
Patchen   Frank
Peifer Eadie Grace
Peterson   Harry
Petrie Blakesley Georgia
Quinlan   Mellissa
Richards Young Jennie
Rogers Cress Ada
Ruder Long Minerva
Seeley Learned Cora
Simmons   Julia
Smith   Lloyd
Smith   Nelson
Soper   David
Southard White Myra
Spear   William
Stevens Parker Augusta
Stevens   Claude
Strong King Lillian
Tewksbury   Irving
Thomas   Lester
Tiffany   Clara
Titus Stearns Minnie
Underwood Peck Nellie
Vincent Baker Rose
Wandall   Fred
White Vail Anna
Wicks   Marvella
Williams Ransom Ruth
Wilson   Bessie
Wise Davis Emily
Wooster Gray Mabel
Worden Black Edith
Young Eddy Pearl
1897 Gym Uniforms
1897 Football Team
Last Name Own Name First Name
Atwood Moody Dora
Bailey Doane Edna
Baldwin   Ella
Barrington Hillis Nellie
Bixby Haight Nellie
Boughton   Harriett
Boylan Hart Ella
Bradford   Carl
Brady Vanvalkenburg Helen
Burlingham Lamkin Minni
Butler   Will
Carroll   Gertrude
Cleveland Goodall Clara
Cochran   Albert
Cole Williams Minne
Collins Nash Margaret
Colt Hahn Mary
Coon   Melvin
Courtright Koon Mary
Dean   Ernest
Dewitt Bennington Edith
Dorsett   Harry
Duff Ditchburn Elizabeth
Dugan   Celia
English   Joseph
Evans   May
Fallis Watrous Louise
Foster Palmer Lulu
Fralic   Walter
Fuller   Louis
Gaige   Fred
Gallagher   Helen
Gayman   Anna
Geider Brown Edith
Gilbert Bates Mary
Gleckler Middaugh Edith
Gorham Newton E Louise
Griswold Blakesley Mary
Hammersley   Leone
Hanohue   Thomas
Harvey   Bertha
Hilles   Lora
Hughes Boland Ella
Husted   Ray
Jenkins   William
Jones   Ada
Jones Thompson Christine
Jones Quackenbush Emma
Judge   Jonn
Keating   Minnie
King Bush Maud
Lancaster   Antoinette
Marvin   John
Matthews Payne Alice
McMurtry Goodspeed Julia
Miller   Harriet
Morse   Frances
Newhall   Bertha
Paine   David
Parker   F
Patchen   Walter
Reynolds Alexander Myrtle
Smith   Louis
Snyder Nical Annie
Sullinder   Grace
Sweezey   P
Taylor   Inez
Terry Winslow May
Tunny McGovern Ella
Van Dusen Wilson Mary
Voorhees   Lee
Walters   Mary
Watkins   Arthur
Webster   Orpha
Wefling   Rudolph
Westgate Black Nellie
Whippy   Katherine
Wicks Sheets Ida
Wilson Jones Agnes
Some 1898 Graduate Photos
Last Name Own Name First Name
Albert   William
Andrus Rawson Lulu
Artetsinger   Leon
Atwood   Leon
Bacon Clayson Helena
Bailey   Frances
Bardwell   Walter
Bates Leach Helen
Beach Sherwood Mattie
Bedell   Sara
Benedict   S
Betts Voorhees Estella
Brownlee   William
Byron   Michael
Cass   Floy
Cleveland Browne Martha
Cole   Mattie
Cook Bowker May
Crittenden   Arthur
Crittenden   Eugene
Decoursey   Miles
Deitlin   Frank
Farnalls Upham Katherine
Farr Morris Sara
Gaige   Herman
Hall Smith Elizabeth
Hall Colegrove Prudence
Harrer   Edith
Hirsch Wandall Elizabeth
Hopkins   Mary
Houser Miller Clara
Howe Guild Lavina
Husted Stevenson Margaret
Jewell Shieve Ola
Johnson Fike Inez
Keeler   John
Kelley Heron Kathryn
Knight Cloos Julia
Lawrence Michelfelder Frederika
Losey   Leon
Marvin   Jennie
McKown Jaune Mary
Miller   Ethel
Mills   Edith
Mold   Harry
Mold Gibson Kathryn
Mott   Eva
Nichols Werline Edith
Parks   Henry
Peters   Sara
Saxton   George
Schramm Lewis Maud
Shamalia   Mary
Shepard   Cora
Simmons Lounsberry Stella
Smith Rogers Louise
Snyder   Courtney
Soete   Theresa
Squier   Clarence
Stark   Percy
Stewart   Clarence
Strong   Jennie
Taylor   Belva
Taylor   Floyd
Thomas Humphrey Victoria
Towner Patten Jennie
Ulshafer Brenckman Lillie
Updyke   Katherine
Watrous Fallis Louise
Webster   Ernest
Willer   Alice
Zechman Cokely Lizzie
Effie Sherman Class of 1896
1947 - Fiftieth Reunion of Class of 1897
Wellsboro Agitator 1947
Members of MSTC Class of 1897 at Reunion

Photo Caption:  Members of Class of 1897, Mansfield State Teachers College, who attended 50th anniversary discuss Alumni Day. Seated from left: Mrs. Edith Bennington DeWitt, Muney; Mrs. Dora Moody Atwood, Syracuse; Mrs. Nellie Black Westgate, Canton; Mrs.Alice Payne Matthews, Covington; Mrs. Edith Brown Gelder, Forest City, Pa.; Mrs. Minnie Williams Cole, Corning; Mrs. Julia Goodspeed McMurtry, Mansfield. Standing from left: Mrs. Myrtle Alexander Reynolds, Detroit; Mrs. Helen VanValkenburg Brady, Wellsboro; Mrs. Lulu Palmer Foster, Washington, D.C.; Dr. Melvin Coon, Athens; Dr. Albert M. Cockran, Salina, Pa.; Dr. Carl Mott Bradford, Canton; Dr. Will George Butler, Blossburg; Mrs. Mary Blakesley Griswold, Rhinebeck, N.Y.; Mrs. Mary Wilson Van Dusen, Wilawana, Pa. – Harrington Photo.
Mrs. Ella Boland Hughes, Carbondale; Mrs. Ella Hart Boylan, Carbondale; Mrs. Minnie Lambkin Burlingham, Sayre; and Lee A. Vooryees of Coudersport, attended the reunion, but were not available when the picture was taken.
Of the original class of 77, 21 are deceased. However, 21 members of the class enthusiastically celebrated their anniversary. The class was represented at the general alumni meeting by the secretary, Dr. Will George Butler, who gave the invocation and an address on “The Abundant Cycles of Life and the Tale the Daisies Told.”
Letters were read from Mrs. Josephine Doane Bailey of Como, Australia; Mrs. Mae Winslow Terry, Waterbury, Conn.; ??? David Paine, New Yor; J. ? D. English, Peckville, Pa. ??? Mrs. Mary E. Welfling, of ??? County.

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