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School Memorabilia of the Tri-Counties
Alumni of Mansfield State Normal School 
School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1899-1901
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
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Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)

Andrew Thomas Smith was Principal
1899 to ??
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
Some 1899 Graduate Photos
Last Name Own Name First Name
Alleman Reynolds Effie
Allen   Thomas
Bacon   Dana
Bailey   Martin
Baker   Arling
Ballard   Fred
Benson   Peter
Blanchard   Charles
Boyd Goodrich Nellie
Bradford Strait Alice
Brennan Brehony Catherine
Brigham Eadie Florence
Brown   Alena
Cahill   Anna
Carrington Jones Caroline
Chapin   Delwin
Clark   Fordyce
Clark Christian Harriett
Coleman   Judson
Connelly Cornwell Luvinnie
Curran Langdon Vesta
Dalburg   Frank
Dale Snedden Martha
Dershimer   Mabel
Doane   Stella
Dolphin   Elizabeth
Doughty   Frank
Dunham Treat Fannie
Dunnigan   Mary
Ellen   Thomas
Elliott   Charles
Fanning Swain Marian
Gaige Jenks Florence
Gaige Lewis Mina
Garra   Margaret
Greenough Reynolds Clara
Harkness   Clay
Harrer   Harriett
Howe Smith Lena
Hubbard   Thomas
Hurley   Julia
Husted   Harry
Husted Meeker Ida
Inscho   Ernest
James Webster Clara
Johnson   George
Johnston Goldmyer Margaret
Johnston Storer Sue
Jones Wilson Agnes
Keir Bailey Ada
Kuser Stark Ethel
Lathram   Dudley
Lefler   Mark
Lent   Phillip
Loomis Park Edith
McCarthy   Augusta
McCarthy Fritzche Vesta
McClatchey Smith Ethel
McGinty   James
Michelfelder Stevens Clella
Miller Houser Clara
Morris   Louis
Mosher   Joseph
Noble Hurr Nellie
Nye   Lylvene
O'Donnell Nelson Anna
Oliver Clifford Matilda
Ollendick   August
Palm Leonard Harriet
Parke   Newcomb
Phillips Carpenter Lida
Phillips Peters Rena
Powers   Ray
Price   Earl
Randell   Burdett
Reap   Michael
Richmond   Bert
Ridge   Stockwell
Saxe   Edward
Schneider   Henry
Sebring Storms Carolyn
Seeley Matteson Edna
Shaw Vanness Celia
Shedden   Elwin
Shive Northrop Kate
Shook   Gordon
Shove   Frances
Simpson   Richard
Smith   Ernest
Smith Lambert Pauline
Soper Waldo Alice
Soper   Rex
Spencer Raymond Ada
Spencer   J
Strange   John
(SRGP 6956)
Stull Hannover Elizabeth
Tenny Valentine Lena
Thatcher   Anna
Toye   Peter
Watson   Edward
Webster   Mark
Williams   Sylvester
Last Name Own Name First Name
Acker   Virgil
Bainbridge   Jennie
Baker   Frank
Birchard Dayton Urania
Black Hodges Sarah
Bloomster Traynor Marie
Borden   May
Brock   Grace
Brown Pearce Nella
Bunnell   Katherine
Busnell   Lena
Campbell   Rena
Carpenter   John
Cass Sherwood Julia
Clark   William
Coles   Edwin
Coveney   Viall
Curren Ayers Lottie
Daytona   Fred
Ditchburn   David
Eighmey Littley Maude
Ely   Claude
Evans Rice Nettie
Fleming Lindsay Jessie
Flumerfelt   Louis
Fogerty   Margaret
Ford   E
Fowler   Herbert
Gregory   Carrie
Hall   Delbert
Heermans   A
Hilliard Correll Nellie
Hinckley   Taylor
Hirt Duggan Mary
Hoag   Thomas
Jelliff Clemons Edna
Jerald Shaw Ethel
Johnson Gibson Mabel
June Jayne Margaret
Kelley   Kent
Kelly   Kent
Kennedy Omalley Mary
Kilbourne   Frederick
Kingsley Mason Bertha
Leiby Wetmore Pearl
Leuthner   Joseph
Little Sutton Jennie
Lyon   Mary
Mack Smith Mae
Maloney   Thomas
Matson Marvin Hallie
McGinnis   Anna
McGinty   P
McGregor Smith Ethel
McNally   Eugene
Monks Smith Myrtle
Moscript   Frances
Murdock Barton Belle
Neal   William
Patterson   Raymond
Perrin Daytona Anna
Phelps   Dean
Playfoot Zepp Kate
Pore Blair Agnes
Powers Phoenix Kate
Rose   Charles
Rose Doane Jean
Rose Strange Laura
(SRGP 6957)
Ross   Raymond
Russell Sterling Ethel
Russell   Leon
Schanbacker Passmore Edith
Shaw Kohler Lulu
Shepard   Ralph
Sick Squier May
Soper   Archie
Sturdevant   Grace
Taber Sturdevant Anna
Thompson   James
Thurston Myer Frances
Treat   Ernest
Tubbs   Warren
Tyrell   Fayette
Wallace   Nellie
Weston   Cady
Wilson   Lewis
Wint   Daisy
Woodhouse Wetsel Marie
Wright Burt Nellie
Youmans   Myron
Youmans Stull Myrtle
Last Name Own Name First Name
Argetsinger   Minnie
Ayre   James
Bailey   John
Bender Lilley Florence
Bennett   James
Blanchard Seeley Emily
Blanden Knapp Ethel
Bodler   Wilhelmina
Breen   Alice
Brennan   P
Broadfoot Warner Irene
Brown   Blanche
Bunnell   N
Cass   George
Clark   Frances
Clohessy   Mary
Connors   Joseph
Decker Farrer Mae
Deitlins   Frank
Dibble   Ella
Dodson   W
Farrell   Mary
Field   Edith
Fitzpatrick   Julia
Ford   Clark
Foster   Will
Fralic   Harry
Goldmyer   Philip
Gustin   Richard
Hayden Myer Helen
Hillman Abrams Mattie
Hutcheson   Margaret
Inscho   Thomas
Jennings   Selaer
Jennings   W
Judge   Charles
King   Martin
Knapp Moore Nellie
Knowlton Landon Maud
Layman   F
Lefler   Verne
Lodge Tyrrell Anna
Loveless Wetmore Bessie
Mahaney   Nora
Mahoney Barnes Jennie
McConnell Smith Marie
McGinnis   Bernard
Meehan   William
Merceread Welsh Ellen
Miller   Ella
Miner Encell Anna
Moore Nash Rexa
Moore Taylor Fannie
Morse McEntree Mae
Murray   A
Nelson   Andrew
Nelson   Edward
Nelson   James
Newell   William
Pagan Bailey Edith
Palmer Hanyen J
Paul Nye Margaret
Pearce Snyder Katherine
Peckham   Frederick
Pomeroy Compton S
Potter   Erie
Reynolds Orvis Esther
Reynolds   Marshall
Schooley Mathews Lulu
Scott Townsend Charlotte
Shadduck   Lee
Shappee   Daisy
Smith   Grace
Soper   Lynn
Soper   Ross
Squire Ainey Dora
Sutton   Ernest
Tiffany   Ernest
Tiffany   Glenn
Toye   Mary
Turner Cronkrite Mabel
Upham Davis Ruth
Van Aken Wells Elizabeth
Walker   Lyman
Warren Shaw Edna
Watkins   Nellie
Webb Bard Anna
Webster   Harry
Webster Smith Leora
Weiss   Mollie
Wetmore   Albert
Whittaker Ingals Alma
Wood Updyke Emily
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