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School: Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield, Tioga County PA
Alumni Listings
Year: 1902-1904
Submitted by: Carl Steingraber
Andrew Thomas Smith was Principal
1899 to ??
Photo from 1928 Carontawan (YearBook)
Progression of Names of This School
Mansfield Classical Seminary
Mansfield State Normal School
Mansfield State Teachers College
Mansfield State College
Mansfield University
Last name column is either real name or married name, whichever was last known. Since these early listings were kept in hard copy only and have been reconstructed from that, they may or may not be complete. If you have commencement brochures or other memorabilia that may add to this, please be sure we have copies.
1902 Principal's Report
Last Name Own Name First Name
Adams   Raymond
Baldwin   Marguerite
Bardwell   George
Bartlett Robins Belva
Bingham Rogers Augusta
Bodler   Vinnette
Bowen Fox Frances
Boyden Hulslander Vera
Butler Henning Daisy
Butler   Rock
Campbell   Curtis
Carnett   Lidia
Chaffee   Lewis
Clancy   William
Clement   Joseph
Close Kreiger Frederica
Coles   Percy
Cornwell   Elmer
Crampton Randall Jessie
Dann   Arthur
Dodge Chandler Mildred
Doyle   Laura
Driscoll   Kathryn
Ecker Andrews Julia
Elliott   Harry
Elliott Hendricks Helen
Faulkner   Louis
Fick Bartlett Valeda
Fitzpatrick   Agnes
Fox   Frances
Gallagher   P
Gardner Bush Lucy
Gillen   Millicent
Green Prouty Carrie
Green Hamilton Elizabeth
Grissell Hawthorne Norma
Hall   Lynn
Harrer   George
Harris Walker Mabel
Hertzman Shelp Elizabeth
Hillman   Edward
Hinds Soper Ethel
Hogan Divany Beatrice
Hughes   Esther
Hughes   Mae
Hulslander   Harry
Hymes   Daisy
Jaquish   Orin
Johnson   Victor
Jordan   Ethelyn
Keating Latham Agnes
Kingsley Strange Julia
Knapp Duggan Nellie
Kraiss   Dorothea
Landon   Seymour
Lechner   Ross
Lefler   Victor
Loomis   Jennie
Lyler   Victor
Manwormer Bartlett Kathryn
Marriot Cowley Rose
Marshall Evans Mabel
Marvin   Edward
McAdoo Wilson Blanche
McCauley   Grace
Meine   Bertha
Meissner   Martha
Metzger Rundell Belle
Mohler West Flora
Moscrip   A
Moscrip   George
Mudge   Canie
Murch Daggett Leah
Obrien Gleckler Rossie
Osgood Mudge Edith
Palmer   Harry
Parry Ditchburn Margaret
Patterson Emberger Clara
Phillips Hall Margaret
Roberts Beebe Emily
Roberts Watts Helen
Russell   Raymond
Shaw   Earl
Shaw Doyle Laura
Shine Vangorder Gertrude
Skinner   Lea
Smith Baxter Clare
Smith   Edward
Smith   John
Soper   Metta
Sortore Shepard Lena
Spencer   Earl
Stevens Alford Bessie
Stone Bielawski Anna
Thomas   Brov
Tichner Garrison Edna
Twitty Phelps Grace
Van Dusen Davis Ola
Vedder Colegrove Mary
Walker Butler Nora
Welfling Erway Mary
Welfling   Orlando
Wells   Ralph
Wilkinson   Nyna
Williams   D
Wilson   Bell
Last Name Own Name First Name
Adams   William
Bevan   Daniel
Cassow Hammond Edna
Doane   Joseph
Donely Petit Augusta
Gorham   Frank
Meyers Reese Ethel
Monks   William
Paterson   Mary
Phillips   Berdell
Retan   George
Vedder   Cora
Waldorf Hurley Joanna
Wilson Merritt Adella
This is Lida Sherman's "graduation" photo from Mansfield Normal in 1903.  The photo is mentioned in her mother's (Emma Field "Sherman") diary of 1903 which you have on site.  Lida is not listed in your alumni list of 1903, but I notice that year is a very short list.  Lida (1884--1910) was the youngest surviving child of her parents.  She married Emory Lyon (1882--1953) of Fallbrook. [See Oak Hill Troy obituary pages for he obituary]
Last Name Own Name First Name
Ale Goetchins Maude
Baynes McEntee Chloe
Bradford Leiby Celia
Buckley   Florence
Clark Bates Ella
Curran Thurston Adeline
Dual Marsh Nola
Field   Lynette
Furman   Fred
Gardner   Ralph
Gramenstetter   Louise
Green   Leonard
Hadden Loan Mary
Hawley   W
Helmer Saks Zeata
Hilborn Wrean Jennie
Hodgson Wells Marguerite
Hurley Robena Rose
Huston   James
Johnson Stephens Clara
Jolliffe Lundy Gertrude
Knowlton   Chester
Metzger   Alice
Murray   M
Novak Saxton Ruby
Otis Cogswell Edna
Patchen   John
Prescott Colony Minnie
Preston   Grace
Roberts Prutsman Angeline
Roberts   Robert
Rose   Ray
Rowley Fulford Mabel
Rumsey   Augusta
Rumsey   Esther
Sheely   Fred
Smith Zimmer Lulu
Snyder Kraiss Helen
Steele   Clara
Thomas   Carrie
Tubbs Hoard Nellie
Waelful   Erwin
Waldron Gardner Mabel
Wetsel   Louis
Wilcox   Walter
Wolfe Furman Anna
Wright   Maybelle
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Gymnasium Arcade & Dorm Arcade with Students South Hall South Hall 1870 South Hall 1881 South Hall 1900
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