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Families of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Rebekah Rose of Sullivan
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Rebekah Rose
A Woman of Three Centuries
Rebekah ROSE Packard  Sullivan Township
Rebekah ROSE 1795-1901
photo from Martha BELL Orkins.

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Rebekah Rose and her Descendants pdf
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ROSE - Mrs. Rebekah Packard
A Covington Lady now in her Ninety-Ninth Year
The following short sketch of the life of one of Tioga County's oldest residents will be of interest to her many friends in this locality. Mrs. Reveal Packard, was born in Norfolk, Litchfield Township, Conn., Oct. 13, 1795. - Her father, Russell Rose, was a Revolutionary soldier. He was in the Continental army 7 seven years, and was on General Washington's staff at Valley Forge. He had three brothers in the army, also. Mrs. Packard says: " I remember hearing him tell of being placed as guard at the entrance of Gen. Washington's quarters and instructed to allow no one to pass. When a large rat came along and would not halt or give the countersign, he shot it. It was the cause of a ripple of excitement until the cause was learned. He died at the age of 77, on the farm now owned by my nephew, Enos Rose, in Sullivan township, this county, and my mother died at the age of 93, on the same farm. I have four sons now living who were in the late war, and two grandsons. We moved from Norfolk to Sugar Creek, Bradford county, in 1807. We made the trip with horses and sleds, twenty years before the first steam cars were run in the United States. - Later he removed to Armenia mountain, on the headwaters of the Tioga river. While living there I recollect that my father went to the Block House to mill with a yoke of oxen - a distance of thirty miles, as he had to go by the way of Mansfield and Blossburg. We experienced many hardships, and had some pleasant times in the forests. My oldest sister, Achsah, was lost in the woods one time, and was in the woods two nights, and was found near Blossburg. I was married to John Packard on June 30, 1814, and we lived in what is known as McIntosh Hollow, on the head of Tioga river, for seven years. - We then moved to Italy township, Yates Co., NY, where we lived five years, and then returned to Tioga Co., and settled at Mainesburg, where by husband, died March 6, 1842. I have always found something to work at, and since my ninety-eighth birthday, last October, I have pieced a bedquilt with 1,432 pieces, besides other work, and feel better when engaged in useful employment than when in idleness. I have raised eleven children - six sons and five daughters. Eight of them are now living. I have two grandsons, each of whom has grandchildren. I ha now ninety living descendents, and there have died of children and grandchildren, twenty-three."

Poem on her 100th Birthday
October 13th
To my Grandmother by B.F.P.
Rebekah Rose Packard

Thy years have reached the century mark,
An age attained by few
We meet to-day our homage to pay,
With loyal hearts and true.

Thou hast seen most wonderful changes
In this thy long span of life,
Thy country in the grandeur of peace
And, too, in sorrow and strife.

The earth has yielded her vast treasures
To science in many ways;
The great iron horse with its costly train
Takes place of the post and chaise.

Thou hast seen this great globe encircled
By mighty magical bands,
Whereby word can be sent to loved ones,
E'en in the most distant lands.

Thou hast smoothed many dying pillows,
And bid God speed to the bride.
Thy name has been tenderly spoken
By many a neighbor's fireside.

Thy sons have grown to be honest men,
And in wisdom's ways have trod,
And an honest man, so we've been told.
"Is the noblest work of God."

Thy daughters have e'en been virtuous,
And honored thy care and love,
And the price of such, the Bible says,
Is far the rubies above.

Full well thy grandchildren remember
How would sound the joyful cry
When unexpected in the doorway
Thy dear face and form they'd spy.

O, so softly thou wouldst smooth their hair
And give them a sweet, warm kiss,
Now as they think of their childhood gone
The recollection is bliss.

Even now they can teach their children,
[And some their grandchildren too]
To joyfully watch for thy coming
The same as they used to do.

And when thou art done with earthly cares
And thy tired heart is at rest,
The generations that have loved thee
Shall call thy memory blest.