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From: Dave Gustner
To: Joyce Tice
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2005 2:29 PM
Subject: Constant Bailey Family


Here is another family grouping courtesy of Jonathan Milligan.  These folks are all relatives (by blood or marriage) of Constant Bailey, son of Sylvester and Mary "Polly" Welch.  Constant is in the photo himself.  This was probably taken about 1893.  Identifications are as follows:

boy standing, far left - Fred Wright Bailey
mother and child, seated, foreground, left - Edith Strait Bailey and daughter Rachel
woman seated, dark dress, behind Edith and Rachel - May Jacklin
mother and child, seated, just left of center - Bertha Bailey Smith and daughter Edith
man standing, center, rear - Almon Smith, husband of Bertha
young girl, seated in front of Almon Smith - Glenna I. Bailey
man standing, white beard, next to Almon Smith - Constant Bailey
woman seated in front of Constant - Sarah Elizabeth Lunn Bailey (Constant's 2nd wife)
large man seated, far right - Miles Jacklin


Constant Bailey Descendants  (SRGP 04873)
Report generated from Sullivan-Rutland Genalolgy Project by Joyce M. Tice database.  Additional information available on exchange basis.  SRGP needs your family updates on this line to the PRESENT DAY with full name, birth, death, burial and marriage data to the best of your ability.  I can share what I have on ancestry in exchange for your information on descendants updated.

 First Generation

  1.  Constant1 Bailey, son of Sylvester Bailey  2nd and Mary Welch, reference B1.1251116 (#4873) was born in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1831.  Constant died 1910 at age 79.  His body was interred 1910 in Wellsboro Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

 He married twice.  He married Amy Jones 5 OCT 1853 in Tioga township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  (Amy Jones is #11725.)  Amy was born ABT 1836.  Amy was the daughter of John E. Jones* and Esther Unknown (Jones).  Amy died 14 APR 1874 in Covington, Covington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, at age 37.  Mansfield Advertiser- Apr 22nd 1874- Died Amy Bailey of Covington April 14th aged 38 years, Wife of Constant.

 He married Sarah Elizabeth Lunn * ABT 1875.  (Sarah Elizabeth Lunn* is #31160.)  Sarah died 1910 at age unknown.  Her body was interred 1910 in Wellsboro Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  Sarah married Mr. Strait before marrying Constant Bailey.

 Constant was listed in a directory in Richmond Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1899.   Farmer, Marriage Page 11 Of Tioga County Vital Records 1852-1853-1854.

      Constant Bailey and Amy Jones had the following children:

    +  2  i.  Charlotte2 Bailey was born ABT 1854.
      3  ii.  Lucy Bailey reference B1.12511162 (#21562).
      4  iii.  Sara Bailey reference B1.12511166 (#31159) was born 1856.
      5  iv.  Frank or Frances Bailey reference B1.12511163 (#31157) was born 1857.
    +  6  v.  John L. Bailey was born 1862.
    +  7  vi.  William Bailey was born 1865.

 Constant Bailey and Sarah Elizabeth Lunn* had the following children:

      8  vii.  Charles Bailey reference B1.12511168 (#31162) was born 1876.  Charles died Jan 1880 in Covington, Covington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, at age 3.  Charles died young. Mansfield Advertiser 28 Jan 1880: Died two children of Constant Bailey of Covington, one Wednesday, one Sunday of diphtheria.
    +  9  viii.  Bertha Bailey was born ABT 1877.
    +  10  ix.  Fred Wright Bailey was born 1883.

 Second Generation

  2.  Charlotte2 Bailey (Constant1) reference B1.12511161 (#21560) was born ABT 1854.

 She married William Mold *.  (William Mold* is #31637.)

      Charlotte Bailey and William Mold* had the following children:

      11  i.  Blanch3 Mold reference B1.125111611 (#31638).
      12  ii.  Carrie Mold reference B1.125111612 (#31639).
      13  iii.  Edward Mold reference B1.125111613 (#31640).
      14  iv.  Lottie Mold reference B1.125111614 (#31641).

  6.  John L.2 Bailey (Constant1) reference B1.12511167 (#31039) was born 1862.  Individual flags: Photo.  John died ABT 1947 at age unknown.

 He married Clara B. Fisher * 1883.  50th Anniversary photo on tri-Counties site as of Jan 2005 (Clara B. Fisher* is #31645.)

 Clara was born about 1865.  Clara died about 1943 at age unknown.

      John L. Bailey and Clara B. Fisher* had the following children:

      15  i.  Amy G.3 Bailey reference B1.125111671 (#31646) was born ABT 1884.  She married Lee E. Wilcox 1 NOV 1905 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  (Lee E. Wilcox is #35099.)  Lee was born about 1880.  Lee was the son of Elam Wilcox* and Ida Unknown (Wilcox).  Lee lived in Delmar and worked in a saw mill at the time of his marriage recorded in Book 9, #4174 at Tioga County Court House.
      16  ii.  Nettie M. Bailey reference B1.125111672 (#31647) was born about  1886.  Nettie died about 1944 at age unknown.

  7.  William2 Bailey (Constant1) reference B1.12511165 (#31158) was born 1865.

 He married Carrie Clark *.  (Carrie Clark* is #31642.)  A Carrie Clark born 1870 d. of Charles F. Clark and Mary. Same one?

      William Bailey and Carrie Clark* had the following children:

      17  i.  Inzay3 Bailey reference B1.125111653 (#31643).  She married Floyd Manley*.  (Floyd Manley* is #35096.)
      18  ii.  Harold Bailey reference B1.125111654 (#31644).  He married Laura Unknown (Bailey).  (Laura Unknown (Bailey) is #35097.)
      19  iii.  Leon Franklyn Bailey reference B1.125111651 (#6730) was born ABT 1888.  He married Adelaide Lucinda Connelly.  (Adelaide Lucinda Connelly is #6724.)  Adelaide was the daughter of George W. Connelly and Elmina Rebecca Packard.  Adelaide died 1960 at age unknown.  Leon was a miner at the time of his marriage recorded in Book 12, #5504 at Tioga County Court House. Lived at Blossburg, and bride lived at Covington.
      20  iv.  Pearley M. Bailey reference B1.125111652 (#12290) was born 4 MAY 1889.  He married Charlotte Lucy Soper 25 DEC 1912.  (Charlotte Lucy Soper is #12287.)  Lottie was born 14 JAN 1892.  Lottie was the daughter of William Leroy Soper and Ella Everts (Graves).  Lottie died Sep 1977 in Elmira, Chemung County, New York, at age 86.  Lottie lived in Covington at the time of her marriage recorded in Book 13, #6120 at Tioga County Court House in Wellsboro. Pearly was a miner living in Blossburg PA at teh time of his marriage.

  9.  Bertha2 Bailey (Constant1) reference B1.12511169 (#31163) was born ABT 1877.

 She married Almon E. Smith 20 SEP 1894 in Covington, Covington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  (Almon E. Smith is #31648.)  Almon was born ABT 1870.  Almon was the son of Josiah Smith* and Permelia Unknown (Smith).  Almon was of Blossburg and Bertha was of Hamilton PA at the time of their marriage. Almon was a carpenter.

      Bertha Bailey and Almon E. Smith had the following children:

      21  i.  Beulah3 Smith reference B1.125111691 (#31651).
      22  ii.  Edith May Smith reference B1.125111692 (#31652).  She married Robert F. Johnson*.  (Robert F. Johnson* is #73580.)
      23  iii.  Sarah Marie Smith reference B1.125111693 (#31653).
      24  iv.  Constant Fred Smith reference B1.125111694 (#31654).
      25  v.  Eleanor Iona Smith reference B1.125111695 (#31655).
      26  vi.  Ruth Elizabeth Smith reference B1.125111696 (#31656).
      27  vii.  Henry Almond Smith reference B1.125111697 (#31657).
      28  viii.  Etola Smith reference B1.125111698 (#31658).
      29  ix.  Joseph Smith reference B1.125111699 (#31659).
      30  x.  Rosale Smith reference B1.12511169a (#31660).

  10.  Fred Wright2 Bailey (Constant1) reference B1.1251116a (#31161) was born 1883.  Fred died 1969 at age 86.  His body was interred 1969 in Wellsboro Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

 He married Ina Marguerite French 01 Sep 1910 in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  (Ina Marguerite French is #31661.)  Ina was born 1889.  Ina was the daughter of William VanCise* and Ella Unknown (VanCise).  Ina died 1974 at age 85.  Her body was interred 1974 in Wellsboro Cemetery, Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  At the time of their marriage, Ina was a nurse living in Wellsboro and Fred was employed by the Condensary and also lived in Wellsboro. I assume since Ida's surname is different than her father's that her real name was VanCise and that French may have been a name assumed on an earlier marriage. I have no information on the reason.

      Fred Wright Bailey and Ina Marguerite French had the following children:

      31  i.  Elizabeth Helen3 Bailey reference B1.1251116a1 (#31664) was born about  1913.  She married Carl Schiefen*.  (Carl Schiefen* is #32203.)
      32  ii.  Carol Jean Bailey reference B1.1251116a2 (#31665) was born 1921.  She married Raymond Porter*.  (Raymond Porter* is #32204.)  Raymond was born 1920.  Raymond died 1972 at age 52.
      33  iii.  Wayne Frederick Bailey reference B1.1251116a3 (#31666) was born 1927.  Individual flags: Researcher.  He married Luella May Merritt*.  (Luella May Merritt* is #32206.)  Luella was born 1927.

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Hi Joyce,

I found something on this page:

I'm not sure who provided the information regarding the people on the page, but I'm hoping that you can give me the e-mail of the person that submitted it so that I can provide them with additional information regarding Ina Marguerite French and her mother, etc. William VanCise was not her father or step-father. Robert Lewis VanCise was her step-father. Her mother was Helen/Ella A.Harkness.