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Clayton, W. Woodford, History of Steuben County, New York: with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers, (Philadelphia: Lewis, Peck & Co., 1879 (Philadelphia: Press of J.B. Lippincott)), pp. 323-336.


Arnold, Stephen, 23d Regt.

Armstrong, James, 141st Regt.; taken pris. at Lookout Valley in Oct. 1863; exchanged; discharged.

Armstrong, Janathan, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Arwin, Charles M., record not known.

Arghainger, Moses, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Alken, Edwin, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Alken, Alex. O. M., 179th Regt.; died in Feb. 18_6.

Arnold, Gustavus, 15th Cav.; discharged.

Aelson, Wm. H., Adams, James D., Adams, Ed. L.; discharged.

Balton, Will. H., 107th Regt.; wounded at Dalton.

Babcock, Enoch H., 107th Regt.; pro. to corp.; discharged.

Batharick, Charles, 107th Regt.; discharged.

Barton, John, entered 141st Regt. As 1st lieut., Sept. 10, 1862; resigned May, 1863; re-entered as capt. In 179th Regt. in April, 1864; pro. to maj.; killed at mine explosion before Petersburg.

Bowen, Joseph H., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Bishop, George, 141st Regt.; died in 1864.

Burris, Tommy, 141st Regt.; pro. to orderly sergt.; discharged.

Brown, J. W., 141st Regt.; disch. Nov. 1862.

Brown, Chauncey, 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Bennett, John, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Bennett, Ira R., 36th Regt.; pro. to corp.; discharged.

Bowen, David, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Bush, Alfred W., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Bradford, David D., - Vol. Cav.; discharged.

Buckits, George, - Vol. Cav.; discharged.

Barber, Perry S., 2d Cav.; discharged.

Bairs, Geo. T., 36th Regt.; discharged.

Brown, James, 16th Heavy Art.; discharged.

Benedict, Franklin, 36th Regt.; discharged.

Babcock, George B., sergt., 23d Regiment.

Baker, Arthur S., pro. to 1st lieut., 36th Regt.; assist. ______ provost-marshal general.

Baker, Junior C., 5th Heavy Art.; discharged.

Barr, Phineas, 50th Engineers; discharged.

Bingham, Porter, 16th Heavy Art.; discharged.

Brownell, David S. 107th Regt.; discharged.

Babcock, David A., 6th Cav.; discharged.

Beers, Hermon S. 6th Cav.; discharged.

Brooks, Thomas S., 6th Cav; discharged.

Benjamin, Addison P., 107th Regt.; discharged.

Patrick, John B., pro. to qm.-sergt; discharged.

Brown, Thos. J., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Bedee, George W., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Brannas, Patrick, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Brown, John, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Bemus, Franklin, 9th Cav.; discharged.

Brown, Will., 4th Cav.; discharged.

Baker, Solomon, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Baker, Morgan, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Bickford, George W., 50th Regt.; discharged.

Baker, Olin, 15th Cav.; discharged.

Burns, David, 15th Engineers; discharged.

Bruce, Philip H., 50th Engineers; discharged.

Boston, John, 10th Cav.; discharged.

Bradley, Wm.; discharged.

Brown, Marcus K. 1st lieut., 161st Regt.; discharged.

Brooks, Wm. R., 161st Regt.; died at Port Hudson.

Baker, Wm. H., 23d Regiment.

Bunn, John, 179th Regiment.

Bellis, John H., 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam.

Brigdon, John t., 23d Regt.; served two years.

Burnett, James H., 23d Regt.; detached, June 25, 1862, in the 104th Pa. Battery.

Bennett, Olin L., 23d Regt.; killed at Antietam, Sept. 17. 1862.

Brenner, Dennis, 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam.

Bowman, Jesse J., 23d Regiment.

Colony, Edwin, 23d Regt.; disch. Jan. 26, 1862.

Chubbuck, John, 23d Regt.; discharged.

Clark. W. H., 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam; discharged.

Clark, Benah C., 23d Regt.; disch. Jan. 16, 1863.

Crossman, Alonzo M., 23d Regt.; taken prisoner at Bull Run, Aug. 30, 1862; discharged.

Chilson, Stephen, 23d Regt.; discharged.

Cranmer, Alfred S., 23d Regt.;; wounded at Antietam; disch. Jan. 16, 1863.

Collins, Brower H., corp., 10th Cav.; taken prisoner at Bull Run; discharged.

Crane, Hiram M., lieut.-col; 23d Regt.; discharged.

Chidsey, Lucien B., q.-m. sergt., 107th Regt.; disch. for disability, Nov. 1862.

Coe, Ephraim, 107th Regt.; died at Hope Landing, Feb. 1863.

Collins, Wm. L., 179th Regt.; resigned on account of ill health in Nov. 1862.

Case, Heram, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Crane, Frank D., 141st Regt.; disch. for disability, March, 1863.

Corbit, John, 141st Regt.; died at Shellmound, Tenn.

Clark, Stephen, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Cobern, George T., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Cilley, D. Henry, 1st Ill. Cav.; discharged.

Cole, Sidney, 1st Dragoons; discharged.

Cornish, David, 16th H. Art.; discharged.

Cowles, Henry W., 50th Eng.; discharged.

Cummings, Geo. W., 86th Regt.; discharged.

Card, Truman P., discharged.

Cone, Ira, 1st lieut., 23d Regt.

Carney, John B., 6th Cav.

Carr, Charles, 179th Regt.; pro. to lieut.; discharged.

Chandler, Senior, 50th Eng.; discharged.

Cattens, Julius F., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Chaptman, Martin H., 6th Cav.; discharged.

Collins, Eustus, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Campbell, Ebia, 25th Cav.; discharged.

Corcoras, Michael, 4th Cav.; discharged.

Curtis, Seth, 50th Eng.; discharged.

Campbell, H. G., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Cook, Franklin, 10th Cav.; discharged.

Collins, Madison M., 161st Regt.; pro. to corp., Oct. 12, 1863; discharged.

Dunlap, John R., 86th Regt.; ren-enlisted.

Dewitt, Benjamin C., 6th Cav.; pro. to sergt.; wounded at Brandy Station.

Doorly, Edward, 6th Cav.

Doty, Levi, 141st Regt.; pro. to corp. and sergt.; discharged.

Derby, James A., 23d Regt. N.Y.S. Vols.; wounded at Bull Run; taken prisoner at Curtinsville; exchanged.

Doty, Franklin B., 23d Regt.; pro. to capt. Of Co. G, 23d Regt., May 9, 1861; re-enl. May, 1864, in 179th Regt.; pro. to capt. In 179th Regt.

Deal, Lester L., 86th Regt.; discharged.

Davis, George W., 86th Regt.; re-enlisted.

Dennis, Geo. W., 161st Regt.; discharged.

Duffy, Michael, 10th Cav.; discharged.

Doon, Alfred, 86th Regt.; discharged.

Deerly, Alfred, 6th Cav.; re-enlisted; discharged.

Dix, Thomas, 14th H. Art.; discharged.

Duffey, John, 6th H. Art.; discharged.

Donnivon, Thomas, 15th U.S. Inf.; discharged.

Drew, John, 15th U.S. Inf.; discharged.

Derby, Stephen C., 15th U.S. Inf.; discharged.

Dally, Amos, 1st U.S. Inf.; discharged.

Edwards, Alonso, 1st Vol. Cav.; discharged.

Ellsworth, David S., capt., 86th Regt.; killed at Chancellorsville.

Ellsworth, Liras A., 1st Vol. Cav.; discharged.

Eakin, Samuel D., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Ellis, B. F., 4th Regt.; discharged.

Emery, Joseph W., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Evans, J. W., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Emory, Charles, 187th Regt.; discharged.

Evarts, Orrin, 15th U.S. Inf.; discharged.

Edminister, Wm. H., 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam; discharged.

Elliott, Geo., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Edwards, Ethan A., 23d Regt.; discharged.

French, John F., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Fleet, David, 23d Regt.

Force, Levi, 179th Regt.; pro. to corp., sergt., and captain; re-enlisted; discharged.

Flinn, John.

Farr, James E., 179th Regt.; pro. to lieut.

Freeman, B. S., 1st Dragoons; discharged.

Faster, W. H., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Fanton, Joseph, 179th Regt.; pro. to hospital steward; discharged.

Foreman, Henry, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Fairbanks, Gardiner, 50th Eng.; discharged.

Franklin, Martin H., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Folsuser, Isaac, 50th Eng.

Fander, Mirah T., 23d Regt.; died at Fredericksburg, Aug. 7, 1862.

Fulkerson, Joseph, Jr., 16th H. Art.

Fander, Samuel G., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Flint, Will L., 141st Regt.

Fosier, Parker, 23d Regt.

Fristen, George W.

Foster, Henry, disch. for disability, May, 1863; re-enl. March, 1864; discharged.

Goodrich, John M., 1st Lieut.; res. Jan. 13, 1863.

Gunn, Wyron, 107th Regt.; discharged.

Granger, John M., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Gilbert, Stephen F., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Green, Sylvester S., 15th Cav.; discharged.

Green, Jason, Jr., 107th Regt.; discharged.

Gardner, John B., 109th Regt.; discharged.

Grover, Abe, 4th H. Art.; ren-enl.; discharged.

Grow, Hiram, 85th Regt.; discharged.

Gregory, Livingston, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Gregory, Daniel, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Goodno, Hiram, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Good, John, 188th Regt.; discharged.

Gillow, Hugh, 188th Regt.; discharged.

Greeno, Volney H., 12th Cav.; discharged.

Hathoway, L. D., 161st Regt.; pro. to lieut. and capt.; discharged.

Head, Hubbard, W. R., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Higgins, Russell, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Higgins, Walter B., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Hill, Nathan R., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Helmer, Michael, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Hizer, I., 111th Regt.; discharged.

Hadley, Henry, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Haage, John, 3d Cav.; discharged.

Hizer, Cassius M., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Hogarty, Michael J., wounded at Resaca, Ga.; discharged.

Hagadorn, James B.; discharged.

Hagadorn, Thomas R., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Hickey, George H., wounded before Petersburg, Va.; disch.; died soon after of his wounds.

Hill, Austin, 179th Regt.; wounded at Petersburg, April 2, 1861; discharged.

Hill, Chester, wounded at Petersburg, April 2, 1861; discharged.

Hazleton, Eugene A., 23d Regt.

Higgins, Walter, 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Hallett, Elijah, 23d Regt.; corp.; wounded at Bull run, aug. 3, 1863.

Hallett, Theodore, 23d Regt.

Hallett, Marshal, 23d Regt.

Hopkins, Enoch, Mr., 10th Cav.; discharged.

Hangh, Joseph, 63d Regt.; discharged.

Hazleton, Leon, 86th Regt.; killed in 1864.

Hough, Augustus A., 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Hovey, Jerome B., 50th Eng.; discharged.

Hutchins, Wm. H., 14th H. Art.; killed in the Wilderness.

Hodge, Jacob E., Jr., 16th H. Art.; discharged.

Harrison, Charles, 1st vol. Cav.; discharged.

Howard, Alonzo B., 23d Regt.; pro. to 1st lieut. and q.-m.; discharged.

Hunt, Charles M., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Hathaway, Charles, 23d Regt.; died of wounds received at Antietam.

Hartman, Michael, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Hough, Charles F., 23d Regt.; wounded in Wilderness.

Harrison, William H., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Hough, Leroy S., 23d Regt.; re-enl. in Oct. 1864; discharged.

Harrison, John D., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Holis, Henry, 6th Cav.; discharged.

Howley, Lester D., 23d Regt.; served two years; discharged.

Howley, M. W., 141st Regt.; pro. to q.m.-sergt.; Oct, 1862; pro. to 1st lieut. Jan. 18, 1864; discharged.

Howe, Eugene E., 107th Regt.; discharged.

Hamill, Geo. W., 107th Regt.; discharged.

Jamison, John S., asst. hosp. surg. in the State service at Elmira, from May 4, 1861; surg. for the 86th Regt. from Oct. 12, 1861; detailed surg. of Gen. Pratt's brig., in Oct. 1862; detailed by Maj.-Gen. Stoneman surg. of the 3d Div. Of 3d Army Corps, Dec. 5, 1862; detailed by Maj.-Gen. French to the same position July 13, 1863; detailed by Maj.-Gen. Meade to be one of the board of three for med. And surg. examinations of the army of the Potomac, Aug. 19, 1863; detailed by Maj.-Gen. Birney to be surg. of the 3d Div., of the 2d Army Corps, April 29, 1864.

Johnson, Charles L., 107th Regt.; died in March, 1861.

Jones, Wm. D., 179th Regt.

Judd, Henry J., 179th Regt.

Johnston, Samuel, 50th Eng.

Johnsston, Ed. T., 50th Eng.

Jones, Elias J., 15th Cav.

Jones, Levi J., 179th Regt.

Kellison, Samuel O., 107th Regt.; disch. for disability, Dec. 1863.

Kemp, William, 6th Cav.; pro. to 2d lieut.; dismissed; re-enl. in 1st Conn. Cav.; taken pris. in Wilderness; discharged.

Kelly, John, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Kiser, Cassius M., 189th Regt.; discharged.

King, Charles, 1st Cav.; discharged.

Kilburg, Andrew, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Kennedy, James; discharged.

Lamphere, Wm., 107th Regt.; died at Wilmington, N.C.

Long, James, 141st Regt.; taken pris.; exchanged; discharged.

Lorow, David R. P.; 141st Regt.; discharged.

Lynch, John, 188th Regt.; disch.

Lippincott, Juan.

Leonard, Thomas, 8th Cav.

Lockwood, Bradley.

Lorow, John P.

Litts, David.

Leader, Jesse, 23d Regt.

Loper, Henry, 6th Cav.

Love, Martin M., 16th H. Art.; discharged.

Maxon, Luke G., 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Marrs, Morgan, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Miner, Henry, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Mason, Reuben J., 1st Vet. Cav.; discharged.

McCay, Medad, 12th U.S. Inf.; wounded; discharged.

Morse, Will A.; discharged.

Miller, George W., 23d Regt.; pro. to sergt., Nov. 1, 1862.

Millard, George, 187th Regt.; discharged.

McOmber, Walter, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Mooney, Michael, 132d Regt.; discharged.

Moruts, George, 23d Regt.; discharged.

Moore, George, 9th Art.; discharged.

Mayhew, Philetus J., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Madison, Charles B., 160th Regt.; discharged.

McKenna, Thomas, 25th Cav.; discharged.

McLarso, Bingham.

Monroe, Will T., fifer, 23d Regt.

March, James, 179th Regt.

Marvin, George H., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Morgan, Ed., 23d Regt.; discharged.

Mouerhart, Wm. H., 23d Regt.; discharged.

McAmbler, Charles H., 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

McKinney, Charles H., corp., 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam, Sept. 16, 1862; died Sept. 18, 1862, from the wounds.

Morgan, Reuben C.; pro. to corp., Aug. 1, 1861; wounded at Bull Run, Aug. 1861; disch. Dec. 30, 1862.

Martin, Julius.

Martin, Francis.

Morrison, William.

Maynard, James.

Maynard, William.

McCarthy, Michael.

Miller, Frank, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Mulhellen, William, 16th H. Art.; discharged.

Monroe, Millroy, 11th Cav.

Mason, Thomas J., 10th Cav.; discharged.

McKenmar, James, 50th Eng.

McFall, Henry, 86th Regt.; discharged.

McCow, Henry, 86th Regt.; discharged.

McDonald, John, 141st Regt.; discharged.

McMohan, Timothy, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Morrissey, John, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Maynord, Alexander, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Murphy, John, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Mason, Amos D., 141st Regt.; died in Chattanooga, in 1864.

Morris, Theodore F., 107th Regt.; killed at Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863.

Marks, Patrick, 6th H. Art.

Nelson, Wm. H.

O'Connor, Henry, 5th H. Art.; discharged.

Osborne, Peter, 86th Regt.; died.

O'Day, Daniel, 141st Regt.; died at Weaversville, Aug. 1863.

Ploof, Morris H., 141st Regt.

Popple, John Jones, 86th Regt.; killed at Gettysburg.

Partridge, Leander, 141st Regt.; died in 1864.

Parker, William.

Patrick, Charles, 107th Regt.

Prentiss, John, 86th Regt.; discharged; re-enl. as capt. in the 179th Regt.; res. on account of ill health.

Patterson, Israel, 187th Regt.

Prentiss, Anson, 23d Regt.

Prentiss, Anson, 23d Regt.

Phillips, Alfred W., 141st Regt.

Pettigrew, Robert L., 179th Regt.

Pettigrew, Almond, 141st Regt.

Pettigrew, John E., 179th Regt.

Perrons, Louis, 15th Cav.

Plimpton, Albert M., 107th Regt.; disch. for disability.

Peterson, Wm., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Pinch, James W., 107th Regt.; pro. to sergt.; wounded in battle; taken pris.; exchanged; discharged.

Pinch, Wm. E., 50th Eng.

Pinch, Thomas H., 179th Regt.

Peacock, David, 1st Dragoons.

Patrick, John B., 179th Regt.; pro. to q.-m. sergt.

Prangin, John H., 179th Regt.

Ploof, Franklin P., 4th H. Art.

Poole, Cyrus, 160th Art.

Preston, Horatio G., 179th Regt.

Pauling, John, 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Renslow, Freeman, 23d Regt.

Robinson, Robert R., 23d Regt.; wounded July 23, 1861; died at home.

Ready, Philander, 2d Cav.

Ryan, John W., 107th Regt.; died at Harper's Ferry, Oct. 2, 1862.

Richardson, Joshua.

Rockfellow, John, 10th Cav.

Rich, Frank, 65th Regt.

Ryan, John, 40th Regt.

Riley, John.

Rick, 132d Regt.

Rines, Henry, 89th Regt.

Rulison, Josiah, 12th Cav.

Reynolds, Franklin M., 187th Regt.

Reynolds, Willson, 187th Regt.

Reynolds, Andrew Jackson, 141st Regt.

Reynolds, Henry A., 187th Regt.

Reynolds, David M., 141st Regt.; disch. for disability.

Reynolds, William H., 187th Regt.

Raymond, Charles H., 111th Regt.

Reimas, Constantine, 50th Eng.

Rowe, Edward, 50th Eng.

Richards, Elias F., 179th Regt.

Raymond, Spencer G., 179th Regt.

Rascoe, Andrew F., 5th H. Art.

Reily, John, 161st Regt.

Reed, William L., 50th Eng.

Ready, Philander, 2d Cav.; disch. for disability.

Randall, Clark, 1st Dragoons.

Rass, Will, 141st Regt.

Robinson, Joseph W., 179th Regt.; entered as asst. surg. of 82d Regt., March, 1862; pro. to surg. of 141st Regt., Aug. 1862; resigned June, 1863; taken prisoner in the seven days' battles under McClellan; re-enl. as surg. of 179th Regt.; div. surg. part of the time.

Russel, Andrew Jackson, 141st Regt.; detailed as artist.

Sylvester, Peter, 15th Cav.

Sands, James, 188th Regt.

Stuodan, Albert, 65th Regt.

Sherwood, Micajah V., 141st Regt.; pro. to 1st lieut., April 1864; pro. to capt. 1864; discharged.

Sweet, Jerry, 107th Regt.; discharged.

Sill, Allen N., capt., 107th Regt.; pro. to maj., Aug. 1, 1864; pro. to lieut.-col., Oct. 1, 1864.

Swartout, Estees A., musician, 141st Regt.; discharged.

Strown, Charles, 161st Regt.

Shinneberger, Stewart, 141st Regt.; disch. for disability, 1864.

Skinner, Parmerson, unassigned.

Sawyer, Harris C., 141st Regt.; pro. to hospital steward, 1862.

Summers, Thomas, 14th H. Art.

Simpson, William H., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Stephens, Christopher B., 141st Regt.; discharged.

Smith, Philip, 16th H. Art.; discharged.

Stone, Jehiah, 86th Reg.; discharged.

Stone, Chauncey, 86th Regt.; discharged.

Shumway, Stephen, 86th Regt.; discharged.

Springer, Eli, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Sturtevant, Hiram H., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Senter, Joseph Q., 23d Regt.

Shanum, John, 10th Cav.; discharged.

Shanum, Andrew, 161st Regt.; discharged.

Smith, Lorenzo D., 23d Regt.

Snyder, John, 10th Cav.; discharged.

Sinkletter, Elihu, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Sands, James, 189th Regt.

Smith, David C., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Shinnebarger, Samuel, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Sipp, George, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Stephens, Sayles C., 179th Regt.; discharged.

Sharp, William, 179th Regt.; discharged.

Scinburt, Frederick, 65th Regt.; discharged.

Sherman, John, 160th Regt.; discharged

Show, Alexander, 50th Eng.; discharged.

Shultz, Jeremiah, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Smith, Charles H., 189th Regt.; discharged.

Spencer, Jude, 189th Regt.; discharged.

Tuttle, Russel M., 107th Regt.; pro. to 1st sergt., Aug. 12, 1862; pro. to 2d Lieut., March 1, 1863; pro. to 1st lieut., Aug. 1, 1864; pro. to capt., March 13, 1865; on staff of Brig. Gen. T. H. Ruger.

Taylor, David S., 23d Regt.; disch. for disability.

Taylor, Will H., drummer, 23d Regt.

Thompson, John W., 1st Vet. Cav.; discharged.

Tibbits, Will.

Tunis, William J. H.

Thacher, Eugene, 107th Regt.; killed at Dallas, Ga.

Watts, John, chaplain, 86th Regt.

Wright, Gilbert, 107th Regt.; pro. to sergt.; discharged.

Willor, Frederick C., 141st Regt.; pro. to 2d lieut., Dec. 1862; pro. to 1st lieut. and to capt., in 1864.

Wisner, Pollidore B., corp., 141st Regt.; disch. for disability, May, 1863.

Washburne, Theodore, 1st Dragoons; discharged.

Witter, Chauncey, 16th H. Art.

Witter, Silas, 16th H. Art.

Wilkins, Marcus, 16th H. Art.

Woolever, Lewis D., 16th H. Art.

Whitford, Sylvanus, 5th H. Art.

White, William H., 85th Regt.

Walker, Gilbert, 85th Regt.

Winter, Gustavus, 50th Eng.

Williams, George, 179th Regt.

Willis, George.

Wakefield, Orrin P., 23d Regt.; pro. to corp., Aug. 1861.

Welch, Patrick, 179th Regt.

Wilkinson, John C.

Wheeler, Governor O., 189th Regt.

Wells, Anson, 65th Regt.

Wruston, George, 15th U.S. Inf.

Wilson, Charles, 15th Cav.

Williams, Myron, 15th Cav.

Wheaton, Albert, 23d Regt.; wounded at Antietam.

Wallace, Andrew, 86th Regt.; disch. for disability; re-enl.

Van Scoter, William H., 23d Regt.

Van Scoter, Hudson J., 23d Regt.

Zimmerman, M. U., 23d Regt.; pro. to sergt., May, 1861.

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