1836 Tax Assessment List
For South Creek Township

Typed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
Photo by Joyce M. Tice

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This is the first year that an assessment list exists for South Creek Township which was formed from Ridgebury and Wells. For the number of acres, cattle, horses, etc., that someone was assessed for and paid taxes on refer to the actual assessment list.
Andrus, Gideon H.  
Arnold, Jared 1 sawmill, 1 gristmill, merchant, acreage transfered from Amos Holbrook
Bailan, James  
Baker, Ezekiel  
Baly, Benjamin named crossed out
Berk, Wm tailor
Blodget, Charles  
Blodget, Deborah  
Bovier, Solomon  
Boylan, Daniel  
Brown, Silvester H.  
Butler, Jeremiah  
Butler, Sarah  
Cady, Daniel  
Campbele, John  
Carpenter, Noble  
Caulkins, Roswell  
Chase, Joseph  
Chatman, Jeremiah  
Colman, Jeremiah  
Comfort, Moses  
Conklin, Amos  
Conklin, Joshua  
Dean, John  
Dewey, James  
Dunham, Right  
Elsbre, Ira  
Fassett, Philo tavern
Fassett, Truman constable
Gillett, Asa sawmill
Goldsmith, Ira  
Goldsmith, Wm  
Gordin, Joseph  
Haight, Hiram  
Haight, Wm  
Harkness, Hiram  
Hawby, Samuel  
Hillman, John  
Hinckley, Amos sawmill
Hodges, Aris  
Holbrook, Amos acreage transfered to Jared Arnold
Holcomb, Alfred purchased of Henry McElroy
Horning, Wm  
Houtz, William  
Ingersall, Gideon  
Inman, Benjamin  
Johnson, Alexander  
Jones, Harvey tavern
Kice, William tenant
Kline, John  
Leach, Barnabus  
Lenard, Clement  
Moore, Jesse  
Moore, Jesse Jr.  
McElroy, Henry sold out to Alfred Holcomb
Miller, Wm  
Owens, Alanson  
Pettengill, Saml Justice of the Peace
Pitt, John  
Pitts, Luke N.  
Potter, Elisha P.  
Quick, Benjamin  
Quick, Jacob  
Relyea, David  
Reynolds, Peter  
Seely, Benjamin  
Seely, Wm  
Seymour & Selover sawmill
Smith, John L.  
Stevens, Wm  
Stiles, Aaron  
Stiles, Daniel  
Stiles, Stephen  
Thompson, John  
Thompson, Wm  
Vankuren, James  
Walling, Oliver  
Ward, Harris  
Ward, Moses  
Ward, Wm  
Wheaton, Jacob  
Wheeler, Ralph  
Williams, James  
Williams, Lynus  
  December 1, 1835 - Jesse Moore, Jr., assessor

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