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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Elaiine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & History sites by Joyce M. Tice. 
Troy Gazette – Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA
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Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916

M. J. Handran has been laid up with eye trouble.

Louis Herrington has moved to the Terrace Farm tenant house.

Mrs. Ed Johnson is visiting friends in Elmira for a few days.

Miss Anna O’Connor of the John Wildi office, has been among the ill.

Prof. Guillaume and Orin W. Jaquish are joint owners of a new Buick car.

Fred Johnson has moved his family from this boro to near his work in Southport Junction, N.Y.

Mrs. Mary Bruce and son, Myrton of Chenango Forks, are visiting her brother, Mr. M. T. Haxton.

Mrs. E. B. Parsons who has been with her son, Judson, in Buffalo, returned to Troy Tuesday afternoon.

L. A. Pierce has moved his clothes pressing and cleaning shop to the Pomeroy building, back of the electric light office.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis D. Blackwell of Elmira, spent last Friday in Troy with the former’s mother, Mrs. Lucy Blackwell.  It was her 89th birthday.

Louis Batterson was home for a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Batterson before taking up his new work in the Bagley garage, in Lock Haven.

Mrs. Frederick E. VanDyne, her little daughter and her mother, Mrs. Swan, the latter of Elmira, are back from a month at “The Chamberlain” Old Point Comfort, Virginia.

Miss Harriett Parsons comes soon from Chicago University for a visit to her mother and to attend the wedding of her brother, T. Samuel Parsons, and Miss Florence Whittier in Elmira on Easter Monday.

In the hope of finding relief from the intense headaches from which he suffers, A. S. Gallatin went to Philadelphia last week to consult Dr. Zeigler, the eminent eye specialist.  He also visited relatives in York.

In pursuance of the plan matured some time ago transferring the Farm Bureau to the  county seat, Farm Agent Dave Sloan has moved from Canton to Towanda into part of the George R. Hill house on York Avenue.

Mrs. Edward P. Morse has gone for a rest and treatment to the Gleason health resort in Elmira.

Lynn Gillett has a badly injured left hand, the result of an accident while at work.  He will be incapacitated for some time.

While Ezra Strope was moving from Sheshequin to Chemung four of his cows were nearly carried away by high water at Athens.  Three rescued themselves, but the fourth must surely have been lost had not a man in a row boat grabbed her horns and kept her afloat until shallow water was reached.

Dr. Charles Weigester was up from Muncy for Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Weigester.

Mrs. Platt Coonley of Coxsackie, N.Y., spent Sunday in Troy with her nephew, H. K. Mitchell and family.

John H. Morse left on Tuesday to take up his new position with the Truck Department of the Jeffery Automobile Agency at Burlington, Vt.

Merritt Potter and James Bardwell, candidates for admission to the National service as naval apprentices have not yet completed their enlistment.

Mrs. William DeWitt and children are here from Blossburg for a visit to the Doctor’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. DeWitt.

Dr. Rider has material on the ground for alterations in the house he recently purchased next to the First National Bank.

The Whittier-Parsons wedding in Elmira Easter Monday will be in Park church.  The reception also will be held in the church lecture room.

M. E. Greenough spent Sunday in Sayre with Mrs. Greenough who is making a good recovery at the Robert Packer hospital, from her operation of ten days ago.

Ola Lee is in the Robert Packer hospital in Sayre for a course of treatment.

A large number of Trojans went by special train to Canton last night to see “The Bohemian Girl”.  In the party were Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ballard, Francis Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel, Robert VanSyckel, Miss Jameson, Miss Drake, Miss Marlon Rexford, Henreitta Pierce, Alice Haggerty, Blanche Dewey, Minerva Flood, Miss Lyon, Julia Sadler, Laura Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. George Botcher, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rumsey, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Corter, William O’Connor, Lester Kelley, Francis Maher, Roe Smith, James McGee, Benj. Greene, Ralph Burr, Ora Jaquish, H. C. Sherman, Cecil Hooker, W. F. Palmer, Rhinehold Erk, Harold Gustin, Frank Nichols, Prof. Guillaume, W. G. Meckstroth, Vincent Vineski, Harry Nice, Hiram Wood.

Mrs. Howard Gates has returned from a week’s visit with Elmira friends.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sweet were in Philadelphia last week, returning on Saturday.

The address is changed of James B. Furman from Virginia to Elmira.

Mrs. Sara Porter of Elmira, visited her sister, Mrs. James Sims in Farmer’s Valley last week.

Mrs. Robert A. Myer has sold her needlework and art business at Towanda to Miss Anna Ellenberger who has taken possession.

F. P. Case & Son have added to the Gustin property on West Main Street, the ownership of the Daniel Newell shop.  On the two lots they expect at some time in the future to erect a flat building with apartments for four to six families.

Mrs. John C. Bigelow of Troy sailed from the Pacific coast on her trip to the orient.

Dr. D. Leonard Pratt has been named to succeed Dr. Johnson, resigned, in charge of the Tuberculosis Dispensary in this county, Miss Lois Lilley will serve as dispensary nurse.

Edward Brink returned on Tuesday from the National Soldier’s Home, Va.

Mrs. Anna Budd spent the week-end with friends in Elmira.

Miss Madaline VanSyckel returned Tuesday to her studies in National Park Seminary.

The explosion of the lamp in an incubator in the home of Howard Cole at East Troy yesterday caused considerable damage.

Volume LIII – Number 15 – Thursday – April 13, 1916

Cashier J. Carson Blackwell of the Grange bank, has purchased of Eden Bouney the Ruth M. M. Peck dwelling house property in Peck Place and will occupy it.

Mrs. W. S. Sweet was in Waverly several days last week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sawtelle, who entertained at the same time a sister of Mr. Sawtelle from Philadelphia.

Miss Lucia Davis who has been in the home of her sister, Mrs. W. R. Holloway for some weeks, was called back to Sherburn, N.Y., by the illness of her sister, Miss Ruth Davis, with scarlet fever.

Harry Cleaver, lately returned from China, was home over Sunday in anticipation of an early trip to Russia.  Selecting the Northern route he will keep out of the war zone.  His business will take him to Petrograd and other centers.

Miss Harriett McWilliams Parsons, who was graduated fro Vassar College in 1915, and the present year is taking advanced work at Chicago University, returns to Vassar next year as a member of the faculty, department of astronomy.

William Moffatt has sold his house and lot in lower Canton Street to Mrs. George Bruce of Chenango Forks, N.Y., sister of M. T. Haxton, who will come about May 15th to make her home in Troy.  Mr. Moffatt does not expect to leave town.

All of the teachers of the Troy public school have been re-engaged for next year except Misses Pierce and Saxton, resigned.  Miss Pierce has accepted a position nearer home at Corning, N.Y. The growth of the agricultural department will make an extra teacher necessary next year.  This work comes under the head of agricultural extension and the extra expense to the district will be slight.

The Wesleyan Methodist conference in session at Canandaigua named C. F. Hurst as the appointee for Mainesburg; William Clow fro Westfield, and M. E. Warburton for Elkland.

Among the changes in Methodist pastorates made by the Wyoming conference at Waverly last week was the appointment of the Rev. W. J. Andrews to Athens and the transfer of the Rev. George M. Bell from Athens to Kingston, Pa.

Mrs. D. S. Kenyon is visiting friends in Elmira.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morse were in Elmira Tuesday.

Christopher Smith is the new night man at the Troy Electric plant.

Mrs. Truman H. Morse and little daughter were down from Elmira on Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Price are visiting in Rochester and Union Springs, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell entertained a small company at dinner Tuesday evening.

Miss Edna Melville of Long’s Mills, has accepted a position in Margaret King’s millinery shop.

Mrs. Eloise Mitchell Knox comes this week from Johnstown, N.Y. for a visit to Troy relatives.

Percy Davies of Stanley, N.Y. was a guest last week in the home of his brother, Dr. M. Davies.

Treasurer George H. Thomas of the Thomas Coupling Companywas in Buffalo on business last week.

Mrs. Fred Greeno and children of Brockport, N.Y., came Saturday for a visit to Dr. and Mrs. P.S. Carpenter.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Welch were in Gillett on Tuesday to attend the funeral of the former’s uncle, Ralph Welch.

Jasper Clark whose funeral was held last Saturday in Elmira, was a former resident of Troy for many years.

Harry Watkins and family have moved from their farm on the Porter Road to the Alton house in Elmira Street.

Prof. Fred W. Card was called to Oakmont, near Pittsburg, last week to speak before the Home and School Association made up of teachers and parents on landscape gardening.

A surprise picnic supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George P. Wrench on Thursday evening was much enjoyed.

Leland S. Parsons, science teacher in Burlington, N.J., comes next week to spend Easter vacation with his p0arents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Parsons.

Mrs. John Wolfe and daughter, Mrs. M. Fitzgerald of Snedekers and Mrs. Steve Kenyon of Columbia X roads, were guests last Thursday of Mrs. M. A. Davies.

Mr. L. C. Hungerford of Boston spent part of last week in Troy with his partners, E. Everitt VanDyne and Henry B. VanDyne of the VanDyne Hungerford Co., wholesale leather dealers of Boston.

Mailing List Changes:  A. D. Ballard from Mansfield to Troy, E.D. Harkness from Elmira to Elmira, Mrs. M. L. Bush form Elmira to Corning, E. Burt form Fort Myers, Florida to Frewsburg, N.Y., Clyde Swain form Waterville, Wash. To Harrington, Wash.

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Case visited their son, Frank, in Elmira.

Ola Lee returned last Saturday from the Robert Packer hospital.

Mrs. Lucy Redding Smith of Elmira, was in Troy for the week end.

Miss Anna Burke of Elmira spent last week at her farm in the edge of town.

Mrs. Guy Case will enter the Arnot-Ogden hospital in Elmira for surgical treatment.

Attorney David Paine of Syracuse passed the week end in Troy with his mother and sisters.

Mrs. Charles Coe of Waverly, N.Y. is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rockwell.

Mrs. Clarendon Leonard and daughter, Mrs. George Bottcher, were in Elmira on Friday.

A marriage license has been issued to Charles Russell and Ethel Jane Stevenson of Canton.

Mrs. B. A. Long entertained Monday afternoon for Miss Elizabeth VanDyne and Miss Jane Parsons.

Miss Leila Foote of the post office force, has been off duty for some days for a much needed rest.

Mrs. Martha Souten of Sylvania spent part of last week in Troy as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Pomeroy.

Miss Pauline Bradford of Endicott, was with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Bradford for a short vacation.

Miss Arminda Vroman of Granville Center, is spending a few weeks with her aunt, Mrs. Perry Rockwell of Troy.

Mrs. H. C. Carpenter was among the guests at a luncheon given by Mrs. William Snyder in Elmira on Monday.

Miss Jennie Packard of Alba, has been the guest of her aunt and uncle, John E. Dobbins and Mrs. Emma Hepburn.

Miss Rhea Vroman of Granville Center, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lincoln of Syracuse, N.Y.

Mrs. F. H. Hoffman visited Mr. and Mrs. Olrando LaCreque, their daughter, Mrs. Robert Bentley and other Elmira friends last week.

Mrs. George Gilmour is here from Philadelphia for a visit to her children, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gilmour the latter of whom has been ill.

Paul Rockwell of Bible School Park, N.Y., was called home for a few days last week by the illness of his mother, Mrs. P. A. Rockwell.

Mrs. Alba Welch of Coudersport arrived Tuesday to spend a time with her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Seward on the Canton road.  Mr. Seward is very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Case visited their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. David McMahan in Athens last week and attended the Wyoming conference in Waverly.

Mrs. William Long came from Williamsport for Sunday with her husband at the Troy House.

Floyd Carpenter is home for ten days from his position with the Walker-Gordon Laboratory Milk Co., at Plainesboro, N.J.

Dr. H. S. Ballard returned to his home in McKeesport on Tuesday following a visit to his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Ward Ballard.

The Misses Laura Wheeler, Genevieve Borden, Elinor Saxon, Susie Borden, Margaret Collins, Lila Drake were in Elmira Saturday.

President T. W. Parsons and Secretary C. A. Smith of the Troy School Bo9ard, attended the funeral in Towanda yesterday of County Superintendent Putnam.

Mrs. William Simms and little son left on Wednesday evening for their new home in Salisbury, Md.  Mrs. T. P. Rockwell accompanied them as far as Philadelphia.

Harry Johnson and family moved last week to their newly purchased farm in Bohlayertown.  Thomas Berwick moved to Troy into part of the Mrs. Hiram Rockwell house.

Miss Janice Mitchell was the hostess of a very delightful party of about 50 of her boy and girl friends at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Mitchell, last Friday evening.

Byron Campbell of High Street, is alarmingly ill with pneumonia.

Rural Carrie Lee Reynolds is repairing his barn recently damaged by fire.

Twenty of their friends enjoyed a New England picnic supper Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Mic-Key.

Miss Anna Bottcher returned Saturday from a visit of several days to her sister, Mrs. Andrew J. Strong in Elmira.

Volume LIII – Number 16 – Thursday – April 20, 1916

Ladies’ Aid Thimble Party at the Church (M. E. Church) Thursday, April 27th. Hostesses, Mesdames Helen Straight, Frank Case, A. S. Gallatin, W. F. DeWitt, Robert Young, Frances Leonard and G. A. Baldwin.  This social gathering will be of special interest to the members of the Missionary Society as well as of the Ladies’ Aid.

Mrs. John Soper of Ulster, was a weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Laura Newberry.

Mrs. C. W. Mitchell is with her brother, Will Snedeker who is ill at his home in Snedekers.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joralemon will spend Easter with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Parke.

At Wi9ndfall, Miss Ethel Duart delightfully entertained the Philalethia class of the M.E. Church Sunday school at her home.  Warm maple sugar was served.

Miss Leila Foote of the Troy post office is at the Robert Packer hospital in Sayre for treatment of a very serious form of goitre.  Miss Foote went to Sayre Sunday accompanied by her sister, Miss Belle Foote.

G. M. Crum of Orange Hill, has been appointed to the place in the Athens bank caused by the resignation of W. F. Campbell of Litchfield, who has gone to Chicago.  L. T. Marvin of the Valley Mercantile Company, takes the place in the directorate of the late L. W. Eighmey.

The Rev. Edward P. Morse and Liston Bliss are attending Lackawanna Presbytery at West Pittston this week.   They left Monday morning and are expected home today.

Mrs. Leonard Crouch and son, Paul, came from Syracuse from a visit to her mother, Mrs. C. C. Paine.  Mrs. Crouch  returned Tuesday morning but Master Paul is to spend his Easter vacation here.

Many social functions are being held in Elmira fro Miss Florence Whittier whose marriage to T. Samuel Parsons is to be solemnized Easter Monday.  One of the latest of these was a quaint Dutch luncheon on last Saturday.  The bride-elect was presented a Friendship Booking containing pictures of her friends who attended the luncheon.  The pictures were accompanied by original poems and favorite recipes.  The collage friends who assisted in serving were dressed as little Dutch girls.

The following from a recent issue of the Orlando, (Florida) Morning Sentinel is of local interest: “A few weeks ago Mr. Fred B. Dale was selected by the executors of the Norcross estate as exclusive agent for their Magnolia avenue home property.  Mr. Dale has just concluded negotiations for the sale with Senator J. E. Buxton, of Vermont, who now becomes owner of this high class Orlando home.  The Senator has surely secured a choice piece of real estate, as there are but few houses in Orlando so thoroughly built and well arranged.  The lot is also of very large dimensions, being 345 feet deep.  Mrs. Norcross will leave for the North April 19.  Congratulation to the Senator on purchasing this high class home.

Mrs. Charles M. Knox arrived Tuesday for a visit in homes of her sister and brother, Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel and Mr. B. B. Mitchell.

Miss Mildred Steele of Mansfield, will succeed Miss Pierce, resigned, as teacher of the First Grade in the Troy public school.  The vacancy was filled by the school board at their meeting Monday evening.

M. E. Greenough will vacate the Leonard home and board with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Williams.

W. T. Gustin was in Towanda on Monday.

District Attorney D. J. Fanning is in Towanda.

C. J. Bloom was in Elmira on Business Tuesday.

Miss Jeanette McCabe spent Wednesday in Elmira.

Theodore Orbank will spend Easter Sunday with his mother in Morris Run.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Conklin are spending the week at Alden Springs, N.Y.

Mrs. Thomas F. Burgan and little son have returned from an extended visit with relatives in Cleveland, Ohio.

R. Mayo who came to Armenia from North Dakota, will return to that State.

Mr. and Mrs. Eden H. Bonney and their daughter, Mrs. Richard Kellam, are visiting in Rahway, N.J., their former home.

Dwight Rolison goes to Rochester for Easter with his sister, Mrs. Fred Roberts and family.

Mr. and Mrs. George Gilmore have moved into part of the Charles Case house in Elmira Street.

William Moffatt will move into the Gustin house in Elmira Street now owned by H. M. Spalding & Son.

Miss Ruth M. M. Peck has relinquished her position as librarian in the Beechwood school at Jenkinstown to accept a better place in a school at Mercersburg under the same management.

Mr. and Mrs. John McClelland were tendered a surprise party at their home in Elmira Street on Tuesday evening by about seventy of their friends.  Warm sugar was served.

Mrs. Robert E. VanSyckel, Mrs. F. H. Hoffman and Mrs. B. A. Long are in Washington as representatives of Os-co-hu Chapter to the National Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  They left last Saturday morning expecting to be gone a week.\

Principal Leon J. Russell of the Towanda schools, will probably succeed the late Herbert S. Putnam as County Superintendent of Public Schools by appointment for the Unexpired term.  Many friends and admirers in this party of the County hoped for the appointment of Prof. W. M. Denison and the matter was laid before him, but Prof. Denison refused to allow the use of his name for the place.  He prefers his present work as one of the State High School Inspectors.  Prof. Russell was a candidate for County Superintendent the last time Mr. Putnam was chosen and lacked but a few votes of election.  Principal W. F. Yoder of Athens, has been favorably mentioned for the appointment, but is understood not to be an active candidate for the place.

Attorney H. K. Mitchell was in Owego, N.Y. last week on business.

Mrs. George O. Holcombe goes to Philadelphia for Easter with her son.

In South Creek township, Joseph C. Welch and Isaac Craig have exchanged farms.

Mrs. Pliny Norcross comes North soon from Orlando, Florida, to the home of her niece, Mrs. Horace Shedd at 201 Wellington Ave., Auburn, R.I.

Philip Williams is to go soon to Whitney, North Carolina, where he will be rodman with a gang of surveyors under Bernard Fuller, a civil engineer who was employed in Troy last season.

The lates rumor is that the post office will be moved to the corner of Canton and Main Streets, into the Pomeroy building now occupied as a restaurant.  Note that we say runor.  Notwithstanding this report the office may stay where it is, and be enlarged by taking in the building now occupied by George W. Baxter.

Howard Campbell and his mother, Mrs. Florence Touner of North Dakota, have purchased the Harry Watkins farm on the Porter Road.  As Mrs. Touner and Mr. Campbell lived in this section about twenty-five years ago they are not new comers.  Instead they have come back home.

E. L. Lewis has been quite ill the past week.

John A. Parsons was in Geneva Monday on business.

Andrew Seward continues alarmingly ill at his home on the Canton road.

Fred Barrett has sold his farm, the Treat-Shoemaker place in Granville to Isaac H. King.

Miss Harriett Parsons has arrived from Chicago in anticipation of the Whittier-Parsons wedding in Elmira next Monday.

F. W. Hovey is the new Clerk of the Session of the Troy Presbyterian church in place of John A. Parsons who declined re-election after 40 years of continuous service.

Daniel A. Medlar of Sayre, has decided to quit drinking and stay quit.  In order to help along in the good move, he has “posted” himself in every licensed place in Sayre.  He wants everybody to know that he is “posted” and that to sell him intoxicants is “agin the law”.

The members of Os-co-hu Chapter, D.A.R. realized $40 from the sale of Belgian flags.

Miss Lila Strait of the school faculty will spend the Easter vacation at her home in Mansfield.

Miss Frances Atwood of Seaton Hill School, Greensboro, Pa., is spending the Easter vacation at the Troy House with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Atwood.

Volume LIII – Number 17 – Thursday -  April 27, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. VanDyne spent Easter at Atlantic City.

Mrs. Catherine Maher and son, Francis were called to Sayre on Sunday by the illness of John McKeena.

Miss Mary Bowen is attending a meeting of the Presbyterian Missionary Society in Philadelphia.

Postmaster and Mrs. M. J. McNulty are in Scranton, the guests of their children, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Noone.

Miss Belle Burns, Miss Ella Bird, Robert Burns, and Thomas Cunningham spent Easter in Alba with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Friends and son Robert, of Hornell, were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Friends.

Mrs. W. B. Niles has returned to her home in Rutland following a ten day visit to her sister, Mrs. Merritt Smith and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Joralemon and son , Herman attended the Palmer-Wickham wedding at West Franklin Saturday evening.

The property at the corner of Mackney and Weigester Streets, owned by the late E. B. Montgomery has been purchased by Robert Bailey.

Miss Edna Thompson will leave the latter part of the week to join her sister, Mrs. Charlotte Smith in Philadelphia, where she will make her home.

The Misses Frances M. Saltmarsh and Laura P. Aspinwall have issued invitations for a five hundred party for the younger set, to be held on Saturday evening, April 29th.

L. Roe Smith, for the past seven years as efficient employee of F. L. Ballard’s jewelry store, has resigned his position, effective May 1st.  He will be succeeded by Lawrence Ballard now with Preston & Jaquish.

Miss Lulu Kerrick of Wellsboro, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. A. R. Johnson in Elmira Street.

Mrs. John Innes of Canton is very ill following a stroke of paralysis.  Her daughters have been summoned.

Miss Mary McGee of Williamsport, spent Easter as the guest of her uncle, James P. McGee and family.

Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell has issued invitations for a luncheon this afternoon in honor of Miss Elizabeth VanDyne.

The Rev. Edward P. Morse and children spent Saturday with Mrs. Morse at the Gleason health resort in Elmira.

Through 11 year old Irene N. Brown of Troy, a $2.20 contribution is acknowledged to the “Marjorie” Battleship fund made up of 26 nickels and dimes.

A. W. Cossett who has recently entered the employ of F. P. Case & Son, has moved his family into the Hill house, next door to Dr. Carpenter’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sims who have been spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. James Sims in Farmer’s Valley, have returned to their home in Seneca Falls, N.Y.

For the alleged theft of a bicycle, Ernest Vincent, an evangelistic worker of Towanda, was arrested and lodged in all.  A Towanda dispatch says that Vincent is so convinced of his guilt that he will waive all rights to a defense and plead guilty before Judge Maxwell.

Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel, the Regent and Mrs. F. H. Hoffman the Registrar of Os-co-hu Chapter, returned Tuesday from Washington where they attended the D.A.R. National Congress.  Mrs. B. A. Long, the Corresponding Secretary, who also attended the Congress, is expected home on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bohlayer expected to leave Sanford, Florida on May 2d.  They will make the trip from Jacksonville to Baltimore by boat, reaching Troy probably around  ....8th..  Miss Elizabeth McClelland ... not come North at present.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cosper and little daughter are on their way North.  Whether they will make all or only part of the trip in their car is not known.

Mr. and Mrs. George Riggs of Elmira street, entertained a company of girl friends last evening for their daughter, Miss Laura Riggs, whose engagement to Donald Vickery was announced.

Mrs. William T. Gustin was in Elmira on Friday.

James McGee was in Towanda last week as a Grand Juror.

Mrs. A. J. Sadler visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Parke in Elmira last week.

Miss Laura B. Aspinwall of Buffalo, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Jennie R. Grant.

Mrs. Clarence Jones and Daughter, Marjorie of Elmira, visited friends here on Monday.

E. Burton Parsons of Rochester and Judson Parsons of Buffalo, N.Y. were in town over Sunday.

Misses Nettie Bowen and Adda King were guests on Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferguson in Elmira.

Mrs. Leon Manley (nee Julia Price) and young daughter are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Price.

Miss Alma Price returns to Orange, N.J. on Sunday following a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Price in Elmira Street.

Mansfield Advertiser – Miss Ethel DeWitt who is teaching at Oyster Bay, is spending the Easter vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. DeWitt.

Mrs. D. E. Pomeroy returned Sunday evening to her home in Englewood, N.J. following an Easter visit in the Saltmarsh home, Redington avenue.

Miss Laura McCabe spent Easter Sunday in Elmira.

Mrs. Thomas Vineski was in Williamsport on Wednesday.

Miss Elizabeth Shannon spent Easter with relatives in Corning.

Miss Nellie Worden of Elmira, spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hill.

Mrs. Ted Burke of Canton, is the guest of Mrs. Nellie Shaw in Elmira Street.

Mrs. Belle Towner of Elmira, was an over Sunday guest of Troy relatives.

Mrs. Lloyd Fivie of Gillett, visited her friend, Mrs. R. W. Joralemon on Monday.

Mrs. Fred Roberts and young son, Howard, of Rochester, are visiting relatives here.

Mrs. Max Dobbins of Jersey City, N.J. is spending the week with relatives in Troy.

Mrs. William O’Connor and daughters, Nellie and Mary, were in Elmira Saturday.

Walter Wood was taken to the Blossburg hospital on Monday for the amputation of a finger.

The alterations, which Dr. Rider is making in his recently acquired property next to the First National bank, have reached a point where he expects to occupy his new offices next week.  The living apartments will not be ready for occupancy until early in June.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hill were in Horseheads yesterday to attend the funeral of the formers father, Moses Hill, who died at his home in that place on Sunday morning.  Deceased was well known in this vicinity have lived in Sylvania some years ago.

George Hickok, J. H. Preston, John E. Dobbins, William F. DeWitt, E. A. Rockwell and Homer DeWitt were trout fishing on Armenia last Friday and Ralph Burr in the vicinity of Roaring Branch.  The catches were small in number, though all reported some.

Superintendent H. A. Jaggard of this division of the Pennsylvania railroad and Road Supervisor Jerry Burgan, were in town last Friday in the formers special car, in which F. P. Case and Station Agent T. P. Rockwell joined them for lunch.  Superintendent Jaggard has numerous friends among the businessmen of Troy and he called upon some of them during the afternoon.

Climbing into a chair and reaching on a table the 2 year old son of William Neal of Sayre obtained a phial of poison tablets which he ate.  He became violently ill and died in an hour in the local hospital.

Pathmaster Phelps of Burlington came in for some complements the other day when a party of Trojans returned from a motor trip to Towanda.  They said with no little enthusiasiam that his section of road from Hilton’s bridge – or thereabouts – to the Knapp bridge was so good that it might well serve as a model for the rest of the county in country dirt road making.

Mrs. W. S. Montgomery and children returned Sunday evening from Milton where they attended the wedding on Wednesday of her sister, Miss Grace Godcharles to Mr. Malcolm Follmer.  It was a small home wedding at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. William H. Godcharles.  The bride has visited in the Montgomery home and has numerous friends in Troy.  Mr. Follmer is a prosperous druggist of Milton.

A Gillett correspondent of the Elmira Advertiser writes: “The serenity of our village was somewhat disturbed last Thursday when a number of Elmira lawyers came in for a hearing on the case of Mrs. Emma Andrus against the Pennsylvania Railroad for damages for the death of her husband Joseph Andrus, on December 22, 1914.  There was such an array of legal talent as Gillett has not seen in many a day.  Mrs. Andrus was represented by Attorneys Mortimer L. Sullivan and Levi Ginsberg and the railroad was represented by Attorney Alexander Diven, accompanied by Mr. Bittern of the railroad police force.  And Mr. Ayers acted as referee and stenographer.  Seven or eight witnesses were called.”

Volume LIII – Number 18 – Thursday – May 4, 1916

John Collins has been transferred by the Pennsylvania railroad from Elmira to be section foreman at Cowley.

Charles Berg and Edgar Ayers have gone from Canton to Buffalo where they have positions on lake steamers for the summer.

Harry Brooks, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brooks of this boro, has been transferred in the Pennsylvania Railroad employ from Montour Falls, N.Y. to the general freight office in Elmira at an advanced salary.

Miss Frances Smith entertained at the “500” party last Friday evening.

Miss Elizabeth VanDyne and Mrs. John W. Phillips entertained at their homes during the week for the formers guest, Miss Henrietta Fredericks of Boston.

Miss Elsie Shaeffer, formerly of the Troy public school faculty, now Educational Secretary of the Diocese of Harrisburg, of the Episcopal church, is visiting Mrs. George G. Beardsley who entertained over Sunday also Miss Ruby Hopkins a former Troy teacher now of the faculty of the Elmira Free Academy.

Dr. A. W. Booth, of Elmira, and Dr. W. A. DeWitt of Blossburg, were in consultation with Dr. John H. Doane Friday concerning the condition of John DeWitt, who is at the Blossburg hospital.  Mr. DeWitt was brought from the hospital in an auto to the home of his brother, C. H. DeWitt, where the consultation was held.  He was taken back to the Blossburg hospital where he has been for nine weeks.  His condition is considered quite serious – Mansfield Advertiser, April 26.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude VanKeuren of Elmira, were in town Saturday.

Mrs. William T. Gustin spent Saturday with Mrs. Louis T. McFadden in Canton.

Miss Mildred Ballard spent last week in Elmira, the guest of Miss Louise Williams.

Mrs. Mary Dougherty of Watkins, returned home Monday, following a visit to her daughter, Mrs. M. J. Handran, and family.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kerrick of Auburn, N. Y. Were over Sunday guests of the formers father, Nelson Kerrick.

Mrs. George P. Holcomb has returned from her Easter visit to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Holcomb in Philadelphia.

Miss Belle Foote was in Sayre on Friday to see her sister, Miss Lelia Foote, at the Robert Packer Hospital.

E. VanDyne’s Sons, the well known tanners of this boro, have voluntarily increased the wages of their fifty employees 10 per cent, effective immediately.

Miss Florence Watkins is ill

Miss Elsie Sherman of Canton, is the guest of Miss Laura McCabe.

Mrs. S. E. Whitmer of Newport, Pa., is the guest of relatives here.

James Sims has sold his farm in Farmers’ Valley to Gordon Case, who will occupy it.

Mrs. M. T. Thomas and daughter Catherine, spent the week end with friends in Williamsport.

Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gould and Mrs. James Beach of Elmira, visited in the E. L. Lewis home on Sunday.

L. H. Oliver has purchased of the First National bank the store house in the rear of the Newberry block.

Mrs. L. L. Gregory and her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Berry of Elmira, visited in the L. H. Oliver home last week.

Miss Mildred Ballard has so far recovered from her recent illness as to be able to resume her duties in the post office.

Attorney H. K. Mitchell was so benefited by his treatment for rheumatism at Alden Springs that he is expected home on Friday.

C. W. Ballard of Jackson, Mich., is visiting his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Ward Ballard, and brother, F. L. Ballard, and family.

Mrs. Charles M. Knox left Tuesday morning for two weeks in Johnstown, N.Y., and Springfield, Mass.  Her little son and maid are remaining in Troy until her return.

At Canton, Preston Brothers have sold their Canton shoe store to Anderson Bunn of Ogdensburg, for the past few years in the lumber business at Ralston.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hughson passed through Troy Tuesday on their way by automobile from Miami, Florida, to their home in Elmira.  Up to the vicinity of Washington they were fellow motorists with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cosper.

Harry R. Hall of Jamestown, N.Y. succeeds Roe Smith as watchmaker and engraver in F. L. Ballard’s jewelry store.  Mr. Hall is a graduate of the Bowman Technical School of Lancaster, and comes to Troy highly recommended.

A number of young people drove from Troy to Alba Saturday evening and gave Mr. and Mrs. Earl VanNoy a genuine surprise.  The occasion, which was a very happy one for all, was Mrs. VanNoy’s birthday.  Refreshments were served.

W. S. Montgomery gave a stag dinner at his home in Canton street last Wednesday evening in honor of his cousin, Frederick A. Godcharles, of Milton.  The guests were H. Kent Mitchell, F. L. Ballard, E. Everitt VanDyne, W. W. Beaman, Ralph Burr, J. Carson Blackwell, Harry Kelley, Wilbur H. Parsons, Benjamin B. Mitchell and Robert E. VanSyckle.

Miss Ella Britt, spent the week end with relatives in Elmira.

Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Phillips are spending the week in New York City.

Mrs. F. P. Case was an over Sunday guest with friends in Williamsport.

A. S. Gallatin and Earl M. Bloom were trout fishing on Grays Run on Monday.

H. Kent Mitchell is in Alden Springs, N.Y., fro treatment for rheumatism.

Milton T. Matter was in Lock Haven the early part of the week on business.

J. B. Butler of Canton, was called to Canandaigua by the death of his sister, Mrs. D.
G. Hare.

Walter Allen of Canton, is recovering at the Robert Packer hospital from an operation for gall stones.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shoemaker of Niagara Falls, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Haxton on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. DeWitt passed Sunday in Blossburg with their son, Dr. William DeWitt and family.

Orville T. Putnam of Washington, D. C., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Dahlgren and other relatives here.

Fred W. Stacy formerly of Athens, and well known in Troy, is closing out his grocery business at Endicott, N.Y.

Contractor Charles J. Case has bought of George Taylor a lot on Elmira Street next to the Sadler home for use in connection with his contracting business.

The Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls have their tennis court on Mr. D. F. Pomeroy’s lot in order for the season’s campaign.

Somewhat to the surprise of his physician and friends W. H. Snedeker of Snedekers, is recovering from his late illness.

Mrs. Malcolm D. Gibson and young son, Malcolm, Jr., of Elmira, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Gallatin.

Miss Virginia Holland returned to Elmira on Saturday following a brief visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Holland.

Dr. F. P. Layman, H. B. VanDyne, Carson Blackwell and W. S. Montgomery attended a Masonic meeting in Towanda Friday evening.

Mrs. Louis Cassada and son, Franklin of Pine City, were Friday and Saturday6 guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beaman in Center Street.

P. A. Slade, who has been in feeble health for the past year, was taken to the State Asylum at Danville on Monday – Canton Sentinel.

Warren Lamey and family of Malvern, Pa., have moved into the house in Elmira Street vacated by Mrs. James Beach.

The engagement has been announced of Miss Isadore Montgomery of East Canton, and Harold Gustin of Troy.

Mrs. Catherine Smith has returned home after spending several months with her children in Towanda and Elmira.

Senator Charles Mills of this district is at Alden Springs, N.Y., for treatment for rheumatism.

Members of the Picnic Club were entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Parsons.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Dewey of Gillett, Pa., announce the engagement of their daughter, Blanche to Benjamin S. Greene of Troy, Pa.

Mrs. John C. Bigelow orders back copies of her Troy paper sent to the GrGand Hotel, Yokohama, Japan, where she plans to remain some time.  A number of post cards received by her Troy friends on Monday, May 1st, were postmarked Yokohama, April 14th.

Mrs. Harry Johnson visited her parents at Canton last week.

District Attorney David J. Fanning is at Towanda this week in the discharge of his official duties.

Miss Lorene Jewell has been presented by her father, Samuel Jewell with a new Studebaker-Six automobile.

Miss Francis McGlenn has been called back as teacher to her former position in the Gillett public school.

Mrs. James Beach has moved to Elmira where she will make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Allan Gould and family.

A very pretty luncheon was given last Thursday by Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell in honor of her cousin, Miss Henrietta Fredericks of Boston, and of Miss Elizabeth VanDyne whose marriage to Mr. Everitt B. Mills of Fall River, Mass., takes place next month.

The following are on the jury list for this week’s criminal term of court:  William Bohlayer, C. N. Greene, T. W. Parsons, O. F. Price, Troy; Jr. R. Jones, F. A. Rathbun, Edw. Stanton, Troy Township.  Among the actions listed for trial from this part of the county are Commonwealth vs. Wallace O. Hagar, false pretense.

Under the new street lighting contract, nine new arc lights are to be installed or are already in place.  The new lamps are located as follows:  Two on High Street, at the intersections of Exchange and King Sts.; two on Canton Street, near the VanSyckel and the Mrs. E. B.  Parsons homes; one each on Redington Avenue, Railroad Street, Mackney Street, East Main Street, and Prospect St.  The placing of the new lights has involved moving some of the old lights.

The 25th annual meeting of the Woman’s Home Missionary Society of Elmira District is in session at the M.E. Church.  The program opens at 11:30 Thursday morning.  This session will be given over to reports of officers and standing committees.  At the afternoon meeting beginning at 1:45, the election of officers will take place and papers will be presented on various phases of missionary work by Miss Lena Baldwin, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Mark Bowman, Miss Grana, Mrs. E. N. Mills, and Rev. M. A. Soper will conduct a consecration service.  The address at the evening session will be by the Rev. B. S. Haywood.

Volume LIII – Number 19 – Thursday – May 11, 1916

Mrs. T. P. Rockwell and Mrs. John Ruggles are in Norristown, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. George Mitchell of Elmira, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bloom.

Mrs. H. S. McKean is expected to arrive in Troy next week from St. Augustine, Florida.

John A. Parsons has purchased the Greene property in Railroad Street for a consideration of $755.

Miss Julia Sadler and Miss Agnes Dewey of Gillett, were over Sunday guests of Miss Helen Freeman in Canton.

Mrs. E. T. Helm of Williamsport is visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Almond Eaton in Leona.

Victor VanNess, now on the Dr. Campbell farm near East Smithfield, has purchased the Wright Leonard farm in Springfield.

Mrs. Mabel Foster (nee Sherman) of Elmira, visited Troy friends and her husband’s father, John Foster, in Burlington township.

The remains of Byron Campbell were taken on Tuesday from the Glenwood receiving vault to the Austinville Cemetery for interment.

Mr. and Mrs. T. Samuel Parsons were guests on Sunday of the formers mother, Mrs. E. B. Parsons, enroute to their home in Youngstown, Ohio.

Mrs. George Bruce of Chenango Forks, N.Y. has moved into her newly purchased home in South Canton Street, formerly owned by William Moffat.

F. P. Case & Son have recently completed a two-story warehouse along the railroad track back of their planing mill for the storage of cement, etc.

John W. DeWitt was operated on last Saturday at the Blossburg hospital by his nephew, Dr. William DeWitt and is making satisfactory progress toward recovery.

Miss Mary Bowen and Miss Jane Parsons are attending the thirty-eighth annual meeting of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Lackawanna Presbytery at Scranton this week.

Edward B. Redington, Jr., a high school boy of Waverly, N.Y. whose father is a former Trojan, receives and sends wireless messages with an apparatus made and installed by himself.  He has a license fro the Cleveland, Ohio station.  He is able to pick up messages from remote points as the sound vibrations travel through the air, and receives the correct time whenever he chooses to listen for it from Washington.

Monday afternoon was the occasion of a very pleasant surprise given Mrs. Martha Titus, by twenty-two of her friends and neighbors, in honor of her eighty-seventh birthday.  The rooms were decorated with daffodils, narcissus and other spring flowers.  Delicious refreshments were served, and a purse of silver, in behalf of the ladies, was presented to her by Mrs. Mary Cleaver Long.

Prof. T. W. Gorham of Wysox Township, one of the assistant superintendents of Bradford County schools has tendered his resignation to the new County Superintendent, Prof. Leon J. Russell who will name his successor.  The office pays a salary of $1200.  It has seemed to us that in counties like Bradford having two assistant county superintendents one should be a woman.  Prof. Gorham owns a farm in Wysox to which he will give his attention in the future.

Vice-President George B. Lewis of the Grange National Bank in this boro, has been appointed by governor Brumbaugh to the State Forestry Commission to succeed J. Linn Harris of Center County.  Mr. Lewis is a resident of LeRoy and a well known lumberman.

L. H. Benson has had great luck in making way with foxes which threatened the peace and profit of his poultry yard.  Recently he trapped a father fox and three partially grown pups, and a few nights later three more puppy foxes were caught making seven in all.  The mother of the litter barked angrily in response to the cries of her young but scurried away before a gun could be brought from the house.  Four of the foxes were brought to town alive and sold by William Slade of the meat market, who in turn sold them to his brother in Canton.

The real estate of the bankrupt Towanda Silk Dyeing and Finishing Company has been purchased by Cortez H. Jennings, E. Floyd Kizer and W. Worth Jennings of Towanda, who some weeks ago bought all of the company’s personal property. The dye works are running steadily under the new management and give employment to a number of people.

Lester Kelley spent Sunday in Canton.

Mrs. Benjamin Dahlgren has been ill.

Jack Burk of Williamsport, spent Sunday with friends here.

Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell attended a luncheon in Elmira on Monday given by Mrs. Thomas Berry.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McKean spent Sunday with their son, Scott McKean and family in Newberry.

John A. Parsons, the new owner will paint and otherwise improve the Greene home on Railroad Street.

Miss Catherine Wallace of Titusville, is to be the new stenographer for the Thomas Coupling Company in place of Miss Borden, resigned to go to Corning.

Forester Thomas Harkeson of Little Marsh, Tioga county, was in town last week in the discharge of one of his duties, the appointment of fire wardens.

Up to yesterday noon Inspector Smith had not arrived to take up again the matter of much needed improvements in the Troy post office.  He is expected during the week.

Mrs. E. J. Lilley returned home on Monday from Sullivanville, N.Y., where she went on Thursday last to help in celebrating the birthday of her sister-in-law, Mrs. H. E. Lawhead.

Miss Genevieve Borden left Tuesday morning for Corning where she has accepted a position in the office of the Corning Cut Glass Works.  She will make her home with Miss Stella Pierce and mother.

D. E. Pomeroy of Englewood, N. J., formerly of Troy, was chosen at the late New Jersey election to be a delegate to the Chicago Republican convention.  Mr. Pomeroy is understood to favor the nomination of Justice Hughes for the Presidency.

Miss Leila Foote is making a gratifying recovery from her operation fro goitre on Monday at the Robert Packer hospital.  Miss Belle Foote went to Sayre Monday and came back Tuesday leaving her sister as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.

Miss Helen VanKeuren who is to be graduated in Home Economics from Cornell University in June, has been engaged as assistant to Miss Petit, in the rural extension work of Erie county, N.Y., with headquarters in Buffalo.  She is attending the Farm Bureau annual meeting of Erie county women in Buffalo this week.

Under the direction of Mrs. E. L. Teeter improvement is under way of the grass plots on both sides of Redington Avenue at Canton Street.  Shrubs have been placed in front of Oscoluwa headquarters and a barberry hedge will border the plot across the avenue, greatly to its beautification.

Mrs. George G. Beardsley’s guest, Miss Elsie Schaeffer, left on Tuesday to meet an engagement in Williamsport as Educational Secretary of the Diocese of Harrisburg.  Miss Schaeffer sang very sweetly at the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning and on Monday evening gave a short talk before the Junior Auxiliary of St. Paul’s Church.

The members of the Delta Alpha of the Methodist church gave a picnic supper Monday evening in honor of Miss Genevieve Borden.

Mrs. Thomas F. Handran of Corning visited friends here on Monday.

Miss Lillian Weigend gave a theater party Tuesday evening to about twenty of her young friends.

A Sayre dispatch says Leslie Molyneaux of Troy, has enlisted in the army fro service in the artillery division.

Barney Frank of Buffalo, is renewing the acquaintances of his long mercantile career in Troy.

Harry M. Cleaver of New York paid a birthday visit to his mother, Mrs. I. N. Cleaver, this past week.

Mrs. T. Burk of Canton, was a Sunday visitor to her sisters, Mrs. N. Shaw, Mrs. J. F. Pierce and Mrs. John Hooley.

A noteworthy public improvement is a new iron fence on the east side of Canton Street in front of the E. E. VanDyne and J. W. Lamkin homes.

Deaconess Theodora Paine, Miss Charlotte Paine and the Rev. W. R. Holloway attended a church gathering yesterday in Sayre.

Mrs. George Beardsley entertained on Saturday evening and Mrs. H. J. Pierce on Monday evening in honor of Miss Elsie Schaeffer.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Hovey of New York will come Saturday for the week end with the formers parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hovey.

William T. Clark for several years at the head of South Waverly schools, has been appointed Assistant County Superintendent in place of Prof. Gorham, resigned.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cosper and little daughter arrived Tuesday afternoon by automobile from Lemon City, Florida.  On the way they spent some time with friends in Washington, Philadelphia, Waverly and other places.  Mrs. Cosper’s mother, Mrs. Stackhouse, came with them.  Their many Troy friends are glad to have them back.  Mr. and Mrs. Qua, who went south with them are remaining in Florida.

According to the Master, Mead C. Knights, Troy Grange is now the third largest in the State.  So far this year thirty candidates have been initiated.  Together with those received by demit, reinstatement and waiting for initiation and ballot 56 names been added to the membership since the year began.  The total is somewhat upwards of 350 members.

Volume LIII – Number 20 – Thursday – May 18, 1916

Mrs. William Erk spent Tuesday in Elmira.

Bly Hollis and family are moving into rooms over Mitchell’s garage.

Mrs. Edward Mic-Key goes soon to visit her mother at Glens Falls, N.Y.

Master John Earl Bloom is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Edward Geiss in Elmira.

Mr. and Mrs. Frances L. Ballard entertained a dinner party of about fifty Friday evening.

Fred Blood, late with the United States Army in Panama, is visiting in the J. W. Beaman home.

Miss Belle Foote passed Sunday in Sayre with her sister, Miss Leila Foote, who is steadily improving.

Lawrence Comfort, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Comfort of Bohlayertown, is very ill with appendicitis.

Mrs. Lloyd Bristol of Watertown, N.Y., came Tuesday for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carnright.

Mrs. W. C. Foote and daughter, Arline, were in Sayre on Thursday to see Miss Leila Foote at the Robert Packer hospital.

Mrs. Lee Gates and Mrs. Frank Luckey are delegates this week to the annual Rebekah convention held at Conneaut Lake, near Erie, Pa.

For Mother’s day, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Gallatin had with them their sturdy little grandson, Master Malcom Gibson, Jr., of Elmira, aged 2 ½ years.

Richard C. Kellam has sold his home and 12 acres on Paines Hill to Glenn Burgan, son of the Rev. Thos. Burgan.  The later will occupy it about June 15th.  There are a number of applicants for Mrs. Case’s property in Elmira Street which they are to vacate.  Mr. and Mrs. Kellam, it is understood, will move to Washington, D. C. where Mr. Kellam will take up newspaper work.

Mrs. John Wolfe was in Towanda on Tuesday.

Miss Elizabeth VanDyne has returned from a week in New York.

Miss Margaret Murray of Syracuse, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. John McGoughran.

Miss Anna Burke is spending the week on her farm South of the Railway station.

Mrs. Glenn A. Baldwin and children are spending a month at Mrs. Baldwin’s girlhood home in Baltimore.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Brown of Washington, D. C., the former formerly of Troy, have a fine son, born on April 26th.

Mrs. J. Franklin Pierce had with her for mother’s day her son, Allan Pierce of New York.  He left Monday afternoon, taking his automobile.

Dr. and Mrs. William DeWitt and children of Blossburg, passed through town Monday on their way to visit Mrs. DeWitt’s parents at Wayne, Pa.  Dr. DeWitt will attend Masonic consistory at Scranton before he returns to Blossburg the last of the week – Mrs. DeWitt and the children will remain a month at Wayne.

The Rev. G. A. Baldwin left Tuesday to spend a week or more at the great Methodist General Conference which is being held for a month at Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  It is a world gathering of nearly a thousand delegates and a full board of bishops.  Mr. Baldwin spent Tuesday night with his sister in Syracuse.  He will speak in Saxton, Pa. June 1st and return with Mrs. Baldwin from Baltimore June 2d or 3d.

John T. Parke, of Elmira, passed Wednesday with friends in town.

Rev. W. R. Holloway is attending diocesan convention in Easton this week.

Walter Wood, who recently had a finger amputated at the Blossburg hospital, has returned to his home.

Miss Nettie Gustin spent the week end in Elmira.

Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Blake of Elmira, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Catherine Smith.

Mrs. Harry Morse of Elmira, was the guest the early part of the week of the Misses Saltmarsh.

Mrs. Frank H. Arnold of Rochester is a guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. Isaac Cleaver.

Miss Mary Spillane of Ithaca, N.Y., recently visited her brother, John Spillane and family of Troy.

Mrs. H. S. McKean arrived last Thursday from St. Augustine, Florida, and is again making her home with Mrs. F. M. Long in West Main Street.

Inspector of High Schools W. M. Denison was up from Harrisburg on Tuesday to vote.  He went from here yesterday to inspect the schools of Tioga county.

Straw voting on Presidential preference at Towanda gave Roosevelt 03, Wilson 75, Hughes 36, Brumbaugh 15, Root 6, Ford 4, Knox 1, Penrose 2, Burton 11 and Sherman 1.

Mrs. Fred Greenough and children returned to their home in Brockport, N.Y. on Saturday following a visit to Dr. And Mrs. P. S. Carpenter and other relatives here.

A large saw mill at Jenningstown, W. Va., recently destroyed by fire, entailing a loss of $200,000, was formerly owned by the Messrs. Jennings of Towanda, for whom the town was named.

For the death of her husband, a rural mail carrier, on a crossing at Gillett a year ago last December, Mrs. Emma Andrus of Gillett has been given a verdict of $4,500 against the Pennsylvania railroad.

Think of $35,000 fro a hundred acre farm.  The exact amount is not known, but it is around this figure that William O’Connor, a wealthy Wellsboro man, recently paid A. R. Niles for his 100 acre celery farm at Wellsboro Junction a few miles from the Tioga county shiretown.  The lat Judge Jerome B. Niles of Tioga county, bought the tract for a song when it was a marsh producing only cattails and course marsh hay good only for bedding.  Drainage did the rest or rather started the ball rolling by making possible the big profits from celery which were used in part to provide wash rooms, packing houses, green houses and the other accessories of what is now probably the nearest to a model celery farm in the state.  One hundred acres south of the Niles farm which in its swampy state went for $1,000 later sold for $10,000 and probably today would bring $25,000 to $30,000 as good celery land in the neighborhood readily brings $300 and upwards an acre.

Mrs. Ellen Borden and Miss Laura Wheeler passed Sunday in Corning with Miss Genevieve Borden.

Mrs. Christine Hecker is visiting friends at Beech Flats.

Miss Minerva Flood spent the week end with her parents in Elmira.

Mrs. Helen Hepburn of Elmira, visited Mrs. Emma Hepburn a few days last week.

Mansfield’s oldest citizen, Michael H. Dorsett, 93, died suddenly Sunday afternoon.

Miss Maggie Phoenix has returned from an extended visit with relatives in Galeton.

Former Judge A. C. Fanning has been engaged to deliver the Memorial Day address in Troy.

Mrs. Hiram Bardwell of Horseheads, is visiting in the home of her son, Harry Bardwell.

Miss Caroline Saltmarsh goes next week to visit Mrs. George Clar.. at Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

Mrs. O. B. Smith of Sylvania, is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. John Hurlburt.

The Troy high school alumni banquet and reception to the graduating class will be held at the Troy House, Tuesday evening, May 30th.  Wilson Weigester is the President and Miss Alice Colony, Secretary and Treasurer of the Alumni Association.

The late W. S. Holland was in the regular army for a number of years located in Salt Lake City and when Bringham Young was arrested by the federal authorities Mr. Holland was detailed to guard the mormon leader.

Miss Charlotte Paine passed Sunday in Sayre.

Charles Friends is at Alden Springs for treatment.

Dr. and Mrs. Phillips ;have issued invitations for a dinner party on Friday.

Mrs. John W. Phillips entertained a large party of ladies Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. E. A. Tinker of Pittsburg is spending the week end with Mrs. Emma Hepburn.

Miss Edith Wheeler of Williamsport is visiting her sister Mrs. J. B. Armstrong and family.

The Troy correspondent of the Elmira Star-Gazette writes “ Albert F. Hovey left Pittsburg Saturday morning in his automobile to spend Mother’s Day with his mother, Mrs. .. W. Hovey in Troy.  He arrived in Williamsport in the ev3ening, spent the night there and arrived in Troy Sunday morning.  He left in the afternoon on his return trip, arriving in Pittsburg Monday night, with no trouble of nay kind covering a distance of 550 miles.

Volume LIII – Number 21 – Thursday – May 25, 1916

Attorney Thad Hickok of Canton, had business here on Tuesday.

A fine new concrete walk is going down in front of the H. J. Pierce home in High Street.

The Troy Plumbing Co., Mrs. E. B. Mic-Key, proprietor and Mr. Mic-Key, manager, has gone out of business.

Miss Caroline Saltmarsh left Monday for her visit to Mrs. George Clark (nee Mattie Kerrick) at Hoosick Falls, N.Y.

LaVerne Landon who has been seriously ill the past five weeks with abscesses of the lungs is reported little or no better and is still unable to sit up.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Shook, their little son and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dickerman of Elmira, motored to Watsontown for a visit to Mr. Shook’s and Mrs. Dickerman’s parents.  They returned Monday.

Benj. J. Silliman returned to Troy yesterday morning from several months with his son, Benj. Silliman and family at Boone, Iowa.  En route he visited his nephew, Benj. J. Young at Wacousta, near Lansing, Mich.

In a little not accompanying renewal of subscription, Mrs. F. M. Spencer orders her address changed June 1st from Little River, Florida, to Farmington, Mass.  Mr. Spencer is planning to remain South through the summer.

Mrs. S. B. Willett left on Tuesday for New York to attend the Shakespeare Masque in the stadium of New York University.   Thirty prominent actors are to appear in the play and 1500 persons in the interludes.

Mr. Austin Leonard was coming down Barrett Hill on his way to Troy Monday when the thills dropped causing his horse to run away.  Mr. Leonard was thrown out by luckily escaped serious injury.  The carriage was a wreck when the frightened horse was stopped near the Strope Mills.

Mrs. Emma Hepburn spent Tuesday with relatives in Elmira.

Willard Shook who the past year has been working in New Jersey, is renewing Troy acquaintances.  He will be located this season at Asbury Park.

James W. Lamkin went to West Chester Monday night with a carload of purebred Holsteins by express for York & Few.  The cattle were part of their accumulation of more than 100 head and will be sold soon by auction.

Ernest Joralemon has bought of Edward Buffum three more lots in the R. F. Little addition on the Sylvania road.  This last acquisition gives him title to the entire tract of several acres except two or three lost owned by Ray DeWitt.

C. A. Smith and family passed Sunday with cola Smith and family in their new home in Mansfield and motored to Blossburg for a call on John W. DeWitt who hopes to come home from the Cottage State hospital soon.  The Smith poultry farm at Mansfield is taking on considerable proportions.  With 1800 hens they now have 2600 little chicks and more being hatched daily by the 6000-egg incubator.

F. P. Case & Son have just closed a contract for camp chair legs which will keep their planing mill busy for a long time.

Mrs. Frederick E. VanDyne entertained at quite a large luncheon yesterday.

Mrs. Lee Reynolds visited friends in Elmira recently and spent a day among relatives and girlhood friends in Mansfield.

Mrs. W. S. Holland will break up her home in Troy and go to live with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Kingsbury in Waverly.

Warren Dunning and his son, Wilber Dunning, are in the employ of the Electric Crane Company at Montour Falls, N.Y.

Deputy Postmaster Charles Tate drove over Monday and brought Bishop Talbot from Towanda for the confirmation service at St. Paul’s Church Monday evening.

Amos W. Parsons of the Elmira Water and Light office and Mrs. Parsons are visiting for a few days at the home of Ira. A. Parsons.

Miss Carrie Hickok is at Clifton Springs sanitarium for complete rest from her work as a teacher in Rochester, N.Y.

Miss Clara Parsons comes home Saturday evening for her summer vacation.  She will have Miss Cleora Cathcart, who is also a teacher of Hammonton, N. J. as a guest for two weeks.

Mrs. James VanBuskirk continues very seriously ill.

Mrs. Albert Putnam was a recent guest of Mrs. Harry Putnam in Canton.

Vice-President George Lewis of the Grange bank, is very ill at his home in LeRoy.

Albert Newell spent the week end in Elmira, the guest of his brother, Henry Newell.

Mr. and Mr.s Thompson Culp of Wellsburg, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Mahood.

Miss M. Evelyn Jones, a teacher of music and drawing from Mansfield, was in town yesterday.

Mrs. F. L. Ballard and Mrs. W. S. Montgomery attended the Morning Musical Club concert given on Monday evening in Park Church, Elmira.

Henry B. VanDyne and J. H. Kelley motored to Ithaca Sunday where they were guests of the formers college fraternity.

Miss Fannie McMahan, who was called home by the illness of her mother, Mrs. James McMahan, returns on Sunday to complete her school duties in Galeton.

Mrs. Amy Pitt of Gillett, had the misfortune to fall off a porch recently and break two bones in her wrist.  Mrs. Pitt resides with her grandson, Harold Furman, and she is totally blind.

Mr. F. B. Compton of Tamaqua, visited his mother and sisters last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy W. King are entertaining the latter’s nephew, Master Colton Dickinson of Elmira.

Miss Rhea Barker returned the first of the week to Elmira College following a short visit to her parents, Dr. and Mrs. P. N. Barker.

Messrs Ben. Ballard, Fritz Shaylor, George Dunbar, Raymond Selleck and Paul English of Granville Summit, motored to Owego yesterday to attend the Tioga county sale of Holsteins.

Mrs. P. N. Barker and Mrs. Geo. G. Beardsley visited Mrs. Edward P. Morse at the Gleason health resort in Elmira last Sunday.  Mrs. Morse is improving and soon will return to her home in this boro.

A happy event in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Knights was the celebration at their home on the Canton road last Friday night of their golden wedding anniversary.  The affair was a surprise attended by fifty of their neighbors and friends.  With good cheer and expressions of esteem for the aging couple.  The evening passed most happily Refreshments were served.  With a purse of gold left by the company Mr. and Mrs. Knights were asked to select their own anniversary gift.  Mrs. Knights was Betsy Roberts and they were married by David Palmer, Esq., at Alba, Pa.

Oliver Mitchell has a new pony.

Mrs. Harry Johnson spent Friday with her parents in Canton.

Mrs. John Handran and Miss Mae Shannon were in Elmira Wednesday.

Miss Laura McCabe has resigned her position in Erk’s Department Store.

Miss Lucelia Fay is a new assistant operator in the Citizens’ telephone office.

William O’Connor will enter the employ of the Carpenter & Pierce Company.

Among other recent improvements to the warehouse in the rear of his store, Harry S. Mitchell has a fine two-story elevator.

Following a visit to Mr. and Mrs. William Greenough at East Troy, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Payne, Jr., and little daughter left yesterday for their home in Balbridge, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Parsons with Mr. Carnochan and Miss Belle Foote drove to Sayre last Sunday and brought Leila Foote home from the hospital.

The Case house, Elmira Street, soon to be vacated by the Rev. Thos. Burgan and family, will be occupied by Andrew Fraley, now of Columbia x Roads, formerly of New York City.

Mrs. Guy Case, who recently underwent a serious operation at the Arnot-Ogden hospital in Elmira, has so far recovered as to be able to return to her home this coming Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin D. Lindsley of Ulster, Pa., announce the engagement of their daughter, Carrie B, to Prof. Eugene E. Crediford of Springfield, Pa., principal of the Uslter high school.

A marriage license has been issued by the City Registrar to Ferris P. Comfort of Elmira Heights, formerly of this place, and Anna Vincent of Elmira.  The former is 56 years of age, and has been married before, while the latter is 52 years of age.

Volume LIII – Number 22 – Thursday – June 1, 1916

Irving Comfort has been helping temporarily at the McClelland store.

Mrs. I. G. B. Stead of Williamsport is paying her first visit in tow years to relatives and friends in this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McMahan and little daughter, returned Monday from a week’s visit in Barnesboro to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bradford.

Dr. J. H. Doane of Mansfield, was in town Sunday on his way to Philadelphia were his brother is chief resident physician at the General hospital with 5000 patients.

Mrs. Floyd Innes has come from Canton to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Harry a. Johnson on their farm at the foot of Armenia.  Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Innes are sisters.

Miss Fidelia VanNess, supervisor of music and drawing in the public school of Kittanning, Pa., came Saturday to her mother, Mrs. John R. VanNess for the summer vacation.

Dr. R. C. Smith of Tioga is doing a little asparagus farming on the side which for several weeks has turned him a net profit of $20 to $25 a week.  He sells the asparagus sprouts at 15 cents a pound and finds a ready market for them on this figure.

Mrs. F. E. VanKeuren went to Ithaca Friday for a visit to her daughter at Cornell University.

Miss Sue Eisenhower is back at the Troy House after spending a few days with her mother at Coningham.

Mrs. Robert E. VanSyckel, Regent of Os-co-hu Chapter, D. A. R. has issued invitations to the members of her Chapter for a reception June 5th, from three until five o’clock.  This being the anniversary of the  official organization of the Chapter.  The members of Os-co-hu Chapter are also invited to a basket picnic, July 12th at “Moreland Park” the home of Mrs. Louis T. McFadden, Regent of Bradford Chapter, Canton, Pa.

Allen Smith is assisting his father, R. A. Smith, in his tonsorial parlor.

The annual picnic of the Rebekah Lodges, I.O.O.F. of Western Bradford will be held at Alparon Park on Thursday, June 15th.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Everitt VanDyne have issued invitations to the wedding of their daughter, Elizabeth to Mr. Everitt Beaumont Mills of Fall River, Mass., at the First Presbyterian church, Troy, on Wednesday evening, June 25th, at 7 o’clock.

George Leonard was prostrated by sudden illness Monday afternoon while at work on his lot in Glenwood Cemetery.  He was helped home and is fairly comfortable at this writing.

John Edward Snedeker left yesterday to take up the duties of a position in Elmira.

The address of Henry M. Cleaver’s paper is changed from New York to 217 East 7th Street, Plainfield, N.J.  It is understood that Mr. Cleaver has been made the manager of the Niles-Bement-Pond Co. large machine tools plant at Plainfield which employs a thousand or more men.

Mrs. Lemuel Osborne, whose funeral was held at Bentley Creek last week, is credited with having been largely instrumental in establishing forty years ago the Sunday school at that place out of which grew the present Bentley Creek Baptist church.  Mrs. Osborne passed away suddenly from heart trouble in her 61st year.

Among the Trojans in Towanda yesterday in connection with the Sweet will case were Dr. J. W. Phillips, J. A. Parsons, J. H. Kelley, John E. Dobbins, Rev. E. P. Morse, Lee Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Pierce, Mrs. Hecker (Mrs. Sweet’s nurse) and Attorneys Mitchell and Corey.

John W. DeWitt comes home today from the Blossburg hospital.

W. O. Price is visiting his daughter Mrs. Leon Manley in Rochester.

E. B. Maher was home from Rochester for a Memorial Day visit to his mother.

Mr. John Gustin has been so ill for a week back as to require the attendance of a trained nurse.

George Sweeney was injured by a fall at the Engine Works Tuesday forenoon. He will be laid up for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Holcomb who go soon for a visit to their son, Osmond Holcomb at Sayre, may go on to Chicago where they have another son, George Holcomb.

L. L. Heath, the former undertaking partner of Charles Friends paid a brief visit to Troy during the week.  Mr. Heath has been satisfactorily located in Olean since he left Troy three years ago.

Mrs. Clarendon Leonard has been confined to her bed by illness.

Edwin Pomeroy is suffering from a broken rib, the result of an accident on his farm a few days ago while moving a grain seeder.

Charles P. Dewey was down from Gillett last Friday for the first time since the primaries and received the hearty congratulations of many friends over his nomination for the Legislature.

Dr. Donald Guthrie and Dr. Hawks of the Robert Packer hospital, Mrs. Guthrie, Miss Sherman and Miss Brown, were a motor party at the Troy House for lunch Sunday evening.

Prof. Croman will spend the remaining days of June after school closes at his home in Hughesville.

Roy Pierce of Sayre was badly injured and Mrs. Leon Hice of Grand Rapids, Mich., was killed in a motorcycle accident at Milan at 11:30 last Saturday morning.  Pierce is Mrs. Hice’s cousin.  He was taking her to Wyalusing to visit relatives.  He speeded up his machine to 40 miles an hour, lost control and it shot 30 feet over an embankment.  Mrs. Hice was in a side car.  They landed 25 feet apart.  Three physicians were called and did all possible, but Mrs. Hice lived but five hours.  She died in the people’s hospital at Sayre.  Pierce escaped with a broken arm and some cuts and bruises.

District Attorney D. J. Fanning was the Memorial Day speaker at Rome.

Mrs. E. L. Teeter and daughters are to go the second week in June to take possession of their new cottage at Mountain Lake for the summer.

A. S. Gallatin had a great day’s sport near Hillsgrove on Monday when he caught the limit of 40 fine large trout.  Earl Bloom who was with him had nearly as good success.

Volume LIII – Number 23 – Thursday – June 8, 1916

Mrs. Jennie R. Grant and son are to spend the month of July in Buffalo.

W. S. Montgomery and A. S. Gallatin were trout fishing in Potter County the first of the week.

Mrs. E. L. Teeter and daughter were in Syracuse on Tuesday.  They went to bring home their Franklin car.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Preston left last Saturday for a week’s visit in New York City to the formers brother and other friends.

Miss Aline Coles of Mansfield well known here who has just completed a course in the Rochester Mechanics Institute, has accepted a position as dietitian in the City Hospital at Aurburn, N.Y.

A brook or mountain trout caught by Ed Thornton on an ell hook in Marsh Creek and exhibited in a Mansfield store window measured 2 feet, 2 inches and weighed three and a quarter pounds.

G.N. Childs went Monday to the Robert Packer hospital.  Mrs. Childs accompanied him, returning on the afternoon train.  Mr. Childs will remain some time, for treatment for locomotor ataxy.

Mrs. Charles M. Knox is expected to arrive in Troy today from Johnstown.  The date of her departure for Colorado has not been fixed.  It probably will not be until after The VanDyne-Mills wedding on the 21st.

Messer’s Albert Newell and Mead Thomas left Monday for a visit to relatives in Cumberland, Md., Mr. Thomas will return the last of the week. Mr. Newell will go to New Jersey before he comes home.

E. C. Wade, the hay and produce dealer of Mansfield will occupy the North store in the remodeled Allen block in Mansfield with a stock of seeds, wire, automobiles and automobile supplies.  George L. Strait & Son will continue to occupy the corner store in the block with a total floor space of 4,000 ft.

Mrs. Josie Bird Wooster of LeRoy was the guest last week of Mrs. Lucy Stuart.

Miss Madeline Van Syckel came home Friday for the summer from National Park Seminary near Washington, D. C.

Misses Winnie and Eleanor Pomeroy have gone to Harrisburg for a week’s visit to their former neighbors and playmates, Misses Marion and Louise Denison.  They made the trip alone.

Mrs. H. C. DeVall of Branson, Missouri, is paying her first visit to Troy in thirty-five years.  With her daughter, Lois, Mrs. DeVall is visiting Mrs. Sarah Porter at the Charles Batterson home, and other friends of former years.

The hearing before Recorder Voorhis at Towanda as to whether the last will of the late Mrs. H. S. Sweet shall or shall not be probated was adjourned from last Thursday to June 6th.  Later adjournments have pushed forward the date of resuming the hearing to Wednesday of next week, June 14th.

The Boulder Monument erected in memory of the French Refugees who settled in Asylum in 1793 and presented to the Historical Society of Bradford County, will be dedicated at the place located on the George Laporte farm in Asylum, on Wednesday, June 14th at 2 o’clock p.m. under the auspices of the Historical Society assisted by George Clymer Chapter, D.A.R.

Miss Laura Wheeler goes to Towanda next Monday to be one of the teaching staff of the Summer Normal at the Collegiate Institute for six weeks.  She will teach art and music.  Prof. Quackenbush of Canton is the new head of the Towanda Summer Normal in place of Prof. Russell who gave up the work when he became County Superintendent.

Mrs. Hester M. Watkins and her granddaughter Laura Watkins of Austinville visited Troy relatives last week.  They came for Decoration day and remained for a family gathering at the home of Mrs. Charles Greeenough at which were present all of the surviving children of Zina Case. Namely:  Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Greenough,. Mrs. Margaret Kennedy and David Case.

Mrs. S. B. Willett is on a pleasure trip which will extend to the Pacific coast with her brother attorney W. E. Carnochan of New York.

Miss Mary Bliss is spending a time in Rochester where for so many years she ws part of the administrative staff of the Mechanics’ Institute.

Congressman Mcfadden has named Francis Hagerman, Jr., son of Councilman and Mrs. F. H. Hagerman of Towanda, for West Point Military Academy and he will enter that institution next fall.  The appointee is a graduate of the Towanda High school and also Wyoming Seminary at Kingston.

Hon. And Mrs. John Mather, their daughter, Miss Edna Mather, Mrs. Grant Holcomb and Mrs. Dr. Lyon of Ulster were guests on Monday of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. McMahan and Dr. and Mrs. Layman.  Mrs. Mather who is Vice Regent of the Towanda Chapter, attended the D.A.R. reception at Mrs. VanSyckel’s with Mrs. McMahan.

Joseph A. Doane who learned the printer’s trade in the Troy Gazette office under Editor Hooker and for a long time was business manager of the Towanda Printing Company, has gone from Towanda to Greenville, Pa., where he will spend the summer in editorial charge of the Greenville Evening Record, as influential and prosperous publication.  He may decide to locate in Greenville permanently.  For the last few months Mr. Doane has been associated with E. Ashmun Parsons, Jr.  the publication of the Bradford Argus.

The T.H.S. graduating class are having a fine time on their trip to Washington, with Miss Sayles as chaperone.

Preparations for the big Troy Fair are going on apace under the direction of Manager Palmer, President J. W. Pomeroy and Secretary Montgomery of the Fair Association.  In anticipation of the races, horses are in training at Alparon Park by Peter Herdic of Canton; Late Stone of Springfield, and William Marshall and Tony Letz of Shamokin.  Portions of the track, which in the past have been a bit soft, are being tile drained, the larger of the grand stands is being re-roofed and other work is in progress on the grounds, all looking to a big, successful exhibition again this fall.

John H. Morse who has been with relatives at Willsboro, N.Y., is soon to take up the duties of a position in Montana.  He will visit his parents on his way.

Prof. L. D. Conkling and family come soon from Bozeman, Montana for a visit in the home of the Rev. E. P. Morse.  Prof. Conkling is at the head of the engineering department of Montana State College, and also a member of the State Highway Commission.

Miss Genevieve Borden was home from Corning over Sunday.

Harry Kitner has entered the employ of J. H. McClelland.

Prof. L. R. Guillaume was at his home in Lycoming County a few days this week.

Prof. Edgar L. Brandt left Monday for his home at Newport, Pa., for the summer vacation.

Earl Fanning who has been re-elected to the faculty of Shippensburg Normal School, will spend the summer at Hamilton, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Cosper, their little daughter and Mrs. Cosper’s mother, Mrs. Stackhouse, passed last week with relatives in Waverly.

A brother of Orin W. Jaquish of this boro, is to be graduated from the dental department of the University of Pennsylvania in this year’s class.

Hugh Cameron, son of the Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Cameron of Sylvania, will spend the summer in postgraduate work at Wisconsin University.

William Wheeler of Austinville and Harry Walters were in Buffalo Saturday and drove back new automobiles for Harry S. Mitchell.  They arrived Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Hoskins, probation officer at Sayre, is seeking by legal process the custody of the three daughters of Mrs. Thomas Heavener, a Sayre woman of unsavory reputation whom Mrs. Hoskins alleges is unfit to longer retain the little girls who range in age from 3 to 11 years.  If the prayer of the petitioners is granted the children will be given a chance to become useful, self respecting members of society.

Frank Morse will re-stock his farm in Troy Township with ten milking Shorthorn heifers from L. D. May’s Glenside herd.  Mr. Morse already owns a Glenside sire.

The new merchant at Wetona, Edward Bean, threw the doors open to a waiting public of the old Reeser stand Tuesday evening in true city style by serving ice cream to all comers.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grosjean were trout fishing on Rock Run last Saturday.  It is not to be inferred that Mrs. Grosjean went along with her husband merely for company, both fished and each landed a nice string of the speckled beauties.

Paul Paine, City librarian of Syracuse, paid a visit on Monday to his mother and sisters in Elmira Street.  He was on his way home from Bethlehem, Pa., where he attended the half century anniversary of Lehigh University and the twenty-five anniversary banquet of his own class.

Leland Parsons has not found teaching to his liking, and will change to a position in the antitoxin laboratory of H. K. Mulford, near Philadelphia, soon after his release from his present position as science teacher at Hammondton, N.J.  Mr. Parsons will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Parsons before taking up his new work.

In anticipation of the York-Few sale of 100 or more purebred Holsteins, June 15th, Mr. York, J. W. Lampkin, Edward Beardslee, Eugene Stanton and Leon Smith are at West Chester, Pa., the home of Mr. Few, where the sale is to be held.  Col. Baxter will be the auctioneer.

Wetona has a new auctioneer, Master Jennings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jennings, who arrived Tuesday morning.

Masters Harold and Henry Mitchell entertained a large party of their young friends Wednesday afternoon at the Mitchell home in Centre Street.

Dr. and Mrs. Layman, Mrs. F. H. Hoffman, Mrs. W. T. Gustin and Mrs. B.A. Long motored to Towanda Tuesday for the meeting of the County Civic League.

That her daughter, Marjorie, should not, while suffering from acute inflammation of the ear, contract whooping cough, which is epidemic at Brockport, N.Y., her home, Mrs. R. P. Greenough is again with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. P. S. Carpenter in this boro.  She will remain until Marjorie is fully recovered and the epidemic at Brockport has subsided.

The Troy Engine & Machine Company will move the house south of their foundry, now occupied by Fred Orcutt upon the Greene lot which the Company recently purchased.  The cellar is partially dug for4 the house in its new location.  The removal of the house across the street has in mind the early erection of a much needed addition to the foundry.

Volume LIII – Number 24 – Thursday – June 15, 1916

Mrs. Benjamin R. Dahlgren was in Elmira on Wednesday to attend the funeral of Miss Jennie Fell.

Mrs. Stephen Brace of Smithfield has been spending the past two weeks with her sister, Mrs. R. W. Budd.

Mrs. Alexander Dean of Kingston, Pa., was a over Sunday guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stuart.

Mrs. R. W. Budd and daughter, Mrs. W. H. Snedeker will attend the Potter-Sarvey wedding in Elmira this evening.

Miss Mary Nearing of the administrative staff of Bryn Mawr College, came Saturday for the summer with her parents at Alparon Farm.

Mrs. L. A. Slingerland and son, Elwood are spending the week in Elmira with the Formers mother, Mrs. Charles Miller of West Church Street.

Word has been received here of the illness of Jay Rolison of Brooklyn, N.Y., formerly of this place.  It is understood he is very ill with diphtheria following scarlet fever.

Mrs. Floyd Innes who recently came from Canton to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, on the Berwick farm, is spending some time at the Gleason Health resort in Elmira.

Miss Kyle Adams of St. Louis is visiting Miss Elizabeth VanDyne.  Miss Adams is a leader in Young Women’s Christian Association work among college women and goes immediately after the VanDyne-Mills wedding to a Y.W.C.A. conference at Lake George, N.Y.  Misses VanDyne and Adams were classmates at Columbia University.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Newell were called to Elmira on Monday by the sudden death of Mrs. Newell’s brother, John A. Custy.  Deceased was about 58 years of age and is survived by three daughters and two sons.  The remains were brought to Canton Wednesday morning where funeral services were held.

John Innes of Canton had business in town on Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Teeter have been entertaining this week, Mrs. Aaron Perkins, her daughter and granddaughter, Miss Nellie Perkins and Miss Nellie Turk of Coudersport, and Mrs. Wilmont E. Knapp of Elmira.

Mrs. F. M Keagle and infant son of Corning are visiting her mother, Mrs. Arthur Mason on the Canton road.

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hovey entertained during the week the formers brother, S. B. Hovey, his daughter, Mrs. W. A. Duringer and her children, Elizabeth and Hovey Duringer.  They were on their way to Fort Worth, Texas, their home, and planned to visit other relatives enroute to Chicago and Kansas City.

Mr. Herbert D. Holcombe, formerly of Troy, for a number of years since his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, with the  Philadelphia National Bank, is now connected in a responsible capacity with Brown Bros., bakers of Philadelphia, who have very large houses in London and Paris and who in their line are the best known bakers in the world.  Through Brown Bros., a large part of the export business of America is carried on.  Mr. Holcombe is a nephew of Henry P. Davison and of D. E. Pomeroy, the Troy boys who have risen to such prominence in the financial world, Mr. Davison as a member of the J. P. Morgan firm, and Mr. Pomeroy as Vice-President of the Bankers’ Trust Company.  That he, too, may ultimately “arrive” is the wish and hope of many Troy friends.

Mrs. F. M. Long has been quite ill.

Mrs. Timothy Conklin has been quite ill.

Miss Janice Mitchell is assisting her father in his law office.

Miss Emily Long is spending a week with friends in Elmira.

Mrs. Queman of East Smithfield is visiting Mrs. C. B. Pomeroy.

Miss Mary Belle Sadler has been confined to the house by illness.

District Attorney David J. Fanning was in Towanda on Monday.

Roe Smith went to New York Monday night and returns Tomorrow.

Mrs. Harry Walters and young son visited Canton friends last week.

Miss Caroline Saltmarsh is visiting Miss Louise Leonard in Boston, Mass.

H. B. Corey, Esq., had business in Towanda the early part of the week.

Seamour Smith who makes his home at Mountain Lake with the Spencer’s at the hotel, is seriously ill.

Interest was added to the pretty Children’s Day exercises at the Presbyterian Church last Sunday by the christening of five infants, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McMahan, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Weigester, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ludington and the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Armstrong.

Mrs. Emma Hepburn, John E. Dobbins, Miss Bessie Dobbins and Miss Nettie Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McKean, Mrs. H. S. McKean and Mrs. Hiram Rockwell attended the Flag Day services yesterday conducted by Os-co-hu Chapter, D.A.R., over the graves in Old Church Cemetery of William Dobbins and James McKean, revolutionary soldiers from whom the Dobbins and McKean families are descended.

Mr. Burton Saxton has sold his 20 acre farm in Granville to George W. Cole.

Mr. John Gustin is so much improved as to be about the house a little.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rockwell spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Elmira and Sayre.

Charles Boatright has moved from the Wagner house to the Nearing house on lower Elmira Street.

Mrs. James Dann, of Sylvania has gone to Laquin to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. C. H. Allen.

Two drayloads of new furniture have arrived for the John Croak new home in the Wolcott house, Canton Street.

An army recruiting station has been opened in Troy at the Troy House with Sargeant C. F. Elsesser in charge.

Dr. W. L. Rider has moved from Redington Avenue to his new home on Main Street next to the First National Bank.

Paul Rockwell has returned to take up his work at Bible School Park, N.Y., after spending a few days with his parents.

Mr. John W. DeWitt who was not so well for a time after his return from the hospital, is again gaining and able to take short rides.

The position to which Mr. John H. Morse soon is to go in Montana is in the accounting department of an elevator company with headquarters in Lewistown.

Mrs. Perry Rockwell and Arminda Vroman attended the commencement exercises of the Sayre High School from which Julia Vroman was graduated in this year’s class.

Mrs. A. W. Johnson of Philadelphia is visiting friends in Troy and Leona.

Mrs. E. L. Teeter and daughter went the first of the week to their fine new cottage at Mountain Lake for the summer.  It is on the West shore, next to the Dr. Kendall cottage.  The very complete appointments include a pressure water system and plumbing.

Mrs. J. R. Willour and Miss Margaret Willour have been renewing Troy friendships the past week.  Miss Willour has just completed her course of training and was graduated last week with nine other young women from the Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira.  She will register for the practice in her profession in Elmira for the present.

Mr. Stephen Furman of Hutchinson, Kansas, is visiting the Messrs Leonard and other old friends in Leona.  Mr. Furman left this county fifty years ago and for the last 47 years has been a resident of the Sunflower state which he has seen come on through droughts and grasshoppers to one of the garden spots of the Union.

Up the ladder they go.  Not always by leaps and bounds, but ever moving to places of greater trust and responsibility.  Edward (Ned) Maher who went from Troy as a clerk to the S. S. Kresge chain store at Rochester, N.Y., was made in time assistant manager and now he has come into full charge of the firm’s store at Troy, N.Y. There seems to be something in the Troy boys commercially that carries them forward as there has been for years in Tioga county boys politically to carry them into official place from doorkeeper at Washington to Governor, U.S. Senator, Congressman-at-large, etc.

Frederick Weigester came home Tuesday for the summer from State College.

C. F. Huyler, the tailor, is spending a week with his sister in Liberty, Tioga County.

Miss Irene Sheehe of Elmira is spending the week in the Coney home, West Main Street.

Miss Anna O’Connor was a week end guest of her cousin, Mrs. Charles McLaughlin in Canton.

The condition of Walter Havens who was recently removed to the Packer hospital in Sayre, is serious.

Willis Flick is suffering from an injury to his left hand while at work in the Engine & Machine shops last Saturday.

Mrs. I. G. B. Stead returned Friday to her home in Williamsport, following a visit of several days to her friend, Mrs. Mead Thomas.

Mrs. M. H. McGlenn and Mrs. Jennie R. Grant have issued invitations for a thimble party on Friday at the home of Mrs. McGlenn.

Lee Smith of this year’s Troy high school graduating class, expects to enter college in the fall for the course in mechanical engineering.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Sherman are entertaining the latter’s sister, Mrs. Ethel Peck of Pine City, who is recovering from a run of diphtheria.

Mrs. Benjamin B. Mitchell, Mrs. W. S. Sweet and Mrs. H. J. Pierce gave a handkerchief party on Tuesday afternoon at the Mitchell home for Miss Elizabeth VanDyne.

Robert Bailey has moved into his own house, recently purchased of Mrs. E. B. Montgomery.  The Mrs. Holcombe house which he vacated is now occupied by Clyde Quinn.

The Beardsley houses, occupied by Charles Friends and A. S. Gallatin, and the seven houses in Exchange and Center Streets owned by Mrs. E. E. VanDyne are being repainted.

Among those at Mountain Lake last Sunday were William Brewer and Hardin Gustin of Troy, and Floyd Putnam and Misses Rose King, Marie Luther, and Elsie Gundrum of Canton.

This story is going the rounds of a giant chunk of taffy.  May be it’s true.  Eighty tons of sugar dumped in a heap by the wreck of freight cars at Slate Run, near Williamsport, was melted into a solid mass by escaping steam a few days since.

Volume LIII – Number 25 – Thursday – June 22, 1916

R. V. Greenough of Brockport, N.Y. was in town last week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Collins and Jay Harrington of Elmira, attended the funeral of Mrs. James VanBuskirk.

The contract for the new Farmers’ National Bank building at Canton, has been awarded to Crandall Brothers of Williamsport, who recently constructed the new school building in that place.  The construction will be of brick and will have a 34 foot frontage on Main Street with a depth of 53 feet on Center Street.

A lighted candle so placed by an incendiary in a pile of papers that when it burned down it would ignite them, set fire to the Ludwig Homer bakery at Towanda.  Fortunate early discovery prevented a heavy loss.  The incendiary entered through a coal shute.

Mr. Reed Pulford of Elmira passed Sunday with friends here.

Postmaster M. J. McNulty was in Towanda on Saturday to attend the funeral of the late A. H. Burchell.

Mrs. Sarah B. Willett and brother, Attorney W. E. Carnochan of New York, are on a trip to the Pacific coast.

The Welch House in Mansfield formerly conducted by G. N. Welch is now under the management of Elmer E. Harer a former rural mail carrier of Roaring Branch.

Misses Winifred and Eleanor Pomeroy are spending the week in Harrisburg with their former playmates, Misses Marion and Louise Denison.

The condition of Hon. Charles E. Mills, who has been ill with appendicitis at his home in Athens, is very much improved.  An operation was not necessary.

Among other prominent Y. W. C. A. workers who attended the Conference at Lake Nepahwin the past week, was Miss Helen Hughes, daughter of Republican candidate Justice Hughes, who presided over the conference.

Dr. and Mrs. W. A. DeWitt and sons, William and Frederick motored home from Wayne on Tuesday.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Dewitt of Troy and Mrs. James Buoy of Milton, Pa. – Blossburg Herald.

Fishing at Lake Nepahwin, on the opening day of the season was stimulated by the catch of Miss Bess Benedict, a telephone operator of Canton, who caught the banner fish of the day.  It was one of the finest specimens o9f wall-eyed pike ever seen at the lake and measured 25 1-2 inches long and weighed 5 1-2 pounds.  The young lady hooked and landed the fish alone.

Allyn Smith has been confined to his bed with asthma.

 Orrin W. Jaquish was in Philadelphia the early part of the week.

Miss Clare Bonynge of East orange, N.J. is the guest of Miss Helen Ballard.

Myra Fitch is spending the summer with Leslie Putnam and family in Granville.

Milan Flick of Elmira, formerly of Troy visited his parents here on Tuesday.

The Rev. J. A. Foster of Pittston, Pa., is spend some time with Rev. P. J. Durkan.

Three former Troy boys: Lester Newell, John Parke and Milan Flick are among the members of Company L., New York National Guards of Elmira, who have been called to assemble for possible duty in Mexico.

Mrs. Moncure Burrows has been ill.

Francis Ballard and Henry Case were Canton visitors Saturday night.

Frederick Pomeroy has entered the employment of Harry S. Mitchell.

Mr. Nicholson, state health inspector of schools, is spending some time in town.

Mrs. M. J. Handran and little daughter, Mary Katharine, spent Sunday in Watkins.

Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Austin of Rock Island, Ill., spent the past week with their niece, Mrs. Eva McCulley.

Mrs. George Bottcher is visiting her daughters, Mrs. Andrew J. Strong in Elmira, and Mrs. M. J. French in Mansfield.

Dr. Charles Weigester of Muncy, Pa., spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Weigester in Center Street.

Miss Veronica Smith, who is making her home with her sister, Mrs. Thomas Blake in Elmira, visited friends here the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Perry of West Burlington have moved to Troy, where Mr. Perry has entered the employment of W. S. Sweet.

Workmen have just removed the automobile owned by J. L. Pickering, of Towanda who met his death in an accident on the state road, near Ralston, from the foot of the bank over which the machine slipped, carrying Pickering to his end.  The machine was hardly damaged and made the trip to Towanda on its own power.  Public opinion places the cause for the fatal accident on the narrowness of the road.

Dr. F. H. Riley goes to New York next Saturday.

Lester Kelley visited friends in Blossburg over Sunday.

M. J. Tunnicliff of Redington Ave. is suffering from a fractured arm.

James McGee goes to New York next Tuesday to visit William Polly, formerly of Troy.

Mrs. Thomas Watkins and children of Scranton have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Stanton.

Through a petition filed by Attorney H. B. Corey, widows’ pensions have been granted Mrs. James Beach of Elmira and Mrs. Lina Gordon of Gillett.

The VanDyne-Mills wedding party were entertained on Monday evening at the home of Miss Harriett Parsons and on Tuesday evening by Miss Madeline VanSyckel.

Miss Margaret Sheehe of Corning, N.Y. came Saturday to spend a week with Troy relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blake of Elmira spent Sunday with Mrs. Blake’s mother, Mrs. Catherine Smith in Railroad Street.

Mr. and Mrs. George Gilmour announce the engagement of their daughter, Lucile Eunice to Mr. Burton Brink of Waverly.

Lyman McClure of Columbia X Roads who recently suffered a stroke of paralysis is convalescing.

A. W. Crossett who is employed by F. P. Case & Son is suffering from blood poisoning in one of his hands.

John and Manley Moffat of Fredonia, Kansas are spending the week with their uncle William Moffat and family.

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Klinger and Mrs. Ned Burrows of Milton motored here on Sunday where they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. DeWitt.

Miss Frances Atwood of Seaton Hill School near Pittsburg returns today to spend the summer vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Atwood, Miss Edna Latrell a school friend will accompany her.

Bans of matrimony between Jeanette B. Smith of Rutherford, N.J. and John Croak of Troy were published for the first time at St. John’s church last Sunday.  The wedding to take place in Rutherford on Thursday, June 29th.

More than on e thousand persons journeyed to Asylum Township, this county, Wednesday of last week to attend the unveiling of a granite monument erected in honor of the French Royalists who settled here and established a village in 1793.  Asylum was the largest village in Northern Pennsylvania at that time. But no trace of it remains nopw.  The monument and bronze tablet were presented by the Historical Society of Bradford Cou7nty by John W. Mix of Towanda, and Charles D’Autremont of Deluth, Minn., descendants of the settlers.

Volume LIII – Number 26 – Thursday – June 29, 1916

Attorney D. J. Fanning had business in Penn Yan last week.

Lynn Gillett spent Sunday with his sister in Elmira.

Miss Madaline VanSyckel goes next week to visit school friends in Columbus, Ohio and in Canada.

Miss Betty Dorzbacher of Pittsburg is visiting her school friend, Miss Frances Atwood at the Troy House.

Mrs. L. A. Slingerland was in Elmira Monday evening to see her brother, Ernest L. Miller off to war with Company L.

Ernest McKean a former Granville boy is a corporal of Company L., of Elmira on the way to Mexico.

Mr. Arthur Shoemaker, Earl Seeley, and the Misses Nelle and Jen Packard motored from Alba to Wilawana Sunday to visit Mr. Seeley’s sister.

Miss Eleanor Burns with her little niece, Pauline Burrows visited friends in Waverly and Athens the past week.  They returned home yesterday.

Miss Helen VanKeuren leaves next Tuesday for Buffalo to take up her work as assistant to Miss Sarah Pettit, Home Economics Manager of the Erie County Farm Bureau.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Slingerland attended the funeral in Mansfield of the formers brother, Jay Slingerland who was killed in a motorcycle accident near Big Flats, N.Y. last week.

Robert Grant of this boro is to spent the months of July and August with other boys at Camp Waukeno, Algonquin National Park, Ontario, Canada.  He leaves for there today, joining the other members of the party on the Black Diamond Lehigh Valley train at Sayre.  The other boys are from the vicinity of New York City.

Mrs. F. H. Hoffman and Mr. and Mrs. F. E. VanKeuren attended Class Day and Commencement exercises last week at Cornell University from which Miss Helen VanKeuren was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science.

The name of Robert H. Crossley of Mansfield appears among the recruits who have lately joined Company L., of Elmira.  He is a son of Former Ball Player “Bill” Crossley and a grandson of Robert Crossley the Mansfield florist.

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Phillips and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Montgomery, Mrs. F. E. VanDyne, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. VanDyne, and Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ballard motored to Elmira Monday for the departure of Company L., in response to the call to the colors.

L. D. Whitlock formerly of Sullivan, and well known here, is the new proprietor of the old Demerest House at Warwick, in Orange county, N.Y. The name of the hotel has been changed to the Whitlock Inn.  Warwick calls itself “The Queen Village of the Empire State”.

Mrs. Amanda Norris is in receipt of a photograph in his cavalryman’s uniform of her son, Seth Norris, who enlisted some time ago in the regular army.  With 105 other soldiers at Columbus, Ohio, he has been having a run of measles but hopes soon to be able to go to the front for service.

Umpleby’s cigar store at Sayre was burglarized Saturday morning and #80 in money taken.  Entrance was by the front door by the use of a key which had just lately been lost.  A number of sizeable bills were overlooked because they were apart form the other money.

William Wallace foreman of the Engine Works foundry, is quite ill at his boarding place. Mrs. Wallace came on from Williamsport last week and is caring for him.

An unconfirmed rumor has it that Frederick Bevens of New York, son of Mrs. Harold Bevens, well known here, has been called to the front as a National Guardsman.

Charles Friends is again confined to his house by illness.

Merritt Smith goes to Philadelphia on business for the Engine Company.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. McMahan spent Wednesday with friends in Elmira.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Comfort, Mrs. Rhoda Booth, Jerry Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. John Spillane and Grover Stanton were in Elmira Monday evening for the departure of the soldiers.

Miss Isabel Williams returned to her home in Chicago, N.Y. on Friday following a visit to her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Williams.  She was accompanied as far as Elmira by her grandmother and little cousin, Jennie Williams.

Attorneys H. B. Corey and D. J. Fanning and Mr. F. P. Case attended the Sheriff Sale in Wellsboro Monday of the Edgerton farm in Sullivan which was bid off by Charles Rumsey.

Mrs. Mark Sullivan will share her home with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Orcutt and daughters while their house is being moved to its new location on the West side of Railroad Street.

The Camp Fire Girls went to Mountain Lake on Tuesday for their annual outing under the chaperonage of Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy.  There are about a dozen of them and they are to stay a week.  The program includes a circus with fantastic parade July 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell motored to Buffalo last Saturday.

Eugene T. Barnes of Canton has purchased a 50 horse power six-cylinder automobile.

William F. Brewer of the Pennsylvania station, passed Sunday with friends in Canton.

The Rev. E. P. Morse and family and Mr. Leon Conkling and family were guests of Mrs. E. L. Teeter and daughters at Mountain Lake on Monday.

Prof. E. A. Retan, Superintendent of Tioga County schools, Mrs. Retan and Miss Lida Retan were over from Mansfield a few hours last Sunday.

Two hundred girls arrived in Canton last Saturday to attend the annual industrial conference at Camp Nephawin.

Mrs. B. A. Long, Mrs. W. T. Gustin and Mrs. Arthur Mason are at Long View Cottage, Mountain Lake for the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Flick are here from New Bedford, Mass., for a visit to the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Flick.

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Flick were in Elmira Monday to see their son off with Company L. for Camp Whitman and Mexico.

Mrs. Charles Rundell who died recently at her home near Canton, aged 72, was the mother of Frank Rundell, the barber, one time of Troy.

Miss Frances Smith and Leon Smith attended the commencement exercises last week of Mansfield Normal school, from which their aunt, Miss Ruby Ballard was graduated.

Some of the Canton boys and girls home from school for the summer are Elizabeth Davison from Wellesley College; Richard Barnes from Penn. State; Miss Frances Preston from Cornell; Manley Gregory from Mansfield Normal.

There has been more or less correspondence between the department or Inspector Smith and the owners of available Troy properties concerning the Troy postoffice.  No announcement has been made of a choice from the three under consideration.  One or more has refused to make the concessions asked for by the government unless a higher rental is promised.

Mrs. A. A. Garman orders her paper transferred from Philadelphia, Pa., to Round Lake, N.Y.

Mrs. Thomas Colony and Miss Colony have issued cards for Thursday and Friday afternoons.

James Mahood has sold 40 acres of his farm west of the railroad to Will Wood of the Porter road.

W. T. Gustin and Harry Gustin attended the Undertakers Convention in Wellsboro on Tuesday.

Mrs. John C. Bigelow is still near Yokohama, Japan, and plans to remain in the orient for some time.

Peter Herdick of Canton shipped his horse “Minnequa Boy” to Ithaca Wednesday for the races next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell went to Buffalo by train Sunday and motored back arriving Tuesday evening.

Paul Palmer is the new Pennsylvania track foreman in place of Fred Collins transferred to the Fassetts section.

Mrs. Charles M. Knox, her little son, Charles, and nurse, left last Friday for Estes Park, Colorado, where they will spend the summer.

George Price, George Hickok and John Morse returned Tuesday from a fishing outing of two days on Armenia during which they caught 94 fine trout.

Miss Sylvia Rockwell will take the place of Miss Saxton, resigned, as teacher of the third grade of the Troy public school.  Miss Rockwell is a graduate of Mansfield Normal School, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Rockwell of Sullivan.

The eighty-second annual session of the Bradford County Baptist Association was held last week in Canton with numerous pastors and delegates in attendance.  The Revs. Moss of Troy; Percy of East Smithfield; Sebolt of Austinville; Eden of Mansfield; Barrett of Tioga; Porter of Springfield and Moss of the LeRoy-Bailey Corners charge, were on the program, with special speakers from the large cities.