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Forest Fires, Oil Wells, The "White Cap" lynching, and a hanging are part of the fabric of Tri-County Society in 1900. Anthrax was a threat, especially to cows and to tannery employees. The War in the Phillipinnes continued. A Presidential election and the great flood at Galveston, Texas were national events. In  this pre movie and TV era, fraternal organizations, family reunions, and "sociables" gave people the chance to meet and greet each other on a regular basis. The earliest phone wires were strung greatly enhancing communication for those who were the "early adapters" as we now call those who get the new technology first. Be sure to get your vaccinations and pick up some campaign buttons before you take the 1900 Time Travel Tour.
Year - 1900
U.S. President
William McKinley
U.S. Population 76 million - 
10.3 million are foreign born - 
45.8 million are rural. 
World population 1.65 billion Trager 637
PA Population = 6,302,115
Bradford County = 59,403
Tioga County= 49,086 TR112300
NY Governor - 
Theodore Roosevelt
PA Governor -
Governor Stone
Mayor of Elmira - 
Frank H. Flood
Other Municipal Officers
World & National
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Feb. 17 The eight month strike at the Blossburg Coal mines over as all strikers demands conceded by the company. The men will be put to work as fast as places can be made for them. During the strike 40 families were evicted from company housing at Arnot.  TR022100
Blossburg Oil Co., prospecting in Gaines for months with no success, has finally made the biggest strike yet…. The lucky find was on the Billings lease about 1500 feet south of Wellsboro Company's well No. 3…. TR022800
Stock company formed as New Albany Mining company to work the ore found in New Albany that tests show contains copper in paying quantities. TR030700
Troy Electic Light & Power Co. elects Directors for following year TR031400
VanKeuren & Coles, publisher of Mansfield Advertiser,dissolved partnership. Mr. VanKeruren retiring. Mr. Roy of the Agitator purchased Mr. VanKeuren's interest for his son. Reorganized as Coles and Roy. TR031400
Blossburg Oil Company made a big strike in Gaines last week on Well No. 3, coming in at 40 barrels per hour. TR041100
Two years ago a farmer of Susquehanna County gave his daughter two chickens and promised to feed the increase for four years, provided she would take care of them. He says she has $64 in the bank, and has 200 chickens. He also says that at the end of four years she will own the farm and be charging him rent for living on it.  TR042500
Troy Knitting Factory destroyed by fire. Total loss $25,000 with insurance of $12,000. TR042500
Tannery at Roaring Branch burned. Will probably be rebuilt. Leather from this tannery was awarded first premium at the World's Fair. Loss $65,000- 45 people thrown out of work. TR042500
Rebuilding of the Knitting Mills (Troy) has become a certainty TR0509500
There are fifty vacant houses now in Blossburg TR0509500
Oil well at Gaines worth $5 per minute TR0509500
Miners at Arnot working only three days a week. The scarcity of mules is said to be the cause of the company's inability to keep the men working full time. TR0509500
Union Tanning Company has started operations in its new tannery at Roaring Branch. TR051600
Mansfield has a new paper, The Advocate, published by L. E. Hoyt. It has eight pages of five columns each.  TR051600
A sheriff's sale of the property of G. G. Bristol, of the firm Bristol & Rolison, wll be held Friday May 18th TR051600
Mountain Lake Hotel opened yesterday, by John Lewis, who will conduct it this season. He has secured excellent cooks and other help and has made improvements about the place. TR053000
Another Gusher at Gaines - Blossburg oil Co. struch another gusher - fowing at rate of 1,500 barrels a day. This makes the fourth gusher on the one lease --- struck within five weeks. TR060600
The Hotel at Minnequa Springs has been leased for the season to Messrs. J. Hammant and William P. Casey of New York City. The resort will open about the middle of this month. TR060600
Troy's Shoe factory will be shut down Tuesday for inventory and a short vacation. TR062700
Blossburg Oil Company has just completed its eighth well at Gaines. It began pumping 40 barrels each 24 hours. TR071100
Watkins Glen was sold recently to Lyman Andrews of New York, for $80,000. The sale includes the Glen Mountain House and the entire Glen property TR071100
Troy Shoe Company doing a big business this summer and have orders ahead for some months. They are working about sixty hands, all that can be accommodated in the present building, and are turning out 800 pairs of shoes a day. TR071800
Oil near Waverly - Expert oil well driller in discussion at Waverly. Will put down test well - location a secret. TR071800
Bradford County Copper mine - Stockholders of the New Albany Mining Co. are delighted at results of the assay of a ton of ore taken fro their copper mine near New Albany. … Tunnel has been driven about fifty feet into the hill. TR071800
Law offices of David J. Fanning and Charles L. Fellows combining TR072500
L. H. Oliver, the furniture man, has a very fine new delivery wagon. TR072500
New Creamey Company. Messrs. Liston Bliss of Troy, and George Cornell and Ernest Teeter of Austinville, have purchased the Troy Creamery of Mr. Heywood…They will add a cold storage plant to the creamery and make other improvements. All are first class butter men and Mr. Cornell has had several years' experience as manager of the creamery at Austinville. TR080100
East Troy's new skimming station on the Canton road was put in operation last week. It will be agreat convenience. TR080800
Bradford County's New Oil Co. - Black Diamond Oil, Gas and Mineral Company has been organized with U. M. Fell of Towanda as president, J. B. Connelly of Asylum, secretary, and D. R. Crimmins, treasurer. Formed for purpose of prospecting for oil, gas and minerals in Asylum, Terry, Monroe, and Towanda townships and incorporated with capital of $10,000. TR080800
It took the hides of 88 cattle to make the belts that drive the dynamoes of the Canton Illuminating Co., says the Canton Sentinel. TR080800
Several carloads of stock were shipped from this place yesterday, it seemed cruel to see the poor creatures so tired and warm go through the dust and so few places where they could get water
Mr. C. E. Boyce of Troy, is the new barber in Mr. Mead Dann's shop. Mr Boyce is a fine cornetest and was with Hi Henry's minstrels last season. He will be a good addition to the band - Mansfield Advertiser [Note from JMT - But can he cut hair?] TR082200
A new corporation has been formed in Tioga County knows as the Tiadaghton Oil and Gas company, which has leased several thousand acres of land in the Pine Creek region and other parts of the county and will make a thorough test for oil and gas. TR082900
Grape Help Wanted - Girls to pack Keuka Lake grapes. For particulars address, H. E. Matthews, Rural delivery, Penn Yan,N. Y. TR082900
Slight fire in VanDyne's tannery caused considerable excitement TR091900
Nine hundred men in Williamsport are out of employment and eight big sawmills are standiing idle because eighty million feet of logs are stranded along the West Branch and its tributaries. The last freshet was about the middle of March, at which time less than half of the season's cut of logs floated into the Williamsport boom, leaving the remainder of the stock high and dry on the banks of streams until today, at some points the barkless sticks lie whitening in the sun fifteen feet above the edge of the diminished waterways. TR092600
The Knoxville canning factory gives employment to about 100 persons. They are canning about 40,000 cans of corn a day at present. The process is a new one and this is the only factory that has it. The hull is left on the cob and only the inside of the kernel is canned. TR092600
Owing to the great strike in the anthracite coal region the prices of all grades of coal have taken a jump of 25 to 50 cents a ton TR092600
D.A. Strope, veteran miller at Luther's Mills, has purchased the Long's Roller Mills and all the houses and other property belonging thereto… He will put the mill and other property in thorough repair and also repair the dam, half of which was carried away by the high water last March. TR100300
Our Cider Mill wil run Tuesdays and Thursdays from Oct 2nd to Nov. 22nd. Miller Bros., Alba PA. TR102400
Fall Brook Coal Company is putting down a test well for oil or gas at Antrim. TR103100
95,237,523 Ladies Home Journals issued since founded in Dec. 1883. Present circulation 923,000 per month. TR111400
A few days ago Morgan Seeley of the Osceola Bank, sent to the sub-treasury at New York for $500 in half dollars, and through an oversight the money was sent to him in Columbian half dollars of the 1892 issue, on which theer is a premium of over a hundred per cent. Mr. Seeley did not discover the nature of the coins, and passed out $300 of them into circulation, when he received a telegram from the treasurer requesting them to be returned. Mr. Seeley returned those which he had on hand [Westfield Free Press] TR111400
The Monarch Oil & Gas Company feel very much encouraged byt the prospect of finding oil in paying quantities here [Troy] TR112100
Over a thousand men are employed in the saw mills at Willilamsport., started up since the recent flood which brought in a large stock of logs. TR120500 (See 0926 also)
Feb - A Death watch was placed over wife murderer Isaac Birriolia in the Wellsboro jail on Wednesday TR022800
Kinner's store at Athens was broken open by a tramp who filled his pockets with womens' gloves, hose and shirt-waists. He was apprehended in the act of putting on a shirt-waist and locked up (Hmmm) TR041800
The Finch Bros. Store at Athens was broken into by two tramps who took goods worth $211. They were apprehended in Binghamton where they tried to sell some of the goods. TR041800
At Austin, Elam Coy came home drunk and was violent to the family. His wife fled to the creek with the baby and Elam followed taking the baby from her. Fifteen year old son hit father over the head with an axe saving the baby. Elam is in hospital and not expected to live. Community sympathy is with the son, not the father. TR051600
Sheriff Drake has 34 criminals in the Bradford County jail, the largest number in many years. The county commissioners have taken several cots from the jury room to provide sleeping accommodations. TR051600
Horse and buggy stolen from the Fitzgerald Livery stable Friday. A young man who hired the rig failed to return… TR053000
Hereafter tramps who enter Lock Haven will be imprisoned five days and made to work on a stone pile. TR060600
First arrest for starting forest fires was made last Tuesday by County Detective Munson of Lycoming County who captured Henry Warner after two days travel in the mountains. The fire which he is accused of starting did thousands of dollars of damage. He had been hired to clear some land, and to hurry the work, it is alleged, he set a match to the underbrush. TR062700
Ernest Buhot, an Elmira Reformatory inmate, committed suicide by hanging. He used his stockings for a noose… He was awaiting trial on the charge of manslaughter. TR080800
William Leonard or McMann nearly lynched on suspicion of robbing Mrs. Spencer of Canton. In spite of four very serious gestures of hanging him, in which he was let down for the fourth time just on the verge of death, he refused to confess. Finally released he went to to the justice at Ogdensubrg for warrants to arrest 15 of his 30 assailants stating that he recognized them by voice. He was denied this for lack of sufficient evidence.  TR082900
Eleven arrests have been made so far on the attempted lynching of William Leonard or McMann last week. He had been able to rip the white masks from two of them and could positively identify them. TR090500
Amanda Stiles, esteemed elderly woman of Troy, brought  to court on federal charges for using a cancelled postage stamp. She is deemed not guilty TR091200
Jet Garrison of Millertown (Millerton) accused of stealing lambs from his neighbors - twenty one lambs over time,. TR091900
"Mrs. Charles Landon" [her name not given] arrested as accessory to the "white cappers" who attempted to lych William McMann. She boasted that she made some of the masks and could identify everyone who participated. TR100300
Nelson J. Palmer, who stole 78 sheep from Hon. J. B. Niles in Tioga County, has been sentenced to two years in the eastern penitentiary. TR103100
Sued for Libel - It is said that no newspaper can achieve a brilliant success unless it had one or more libel suits on hand. Editor Conevery of the Wellsboro Gazette, starts out with three in the sum of $5,000 each and all on account of that white cap affair in Union Township, near Ogdensburg. The Gazette of October 12th published a review of the case, as did the Blossburg Advertiser and some of the Towanda papers, written from Ogdensburg, and the result is the civil suits institued last week. TR111400
Mayor Frank H. Flood of Elmira arrested on charges of forgery TR111400
Borriolo Hanged. The Italian who has been the subject of much comment for months at Blossburg, paid his death penalty on Thursday … It was a sickening sight [hanged for murder of wife] TR112100
Sheriff Johnson of Tioga County who has officiated at two hangings, will retire from office January 1st, his term closing on that date. There have been three hangings in the county since it was formed in 1804, and two of the victims were wife murderers. TR112100
[Bradford County] Fair Officers again arrested charged with permitting gambling at the fair held on their East Towanda fair grounds last September. TR112100
White Cap Case in Court - Full Article - [Acquitted primarily because of the accusor's lower social class it would appear]. TR120500
Nearly ten thousand murders are committed in the United State {annually], and over one thenth of them are in Texas. New York is next with 512, Pennsylvania with 312, is thirteenth in line on the list. This is not bad considering the large element of foreigners in the mining regions. TR120500
Diaries and Letters Emerson Smith of Rutland Peter Haskell of Elmira (Off Site Link)
Entertainment & Arts
Premier of Puccini's Tosca in Rome
The young maids of Troy will be putting on a play, "The Old Maids" Convention" at the Opera House TR040400
The grammar school grades will put on an operetta., "Little Bo Peep," at the Troy Opera House June 4th, admission 15 cents. TR053000
Pennsylvania Chautauqua to be held at Mt. Gretna PA July 2 to August 8. TR071100
Some from this place (Wetona) attended "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and the open air concert at Columbia Cross Roads. TR072500
Dances are held at the Minnequa Hotel, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings of each week. TR080800
Long's Dam Breaks - The severe storm of Wednesday night caused a flood in Sugar creek, and Thursday morning when at its height, about half of the dam at Long's mills was carried away. This is a famous old dam and has stood the floods for forty years without breaking. The water was the highest it has been since the great June flood of 1889. Trains have been delayed somewhat. TR022800
Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore celebrated its 24th anniversary yesterday TR022800
March - A main pipe of the U.S. Pipe Line company burst at Mitchell Creek causing a massive oil spill on the Tioga River. $100,000 worth of oil lost. Fear of ignition all along the Tioga, Cowanesque and Canisteo valleys. Communities on the Chemung and Susquehanna Rivers (which are fed by the Tioga) also in fear. TR030700
All the buildings in the village of Corbett, Potter county, were destroyed by forest fires Tuesday afternoon and at least two people were burned to death. The inhabitants fled to Galeton where the people are caring for 100 women and children from Corbett. Many of them barely excaped with their lives. ...  TR0509500
It is estimated that the recent forest fires in Pennsylvania and New Jersey destroyed property worth $750,000 TR051600
A barn belonging to Mr. Rice of Springfield was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. A horse and five calves were also burned. TR052300
Thorndale Tannery in Sullivan County which has not been in operation for several years, and 14 vacant houses in that vicinity destroyed by fire recetnly.  Forest fires in that vicinity caused the conflagration. No one was living about the place at the time the fire added the last touch of destruction and put the town out of existence. TR052300
Forest fire at Corbett, Potter County - body of Samuel George found burned to the bone near a stream. He and other men had gon into the woods to save fifty cord of wood from the forest fire. When the others left, George woul dnot as the woods belonged to him and he said he would stay to the last.  TR052300
Great Eclipse of the sun due Monday Morning May 28th - At Troy it will begin at 8 AM and end at 10:30 TR052300
Only  a few glimpses of the eclipse were gotten in this section on account of the clouds TR053000
Terrible Famine in India TR060600
Lightning at South Towanda - F. H. Hagerman's big flouring mill hit by lightning on the cupola with slate shingles ripped  and rafters shattered.  TR071100
Five cows were killed by lightning while standing under a tree in Little Meadows last week. TR071100
Snow Storm in July - Lock Haven - cool, especially in the afternoon, several slight showers … farmers living above Eagleville in the BaldEagle Valley, say there was quite a snow squall in one.  TR071800
Extensive forest fires have been raging on Armenia this week. TR080800
A locomotive caught fire near the barn of W. A. Gernert in Columbia X Roads and burned almost to the barn before being put in control. TR080800
The oil rig in the Gaines field belonging to Dr. G. M. Case of Elmira, together with the cable, and all tools,… was destroyed by forest fires last Saturday afternoon. It was thought that the whole oil field would be flame swept and every available man was called out and fought the fires all Saturday night. Thanks to their efforts, together with the copious showers of Sunday, the flames are now under control. TR081500
Great flood at Galveston Texas (hurricane). Mr. & Mrs. Mott of Galveston visiting his brother at LeRoy and very concerned about friends and relatives back in Galveston. Death of relatvies confirmed by list, half of family lost and all property. TR091900
Dog a Month Without Food - A poodle was found alive under the ruins at Galveston. The animal was nearly dead after 34 days without food. He will probably be nourished back to health. Eighteen bodies were taken from the ruins Thursday. TR102400
8,000 to 10,000 killed by the storm and flood at Galveston on the Gulf of Mexico - Ridpath 399
Exposition of 1900 at Paris ends November 12. Record attendance for the exposition was 600,000 in one day. Attendance in general double the exposition of 1889.Total of 50,000,000 had passed through. TR111400
Preparations under way for the 1901 Pan American Exposition at Buffalo. In the use of electric lights for decoratvie purposes, this Expositon will outshine all former undertakings. TR111400
Canton Fair is to have athletic events on last afternoon TR080800
Some of the finest baseball ever seen in Northern Pennsylvania will be played at the Mansfield Fair. The purses they offer are sure to bring it, and lovers of this sport will miss a good thing if they stay at home.  TR082900
One of the attractions at the fair will be an exhibit of Two Thosand Dollars worth of Art Needle Work by the Singer Mfg. Co., all done on their celebrated family Sewing Machines. TR090500
Morris Run, Osceola, Arnot, and Nelson ball clubs have all entered the baseball tournament at next week's Mansfield Fair TR091900
Troy Fair biggest and best ever. Last year broke records and this year broke them, too. No drunkeness or rowdyism.  TR091900
Famous People
Admiral Dewey's salary is $37.50 a day, counting 365 days in a year. TR030700
Rev. Thomas K. Beecher of Elmira dead TR031400
Governor Stone visits the Oil Fields at Gaines TR0509500
John Clark Ridpath, historian, gravely ill with pneumuonia and typhoid fever TR060600
Henry Villard, Railroad Magnate, dies Nov. 12. At Ardlsey NY. Accumulated wealth and lost in the panic of 1884 and again in the panic of 1890. TR111400
(Not) Famous People
Thomas Comfort loses the ends of two fingers at his mill. Dr. Carpenter dressed the wounds (Troy) TR031400
Edward VanDyne of Troy, who died recently, left each of his employees $100 in his will. TR032800
J.A. Lindermann has been advertising for weeks the loss of a County Tax Book on the county road between his residence and Troy - still not found TR040400
Sad story of the Johnson Boy who ran away from the  county house (Article will be included later) TR042500
Charles Rundell of Canton has a dog who is the mother of six puppies. A few days ago she went to the woods and came back with two young rabbits which she is bringing up with the puppies. TR0509500
Edwin Soper of Rutland leaves New York this week for Paris to attend the exposition. TR0509500
Luther Ogden, 11, of Canton was shot in the leg accidentally while he was on the hill picking flowers. TR051600
Walter Watkins is building a larger barn on his place at Altus. F. B. Wheeler of Columbia X Roads is doing the carpenter work TR052300
Last Friday one of the strangest feaks in the animal kingdom was born on the H. F. Rogers farm in LeRaysville Borough. The colt has one eye opening in the center of the forehead, with two eyeballs in the cavity. The under jaw was also abnormal and the mouth was where the nostrils usually are. OItherwise the colt was well developed and covered with hair. It died after 18 hours. TR052300
Thad Gustin, who has been acting strangely for some time past threatening various persons and making a general nuisance of himself was arrested Monday for assault … He was declared insane and taken to the Danville Asylum. TR053000
George Orvis of West Sullivan among the great butter makers.  TR060600
Milton Boyer caught a 14 pound German carp on a light trout rod at Luther's Mills. It put up a fight but was landed with the assistance of Bert Comfort who was with Mr. Boyer. TR060600
Barn of Henry Hickock at East Troy hit by lighting and burned, no insurance. TR072500
Laporte (Sullivan County) child of Speaker Osler of Elkland Township had feet injured by mower. One completely severed, the other hung by tendons. Three years old. TR080100
L. A. Thompson, flagman on Northern Central railway, killed at Canton. Some years ago he had lost an arm in a wreck and had been a watchman since that time.  TR091900
Floyde Everett of Mainesburg went to Elmira with his intended bride, his sister and a young man friend. They ate at the Exchange Hotel. Floyde left to get a minister to marry them and instead took a train to Horseheads where he married a relative of his intended bride. They all ended up back in Mainesburg amidst quite a flurry. [This is a summary of a longer article] TR091900
Mrs. Rebekah Packard (Rebekah Rose) of Covington celebrated her 105th birthday last Saturday. Mrs. Packard shows few evidences of her extreme age. She is helathy, fairly robust, eats heartily and is able to walk about the house and yard without aid. Her brain is clear and she is well posted on the topics of the day. TR101700
Ray Palmer of Philadelphia is visiting his mother, who is very ill at her home in Sullivan TR102400
Sixtieth Anniversary party fot "Mr. & Mrs." Seth Sherman. TR102400
Holman Morgan, age 99, of East Charleston in Tioga County is oldest Tioga County voter to participate in the election. He rode six miles in a carriage to the polls. TR111400
If you would be quite up to date you must have embroidered satin slippers to match your evening gowns and tea gowns as well. TR041800
Feather boas in the flat instead of the round shapes are the correct thing, especially in the mother of pearl shades of marabout mixed with ostrich feathers. TR041800
High heeled shoes seem to be coming into vogue again, and the bulldog toe, except for strictly walking purposes, is out of it altogether. The medium round toe is the fancy of the moment. TR041800
The craze for buttons on cloth gowns seems to be increasing, and it must be granted that they give a pretty touch of color to a costume. Buttons set with real gems are the thing if you can afford them; if not, the very latest fancy is cameo in either stone or shell.  TR041800
Green Egyptian beetles are one of the fads in hatpins. TR051600
Belts are either very wide or very narrow, no medium widths being admissable if you would be up to date. TR051600
Neckties made of silk in the shape of bat wings are one of the many novelties in neckware, pastel colorings being the choice. TR051600
The flare at the skirt bottoms is distictly modifed, and the full gowns hang rather limply around the feet. Bronze shoes are creeping back into favor and many fancy shoes and slippers show bronze in combination with pastel colors. TR101700
Tubercuosis infection among cattle on the Piollet Farm at Towanda resulted in fourteen going to the Wilkes-Barre fertilizer factory TR022800
Wetona has had seventy cases of measles so far. TR040400
One fatal case of black diptheria reported at Lawrenceville. The child was the little daughter of Mrs. Lizzie Harrison. It is feared an epidemic will follow. TR051600
Annual inspection of Boro by Health Officers will be made first week in June. Have premises in good condition as possible.  TR053000
Anthrax scare at Canton. Cow belonging to Thad Hickock died, ear sent to state authorities expected to confirm anthrax. TR071100
Family of Charles Mead of Sylvester poisoned by rice pudding that had set a while in a tin dish. They survived with medical attention. TR071100
Coudersport, the second child in the family of Frank Hawley of Baker Creek died and rest of the family is ill from eating ice cream that had stood in the freezer several days and become poisoned. TR071800
Anthrax at Ralston - James McConnell is third employee to die of anthrax at tannery in three months. In other cases cures were affected. Believed due to use of Chinese hides in the tannery. In a similiar outbreak a few years ago, employees protested use of Chinese and Brazilian hides but were told that was only source in sufficient quantity for the tannery. TR072500
Another case of Anthrax at Canton- cow belonging to Thomas Sutton died of it. TR080100
Anthrax has broken out in a herd of 150 cattle near Tunkhannock, and five have already died. Those living have been vaccinated and quarantined. TR082200
Notwithstanding the new buildings recently erected at the Norristown Insane Asylum 247 patients are compelled to sleep in the corridors. The next legislature will be petitioned for much needed accomodations. TR082900
Several cases of Diphtheria at Canton. Eight year old Charley William the first to die. TR110700
The Minnesota Legislature, at the next session, will grapple with the problem of preventing the burial of persons when alive, which according to many conscientious and tender-hearted persons, is now of occasional occurrence. TR111400
Canton Schools closed for the Diphtheria epidemic TR111400
Bert Havens, an employee at the Westfield Tanenry, died of anthrax (Se earlier incident from hides) TR121200
Harry Kinglsy of Mansfield has hand blown off handling cannon firecrackers July Fourth. TR071100
A scribe in the eastern part of Covington township boasts that "this vicinity will furnish more business for the court than Roseville generally does." TR092600
A fiend conceived and carried into affect the idea of distributing about 5,000 tin whistles among children who attended the Williamsport fair. TR100300
With a city chamberlain sent to prison one year, and the mayor arrested the next, it might be well for Elmira to move the Reformatory down to the city hall. (Buffalo Express) TR112300
January 12 - Putting up telephone poles in rural Tioga County -  Emerson Smith Diary
January 25 - Emerson Smith sees phone wires for first time between Mansfield and Mainesburg - Emerson Smith Diary
In 1800 there were 903 post offices in the nation and now there are 75,000. In 1800 three million pieces of mail were sent inn the entire year, now thirty million pieces a day are processed. TR051600
Charter issued at Harrisburg to the Pennsylvania and New york Telephone and Telegraph Co. of Philadelphia, … to build a line from Erie to Montrose through Erie, Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Bradford and Susquehanna counties. … with branches extending to connect other cities and boroughs in this part of the state. TR061300
The deed transferriing the bridge works of this place (Athens) to the American Bridge Company was filed at Twoanda last week.  TR062700
Portion of Bradford County adjacent to Towanda will have rural free mail delivery within a few months. TR071800
The Mansfield Water company is negotiating for land on one of the best streams of water herabouts, on which they will build a new reservoir for an additional water supply. If the company keeps on adding to its plant it will soon have water enough to drown Mansfield. TR080800
The following new post offices have recently been established: Keith, near Alba, Voltus , near Sylvania, Crofut,near Canton, and Strawhill, near Orwell. TR092600
A new post office named Keith is in Armenia Township three miles west of Alba from which point it receives mail by stage. TR100300
The bridge at East Troy is being repaired TR101000
Rural Free Delivery contracts to be let to those who live on or near the routes to prevent non-resident bidders from taking them over. TR112100
Pensylvania ranks first in the nation in having the most number of post offices -5,255. TR112300
Military & Military Organizations
The cost of the Phillipines war from May 1 to Nov 1 was $48,928,060 TR031400
Annual Meeting to plan next Soldier' and Sailors' Encampment in Bradford County TR032800
The strength of the U. S. Army in the Phillippines on June 30th was 63,426 TR071800
Mrs. Carrie Hazlett of Nelson has been granted the first dependent mother's pension granted in this country- Her son Ernest M.Hazlett killed in the Spanish War. TR071800
Soldiers & Sailors Encampment commencing Aug. 15th at East Towanda Fairground for three days. Co. M 9th Pa vols. Spanish war and St. Agnes cadets, and W.R.C..  TR072500
Annual Reunion of Tioga County soldiers will be held at Wellsboro first week in September TR080800
A West Point Cadet died from after effects caused by hazing which permanently ruined his health from incident in 1898. Cadet refused to give names of his tormentors right to the point of his death..  TR121200
Newspaper Extracts
Troy Register 1900 - Obits, Marriages, Births, Neighborhood News
Don’t worry about the editor. He has a charter from the state to act as a doormat for the community. He will get the paper out somehow, and stand up for the town, and whoop it up for you when you run for office, and lie for your big-headed son when he gets a $4 a week job, and say he  gets $15 - weep over your shriveled soul when it is released from its grasping body, and then smile at your wife's second marriage. So do not worry about the editor; he will get along somehow - the Lord only knows how though. Of course, if you do worry, and can't sleep thinking over what you owe the editor, there's only one effective remedy - drop in and pay up. He won't kick. TR102400
Legal Documents
Organizations & Clubs
About Fraternal Organizations - Check this section of the site for more information on these groups
January - boys from Troy meet to discuss organizing a boys club for which they draw up a constitution in Feb 1900. They call themselves Knights of the Round Table - K. R. T. for short and they participate in organized sports and activites. As many as thirty boys had been in this club by 1903 TGR-090303
Farmer's  meeting to be held at Troy Grange Hall TR022800
April - Loomis proposes the formation of a Camera Club in Troy (Incidentally, he sells photography supplies) TR040400
Committee to form a camera club in Troy formed TR042500
First meeting of Troy's camera club held at Baptist church, TR051600
Priam Lodge, No. 247 I.O.O.F. or Troy will hold annual meeting and banquet June 21st. TR062000
Picnic at Pisgah - I. O. O. F. families of Bradford County to attend Second Annual picnic Aug. 16th - rain date the 17th. TR071800
Fifth Annual convention of the Five County Volunteer Fireman's Association will be held in Sayre Sept 6th & 7th. TR080100
Tioga County P. O. S. of A's will hold convention at Morris Friday. TR080800
The Odd Fellows of Tioga County will picnic at Eldridge Park, Elmira, Aug. 22 TR080800
District convention of the Patriotic Order, Sons of America, combining all the camps in the county, is to be held in Troy on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week… The citizens of Troy are modestly requested to decorate for the parade on Tuesday. TR080800
The Shoe factory (Troy) shut down yesterday on account of the P.O.S. of A. convention TR081500
A new Troy Cornet Band, with twenty members was organized Monday evening at George Mitchell's. Nearly all the young men are enthusiastic musicians and it will take them but a short time to get in shape for playing. Success to them. TR082200
The New York State camp of the P.O.S. of A. will be held at Waverly Sept 11 and 12. TR082900
Oscaluwa Engine and Hose Co. of Troy, originally organized 1871, reorganized - new constitution TR082900
All people interested in the formation of a male choral society meet at the (Troy) high school Monday evening TR102400
Debating Club at the Troy High School elects officers. Pres. German Gernert, VP William Beaman, Sec. & Treas. Harry Morgan. TR111400
Troy Firemen's Fair to be held Dec 3rd or 4th. Residents encouraged to donate goods for fund raising sale. TR112100
Politics & Politicians & Government
The shortage of F. E. Bundy, the defaulting chamberlain of Elmira NY, will reach $75,000 TR040400
Factors in the increased tax in Bradford County include the bridge at Wysox, the soldiers' memorial, and County Court House bonds due next year. TR041800
Prohibition Convention will be held in Towands June 5th to nominate several County officers which wil be placed on the Prohibition ticket for election this fall. TR053000
Troy Borough council passed an ordinance prohibiting the riding of bicycles on the sidewalks and playing baseball in the streets of the boro. TR062700
The Presidential campaign will be one of the most exciting the country has ever seen. McKinley and Roosevelt on the Republican ticket and Bryan on Democrat ticket. TR071100
Theodore Roosevelt, Governor of New York State and Republican nominee for Vice President, will be in Elmira, Oct. 29th. TR101700
Both Democrat and Republican clubs formed in Troy for the campaign
The Prohibition campaign train is due in Troy next Tuesday. A stop of 30 minutes will be made and addresses delivered from the platform. TR102400
There will be a Democratic Rally at the Court House in Troy on Monday … TR102400
Big Time at Gillett - scene of an anthusiastic Republican demonstration last Saturday evening… TR102400
Elmira Disgraced - Theodore Roosevelt pelted with eggs and vegetables along the route to a meeting in Elmira. Once at the meeting no further interruuptions. Overflow crowds. TR103100
McKinley & Roosevelt elected by wide margin - 287 electoral votes TR110700

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In State of Pennsylvania for 1899,  2122 females and 1334 males - total 3476 - graduate from High Schools in the state. While nearly twice as many girls as boys pursue higher education and the majority of teachers are women, still women can not vote. The writer blames the foreign slum voters for voting down female enfranchisement  as native born American men believe in equality of the sexes. The write blames "Conservatism not justice," is the cause of this situation. TR110700
Troy will not celebrate the Republican victory this year. TR112100
Women Rulers - Considerably more than half the human race is ruled by women. Two women - the empress dowager of China and the queen of England - alone govern about half the entire population of the world. The third in importance is oung Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, whose homeland numbers less than 5 million souls, but whose colonies have 30 million. Spain is ruled by a woman, Queen Regent Christina, in the minority of her son. It is expected that the queen mother, Margarita will have great influence over her son's kingdom, but her case is not needed to establish the preponderance of woman-ruled races. TR112300
Mansfield town council passed a resolution prohibiting andy wagon carrying nitro glycerine to be stopped inside that broough. TR121900
Public Works
Federal Census will be taken June 1 and will last 15 to 20 days. Much of the counting will be done by machine TR051600
Census enumerators for Bradford County listed TR051600
All about the census and population demographics TR052300
Troubles of enumerators - census taker at Morris Run could speak no more than six languages and found at least a dozen nationalities there. Other foreigners found the questions inappropriate and roughed up the enumerators resulting in legal charges. TR080100
A billion of the PanAmerican Exposition stamps are to be issued this year in six denominations
Designs for the new postage stamps to commemorate the Pan American Exposition have been decided on - eight denominations. TR111400
Soldier's Monument to be erected in Athens in front of the old academy TR112100
Bradford County Birth Records 1893 - 1901
Feb 21, new St. Michael's Church at Canton dedicated today TR022100
Methodist conference in Chicago discusses revising the rules to permit licensing of women as local preachers. After a long debate the resolution was voted down. TR051600
A pipe organ is to be put in the M. E. church at Canton this summer. TR062700
Rev. Leon Reynolds attacked by heart failure during service at Disciples Church in East Smithfield. Dr. H. M. Moody was present and attended him. Services concluded and Rev. Reynolds removed to his home. TR071800
Tent prayer meetings have been held for the past two weeks at Alba by Rev. S. F. Weston TR080800
Salvation Army has been holding a series of meetings at North Towanda the past two weeks. TR080800
Alba Baptist church rededicated last Thursday - prayer by Rev. Mitchel who performed the same function at the original dedication 46 years ago. TR081500
Pennies have been debarred from the collection baskets of St. Leos Roman Catholic church in Mansfield. Rev. Thomas Ducey, pastor of the church, recently announced that he had counted nine hundred pennies in the collection which amounted to a little over nine dollars. He says "don't put any more in. It is a mockery to religion." The next Sunday's collection was filled with nickels, dimes, and quarters. TR082200
Thirteenth Annual VanHorn Reunion held at East Troy Jun 28, 79 present TR071100
Second Annual reunion of the Holcomb and Bailey famiies wil be held at LeRoy Holcomb's grove Aug 22 (storm date 23rd) TR072500
Sixth annual Warner Reunion wll meer athome of "Mr. & Mrs." Jefferson Warner in Wells August 16th. TR072500c
Ninth Annual Rockwell Reunion in West Franklin third Wednesday in August TR072500
Ruggles Reunion - Canton, July 20. TR080100 Pat included
Seventh Annual Ross Reunion to be held at Granville Center Aug. 30 TR080800
Rockwell annual reunion to be held at Alparon Park, Troy, Aug. 25. TR080800
Sixth Annual Mott Reunoin Aug. 25, LeRoy Holcomb's grove. TR081500
Gathering of the descendants of Margery and Arad Smith will be held at home of Smith Palmer, Troy, Sept. 1st TR081500
Twenty fifth reunion of Co. F, 11th P. V. Cavalry, will be held in Mansfield Aug. 24th. F. M. Spencer, Sec'y. TR081500
Troy Guards Reunion TR101700 
Harrington Reunion - Descendants of Truman and Wealthy Harrington will hold annual reunion at Ogdensburg September 1, 1900 TR082200
Schools & Education
Brick School House at Elkland built 20 years ago by late Joel Parkhurst, declared unsafe TR032800
The daughter of ex-Speaker Reed and 47 other young women graduated as lawyers at the University of New York - Friday, March 30. TR040400
Examination for Permanent Certificates (teachers?) will be held in the county superintendent's office at the court house at Towanda, on Saturday April 21 TR041800
Teacher's Examinations 1900 - Schedule of locations held TR042500
Annual Meeting of the Bradford County Teacher's Association, Athens, Friday & Saturday, May 11th & 12th. TR0502500
Stockholders of Mansfield Normal School elect new trustees, D. H. Pitts, W. D. Vedder, T. W. Judge TR051600
Commencment excercises at the Troy Opera house June 7th. TR053000
Reception for the graduating class of 1900 given at the Guild Room at the Court House. TR060600
Annual Troy High School Alumni reunion at Court House, under direction of class of 1899. TR060600
There are 14,706 children of school age in Bradford County. Sayre leads with 1,341, Towanda, 1.073, and Athens 883. TR081500
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Towanda schools held last Friday night Prof. Charles Gordiner was released as principal of their school, leaving him free to accept the position offered by the Troy School Board. TR082900
A book on Systemic Pedagogy, by Dr. A. T. Smith of the Mansfield Nnormal School will be issued by Silver, Burnett & Co. about the middle of September. The book is designed for Normal Schools and Colleges TR090500
Susquehanna Collegiate Institute of Towanda opened Monday with fifty students enrolled TR091900
Ninety four volumes have been added to the public school library at Mansfield. TR100300
Bradford County Teacher's Institute will be held at Towanda October 8 TR09260
Series of Farmer's Institutes arranged for Dec. at various locations in Bradford County. TR111400
School Memorabilia 1900 Red School Armenia Church Sunday School School No. 9 Gray Valley School Elk Run School
Pickle Hill School Berrytown School Lawrenceville High School Voorhis School
Last Week's Easter dance at Mitchell Hall (Troy) was well attended. Music by the McHenry Orchestra of Elmira. TR041800
The sugar supper given by the P.O.S. of A. (West Burlington) was enjoyed by a large crowd (Maple Sugar season was celebrated) TR042500
A number of young people [of Columbia Crossroads] attended a hop at Sylvania Friday evening, and report a very pleasant time. TR052300
Ice Cream Social at Austinville Baptist Church June 23rd - All invited. TR062000
Lawn festival by the women of St. John's church at the Rectory last Tuesday. Music by a trio of stringed instruments and the piano. TR080100
East Troy Band furnished music for the dance at Mitchell Halll in Troy on Saturday evening. TR080100
The local Tennis Club will entertain a tennis team from Towanda on the local grounds on Thursday. TR080800
About thirty Trojans attended a dance at Minnequa Friday evening. TR082200
About twenty young people enjoyed a picnic and buckboard ride Friday afternoon and evening in honor of Misses Lola and Jennie Sherwood of mansfield. TR082900
Football game between Mansfield and West Burlington 10-5 in favor of Mansfield TR111400
A party of 21 Trojans enjoyed a fine dinner at the Columbia X Roads hotel Monday evening. TR111400
The Troy Confecitonery and Fruit store served lunches until nearly three o'clock after the dance at Mitchell's hall last evening. TR112300
The dancing class Monday night passed off very smoothly. The membership nou numbers thirty-four. TR112300
There was a very good attendance at the chicken pie dinner at Ransom Cornell's last Thursday (Columbia X Roads) TR121900
Charles Kohler of Elmira, formerly of Mansfield, has invented a motor cycle propelled by a spring of great power which will send a bicycle up hill at the speed of 20 mph. The spring which is 3 1/2 inches wide is wound up by pedalling and the speed controlled by an ordinary bicycle brake, It is said to be a success. TR080800
Superheated Water Power - Toledo March 5 - A Company of Toledo and Detroit capitalists, backed by Dr. W. Seward Webb of New York, have organized the Toledo and Detroit Rapid Transit company, capitalized at $1,000,000. The company will use superheated water for power, and expects to run cars from Toledo to Detroit in an hour. The road is to be completed by Aug. 1. TR030700
Tools & Machinery
Adding Machines - Inventors are busy at present in an effort to produce machines for mathematical purposes - greatest number of patent applications is for various improvements on adding machines. TR091900
Troy Register gets a new Simplex Typesetting Machine (illustrated) and tells us all the details TR111400
The smokestack on the power house of the Traction Co., at Sayre was blown down last Sunday by the strong wild, causing a two hour delay in running street cars. It will be several days before the stack can be replaced. TR041100
Rubber tired carriages are becoming quite a fad in Wellsboro TR062700
One hundred and four trains passed over Fall Brook road in one day recently. That means a train about every fourteen minutes for twenty-four hours. TR092600
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