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Time Capsule 1909
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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Experience the Flavor of Small Town Life in this era by strolling through these pages
Edith Wharton can take us to the streets of New York City, and Henry James can show us Europe in this era, but only here can we experience the flavor of life in the farming villages of the Tri County area of rural New York and Pennsylvania. Here we can find the little scraps too minor for the history books to include that made up life in this time and place. 
Year - 1909
U.S. President
William Taft
U.S. Population
NY Governor
Charles Evans Hughes
PA Governor
Edwin Sydney Stuart
Mayor of Elmira
Harry N. Hoffman 
Other Municipal Officers
World & National
Source Citations
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One Cent Franklin issued 
Feb. 1903
American Cultural History 1900-1909
1909 Best Sellers
1. The Inner Shrine, anonymous (Basil King) 
2. Katrine, Elinor Macartney Lane 
3. The Silver Horde, Rex Beach 
4. The Man in Lower Ten, Mary Roberts Rinehart 
5. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, John Fox Jr
6. Truxton King, George Barr McCutcheon 
7. 54-40 or Fight, Emerson Hough 
8. The Goose Girl, Harold MacGrath 
9. Peter, F. Hopkinson Smith 
10. Septimus, William J. Locke 
History of Fashion 1900-1909
Information Please 1909
6 April - Peary reachs the North Pole
Some 1909 Events
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Time is a series of little moments. 
Here we try to salvage a few of those scraps.

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