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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Charleston Township, Tioga County PA
This is One of Eighty Township Pages in Three Counties on this Site
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Tioga County PA
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Charleston Township
Charleston Township Histories
Formed in 1820 from Delmar Township, Portion to Duncan in 1873
Charleston Biographies 1883
Charleston History 1883
Charleston History 1885
Charleston History 1897
Charleston Biographies 1897
Origin of the Welsh Settlement
Charleston Township Articles
1883 - Murder of  Martha Sylvia and Conviction of George Traverse 1902 - Mudges and Bowens - or is it the Hatfield & McCoys?
Township Postcards & Photos
Post Offices
Charleston PO (1831-1904)
South Charleston PO (1834 1845)
East Charleston PO (1854-1907)
Cherry Flats PO (1846-1970)
Cherryflats PO (1895 1905)
Round Top PO (1872-1906)
Crosscut PO (1900 1903)
Rill  PO (1901 1903)
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Villages Past & Present
Welsh Settlement
Card Town
Cherry Flats
Charleston Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Delmar Census
1830 Charleston Census
1840 Charleston Census
1850 Census Transcription (FM)
1850 Census Records (REL)
1860 Charleston Township Census
1870 Charleston Township Census
1880 Charleston Township Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Volunteers Needed
Charleston Township Directories
1899 Tioga County Directory - Charleston 1908-1909 Tioga County Directory - Charleston
Charleston Township Tax Records
1812 Delmar Taxables
Charleston Township Cemetery Records and Obituaries
GPS Coordinates Included
BroadAcres Farm Cemetery (2005)
41.73865 -77.26981
Broadacres Farm Cemetery (1969)
Reese Hill Cemetery (1971)
41.79631 -77.23672
Hart Family Cemetery [Wetmore Hill] (1969)
41.73982 -77.23721
Neal Family Burial Ground (2005) Smith Family Burial Ground (2005)
Bowen Family Cemetery (1975)
41.74869 -77.18430
Bowen Family Cemetery (2005) Bowen Cemetery Obituaries
Austin Farm Cemetery (2005)
41.74308 -77.27023
Catlin Hollow Cemetery - (2000)
41.78870 -77.25761
Catlin Hollow Cemetery (2011)
Catlin Hollow Cemetery Obituaries
Austin Farm Cemetery (1970s) Old Charleston Cemetery (same as Austin) Austin Cemetery Obituaries
Old Dartt Settlement (Pioneer) Cemetery (1969) 41.76880 -77.24355 Old Dartt Settlement (Pioneer) Cemetery (2006)
New Dartt Settlement Cemetery (1969)
41.76817 -77.23964
New Dartt Settlement Cemetery (2005) Dartt Settlement Cemetery Obituaries
Cherry Flats Baptist Cemetery (1969)
41.73196 -77.17902
Cherry Flats Baptist Cemetery (2005) Cherry Flats Obituaries (Combined with Methodist)
Bullock Cemetery  - See Richmond Township See Also Cherry Flats Methodist in Covington Township
Hills Creek Cemetery (1970s)
41.80401 -77.21410
Hills Creek Cemetery (2005) Hills Creek Cemetery Obituaries
Round Top Cemetery (1975)
41.71540 -77.24879
Round Top Cemetery (2005) Round Top Cemetery Obituaries
Shumway Hill Cemetery (1970s)
41.71694 -77.27228
Shumway Hill Cemetery (2001) Shumway Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Tioga Memorial Gardens (1976)
41.76141 -77.21526
Tioga County Memorial Gardens (2005) Tioga County Memorial Gardens Obituaries
Welsh Settlement 1970s
41.72603 -77.21323
Welsh Settlement Cemetery (2005) Welsh Settlement Cemetery Obituaries
Wheeler Cemetery (1970s)
41.73200 -77.21580
Wheeler Cemetery (2005) Whitneyville Cemetery Burial Permits
Whitneyville Cemetery (1969)
41.77048 -77.19777
Whitneyville Cemetery (2005) Whitneyville Cemetery Obituaries
Charleston Township Schools
1890s Culver School 1908 McInroy School
1907 Wilcox School 1908 Ferry School
1910 Shumway School 1931 Charleston Township School
1900 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1901 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1902 Charleston Teachers & Directors
1903 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1904 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1905 Charleston Teachers & Directors
1906 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1907 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1908 Charleston Teachers & Directors
1909 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1910 Charleston Teachers & Directors
1912 Charleston Teachers & Directors 1917 Charleston Teachers & Directors
1898 School Districts
1. Young School 16. Barlow Hill School
3. Shumway School 21. Round Top School
7. Wilcox School
Charleston Township Business Histories & Photos
1899 Charleston Township Business Directory
Hotels in Township
Charleston Township Organizations
1899 Charleston Societies
Charleston Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Methodist Episcopal Church of Charleston History of the Catlin Hollow Church
1899 Church List From Directory 1969 Cherry Flats Baptist Church 115 years
Charleston Township Family Bible Records
Borden Family Bible Dartt - Dockstader Bible
Darrt - Woodin Family Bible Reese - Richardson - Impson Family Bible
Charleston Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Fanny BEEBE "Culver, Pioneer
Charleston Township Marriage Clippings
Jemima Collins - Nathaniel Seeley Descendants
The Jennings Family of Whintneyville
Charleston Township Resident Photo Album
Cruttenden - Snover Family Photos Clemens Album - Mostly Unidentifed
Migrations - Where did they come from and where did  they go - Tracking our people
I will be developing this section of the site further and adding both the names of the women that the history books seldom considered, and the place of origin and family histories. For now, I am just trying to get the order of who came when established. Some of the tax records, that would demonstrate that, are missing. This immigrant section is in draft mode subject to change.
Charleston Township Immigrants - Where our people came from and when 
Space her for you to tell us about your family who moved into Charleston Township
Charleston Township Emigrants - Where our people went and when

1858 - Ferry Family to Michigan
Space her for your family story of migration
Charleston Township Diaries & Letters 
1860 Solon S. Dartt of Charleston John Cruttenden to wife Sarah 1865
Solon S. Dartt to Wife Sarah Dockstader 1862 Dwight Bliss Diary - Ledger 1881-1891
Charleston Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Jane Eliza "Bockus" Pension Application
Philander Bockus Pension Application
Almeda "Bockus" Pension Application
1851 Will of David Edwards
1879 Will of David G. Edwards
Township Military Records
Township Sports 
Population Statistics
1887 Charleston  Township
(includes. villages below) = 2193
1887 Card Town = 44
1887 Cherry Flats = 30
1887 Whitneyville = 112
1891 Charleston Township = 1889
1900 Charleston Township = 1781
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992
The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933   histcent83@gmail.com
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice
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