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Jackson Township Histories
Jackson Was formed from Tioga Township in 1815
Jackson Township History 1883
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Jackson Township History 1885
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Daggett PA 1797-1939
Outline Of The General History Of The Daggett Area To 1860
1976/77 Student Booklet
The Big Elm and other Trees
The Arnold Crumb Incident
The Sawmills of Daggett, Jackson Township
Plank Roads in Jackson Township
Gristmill, Sawmill, and Tanyard of Lower Daggett
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Daggett Saw Mill 1956 Millerton Phone Exchange
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Jackson Summit
Mansfield, Pa., Aug., 28 - A huge elm tree set squarely in the center of the roadway in a unique feature of the Horseshoe Trail that leads to Mansfield from Elmira, NY., through Tioga County.  The tree, many years old, was deemed too magnificent a specimen to be sacrificed, and as a result the road divides and half the traffic goes one side of the tree and that from the opposite direction passes to the other side.
Post Offices
Daggett's Mills -- Daggett
Hammond Creek
Jackson Center
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Job's Corners (PO est. 1887)
Maple Ridge (PO est. 1857, disc. 1876)
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A Jackson Township Scene - Joyce M. Tice 31 DEC 2003
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Jackson Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates included in red
Bechtol Cemetery a.k.a. Barto Hill a.k.a. Buchanan Cemetery
Button Hill Cemetery [Tioga]  Morrell Family Cemetery  41.94220 -77.01650
Alder Run Cemetery (TCCI V. 1 -1970s)
 41.97509-76.98410   Deeded
Alder Run Cemetery 2000 Alder Run Cemetery Obituaries
Daggett Cemetery41.95040-76.92940
Deeded as Cemetery in Daggett
Daggett Cemetery Obituaries Daggett Family Cemetery (corrected)
Old Daggett Burial Ground
41.96654 -76.92569
Daggett Mill Pond
41.94541 -76.92711
Griffin Cemetery (in Rutland)
Seeley Hill Cemetery (TCCI V. 1)
41.98979 -76.97151
Seeley Hill Cemetery (JKJ 1982) Curren/Seely (TCCI V. 4)
Jackson Center Cemetery (M.E. Church)
41.94040 -76.98110   Deeded
Jackson Center Cemetery Obituaries Dickinson Cemetery
41.99289 -77.02631
Deeded as Fred Courtwright Cemetery
Jacob Miller Cemetery 1970s (TCCI V. 1)
41.99340 -76.96880   Deeded
Jacob Miller Cemetery 1996 Jacob Miller Cemetery Obituaries
Jobs Corners Cemetery (TCCI V.1 1970s)
41.93411 -76.93931   Deeded
Jobs Corners Cemetery (JKJ 1982) Jobs Corners Cemetery Obituaries
Jobs Corners 2006 (In Process - PNS) 2009 working on it
Maple Ridge Cemetery (1970)
41.92949 -77.01120   Deeded
Maple Ridge Cemetery (1962/1982) Maple Ridge Cemetery Obituaries
Millerton Cemetery (TCCI V.1 1970s)
41.98791 -76.93940   Deeded
Millerton Cemetery (JKJ 1982) Millerton Cemetery Obituaries
Stewart Cemetery (1970s & 1982)
41.99005 -76.99982
Deeded as Buchanan Cemetery
Trowbridge Cemetery (1970s & 1982)
41.95723 -76.98094
Wheeler Cemetery (1970s & 1982)
41.99724 -76.99164
Deeded as Lewis, Macknight Cemetery
This old elm tree in Dagget Hollow, Tioga county, stands squarely in the middle of Route 549 near Jobs Corners. A sign on each side of the trunk says, "Keep to the right," and the truck in the picture is about to do so. We generally think of everything having to give way to the Pennsylvania Highway Department. The only similar case I know of is where Route 11 detoured around the Wilson College Campus in the edge of Chambersburg instead of going straight through. If some one will send in the story about this elm, and how it split a state highway, readers would doubtless be interested. Was it due to local pressure to save the tree? Did the Highway Department put beauty ahead of utility? Or was it simply less trouble to build past on each side than to cut the tree down and take out the stump? Elms are pretty tough. - J.B.R.D. 

This life of this tree ended probably in the 1970s or thereabouts. In this picture the road appears not to be even paved. The tree stood there between the lanes long after the road was paved. It was a famous landmark for a very long time. 
Photo at far right from J. Kelsey Jones February 2012 -from family collection.  
Jackson Township Schools
1877-1895 Jackson Township Records - Excerpts
1880s Jobs Corners School 1907 Chestnut Ridge School
1899 Maple Ridge School 1908 Chestnut Ridge School
1903 Daggett High School 1901 Trowbridge School
Undated News Clipping - ON HONOR ROLL
Millerton, Mar. 11 - The following is the record of perfect attendance for February for the Daggett School: Berneita Doughty, Ada Maude Eighmey, Thelma Myfelt, Evelyn Rumsey, Alice Schofield, Margaret Schofield, Vennetta Scott, Doris Stone, Ada Updyke, Merle Daggett, Ivan Myfelt, Stephen Cooper and Raymond McChure. 
1900 Jackson Teachers & Directors 1901 Jackson Teachers & Directors 1902 Jackson Teachers & Directors
1903 Jackson Teachers & Directors 1905 Jackson Teachers & Directors
1914-1948 Millerton High School Graduates  1907 Jackson Teachers & Directors
1912 Chestnut Ridge School
1912 Millerton School
1913 Everett School
1916 Everett School
1922 Millerton School
1924 Jobs Corners School
1927 Jackson Summit School
1927 Jobs Corners School
Daggett School
1911 Everett School
Roy Kinney , Special Music teacher
Undated Millerton High School Poem
1875 School Districts (Atlas)
1.Millerton School
2. (West of Millerton District)
3.Traver School
4. Mann School
5. Trowbridge School 
6. Maple Ridge School
7. Everitt School
8. Wells School
9. Jobs Corners School
10.Daggetts Mills School 
11. Parmerter School
1898 School Districts
Daggett School
Everett School
Friends School
Hazen School
Jackson Summit School
Maple Ridge School
Traver School
Mann School
Wells School
Millerton School
Jackson Township Business Histories & Photos
Whitaker's Store - Jackson Summit Daggett Saw Mill
1899 Jackson Township Business Directory
Hotels in Jackson Township
Jacksonhouse Hotel,abt1851-abt1862,on Jobs Corners,Tioga Co,Pa.(With the deaths of Owners Bernard and Soloman Smith, h/o Chestina Treman, in 1860,1862, the hotel was turned 90 degrees; and in 1865, it became the John Carley/Mary Updike-Clarence Carley/Bertha Sedinger farm until 1953). [Photo Needed]
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F.A.N. Daggett Historic School 1899 Jackson Societies
2002 Big Elm Fire Department 2002 MIllerton Fire Department
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Methodist Church Records of Wells and Jackson 1869 - 1896
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Jobs Corners Baptist Church Centennial 1870-1970
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1899 Church List From Directory 1918 M. E. Sunday School Christmas Souvenir
1971 History of the Jackson Center Methodist Church
Jackson Township Family Bible Records
Azubah Russell / John Bryan Bible Catherine VanDusen and Franklin Russell Bible
Briggs - Jewell Family Bible VanHart Family Bible
Sisson Bible 2 Ames -  Thayer  Family Bible
Vickers - Postle - Spencer Bible Doty - Wright Records Rogers - Sargent Family Bible
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Jemima Collins - Nathaniel Seeley Descendants
Amanda SHEIVE - James DOTY Family
The Millers of Millerton
Margaret WELLS Hogaboom
KINNER Family History
Crumb /Holton /Mitchell 1871 Stafford - Kinner Marriage Windy Smith, Aviation Pioneer
kj- Barnhart to Eighmey kj - Fleming to Holdredge kj - Houghton to McIntyre  kj - Millard to Wilson
The Doggett / Daggett Family History      
Jackson Township Resident Photo Album
Laura Everett & Jerome Stilwell Family 1875 Flora Gaige & Frank Stilwell
Ella Rockwell & Mark Lefler Alberta Darby / Verne Lefler 1909 Marriage
Mary Updyke & James Carley Family 1885 John Cunningham & Julia Crum
Net & Daisy (gcs023) Garrison Brothers (PS) Ella ROCKWELL & Mark LEFLER Photos
Updyke Family Hair Wreath 1850s Doty, Sheive, Grinnell
Jackson Township Diaries & Letters 
1857-1859-Letters of Emma DOTY & Solomon L. WOOD Diaries of Dewey J. Hamilton 1914-1980
Memoirs of Philip Petty 1945 Diary of Dewey Hamilton
1947 Diary of Dewey Hamilton
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Jackson Township Military Records
World War I Listing
World War II Listing
Albert J. Stilwell - WW1
Fred W. Baker - WW1
F. Richard Stilwell - WW1
Philip Petty of Daggett, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner John Lafferty Pension Papers
Jackson Township Sports
1908 Millerton Baseball Team
Population Statistics for Jackson Township
1887 Jackson Township = 1824
1891 Jackson Township = 1704
1900 Jackson Township = 1591
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992