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Standing Stone Township
 in Bradford County,
Standing Stone Twp, Bradford, PA
Year    #People    #Dwells    #Families
1900    703            170        180
1910    602            145        149
1920    493            121        131
1930    397            113        114
Standing Stone Township Histories
Named by the Indians for the remarkable stone that stands upright in the river. 
Created From Wysox in 1841
Standing Stone History by H. C. Bradsby
Standing Stone History by D. C. Craft
Standing Stone History from Outline ...
Standing Stone History by H. C. Heverly
Standing Stone Township Articles
Sarah DAUGHERTY Keen Scrapbook
Township Postcards & Photos
Rummersfield Postcards
Post Offices
Rummerfield Creek PO
Standing Stone PO
Villages Past & Present
Standing Stone
Standing Stone Township Census Records
1800 Wysox, Luzerne County Census
1820 - See Wysox
1830 - See Wysox
1840 - See Wysox
1850 Standing Stone Census
1860 Standing Stone Census
1870 Standing Stone Census
1880 Standing Stone Census
1900 Standing Stone Census
1910 Standing Stone Census
1920 Standing Stone Census
1930 Standing Stone Census
Standing Stone Township Directories
1900 Standing Stone Directory List 1908 Standing Stone Directory List
Township Tax Records
1812 Taxables Wysox 1812 Taxables Wyalusing
Standing Sone Township Cemetery Records
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Keen/ Keene Summit (2004/2006) Keene Summit Obituaries
Gordon family Burials (2000)
Irish Catholic/ State Road/ St.Peter and Paul Parish (2003) Standing Stone ME Church Partial Hoagland Listing (1980s?)
State Road Catholic Cemetery Obituaries Standing Stone Cemetery Burial records 1944-2000
James Holly-Hawley Standing Stone Burial Records 2000-2003
Huyck*, private (on property of Robert and MarJane Roof Standing Stone Burials to 2000 from Tombstones
Tuttle Hill (only two Goff Family stones remain) Standing Stone Cemetery Obituaries
Vergason/ Vargeson family* on Henderson Roof farm (now David Rineb farm) Two stones in farm cemetery (Chas.X.Hutchinson interred)
Universalist Church / Stevens Cemetery (2000) Cornelius Ennes-Innes/ Ennis family, private
Old Burying Ground* (Rachel Barney interred)
Standing Stone Township Schools
Chestnut Grove School 1919
Standing Stone School 1922
1916 Rummersfield School 1911 Fisher School 1912 Fisher School
1950 Fisher School 1954 Fisher School
School Districts 1869
1. Standing Stone District 5. West Valley District
2. No Name 6. No Name
3. Rummerfield Creek District 7. No Name
4. Centre District 8. State Road District
Standing Stone Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Standing Stone Methodist Church 150th Anniversary
Standing Stone Township Family Bible Records
Roswell Hagar - Hannah Coe Bible
Robinson - Parker Family Bible
Barber-Wilcox Family
Kinne - Brown Bible Records
Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
The Irish of State Road Cemetery by H. Farley
Mahar - Brennan Descendants
Lynch - Hourigan Family
Standing Stone Township Diaries & Letters 
1910 Diary of Martin P. Brennan Harriet Donley Birthday Book
Standing Stone Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
1880 Will of Cynthia Johnson of Standing Stone