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Hello Joyce,
I have a real photo postcard of a small town showing a depot. The card is by a Williamsport photographer. Someone suggested that it may be Cowley or some other town on the North Central line in your area. Any help you can give me in identifying the card will be appreciated. I am sending a scan of the card.
Bob Hoover
Subj:  Railroad Stations 
Date:  1/23/2003 5:28:08 PM Eastern Standard Time 
From:  Marvish 
To:  JoyceTice 
Note from Joyce, I think if we can identify this very distinctive church, we'll have it. Also note the steep mountians indicating possibly the coal mining area.  Does anyone recognize it?
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Postcard from the collection  of  Bob
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 Subj:  Post Card Photo
Date:  1/24/2003 12:51:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  DJCarn47
To:  JoyceTice

Concerning the post card photo inquiry under your "What's New at Tri-Counties January 2003" area:  On page 485, of Thomas Taber's "Sunset Along the Susquehanna Waters," which is Book 4 of his series, a similar photo appears showing the same church.  It's captioned as "The northern end of Cammal in the mid-nineties."


 Subj:  Post Card - Railroad Station
Date:  1/24/2003 9:38:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:    James_G_Carn/


Concerning the photo post card that someone is inquiring as to its whereabouts (What's New in January 2003?):  I believe it is of Cammal, PA,
along Pine Creek, or a town in that vicinity.

Jim Carn

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