Thank you Mr. Bates for showing us our town. : Thirty years of Mansfield's history and views preserved in photos. January 6th, Bert's birthdate, is Bert Bates Day in Mansfield.
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Tony Castellane and Plane before fatal accident
Smythe Park, September 1911. - Tony Castellane and his Aeroship before the fatal accident. Booked as an act at the Mansfield Fair, stunt pilot Tony delayed his flight for several days because of irregular wind conditions. When he finally went up, he did get caught by wind and crashed just west of town.
In the early days when planes were a novelty, a large number of stunt pilots werre killed putting on shows for the curious. Tony was compelled to go up in conditions he was unsure of rather than risk losing his pay on the last day of the fair. He lost his life.
Mansfield, Tioga PA.
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Tony Castellane and Plane before fatal accidentTony Castellane and Plane before fatal accident