Thank you Mr. Bates for showing us our town. : Thirty years of Mansfield's history and views preserved in photos. January 6th, Bert's birthdate, is Bert Bates Day in Mansfield.
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Mansfield Steam Laundry Fire
Mansfield Advertiser, 10 May 1899, p.3, col.4 [7/20]
There is general rejoicing among his host of friends over the return to Mansfield to reside of Mr. Frank A. Clark, formerly of this boro, but for a number of years of New York City. Mr. Clark has purchased the laundry business of Wilson & Ramsdell and took possession on Monday. His life-long practice of doing all things well and his large business experience and intimate knowledge of the ways of the big metropolis, insure the fullest measure of success in his present undertaking. That this local enterprise will grow and flourish under Mr. Clark's direction goes without saying. The retiring proprietors have not made known their plans for the future.

Mansfield Steam Laundry Fire, See Advertiser Oct 1911 - Explosion Destroys Steam Laundry. Frank Clark was owner operator of this business which processed the Normal School laundry as well as laundry for private customers. The laundry was rebuilt and operated by Frank's wife, Minnie Cogswell, after his death. Smoke was still rising while these eager spectators examined the ruins.
1911 OCT
Mansfield, Tioga PA
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Steam Laundry FireSteam Laundry Fire