Thank you Mr. Bates for showing us our town. : Thirty years of Mansfield's history and views preserved in photos. January 6th, Bert's birthdate, is Bert Bates Day in Mansfield.

Photographer, W. A. Bates, "Bert,"recorded over thirty years of our town's events and history from ca 1905 until 1938. If anything was happening, he was there and took a picture. He had both studio portraits and many hundreds of postcards showing his contemporaries and us what our small town was like in the first part of the Twentieth Century. Thank you, Mr. Bates for showing us our town. The History Center has almost 300 of Bert's photos catalogued, and probably more that are not signed or attributed to him. We have these and many more available for viewing in albums or on our large tv as a slide show. Drop in and see more of Bert Bates' Mansfield,

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Thank you Mr. Bates for showing us our town.