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Swiss Chalet
Swiss Chalet
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Swiss Chalet is an architectural style from the Romantic era. A Swiss Chalet is a house that originated to the areas of Switzerland and the Alpine region. These buildings are made of wood with two stories, they commonly have wide eaves and big elegantly sloping roofs. They were originally used for seasonal farming of dairy cattle. The cattle would be herded up to these Swiss Chalet houses during the summer months from the pastures of the lowland areas. Chalet is the name for the hut of the herder and branches from the regions Alpine language. These houses were places where the herders could use their milt to make cheese and butter and taken back to the lowlands with the cattle before the beginning of winter. The houses were often unused in the winter times and locked up. Small building surrounding the chalets were locked as well and contained any valuables that might be stolen. Now, Swiss Chalets are used for vacation getaways and for year around living spaces as well.
[Jackie Miller, MU]
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Plaster, Metal
H-5 W-7.25 L-5.5 inches
By WPA PA probably in 1930s. Set was in the education museum of M.S.T.C., probably on the Campus Elementary School which is now called the Retan Center, until transferred to Warren L. MIller Elementary School after it was built in 1972. Most recent location was in WLM school library.
Warren L. Miller Elementary School
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Swill ChaletSwill Chalet
Swiss ChaletSwiss Chalet
Swiss ChaletSwiss Chalet