WPA Architectural Models : Recreations of Historical and Significant Places
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Cliff Dwellings
Cliff Dwellings Southwestern U.S.A.
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Cliff dwellings of the Southwest area in the United States are living spaces or dwellings placed within the caves of the high cliffs in places like Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. These dwellings are a type of rock-cut architecture where the structures are either built into the cliff areas itself or are carved out of the rock and uses the natural openings as doors or windows. Cliff dwellings were once built and used by the Pueblo people of the area, and many are even still in use by the Native Americans that live in the area. They are seen as both great importance in the Architectural history and the history of Southwest North America. Today cliff dwellings and houses are seen as tourist attractions, preserved for research, and are protected by the National Park Service.
[Jackie Miller, MU]
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Plaster, Metal
H-5.5 W-5 L-9.5 inches
By WPA PA probably in 1930s. Set was in the education museum of M.S.T.C., probably on the Campus Elementary School which is now called the Retan Center, until transferred to Warren L. MIller Elementary School after it was built in 1972. Most recent location was in WLM school library.
Warren L. Miller Elementary School
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Cliff DwellingCliff Dwelling
Cliff DwellingsCliff Dwellings
Cliff DwellingsCliff Dwellings