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Model, Instructional
Cave Cabin
Cave Cabin Delaware River Bank
Phila. 1682 Phila. Museum Ext. Proj. WPA
"Cave Cabin" located on the front of the base.
"Delaware River Bank" located on the right side of the base.
"Phila. 1692" located on the left side of the base.
"Phila. Museum Ext. Proj. WPA" located on the back side of the base.
Hollow Bottom.

The Cave Cabins on the edge of the Delaware River Bank were prominent during the coming of the new world. The caves were commonly used during the Quakers before the arrival of William Penn and the resettlement. Even after the arrival of Penn the caves were used by the settlers after their homes were built either close to the shoreline or farther inland to Philadelphia. The caves or cabins were made by carving out shelters close to the river bank. Some of the living chambers would be placed underground while the other half would remain above ground. Timber would be involved for the framework and the roof. As time moved on the caves became emptied and many were either filled in or converted into house basements.
[Jackie Miller, MU]

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Ceramic, Metal
H-5 W-6.5 L-7.5 inches
By WPA PA probably in 1930s. Set was in the education museum of M.S.T.C., probably on the Campus Elementary School which is now called the Retan Center, until transferred to Warren L. MIller Elementary School after it was built in 1972. Most recent location was in WLM school library.
Warren L. Miller Elementary School
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Cave CabinCave Cabin
Cave CabinCave Cabin