WPA Architectural Models : Recreations of Historical and Significant Places
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Byzantine House
Byzantine House 10th-15th Centuries Constantinople
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The Byzantine House is a replication of houses that were commonly build during the Byzantine Empire from the 10th century to the 15th century. The Byzantine was a transformed Roman Empire in the east and housed the capital of Constantinople. Many of their architectural principles coincide with that of the Roman Empire and that of Greek styles. Their architecture changed over time as their society and culture changed to. The construction of the houses are difficult for archaeologists to understand due to the fact that during the centuries that the Byzantine Empire the city was invaded and devastation ran throughout the empire constantly, the architectural aspect was destroyed and changed at a high rate.
The house structure built for the WPA model is a three story stone building. The house in the Byzantine Empire was seen as the center of the family and private life. House construction depended on the financial wellness of the owner's or the people who built them. Houses ranged from luxurious mansions for the rich all the way to small dwellings for some of the middle class and the poor. The houses of the higher class had houses with balconies on the upper floors and had wings branched out from the main portion of the house. The WPA model was more likely a house built for the middle class of Constantinople due to the fact it has the stories worth of living space. Most of the population lived in houses with no more than two stories of living space.
[Jackie Miller, MU]

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Plaster, Metal
H-8 W-9.75 L-9.5 inches
By WPA PA probably in 1930s. Set was in the education museum of M.S.T.C., probably on the Campus Elementary School which is now called the Retan Center, until transferred to Warren L. MIller Elementary School after it was built in 1972. Most recent location was in WLM school library.
Warren L. Miller Elementary School
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Byzantine HouseByzantine House
Byzantine HouseByzantine House
Byzantine HouseByzantine House