The Dairy Industry in the Mansfield Area : Businesses and organizations associated with the dairy industry.
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Bottle, Milk
Business Memorabilia - Bottles
ca 1910
Mansfield Dairy Milk Bottle
Quart Milk Bottle from Mansfield Dairy
The Mansfield Dairy was established by Warren D. Rose of Sullivan Township. He and his brother also dealt in other agricultural goods. Their office was in the Williams House that was known as Mark's Brother's in recent times. Warren D. Rose established the Mansfield Condensary which produced powdered milk from the local farmers. It was a major employer in this area.
We can tell by the style of this bottle that it is one of the early ones, dating to the 1910 era. The accompanying ad is from the 1911 Fair book.
In 1920, Mr. Rose announced the closing of his condensary plant. This left the farmers without a processing plant. The Dairyman's League had been formed in 1916, and the members raised the money to buy the condensary from him. It operated until the 1960s as the Dairymans' League. Under the brand name Dairylea, this cooperative operated in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey with hundreds of plants throughout the area.
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Mansfield Dairy Quart Milk BottleMansfield Dairy Quart Milk Bottle
Mansfield Dairy Company 1911 AdMansfield Dairy Company 1911 Ad
Warren Dennis RoseWarren Dennis Rose