The Campus Junior High School 1920 to 1959 ; History Center Album 1212.002 : Mansfield's laboratory school on the campus of Mansfield State Teacher's College
Bates, W. Albert
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Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1930
Mansfield Jr. High School Class of 1930, names handritten on back. This photo was taken in the junior high school gymnasium in front of and on the stage. Someone added some spousal surnames to original labels. This belonged to Myrtle Smith.
Geraldine Bailey (Anderson), Alice Cady (Magor) Leree Shaw (Coates) Stewart West, Czerney Stonebraker, Wayne Cruttenden, Monica Webster (Andrews), Winifred Brace, Myrtle Smith (Trowbridge) Elvin Jaquish (died 1932) Mark Hilfiger, Jack Isaacson, Arlene Osbourne, Jeannette McClure (Jones) Francis Every, Marion Prutsman (Mays), Donald WEBSTER, Raymond Vermilyea, Morgan Rose, Erdine Inscho (Besanceny), Alice Alger, Lavonne MacCrumb, Arnold Johnston, Kenneth Merrick, Lucille Precit (Carlson) Delores Dial (Skoreski) Louise Boyden (Hilfiger) Alice Osgood (Howe) Cecil Reynolds, Theodore Wood,(Swat) Boyd Smith(Van Dusen), Lenor Evans, Donna Brown (Enderlee) Charlotte Wade, Phyllis Grant, Donald Smith (Rarick) Chas. Curtis, Kermit Merrick, Ruth Nash (Welch) Della Smith, Mary Presper, Josephine Smith, Leigh Shaw, Chas. Jerald, Rolland Smith, Peggy Cunningham, Erma Boyden, Vernon Parker, Reid Sherman (Eleanor Barnes) Gretta Westover, Dorothy Band (Smith) Esther Erley (Barden), Robert Schwab, Grover Wood, Lorena Mudge, Helen Minter, Gwendolyn Hendrick, Edith Rieppel, Constance Waldron, Vera Landon, Nina Bailey (Bailey)
Belonged to Myrtle Smith
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Mansfield Junior High School  Class of 1930Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1930