The Campus Junior High School 1920 to 1959 ; History Center Album 1212.002 : Mansfield's laboratory school on the campus of Mansfield State Teacher's College
Bates, W. Albert
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Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1927
Mansfield Jr. High School Class of 1927, names handwritten on back. This was taken on the stone steps in front of North Hall.
Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1927
Ruth A. Youmans, Leota Gillette, Mary Baker, Esther Jeraald, Helen Dietsche, William Knowlton, John Harkness, Francis Bailey, Leone Rose, Robert Alger, Viola Mudge, Ruth Freliegh, Elizabeth Obourne,Eleanor Smith, Merrill Lent, Mildred Dewey Velma Landon, Lucy Barnes, Elvina Owen, Nelle Garrison, Marie Benson, Ella Beals, Hilda Every, Helen Carpenter, Margaret Van Deusen, Doris Soper, Winthrop Johns, Arthur Covey, Evalyn Bartwell, Jane Grey, Vivian Phelps, Agnes Bailey, Marleta Stauffer, Dorothy Bailey, Catherine Williamson, Josephine Kanhan, Arthur Bennett, Edith French, :Howard Hager, Rexford Cooke, Stacy Coles, Fordyce Hager, Byron Parker, Wilda Hubbard, Laura Neal, Arland Cooke, Herman Purvis, Charles Curran, Edwin Brooks, Stanley Seymour, Hugh Cady, Harold Chamberlain, Thomas Brown, Clyde Rynbold, Raymond Hager, William Brown, Wilford Cummings, Scott Knowlton
Belonged to Esther Jerald
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Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1927Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1927