The Campus Junior High School 1920 to 1959 ; History Center Album 1212.002 : Mansfield's laboratory school on the campus of Mansfield State Teacher's College
Bates, W. Albert
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Mansfield Junior High School Class of 1926
Mansfield Jr. High School Class of 1926, no names. Probably the last graduating class from Alumni Hall before new building opened. This class photo was taken on the 1911 stone steps that were such an elegant addition to the campus leading up to North Hall, They were the ideal location in which to arrange a group of people for a photo, and hundreds of group photos were taken in this setting,
Chester P. Bailey helped identify a few of the people. Mary Cole and George Wilson in front row. Gertrude Jupenlaz, Mary Boyd Jearald, Helen tomlinson, Robert Colony, Fran Brace, Ken Brace, Ruth Barden, Cora [can't read my writing], Francis Copp,Rexford Ackley, Lila Barden, Dorothy Coveney and Alton Crippen are also identified by Chester in the photo.
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Mansfield Junior High Class of 1926Mansfield Junior High Class of 1926