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Mansfield Junior High School Built 1926
Mansfield Junior High School Built 1926
1927 Carontawan [yearbook of Mansfield State Teachers College]
Junior High School [Note that Junior High was on first floor os Alumni Hall at this time.]
The Junior High School was organized in the Fall of 1920 with dual objectives: it aimed to provide more definitely for the needs of the adolescent of the community; and it hoped to afford an opportunity to the Normal students of Group III to catch the spirit and enthusiasm so necessary to successful teaching in this transition period in every child’s life. The Junior High School has succeeded in attaining its objectives to a degree altogether encouraging. We wish to pay tribute to our Principal, Dr. William R. Straughn, who has a very large part in its growth and success. Due chiefly to his efforts we have now under construction a fine two hundred thousand dollar Junior High School building.
Mr. Webster, our Junior High School Principal, is author of the prediction, “No school system will ever receive more sympathetic, enthusiastic service from the people who had taught in our Junior High School as student teachers.” We appreciate such a compliment from one who has had a large share in our training. We wish for the Junior High School a lasting and increasing success. -- Robert E. Merrill.

Wellsboro Gazette, August 18, 1927, p.1
New Junior High at Mansfield
$225,000 Building Will Be Opened for Use When School Convenes, September 6 [1927]

The new Junior High School building at Mansfield, will be used on the opening day of school, September 6. This building was built at a cost of $225,000.

On the first floor of the building are two entrances which lead to the class rooms on the second floor and to the large combination auditorium and gymnasium on the first floor. This room is arranged for basketball court and has a stage and bleachers. Under the bleachers is a storage room for chairs. At each side of the stage are dressing rooms and back of the stage, in the second floor, are shower baths and on the same floor a swimming pool.

On the second floor is the shop for the boys, where woodworking, auto repairs and printing will be taught. The domestic science rooms, consisting of cooking, laboratory, sewing room, kitchen and dining room, are also on the second floor. The third floor is devoted to class rooms, lecture room, science laboratory, offices for the supervisors and store room.

The building is of red brick and is situated on Wilson avenue to the east of the other buildings.

The junior high school was organized seven years ago, the seventh and eighth grades of the borough high school being taken over by the Teachers' College for this purpose. The school has been housed, since its organization, in the rooms formerly used for the model school.

The faculty is as follows: Principal and supervisor of social studies, Prof. Myron Webster; supervisor of science and geography, Prof. Hugh W. Alger; supervisor of mathematics and Latin, Miss Dorothy Hutchinson. The special departments of music, art and home economics will be directed by members of the college faculty.
Scanned From 1935 Carontawan
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Mansfield Junior High School Built 1926Mansfield Junior High School Built 1926