Mansfield Advertiser Print Jobs : Mementos from Local Businesses in the 1880s
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Deposit Slip for Ross & Williams Bank
Mansfield PA
Ross, Charles S.
Williams, Philip
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Deposit Slip for Ross & Williams Bank
Mansfield PA
In 1856 A. J. Ross was a merchant in Mansfield and Philip Williams became associated with him. The Bank Block was build in 1871, the first of the large corner blocks. The Bank was started in 1872. Charles Ross, the son of A. J. continued in the bank with Williams after the death of his father. Williams died in 1894 and Charles Ross continued alone until in 1907, the Bank was reorganized as a National Bank and bought the building for $15,000.00. In 1904 the building was remodeled, putting on a stone first story. In 1931 the bank again reorganized, with Mr. Ross retiring, and in 1954, just fifty years after the first remodeling, the building was again remodeled continuing the stone down the south front and modernizing the interior.
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Deposit Slip for Ross & Williams BankDeposit Slip for Ross & Williams Bank