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1942 Elizabeth Neal Autograph Book
Neal, Elizabeth
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1942 Autograph Book
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If this book should
chance to roam
Smack its ears and
send it home to:
Elizabeth Neal
83 N. Main St.
Mansfield, Pa.

Yes, Elizabeth lived in the same house that now houses us - The History Center on Main Street.

Dear Elizabeth
If I were a rabbit
and had a tail of fluff
I'd hop up on yur dresser
and be your powder puff.
A school Pal
Margaret Cooke
May 1, 1939
Senior High

June 5, 1939
Dear Elizabeth
I ate a hot dog sandwich
I rolled my eyes above
I ate a dozen more
And died of puppy love.
A pal,
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1942 Elizabeth Neal Autograph Book1942 Elizabeth Neal Autograph Book