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A Century Ago - Reflections on 1900
MEMORY OF THE NINETIES (the 1890s that is)

By Edgar Guest

Men used to drink in the nineties gay

When I was a youngster small,

But always the old horse knew the way

Back home to the barn and stall,

Then the neighborhood sot could drop the rein

On the dashboard at his feet

And Dobbin would canter him home again

While he snoozed on the buggy seat.

When the wine was red and the beer wore foam

‘Twas a common sight to see

The gray mare taking her master home

From a night of revelry.

She would jog along with a clickety-clack

With her sodden, senseless load

And even stop at the railroad track

For the old horse knew the road.

But times have changed and the foolish man

No more has a faithful friend.

Life has speeded up to a swifter plan,

Death lurks at each curve and bend

And the fool who climbs in a motor car

With a booze-befuddled brain

Has but to doze where the dangers are

And he doesn’t get home again.

So I pen this verse to the nineties gay,

Although drunkenness I condemn,

At least for the sots of old, I’ll say

They had horses to care for them.

They never killed children on the street,

When their brains began to roam

They could safely snooze on the buggy seat

And Dobbin would take them home.

Copyright, 1936 

A guest's response to the first poem

Subj: 1990's vs 1890's Date: 2/23/99 1:00:07 PM Eastern Standard Time From: Kuzzinken To: County3

Now Dobbin, he'd not here this day,

Nor are the drunks of old.

We've got a new breed on hand

And behind the wheel they're bold.

A hundred years has passed my lad,

No more rides home with Dobbin.

And there's an outfit called Madd

that's out to get the wobblin'.

So if you tip one too many,

and you don't have a horse.

Don't drive an automobile,

and you'll have no remorse.

Unknown author 1999