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A Century Ago - Reflections on 1900

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J. H. Putnam Store in Lawrenceville

A corner in Putnams and Cranes store. You see the picture of Doris is very poor. Man with sweater DH Crane Man in center L.E. Crane Man on right JH Putnam. 

I have included correspondence below as it has some family questions that you may be able to help with and it has additonal information. 
Subj: Lawrenceville

Date: 3/11/99 4:28:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: KKSelton To: JoyceTice

I had been searching for my Crane relatives for quite some time in Steuben County. A couple weeks ago my grandmother had a flash of memory of them living in Lawrenceville, PA at one time so I went to your site..low and behold I found 2 of them in the Lawrenceville Cemetery. Lawrence and Lillian Crane. I had also been searching for a JH Putnam who owned a store..not knowing where it was..I have a picture of the inside of that store around the turn of the century..probably 1910. It is supposed to be a postcard and on the back written to my great grandfather from his aunt Blanche? it says :

A corner in Putmans and Cranes store, and describes who is in the of them is a JH Putnam.

I saw in the 1883 Lawrenceville History where a JH Putnam had just built a new grocery store on the corner.

I don't know if you would be interested in this picture or not..but I thought I would let you know that I have it.


Kathleen Siebert 

Subj: Re: Lawrenceville

Date: 3/11/99 5:49:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: KKSelton To: JoyceTice

My brother will scan the picture card and send it within the hour or so..I am unsure of the date but Lawrence was born in 1891..and he is an adult in the I am guessing 1900 or so. The picture will come from I dont know who the little girl Doris is, or the man named D.H. Crane..would like to know who they are. And at what point did the Cranes get involved in this store? I am looking for Lawrences father Lewis Crane, Lewis had a brother Henry Crane who is my great, great grandfather. Lewis and Henry had a sister we believe named Blanche..their father was Alonzo Crane..I cant find these people.. Henry eventually went to Troupsburg, NY. Any info would be helpful. Like I said in my previous letter , I found Lawrence Crane and his wife Lillian in the Lawrenceville Cemetery. This picture was among my great grandfather Eleazer A. Crane b. 1890-1978. He lived in Jasper, NY when he died.

I am sorry if this note seems so jumbled..I hope I havent rambled. If you have any questions you can mail me or my brother.

Kathleen Siebert 

Subj: JHPutnams store

Date: 3/11/99 6:11:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: Rtzphrtz To: JoyceTice

File: Putnam1.jpg (87064 bytes) DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

Attatched is the photo of J.H. Putnam's store my sister told you about. On the back it says:

A corner in Putnams and Cranes store. You see the picture of Doris is very poor. Man with sweater DH Crane Man in center L.E. Crane Man on right JH Putnam.

Aunt Blanche

L.E. stands for Lawrence Earl b. 1891 d. 1956 Photo was taken @ 1920 as LE looks to be 30ish (my guess anyway) Photo was printed on postcard paper and addressed to my great grandfather Eleazer Alonso Crane in Troupsburg NY. I will send a pic of the pack too.

David Marlatt Zephyrhills FL