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Article sent in to Tri-Counties by Don Stanton from Troy Register 1883
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Note from Joyce - Explanation on the illustration for this article. I can hear you all now wondering whatever in the world this postcard has to do with the subject in the article. As you know, I pride myself on having the perfect illustrative postcard or photo for almost every article, but I have no tax postcards. However, both Ma and Pa are having a smoke here and the taxes outlined below are mainly on tobacco and tobacco products. So, there's the tie in. In any case, it is good for a laugh and we all need one especially if we are just mailing out our taxes on this final day as I am.
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The Troy Register
March 28, 1883


Some of the articles which the revenue tax has either been removed or reduced we give below. The reductions are made to take effect May 1st, 1883:

The tax on bank checks, matches, perfumery, proprietary medicines, soaps, etc., is taken off entirely.

Dealers in leaf tobacco will pay a tax of $12 instead $25 as at present.

Dealers in manufactured tobacco pay $2.40 instead of $5.

Manufacturers of tobacco and cigars pay a tax of $6 each instead of $10 as heretofore.

Peddlers of tobacco of the first class $20; of the second class, $15; of the third class, $7.50; of the fourth class $3.60.

Retail dealers in leaf tobacco, $250 instead of $500.

Manufactured tobacco, snuff and smoking tobacco, 8 cents per pound, instead of 10 cents.

Cigars $3 per thousand; instead of $6, as at present.

Cigars weighing not more than three pounds per thousand 50 cents per thousand; weighing over three pounds, $3 per thousand.

These reductions take place as before mentioned on May 1st, and on all unbroken packages on hand after May 1st a rebate is allowed in sums not less that $10. All claims, however, for rebate must be presented within 30 days following the date of reduction.

The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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