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Article - Dr. Carey's Marsh Root
Township: City of Elmira, Chemung County NY
Year: Pre 1918 
Photo from Keith Walker 
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Subj:  Re: Dr. H. C. Porter
Date:  3/10/2003 10:36:53 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Keith Walker)

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Your site is amazing!  I have found a little info on H C Porter and will continue looking.  I also found info about Dr. Carey.  There is an interesting (tragic) story about Dr. Daniel G. Carey on the following page: (Moved to this page)

(the Obit isn't his, he was arrested in 1918 for a performing a fatal abortion)   I have a photo of a bottle in my collection that has an illustration of Dr Carey.  Based on its label and manufacture I am pretty confident it was made after 1906, but before WW I.  You are welcome to use it as you wish.  I have two earlier Carey bottles from Waverly, N.Y.  One has Elmira on the label and an 1891 date on the pamplet that was wrapped around the bottle (Carey G. E. S. S. Medicine Co., 204,206 Water St, formerly of Waverly).  If you want pics of these, I will send them.  I also just bought the H. C. Porter labels, so I will send pics of those when they arrive.

Keith Walker


Trial of His Case Scheduled for March Term—Is Out on Three Thousand Dollars Bail—Accused of Causing Death of Pennsylvania Girl.

The indictment of Dr. Daniel G. Carey by the grand jury yesterday and his immediate arrest by Deputy Sheriff Lee Knapp, occasioned endless discussion in this city. He is charged with manslaughter in the first degree. It is alleged in the indictment that on or about January 1, 1918, Miss Mae Cunningham, 22 years old, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cunningham of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa., came to Elmira Heights and visited her cousin, Mrs. Maude Bennett.

It is alleged that the young woman went to Dr. Carey and underwent a criminal operation by him. It is alleged that the operation was not necessary to save the life of the girl and that she became critically ill and died in the Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital on January 5 as the result of Dr. Daniel G. Carey’s work.

In support of this indictment the coroner and police and district attorney have an affidavit made by Mrs. Maude Bennett, the cousin of the dead girl.

It is alleged that after the case developed unfavorable symptoms it was taken to Dr. Charles H. Erway of Elmira Heights. He recognized the conditions and had the girl taken directly to the Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital. Dr. Carl Zimmerman assisted in the treatment of the patient at the Arnot-Ogden Memorial Hospital, and he was given a voluntary statement by the girl of the circumstances attending her case. The authorities base their expectation of success in prosecuting this case on the fact that they have a complete chain of evidence as to what transpired from the time the girl came here until she died.

It is understood that the grand jury heard more evidence than that which pertained to this specific case. The authorities have two other deaths on record for January which were the result of the same kind of practice. They have a sickening accumulation of other evidence that has left a slimy trail over a score of years in this city.

By a process oif elimination after the grand jury made its report yesterday it was easy to see that the sealed indictment must be that brought against Dr. Carey. The suspense was not long. Deputy Sheriff Knapp hurried to Dr. Carey’s office on Baldwin Street and found the doctor there.

"Come on! I have a warrant for your arrest," said Knapp.

"On which case?" queried Dr. Carey.

"On the Cunningham case," was the reply.

"Let me telephone my lawyer," requested the man under arrest. He was so visibly affected by the receipt of the information that he was under arrest, that he dropped the telephone receiver. Finally he secured Charles Lattin on the phone and said: "The Sheriff is here with a warrant for my arrest. Meet me at the court house."

Then the doctor telephoned relatives to get them to arrange for his bail bond.The deputy sheriff and the doctor walked to the court house where the Hammond case was being tried. The case was stopped long enough for Dr. Carey to be arraigned.

District Attorney Bogart tore open the seal on the indictment and started to read it. Attorney Lattin said that it would not be necessary to read it. The reading was discontinued. Dr. Carey pleaded not guilty and bail was argued. District Attorney Bogart insisted that $5,000 is usual bail required in manslaughter cases and that that sum ought to be required in this case.

Attorney Lattin argued that it was excessive. Judge Sewell finally fixed bail at $3,000 remarking "If he skips out, the county will get the bail."

W. H. Relyea and Isabel Relyea were his sureties. Both were in court, having hurried there in a motor car when his arrest was announced by the doctor.The case will come to trial at the March term of county court.

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By Joyce M. Tice

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