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As the Winter of 2003-2004 bids us farewell on this its final day, I am going to present a series of photos from several sources on the issue of snow as in "too much of it." The prize photo of this series is the one at top taken in February of this year after the heavy snows in New York's snow belt east of Lake Erie. This is Route 481 between Oswego and Fulton. Sent in by Patricia Otis. Note the footprints of the photographer who walked down the road from the car to get this shot.
This series is from Don Stanton's collection of Sylvania photos. He writes the following: This is how snow drifts were opened so that the farmers' could get their milk out.  This was taken sometime in the mid-thirties.  The man standing alone looks like Ervan Keyes to me,  I do not recognize any in the group.
This is me climbing back into my driveway in Apalachin NY in December 1969. On Christmas night 1969 we got a mammoth snow storm. The way our streets were laid out the street behind me in the photo ended right straight in my driveway. In this case, the snowplow that plowed that road dumped it right at the end of our driveway. The snowplow that came up from the west also stopped at the same place as did the one that came from the east. So, we had an enormous pile of snow between us and the road - about ten feet high and fifteen feet out into the road The neighbors took pity on my husband and me and helped dig us out after their own driveways were done. We were snowed in for three whole days before the roads in the county were opened again.
An "Old Fashioned" Snow Storm in Boonville submitted by Pat MILLER Otis
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 19 MAR 2004
By Joyce M. Tice
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